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Arbor Arms Tradesman Multi-Role Pack

Arbor Arms just released their Tradesman Multi-Role Pack. Those of you with a long memory will no doubt recognize the resemblance of this pack to the Ares Armor XII Combat Pack. There is good reason for that. The new Tradesman was designed by the same gear designer and it offers a number of improvements.

In basic terms, the Tradesman Multi-Role Pack is an assault pack. It is designed to carry items like spare ammo, medical kit, hydration packs, and more. What differentiates the Tradesman Multi-Role Pack from other assault packs is a host of modular accessories and easy, external access to the magazines.

Like the Combat XII Pack before it, the Tradesman Multi-Role Pack has integrated magazine pouches that are accessible from outside the pack. These can be configured with bungee retainers, individual accessory flaps, or a single large accessory flap for use with LMG magazines. The magazine pouches can accept 5.56, 7.62, and various AK magazines in addition to blowout kits when used with the accessory flaps.

The Tradesman can be docked directly to a plate or armor carrier with one of two methods depending on the type of carrier used. It also has simple straps for use as a stand-along pack and optional enhanced strap pads that make it more comfortable to carry as a stand-alone pack.

The sides of the Tradesman pack can accept a number of accessories that extend the functionality of the pack. There are accessory Multi-Function Pouches that may be used for carrying more ammo or other items. Cinch Straps may be purchased and used to secure long items to the side of the pack. Arbor Arms will also offer a Breacher’s Quiver specifically for carrying a breaching shotgun on the side of the pack.

This pack has a ton of features. You can see additional images and learn more at ArborArmsUSA.com.

Custom M81 Tradesman SALT Belt from Arbor Arms and Whiskey Two-Four

Whiskey Two-Four’s proprietary ACRONYM laminate material is available in M81 and Arbor Arms recently put that fact to good use. They created some custom Tradesman SALT Belts. In one cool product you have modern materials and construction methods like laser cut laminate material right along side a classic camo pattern. It’s a good time to be a gear head!

If you want something like this, it might require some leg work. This was a completely custom project but the materials are available. Maybe you could sweet talk your way into one.

Whiskey Two-Four ACRONYM

Arbor Arms Tradesman SALT Belt

Arbor Arms Tradesmen SALT Belt System

Arbor Arms just released their new modular belt – the Tradesmen SALT Belt System.

From Arbor Arms USA:

The Tradesmen Segmented Adaptive Lasercut Trio (SALT) Belt System is a  minimalist  3 belt system consisting of

  1.  the Keeper belt (worn on the pants  with loop Velcro to mate the molle sleeve),
  2.  the  Sleeve (mates to keeper belt, allows for molle attachment and wraps around  Core Cobra belt)
  3. the Core Cobra belt (this both holds the Sleeve on and provides base for 1 3/4″ belt loop attachments ie; holsters and water wings)

The Keeper belt can be worn as the base of the SALT Belt System or alone as an EDC belt.   The Keeper is attached via an adjustable G-Hook in a tailless configuration allowing for both gross and fine adjustment in size when transitioning from IWB carry to battle belt.  There are 6″ of movement in the gross adjustment/connection section and 4″ of movement in the fine adjustment section.  The steel G-hook can also be replaced with a split ladder lock to make the belt non metallic.  It is constructed of type 13 webbing with an 1.5″ strip of loop sewn on with channels to hold up to four 3/8″ zip ties.  This loop is also the matting surface for the Sleeve.

The Sleeve  is less than 2-1/4″ tall and less than 7/8″ thick but still boast; Squadron@ construction, 1.5″ hook Velcro strip for matting to the keeper belt, 3/8″ of foam padding, 2″x.060″ HDPE stiffener,  2 MOLLE rows , and 1-3/4″ web belt attachment.   But what makes this truly unique is that every 2 MOLLE columns are cut in to tabs that wrap around the Core Cobra belt allowing you to “Unwrap” MOLLE pouches and allow the removal of web belt attached items like water wings and holsters WITH OUT restringing the entire Core Cobra belt.

The Core Cobra belt can be used by itsself or with the Sleeve. It is built from a continuous piece of type 13 webbing ( break strength of 7,000 lbs) and an AustriAlpin Cobra Buckle (break strength of 18kN) We fold and sew a segment of the webbing down to 1″ which allows  us to use a 1″ fixed  buckle and create a soft loop for attaching carbines, safety lanyards, and slings.  This configuration allows the Core Cobra belt to be strung through pants belt loops and the belt loops on many accessory pouches.

You can check out the new belt at ArborArmsUSA.com.

Arbor Arms Multi-Mode Tourniquet Attachment

The new Multi-Mode Tourniquet Attachment (MTA) from Arbor Arms is just about as simple as gear can be. The ways it can be used to attach a tourniquet to your gear are just about endless. The use can thread it into webbing, PALS, slots, straps, or any other place you can tuck it into your gear with the shock cord loops exposed. Then you tuck your TQ into the loops. This simple design makes the MTA versatile enough to be used on belts, chest rigs, packs, plate carriers, and more.


Arbor Arms Laser Cut FLEX Assaulter Plate Carrier

Arbor Arms has released their new FLEX Assaulter Plate Carrier. The new carrier makes extensive use of laser cut material to create a carrier that is fully MOLLE compatible, streamlined, and extremely light in weight (1.87 pounds).

The FLEX Assaulter Plate Carrier comes with Arbor Arms’ FLEX Cummerbund. This cummerbund makes their plate carriers extremely easy to don and doff thanks to its use of AustriAlpin Cobra buckles. It also hugs the body of the wearer due to its woven MOLLE elastic construction.

Check out the FLEX Assaulter Plate Carrier at Arbor Arms.

Arbor Arms – “Old” Favorites with New Features

We recently posted about coming across a source for many of the great tactical nylon items that Ares Armor used to sell. The comments on that post quickly made it clear that the source of that gear should be approached with caution (thank you to those who commented). Many were also quick to point out Arbor Arms – the latest venture for Jonathan ZumMallen, the designer of many of those tactical nylon items at Ares Armor.

Arbor Arms has their own line of tactical gear that includes updated versions of their previous designs. The Flex Plate Carrier (PC) features many of the features found on Jonathan’s earlier design including the innovative Cobra buckle cummerbund attachment. It also features a heavy dose of new features. Jonathan told me that he acknowledges that the Flex PC has a high price tag which is why he also designed several cummerbund retrofit kits that can bring much of the Flex PC’s functionality to your existing PC.

Keep an eye on Arbor Arms

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