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Bastion Crowdfunding Newest Version of Braza EDC – The Braza Bro Cleaver

You may have noticed that cleaver style blades are in right now. These mostly straight edged knives have a striking appearance and happen to be very well suited to EDC cutting tasks. It also happens to be a blade style that looks great in Bastion’s popular Braza family of knives.

Bastion is currently in the middle of a crowdfunding campaign for the new Braza Bro Cleaver. It would be a bit of an understatement to say that it has been a successful campaign so far considering they have blown away their $5000 funding goal.

This tiny flipper knife delivers a lot at its sub-$40 price (depending on options). It is available with a number of options including stainless or titanium handles and a D2 or S35VN steel blade. The blade rides on ceramic ball bearings to provide easy opening via the flipper. The pocket clip is reversible for either left or right side tip up carry.

You can read more on the campaign page: Braza Bro Cleaver on Kickstarter

Modernized Barlow from Bastion

Bastion’s newest knife is a throwback… way, way back. The worked with YouTube knife channel Cutlery Lover to design a modernized Barlow style knife.

This is not your grandfather’s Barlow. It features a manual assist blade and a flipper for the other blade! The blades are ground from 5CR15MOV steel. The handle features G-10 scales with a stainless steel bolster.



  • Closed length: 3.28 inches
  • Open length: 5.85 inches
  • Blade length: 2.57 inches
  • Flipper blade width: .55 inches
  • Manual assist blade width: .58 inches
  • Blade edge: .05 inches
  • Weight: 3.7 oz.
  • Blade Material: 5CR15MOV
  • Handle Materials: G-10 and Stainless Steel

Bastion Battle Axe

Bastion’s new Battle Axe has the kind of features-to-value ratio that we have come to expect from them. It features full-tang, D2 steel construction with G-10 handle slabs. The slabs are black and the steel is given a durable black PVD finish to match.

The cutting bit has a generous relief cut behind it for choking up on the handle for fine work. The spike on the back of the poll can be used for puncturing or drilling.



  • Total Length: 11.75″
  • Blade Head Top to Handle: 3.25″
  • Blade Width Blade to Point: 5.88″
  • Handle Length: 8.75″
  • Handle Base Width: 2″
  • Handle Grip Width: 13/16″
  • Handle Grip Height: 11/16″
  • Axe Weight: 1.5 lbs.

Bastion Titan Fixed Blade

Bastion continues to turn out new knife designs. Their latest is an affordable fixed blade knife called the Titan.

The Titan features D2 steel with a black PVD coating. It has black G-10 handle slabs over a full tang. The handle includes an unobtrusive guard, jimping on the spine, and a scallop to allow for a comfortable pinch grip. The knife is 8″ overall with a 3 1/4″, saber ground blade.

So far, this all sounds pretty good for $40… However, the Titan does not come with a sheath so the end user will need to source their own.

Check out the Titan on BastionGear.com.

Bastion Braza Bro

Bastion’s Braza folder has been one of their most successful designs to date. So much so, that they have created a much smaller, even more EDC friendly version called the Braza Bro.

The Braza Bro has all the sleek curves of its big brother but it is barely larger than a house key when folded. In spite of its small size, Bastion still managed to shoe horn in a ton of features that set this apart from most keychain knives. It is deployed via a flipper and theĀ 2.12″ D2 steel blade rides on a ceramic ball bearing pivot. The Brazo Bro is held together with stainless steel Torx fasteners. It can be carried on a key chain via the included lanyard hole or in your pocket with the stainless steel pocket clip.

There just aren’t many knives this size with these kinds of features. Check out the Brazo Bro on Kickstarter.

Glock Magazine Disassembly and Punch Combo Tool from Bastion

Glocks can be mostly disassembled with just a 3/32″ punch but removing the magazine base plates with a punch can be a bit of a pain.

The new Glock Magazine Disassembly and Punch Combo Tool from Bastion provides the user with a fold-out punch for most disassembly tasks and leverage tool designed to make removing base plates a snap. The tool is machined from T6 aluminum and anodized black. It works with all generations of the Glock 17-41.


Sneak Peek: Bastion PERSWAYDER

Bastion’s line of premium folding knives will grow by one very soon. The new PERSWAYDER, named for its PERsian inspired blade with plenty of SWAY, will be available to pre-order very soon. This knife sports a Ti handle and clip along with a blade ground from M390.

The PERSWAYDER will be produced once, numbered, and when they are gone… They’re gone. Look for more details soon.


Bastion GAMUT Folder

The new GAMUT Folder is a collaboration piece between GAMUT Resolutions and Bastion. It features a very unique tanto-ish blade shape with a blunt, chisel-like tip. The 4″ blade is ground from S35VN steel. It opens via a flipper and the blade rides on ceramic bearings. The GAMUT’s frame is machined from titanium and the frame lock features a replaceable steel insert.

This knife was designed based on the experience of Bob Keller of GAMUT Resoltions. 10% of each knife sold goes to the Special Operations Care Fund, a 501(c)3 charity supporting the families of wounded and killed Special Operations Forces.

Check out the GAMUT Folder at Bastion.

Partizan Knife Sale at Bastion – Save 50% Today Only

Bastion is offering their Partizan knives at 50% off today only. The Partizan is one of my favorite every day carry knives. It is extremely slim and light with classic lines but also very stout so it blurs the line between gentleman’s knife and tactical folder.

All three variations are on sale. Each one features a slightly recurve, drop point blade ground from D2 steel. The handle options include G10 with a liner lock, sculplted carbon fiber with a titanium frame lock, and a full titanium frame lock.

Check out the Partizan at Bastion Gear.

Every Day Carry Crossbow – Bastion

Oh, you EDC a fidget spinner? That’s cool, I guess. It’s not fully functional, toothpick launching, mini crossbow cool but I guess it keeps you occupied.

Bastion is now offering the MINI CROSSBOW – a fully functional, mini crossbow that shoots toothpicks (which are flammable by the way, I’m just saying). The tiny steel crossbow has a wire string that can be drawn back with the your thumbs, dropped into a slot, and then released with a pull of the trigger. It even comes with a tiny display stand so your office friends know they better start bringing eye protection to work.

And just so no one has to say it in the comments… “You’ll put your eye out!”

Check out the MINI CROSSBOW at BastionGear.com.

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