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Battle Arms Development Enhanced Magazine Catch Now Available

The new Enhanced Magazine Catch from Battle Arms Development is now available. This magazine catch is investment cast from 8620 steel and heat treated. The one piece construction with fluted design makes the catch stronger and lighter than typical AR-15 magazine catches. The Enhanced Magazine Catch also features a shorter than typical threaded post that allows the user to reduce the profile of the magazine release button.


Battle Arms Development BAD-MRB

BATTLE ARMS DEVELOPMENT, INC.© (BATTLEARMSTM) Is excited to announce that it will be releasing the BAD-MRB (Magazine Release Block) – CA Compliant Fixed Magazine on December 1st, 2017.

After months of anticipation the new CA Compliant Fixed Magazine service will be available at BATTLEARMSTM website. This will be the first of services provided online via a Conversion Work Order Form right at the BATTLEARMSTM services page ( http://www.battlearmsdevelopment.com/services/ ). This page will include details with a video demonstration, options and what is and not included in the service.

BATTLEARMSDEVELOPMENT,INC.© is a recognized manufacturer of next generation firearms and firearm components through innovative engineering and functionally aesthetic designs.

If you have any questions about this announcement, or any of BATTLEARMSTM’s products, please email info@battlearmsdevelopment.com or visit http://www.battlearmsdevelopment.com.

Battle Arms Development to Go Big at TriggerCon

Battle Arms Development will have something big to show off at TriggerCon!

BATTLE ARMS DEVELOPMENT, INC. © (B.A.D Inc. TM ) Is excited to announce that it will be displaying an early GEN1 Prototype of what will be the new model BAD762 Rifle at TRIGGRCON 2017.

This early GEN 1 Prototype of the model BAD762 features our new BATTLEARMS™ 18″ .308 WIN 4150CM BLACK NITRIDE BARREL and our new 15” 308 MLOK RIGIDRAIL™.

BATTLE ARMS DEVELOPMENT, INC. © is a recognized manufacturer of next generation firearms and firearm components through innovative engineering and functionally aesthetic designs.

If you have any questions about this announcement, or any of BATTLE ARMS DEVELOPMENT, INC. © ’s products, please email info@battlearmsdevelopment.com or visit http://www.battlearmsdevelopment.com.

Sneak Peek: Battle Arms Development Enhanced Lower Parts Kit

Battle Arms Development (BAD) is working on an extremely interesting lower parts kit that is full of never before seen features and they’ve given us a sneak peak of the prototypes (the production items may change)…

As you can see from even just the first image, this isn’t just another parts kit. The parts have been designed for function, lightweight, and good looks. The bolt catch is a one piece designed that features a groove running the length of it much like a lightening fuller on a knife.

The safety is a departure from their well known BAD-ASS ambi safety selectors. It is a one piece, single side design that features the same recognizable and functional lever shape as the BAD-ASS. The prototypes shown features a right hand, 90 degree throw but other short throw or left hand variants may be available in the future if the demand supports them.

The heat treated steel bolt catch features grooved surfaces and a skeletonized design. BAD has designed it with larger contact surfaces so that it is easier to release the bolt and lock it back.

Stay tuned for more details and keep an eye on BattleArmsDevelopment.com.

Battle Arms Development Launches New Line of 4150CMV AR-15 Barrels

Battle Arms Development just rolled out an entire line of new 4150CMV Ar-15 Barrels in 9mm, .300BLK, and .308. The barrels all feature a proprietary tapered profile, magnetic particle inspection, an 11 degree target crown, and a nitride finish on the 4150CMV steel. Various other details on these barrel vary based on length and chambering.

4150CMV Barrels at Battle Arms Development

BAD-EBCG-M16 Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group – Full Auto

The Battle Arms Development BAD-EBCG-M16 Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group is now available. This new carrier boasts some interesting features that Battle Arms Development claims will improve its function over a standard BCG.

The new bolt carrier geometry was designed to reduce carrier tilt and the key bearing surfaces are relocated to increase reliability. Having fewer points of contact and an ultra-hard & lubricious black nitride surface layer reduce friction and improves function.


  • Bolt Carrier: 8620 Steel Case Hardened, Machined from Billet, Laser Engraved Logo
  • Firing Pin:  8740 Steel, Centerless Ground, Hard Chromed
  • Gas Key:  4130 Steel with Grade 8 Screws, Properly Staked, Machiend from Billet
  • Cam Pin:  4340 Hardened Steel
  • Finish:  Black Nitride finished with an ultra-hard, corrosion resistant top surface layer for wear resistance and minimal need for lubricants.  Most importantly, Black Nitride is a surface conversion process with little to no surface build-up (1-2 microns) keeping critical tolerances precise, unlike NiB, Hard Chrome, etc. which are additive and will alter the dimensions of the steel.
  • Bolt:  9310 Steel, Cased Hardened, Shot Peened, Mil-Spec Dimensions, CNC Ground After Heat Treat, Black Nitride Finished
  • Extractor:  4340 Steel, Manganese Phosphate Finished for Positive Grip (no slippery finish)


Sneak Peek: Battle Arms Development Rail

Battle Arms Development is teasing the release of a new AR-15 free float rail. The new rail makes use of the CMT barrel nut system and it will be available in MLOK compatible versions initially with Key-Mod following at a later date. Stay tuned for more details as they become available.

Ultra Compact Pistol Sabertube from Battle Arms Development

The new Ultra Compact Pistol Sabertube and VERT Buffer System is designed to keep an AR-15 pistol extremely compact. The 6061 aluminum Sabertube adds only 4.75″ from the rear of the receiver and is machined with a dimpled pattern to reduce weight (3.9 ounces total). This tube makes use of the same VERT Buffer System found in Battle Arms Development’s VERT line of PDW stocks.

It’s short, light, and available now from Battle Arms Development.

Battle Arms Development Safety Selectors Sale

Battle Arms Develop just put all of their Safety Selectors on sale including the BAD-ASS, BAD-CASS, Short Throw models, and Cerakoat colors. Check out Battle Arms Development.


Architek Fixed Clamp-On AR-15 Front Sight from Battle Arms Development

Brownells has an interesting and exclusive new product from Battle Arms Development. The Architek Fixed Front Sight Clamp-On is a compact, lightweight clamp-on front sight for .750 diameter AR-15 barrels (can be attached on any part of the barrel that is between .735 and .750″ in diameter). The Architek Sight is machined from 7075-T6 aluminum and is skeletonized to reduce its weight to a scant 1.3 ounces.


This, almost AK-47 like, front sight tower creates some interesting possibilities for extending sight radius or even reducing weight on a Dissipator-ish AR-15 build. The front sight tower is thinner than a standard FSB and has the benefit of being fixed to the barrel instead of the handguard which can deflect from sling use, barricade contact, or other factors.

Check out the Architek Fixed Front Sight Clamp-On exclusively at Brownells.

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