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Patch Collecting: Magpul and Mil-Spec Monkey Japanese Relief Patch

Magpul and patch maker extraordinaire Mil-Spec Monkey have teamed up to do some good. They have created a really good looking, limited edition patch that features the Japanese kanji for strength.

As you probably know, Japan was rocked by intense earthquakes in March of this year. The recovery efforts may not be on the nightly news anymore but they are certainly still struggling. All of the proceeds from the patch will go directly to the rebuilding effort.

You can find more information and help by purchasing a patch at Magpul’s website.

MOE Hand Guards with Pre-Installed QD Micro MOUNT-N-SLOTs

Impact Weapons Components is expanding their line up of Combo Deals. These Combo Deals include multiple items that are designed to work together for one price.

You can now purchase Magpul MOE Hand Guards (in multiple colors and all three gas system lengths – carbine, mid, and rifle) with the excellent QD Micro MOUNT-N-SLOTs already installed by the pros at IWC. The installation is very easy to do at home, but if you lack the tools or inclination, the folks at IWC have your back.

Check them out on IWC’s “Combo Deals” page.

Remember to use the coupon code “triggerjerk” at checkout to receive 5% off at IWC.

Battle Arms Development Military, Police, Fire, and EMT Discount

If you serve in the military, police, fire department, or as an EMT then Battle Arms Development wants to recognize your service by offering you a discount on their products. They have conveyed to me that they believe that those serving in these capacities are all heroes and they hope that other manufacturers will follow their lead with discounts like this for heroes.

You can contact Battle Arms Development through their website to find out more about the discount.

New Packs from Eberlestock

Eberlestock is known for their packs that integrate rifle carriers directly into the design of the pack. Now they are stepping into the world of “traditional” packs with the introduction of the 90 liter V90 Battleship and the 69 liter V69 Destroyer packs. Even though these are being called “traditional” packs, Eberlestock still couldn’t resist building in a way to carry a rifle.

These packs have essentially the same features between the two models. The only real difference is the size. These packs have some serious capacity, but Eberlestock seems to have done a great job with providing ways to organize and access all that capacity. There are various internal and external pockets that will handle everything from your lunch to your dirty socks. I especially like the idea large external mesh pockets for carrying wet gear or dirty laundry. Access can be accomplished through a typical top loading port with rain collar or through 2 zipped front loading panels.

There are tons of external straps that can serve as lash points for various gear. Some users don’t care for a lot of external straps, but I find that, if they are managed well, they really add a lot of functionality. The straps on the side of the pack can be used to carry a rifle by placing the butt of the stock into the sleeve at the base of the pack and buckling the fore end of the rifle under the strap.

You can check the new packs at Eberlestock’s website.

New AR Treated Watch Dials from LUM-TEC

High end watch makers have been using anti-reflective (AR) coatings on watch crystals for years. These coatings reduce or eliminate reflections and glare on the crystal (the window that you view the watch face through) in order to make the watch more readable and more discreet. LUM-TEC is taking that technology beyond just coating the crystal. They have introduced AR treated dials for their M49-M51 models.

These new dials reflect very little light. The result is a pure, dark black dial that makes LUM-TEC’s renowned luminescent markings stand out even more. These things are like a black hole – light can’t escape!

Image is property of LUM-TEC

In the above image, you can see that the 2 untreated dials are reflecting the bright studio lights. The center dial, which has been treated with the new AR coating, doesn’t reflect anything. The luminescent dial markings really stand out against the dark black, non-reflective background. This is some really cool technology!

These watch dials haven’t hit dealer shelves yet but when they do, you can expect Thomas at CGA Company to have the models sporting these dials and all your other LUM-TEC needs.

New Site and Gear from IKICKHIPPIES

IKICKHIPPIES is known as the manufacturer for the SLAP or Sling Loop Ambidextrous Plate. I find the SLAP to be an extremely simple, extremely functional, and extremely versatile piece of gear. Now, IKICKHIPPIES has a new website and they have expanded their product line beyond just the SLAPs themselves to include accessories, special edition FDE coated SLAPs, and some really cool apparel.

Some of you will remember the SLAP Patch that we gave away here on Jerking the Trigger. It made a huge splash and several people inquired about where they could purchase one. Well patience is a virtue and now all you patient patch collectors have the opportunity to pick up your very own SLAP patches on the IKICKHIPPIES website. While you are there, check out the SLAP t-shirt too. I wear mine proudly!

The new IKICKHIPPIES site can be found at IKICKHIPPIES.com.

Tactical Innovations Engineering Kydex

Kydex sheaths and holsters have been with us for several years now and for the most part they are similar from one maker to another. Tactical Innovations Engineering’s (TIE) kydex work looks different than most kydex on the market because it is different.

One of the most striking things that you notice about TIE’s kydex is that there are often two different colors of kydex layered over each other. This makes the sheath very visually striking. All of TIE’s kydex designs offer “level 2” retention. Much like a level 2 holster, there is active retention that must be unlocked before the knife can be removed from the sheath. The retention is achieved with an easy to manipulate tab that Kevin, the proprietor of TIE, calls the TIE Lock. It is a very clever design.

TIE has been making kydex for 2 years and they just recently started a new website – TIETactical.com.

MI/US-PALM ML2 Topcover

Midwest Industries (MI) and US-PALM have expanded their line of optic mounting topcovers for the MI Universal AK Handguards. The newest topcover, the ML2 Topcover, will allows shooters to mount the 30mm Aimpoints like the M2, ML2, M3, ML3, and others.

Image property of US-PALM

The best thing about the ML2 Topcover is that it allows the Aimpoint to be co-witnessed with the iron sights. The cowitness height will vary based on the tolerances of the particular AK on which the topcover is mounted. It will vary from an absolute cowitness to a lower 1/3 cowitness.

You can read more about the ML2 Topcover on the MI website.

Scrap Yard Knives War Dog

I always look forward to seeing new releases from Scrap Yard Knife Works (SYKW). In my opinion, they make some of the toughest and most reasonably priced knives on the market. Their most recent offering is called the War Dog and it looks like it has tremendous potential.

The War Dog is flat ground from a .235″ thick slab of Busse’s famous INFI steel. INFI is renowned for its toughness. It also has a new handle shape that is molded from SYKW’s Resiprene C material. The handle looks to be very well shaped for use with multiple grips and the Resiprene C material offers excellent grip in my experience. I especially like the versatile drop point blade shape. It has enough belly for tasks that call for it and plenty of straight edge near the handle for cuts that require more leverage.

The War Dog costs a bit more than other offerings from SYKW but that is due to the exclusivity of INFI steel. You can check it out on the Scrap Yard website.

Win an Amazing Hinderer XM-18 and Support Knife Rights

Knife Rights is raffling a one-off custom XM-18 from Rick Hinderer. The knife is currently being made so there are no pictures yet but the specs look fantastic and no one questions the bullet-proof reputation of the XM-18.

You can purchase a raffle ticket and support the cause on the Knife Rights website.

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