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Armageddon Gear Military Products Updates and Lower Prices

Armageddon Gear has supplied the rifle cases for the M2010 and CSASS programs for several years now. They have offered the exact same cases to the commercial market as well. The downside of this is that those items carried hefty price tags.

Armageddon Gear knows that not every user needs the same number or configuration of pouches and pockets as the military so they have streamlined the cases. The new cases are more simple without the internal modular pockets but more modular and they cost significantly less! Shooters can still add any MOLLE style pouch to the internal PALS webbing within the cases, but now they don’t have to pay for pouches they might not need.

The cases are still made from the same materials and with the same level of quality.

The price of the M2010 case has been reduced by $100: https://www.armageddongear.com/M2010-Precision-Rifle-Case-USGI

The price on the SASS case has been reduced by $40: https://www.armageddongear.com/SASS-Precision-Rifle-Case

The “OG” – Optimized Gamechanger from Armageddon Gear

The Gamechanger, designed Reasor Precision Solutions and produced by Armageddon Gear, is a thoroughly modern shooting bag that is usually made from thoroughly modern materials. Modern materials like 1000D nylon are fine but if you want a bag that stands out and takes on character, you might want to try a throwback material like waxed canvas. That’s right… waxed canvas.

The new “OG” – Optimized Game Changer is a throwback to the earliest iterations of Reasor Precision Solutions’ Game Changer designs and it available in two different colors of waxed canvas. The OG has the same great versatile shape that lets you stabilize your rifle on a variety of irregular surfaces like barricades, fenceposts, and window openings. It also has the same consistent fill that shooters expect from the Game Changer. It has handles at both ends but lacks the Velcro straps found on the more modern Game Changer.

Check out the “OG” – Optimized Game Changer at Armageddon Gear.com.

Lead Faucet Tactical Lightweight Carbine Sling

The LFT Lightweight Carbine Sling, designed by Dan Brokos of Lead Faucet Tactical and manufactured by Armageddon Gear, is just about as light and compact as a “padded”, quick adjust sling can be. The sling is so compact and pliable that it can nearly be shoehorned into a chew can!

The sling is constructed from nylon webbing, Hypalon, and Tweave. It is the use of the Hypalon and Tweave that thin out and lighten this sling. The Hypalon is thin, very resistant to tearing, and hard wearing. The Tweave “pad” is comfortable for the wearer because it has some stretch while also being hard wearing.

The sling functions like many other slings on the market. The user pulls the webbing end to tighten the sling quickly. They can pull the cord tied into the slider to loosen the sling just as quickly.

Check out the LFT Sling at:



Armageddon Gear Tacticooler

It’s that time again! I always look forward to when Armageddon Gear rolls out a new product because often they roll out a funny video with it. The new Armageddon Gear Tacticooler and related video doesn’t disappoint.

From Armageddon Gear:

The Tacticooler is the coolest little tactical cooler you’ll find (see what we did there?). Built with the same high-tech reflective insulation we use in our US Army issued P.U.S.S. Pad, It’s a dove stool, a gear bucket, or better yet, a beer bucket. Take it on the golf course to regain some of the man points you lost with those plaid pants and keep your cold ones frosty. It even has an expandable mesh pocket to lovingly cradle your balls. The Tacticooler is perfect for the back of the pickup, the deck of your fishing boat, or on the rack of the four wheeler for a day in the mud bog. Simply add ice and refreshments to the 5-gallon bucket (Bucket not pictured, but included with purchase!) into the Tacticooler and voila, ‘Merica!. Can be custom embroidered with your business logo, CB handle, Tinder username, favorite sports team, or just about anything else. Contact us for embroidery specifics. Like everything Armageddon Gear makes, the Tacticooler is proudly manufactured right here in the good ol’ USA!

Check out the Tacticooler at ArmageddonGear.com.

You Won’t Believe What These Shooting Bags Can Do – Reasor Precision and Armageddon Gear CLUTCH Shooting Bag System

Reasor Precision and Armageddon Gear have teamed up again to design and produce the CLUTCH Shooting Bag System. The system consists of two bags that may be used separately as a front and rear bag or combined into a bag that can actually “clutch” onto a variety of surfaces and props like spotting scopes, barricades, and other objects likely to be encountered at matches. The bag is even designed to work within the requirements of certain matches. You can see a variety of ways that the CLUTCH System may be used in the images below.

The following is what Armageddon Gear has to say about the CLUTCH:

Introducing the newest bag developed by Reasor Precision and Armageddon Gear to serve multiple roles from the front to the back of the rifle. While the origins for this concept stem from the functionality of the Gamechanger, the Clutch is a versatile solution that provides grasping front support and traditional rear bag duties all in an effort to enhance the ability of marksmen. Folks have asked, ‘What are you going to do at matches where you are only permitted to use one bag?’ This bag of tricks is our answer and the definition above resonates. Two is one and one is too traditional. The Clutch was thoughtfully developed based on the requirements set forth by match directors of the sniper-ruck style competitions where gear is limited. The bag can be split so that each competitor from a two-man team carries one half of the bag, which can then be used conventionally or combined for those challenging props where neutral pressure and free recoil prevail. Each side of the Clutch is different, one is a wedge-style and the other is a rectangle, but both have been designed with proven materials to perform the functions that marksmen demand. This is not a substitute, this is a solution.

You can check out the CLUTCH Shooting Bag System at Armageddon Gear.

What Do Baby Poop and Cheetos Have in Common?

Armageddon Gear wants to help you stand out at the range. For a limited time, they are offering several of their most popular products in an interesting array of colors. Let’s put it this way… If you pick up a “No Eye Contact Banana” colored Pistol Rug, no one at your next competition will accidentally walk away with it thinking it is their own.

The image above shows the limited edition colors in the following order (top to bottom): Baby poop, Redrum, Cheetos, No eye Contact Banana, Rave, Ball Buster, Aquaholic

These colors are available on the following products: Gamechanger, XWing, Perfect Pistol Case, Top Zip Utility, Bullet bags, Kit Bags (Sm & Med), Range Utility Bags, Pistol Rugs, Chinese Cheater bag, Fat Bags, Beer Bivies and the Possibles bag

To order, add the product that you want to your cart in the color Black. Then enter your actual color choice in the order comments. The colors will be accented with black webbing/zippers etc. Lead times are 5-7 business days.

Visit ArmageddonGear.com

Armageddon Gear Precision Rifle Sling and Perfect Carbine Case Updates

Armageddon Gear recently rolled out an exclusive new flat bungee webbing. The new webbing has now found its way into their entire line of slings including their Precision Rifle Sling. The Precision Rifle Sling was already an excellent sling in use by several top competitors in PRS matches. The addition of the new flat webbing means it still has all the same functionality but with the added benefits of laying flat on the shooter and bearing weight even better than the original.

Armageddon Gear Precision Rifle Sling

The Perfect Carbine Case has also received an upgrade. It now features a high visibility liner to make finding small items in the large case easier.

Armageddon Gear Perfect Carbine Case

Armageddon Gear Hot Pocket

The name Hot Pocket has been associated with greasy meat, unidentifiable cheese-like sauce, and burns to the roof of the mouth for too long. Armageddon Gear is bringing honor back to the name, Hot Pocket, by turning it into something very useful for suppressor owners.

The Armageddon Gear Hot Pocket is a clam shell opening pouch that is lined with thermal-control material so that a hot suppressor may be placed inside of it without waiting for it to cool. Once the suppressor is stowed in the Hot Pocket, the entire package can be transported however you choose without fear of damaging other gear in a pouch or bag. The Hot Pocket can also be opened and used like an hot pad to aid in removing a hot can. Finally, it has an exterior slip pockets where you can transport your paperwork along with the suppressor.

The Hot Pocket is available in 2 sizes and a number of colors from ArmageddonGear.com

Big News from Armageddon Gear – Bungee Webbing

Armageddon Gear has been working their webbing providers for years to develop a new flat webbing with the same stretch characteristics as the bungee webbing they make in house that consisted of strands of shock cord wrapped in tubular webbing. Now, the new material is finally ready and being incorporated into Armageddon Gear’s Carbine Sling and Convertible Carbine Sling.

The new webbing lays flat rather than rolling on the user. This means the slings distribute weight more evenly, move around less, sit closer to the body, but still has the attributes of a bungee sling.

Check out the Carbine Sling and the Convertible Carbine Sling at Armageddon Gear for details. I suspect we will see all kinds of interesting applications for this webbing.

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