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Apex Tactical Specialties CZ P10c Extended Magazine Releases

Apex Tactical Specialties has released their new extended magazine releases for the CZ P10c. These magazine releases are available in either Tactical or Competition versions for either left or right handed shooters. This machined barstock steel magazine release is designed to “easily drop even a fully loaded magazine“. They feature fine checkering on the surface and a black Melonite finish. The Competition Magazine Release is slightly longer than the Tactical version.


Apex Action Enhancement Trigger for Glocks

Apex Tactical Specialties already makes a small handful of Glock parts but ironically for a company best known for M&P trigger parts, they haven’t yet offered a Glock trigger. That is about to change with the upcoming release of their Apex Action Enhancement Trigger for Glocks.


The trigger features an black anodized aluminum bow with a unique shape that is somewhere between a flat and traditional curved bow. According to Apex, the new trigger will reduce pre-travel, reduce the overall travel, provide a shorter reset, smooth out the trigger overall, and provide a crisp break.

The Apex Action Enhancement Trigger will be available with or without a trigger bar. See the Apex Tactical Specialties blog for more details.

Now Available – Apex Tactical Specialties S&W M&P Shield Flat Faced Trigger

Apex Tactical teased the arrival of their flat faced trigger for the S&W M&P Shield late last month and now the wait is over. The trigger is available at Brownells along with Apex’s other excellent action enhancing parts for the popular concealed carry gun.

If you are wondering why you might consider a flat faced trigger, the answer is simple. The flat face gives consistent trigger feel across the entire height of the trigger face. It can make the trigger actually feel lighter thanks to the increased leverage that the trigger finger can exert when placed lower on the trigger face.

Check out the new Apex Tactical Specialties S&W M&P Shield Flat Faced Trigger.

Shield Trigger Flat Apex

Apex Flat-Faced Trigger for M&P Shield

Apex Tactical Specialties has already brought flat-faced triggers to the M&P Shield and Sig P320. Now they are set to do the same for the M&P Shield. They released the teaser video below to drum up interest in the upcoming trigger. Keep an eye on Apex Tactical Specialties’ website for more details.

Glock Ultimate Safety Plunger – Apex Tactical Specialties

G-USPOnlineI first mentioned the¬†Apex Tactical Specialties Glock Ultimate Safety Plunger when it was in the testing phase. Now, the hardened 440C drop-in replacement part is available for purchase. This should be a simple and reliable way to smooth your 9mm/.40SW/.357SIG Glock’s trigger pull.

Check out the Apex Tactical Specialties Glock Ultimate Safety Plunger.

Apex Tactical Specialties Developing Glock Safety Plunger

apex tactical specThe safety plunger is a key spot for those who are trying to improve their Glock’s trigger. Careful rounding and polishing of the plunger can make a big difference in how the trigger feels without a negative effect on reliability unlike some trigger mods like lightening the striker or springs which can negatively effect reliability. This is not a secret yet there haven’t been very many improved safety plungers on the market.

Thankfully, it looks like Apex Tactical Specialties is stepping in to fill that gap. They are currently beta testing an improved safety plunger that is polished and domed in shape (though not as domed as some competition safety plungers to ensure solid contact between it and the trigger bar). It is made from heat treated 440C steel which hardened to 52-56 Rc for durability (that is the same hardness as the OEM part). They state that the new Safety Plunger will retail for less than $20.

I have no word on availability yet. Check out Apex Tactical Specialties.


Apex Polymer Armorers Tray and Pin Punch

Apex Tactical Specialties’ new Polymer Armorers Tray and Pin Punch is designed to work in conjunction with their Polymer Armorers Block. The new Polymer Armorers Tray and Pin Punch sits directly below the Armorers Block in order to raise the block off the work surface, protect the work surface, catch various pins and parts that you may be removing while using the Armorers Block.


It comes with a 1/8 roll pin punch and 1/16″ Allen wrench that snap into the tray. There is also a space designed to retain the Talon Tactical M&P Rear Sight Tool. The bottom of the tray has a ring magnet that captures lose small parts to prevent loss.

This Armorers Tray and Armorers Block are designed primarily to work on the S&W M&P line of handguns but it is also very functional for those who work on Glocks and other semi-auto handguns.

Check out the new Apex Polymer Armorers tray and Pin Punch.

Apex Square Shooter AR-15 Compensator

Apex Square Shooter

Apex Tactical Specialties has just released a new compensator called the Square Shooter AR-15 Compensator. It’s square shape is very visually striking and given my history with Apex Tactical Specialties, I have no doubt it will just plain work.

The Square Shooter has a single inline vertical port to reduce muzzle rise without the downward dip according to Apex. There are also 3 separate chambers each with large side ports. It’s machined from ordinance grade steel and Melonite finished.

The Square Shooter is available from Brownells.com.

Apex Tactical Specialties Armorer Block

Apex Tactical Specialties has released their Armorer Block for the S&W M&P and GLOCK line of pistols.

Apex Tactical Amorers Block

The Armorer Block is designed to secure your M&P or GLOCK handgun while you replace or remove parts. It has 2 moveable bosses that allow the frame to conform to all sizes and calibers of GLOCK and M&P handguns. The block has a series of slots that allows pins to be driven out while it holds the frame. It also has slots that allow you to anchor the base of the striker modules of the both the M&P and GLOCK for easy disassembly of the modules and a slot that can secure an M&P trigger to make trigger bar replacement easier.

I think they should change the name to the Apex Tactical Specialties Third Hand, because this is exactly what so many of us were actually wishing for when we wished for a third hand during a project.

Check out ApexTactical.com.

Apex Extractor in Gen 3 GLOCKs

Randy Lee from Apex Tactical Specialties recently posted information about the performance of his G-FRE (GLOCK Failure Resistant Extractor). While the extractor has been a huge success in Gen 4 guns, he has been disappointed with its performance in Gen 3 guns. As a result, he has announced that he will begin work on a Gen 3 specific version of the G-FRE. You can read his thoughts on M4Carbine.net.

Not only is this great news for shooters who are struggling to get their late manufacture 9mm Gen 3 Glocks to function as reliably as they would like, but it is also a display of the type of transparency and self-evaluation that makes a company great. Check out ApexTactical.com.

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