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Battle Arms Development Safety Selectors Sale

Battle Arms Develop just put all of their Safety Selectors on sale including the BAD-ASS, BAD-CASS, Short Throw models, and Cerakoat colors. Check out Battle Arms Development.


Architek Fixed Clamp-On AR-15 Front Sight from Battle Arms Development

Brownells has an interesting and exclusive new product from Battle Arms Development. The Architek Fixed Front Sight Clamp-On is a compact, lightweight clamp-on front sight for .750 diameter AR-15 barrels (can be attached on any part of the barrel that is between .735 and .750″ in diameter). The Architek Sight is machined from 7075-T6 aluminum and is skeletonized to reduce its weight to a scant 1.3 ounces.


This, almost AK-47 like, front sight tower creates some interesting possibilities for extending sight radius or even reducing weight on a Dissipator-ish AR-15 build. The front sight tower is thinner than a standard FSB and has the benefit of being fixed to the barrel instead of the handguard which can deflect from sling use, barricade contact, or other factors.

Check out the Architek Fixed Front Sight Clamp-On exclusively at Brownells.

p_100019664_7 p_100019664_8

BAD-ASS-LW – The Diet BAD-ASS from Battle Arms Development

If you were to look at my AR-15s, you would see some common traits across most of them – like Battle Arms Development selectors. I’ve never really worried about the weight of them since ambidextrous safeties are intrinsically heavier than single-side safeties but it is nice to know that there is a lighter version of the BAD-ASS.


The BAD-ASS-LW (or Battle Arms Development – Ambidextrous Safety Selector – Light Weight) appears nearly identical to the original BAD-ASS but those looks conceal two weight reducing features. The first is that, unlike the original, the BAD-ASS-LW features aluminum levers instead of steel. Second, the steel core and aluminum levers have been subtly skeletonized to reduce weight. The result is a BAD-ASS that performs like you expect but weighs only .42 oz.

Battle Arms Development MRO Mount

We’ve been following the development of Battle Arms Development’s .78 ounce Trijicon MRO mount for a while now and I am happy to report that it is now available. This mount is machined from 7075-T6 aluminum with a hard anodized finish. It provides an absolute cowitness and mounts via two cross bolts. It’s a lightweight but durable mount for a lightweight but durable optic.

Check out the BAD MRO Mount.

bad mro mount

Battle Arms Development MRO Mount News

Battle Arms Development has released a new image of the production prototype for their upcoming MRO mount. This mount, being a production prototype, should be fairly close to the actual production piece. The radically skeletonized design is extremely lightweight (just .78 oz including screws) but doesn’t skimp where it counts with plenty of rail grabber surface area and two cross-bolts.

BAD MRO Mount Production Proto

Visit Battle Arms Development at SHOT Show 2016

A little birdie told me that the Battle Arms Development booth at SHOT Show 2016 is going to be full of new products. They have a larger booth this year than ever before. You can find them in booth #6107.

BAD Happy Holidays

Battle Arms Development VERT Stock System Pre-Order

The VERT Stock System from Battle Arms Development is now available to pre-order. This PDW stock has all the clever features you expect from Battle Arms Development (BAD).

Battle Arms Development Vert Stock

The cheek rest is interchangeable to allow the user to change the look of the stock. Separate cheek rests will be available later. The cheek rest is mounted to the rear, sliding component of the stock and cantilevers forward so that it overlaps the buffer tube when extended. This creates what BAD calls a Continue Cheek Rest and is an improvement over most of the stocks of this type.

The VERT Stock System is machined from aluminum and S7 tool steel yet it weighs only 19.5 ounces. That is impressive considering that the weight includes the entire stock assembly along with the buffer and springs.

It has 4 locking positions and locks in both directions. It also features 2 integral, anti-rotation QD sling mounting points. It’s fully collapsed length is 4.75″ and fully extended it measures 8.75″.

Check out the VERT Stock System at Battle Arms Development.

Battle Arms Development Advanced Tactical Grip – BAD-ATG

If you can’t decide between an AR-15 grip with a more vertical grip angle or a more traditionally raked back grip angle, the new Battle Arms Development Advanced Tactical Grip (BAD-ATG) might be for you. It offers 3 different grip angle (17, 25, & 33 degrees) that can be configured by the user during the installation.

The BAD-ATG has very subtle finger grooves and a mix of textures to keep you locked onto the grip. Check out the new grip at Battle Arms Development.

BAD Grip

Sneak Peek: Battle Arms Development MRO Mount

Battle Arms Development is developing a feather light mount for the new Trijicon MRO. The mount weighs just .74 oz including all of the mounting screws and they have taken steps to recess all the screws to make it extremely streamlined. Stay tuned for pricing and release information.

BAD MRO Mount Weight


Battle Arms Develop BAD-LGB-Ti-625

The BAD-LGB-Ti-625 is a new lightweight, low-profile gas block for barrels with a .625″ gas block journal from Battle Arms Development. It is constructed entirely from grade 5 titanium which keeps the weight to a scant .48 oz (.o3 lbs). On top of all that, it looks so good that you’ll feel bad covering with a free float rail.

bad gas block

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