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Patch Collecting: AT Rhodesian Patch

AT Armor just released their new AT Rhodesian Patch (among patches). The patch features the motto and imagery of the iconic Rhodesian army recruitment poster with some AT Armor branding. You can check it out at ATArmor.com.

Rhodesian Camo ALL the Things – AT Armor

We shared AT Armor’s Rhodesian Camo Paint Kit on JTT last week and it turns out, that 9 out of 10 dentists recommend it. The cavities will never see you coming.

AT Armor Rhodesian Camo Paint Kit

AT Armor Rhodesian Camo Paint Kit

AT Armor put in the time finding paints that match Rhodesian Camo perfectly so you don’t have to. The colors are compiled into a kit that includes enough paint for one large project like a rifle with a little to spare for touch ups. The included paints are brushed on, not sprayed, so you get a chance to get back in touch with your inner artist.

The oil based paints in the kit include Rhodesian Dark Green and Rhodesian Light Green along with a small bottle of flat paint to reduce the shine. The paint bottles come with squeeze caps to make them easier to deal with and instructions are included.

AT Armor also states the following about these kits:

We are a company who loves Freedom and history. To this end we are providing this kit as a historically accurate (with modern materials) paint kit to match those common colors found during the bush wars that plagued the African Continent last century. We disagree with any subjugation or separation of free people based on color, creed, or religious belief. Unfortunately sometimes those that gravitate toward the historical interest of the bush wars leverage it to further their cause of separatism; this is not our world view. We pursue this interest as a tribute to all anti-terror and anti-communist forces that fought the good fight.

Check out the Rhodesian Camo Paint Kits at AT Armor.

Spiritus Systems Placard Kit from AT Armor

AT Armor is now offering a Spiritus Systems Placard Kit that is based on the Micro Fight Chest Rig. Basically, this kit is a Micro Fight Chest Rig without the shoulder harness and lat straps for users who intend to only keep the rig docked on their plate carrier. The kit includes the chassis, a triple 5.56 magazine insert, and all the necessary docking hardware.

Check out the Spiritus Systems Placard Kit at AT Armor.

spts-placard-10 spts-placard-9

Roland Special Patch Available at AT Armor

Remember that really slick Roland Special Patch we mentioned a few weeks ago? Well, it’s available now at AT Armor. The patch is being offered by Primary & Secondary and all of the proceeds from it go toward the operating costs of the forum. Get yours at AT Armor.


Roland Special Patch from AT Armor and Primary & Secondary

Your patch collection is going to need one of these. Primary & Secondary has developed a very slick Roland Special patch that will be available exclusively at AT Armor. Stay tuned for pricing and availability details.

P&S roland special patch at armor

AT Armor Launches New Website

AR Armor has a new website that features a new look, better organization, and new gear. If you are in the market for premium armor or tactical gear, visit the new ATArmor.com.


AT Armor Contingency Plate Carrier

AT Armor’s new Contingency Plate Carrier is now available. The Contingency PC was designed to meet the needs of a patrol officer but it may also be a good fit for the prepared citizen.


In its standard configuration, this is a slick carrier with easy donning and doffing thanks to the simple webbing cummerbund with side release buckles. The plate pockets are mesh backed for breath-ability and lightly padded for comfort. The Contingency PC can be used with or without the included tailored shoulder pads.


Shown with placard (not included).

This carrier is very scalable. If you need to carry more gear you can add Velcro backed pouches or any SwiftClip compatible chest rig or placard. If you need side armor, you can add almost any aftermarket cummerbund that is up to 7″ tall.

On top of all that, it is made in the USA and very affordable. Check out the AT Armor Contingency Plate Carrier at AT Armor.

AT Armor STOP Plates

AT Armor released a graphic (below) that shows how their STOP plates work to defeat projectiles. Ballistic armor is amazing to me and it is staggering to think about how many lives it has saved. You would think it would be more complicated but the graphic shows just how simple the mechanics of stopping a bullet are (the materials necessary to make a plate as thin and light as the STOP plates are anything but simple).

From AT Armor:

AT Armor’s STOP and STOP-BZ plates are multi-component (aka hybrid) construction that defeat multiple hits of rated projectiles with a ceramic strike face and a subsequent layer of high-pressure compressed ballistic material. The advantage of our STOP series armor is it is very light (as light as 4lbs stand alone in a Med SAPI) and it is thin (.55 inches). Fully capable against common 5.56 threats and 7.62×39 mild steel and AP (STOP-BZ plate).

Check out the STOP Plates at AT Armor.

AT Armor Info Graphic

AT Armor End of Year Clearance

AT Armor is offering some VERY generous discounts on great gear as part of their End of Year Clearance Sale. They have an overstock of Mayflower R&C LPACs for $95 off their regular price. HSP D3CR and DC3R Expansion Hangers are marked way down too. They won’t last long at these prices.


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