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Battle Systems Marker Panel, Individual, LW Mk1 Release Dates and Information

We have mentioned the Battle Systems Marker Panel, Indvidual, LW (MPIL) here before as we looked forward to its release. Now, we finally have the release dates for this lightweight, compact day/night capable marker system.

This Multicam Mystery Ranch Crew Cab would be tough to spot without the MPIL affixed to it.

The MPIL is designed to replace the legacy VIS-17 panels which are used by ground combat elements for communicating with other ground personnel or air elements. The VIS-17 panels need to be cut down and modified in order to be useful but the MPIL comes ready to work. It is already a handy 17″ x 17″ size and weighs about 1 ounce. It can be folded down to a package that is about 2.5″ x 2.5″ x .5″. There are  sides, international orange (blaze orange) and fluorescent pink, each with a color matched Velcro square in the center which allows the user to attach IR reflective markers (available as an option) for low light/no light use. The tie downs at each corner allow the MPIL to be affixed to your gear or connected to other MPIL via carabiners (National Molding Poli Binas will be available at the time of purchase).

All of this functionality makes for a versatile piece of gear for military personal or any outdoor adventurers. These panels have a place in any kit and are useful for getting found and staying found. Jon L and I are working on a full review of the MPIL.

The MPIL doesn't take up much space.

Battle Systems is initially releasing what it calls the Mk1 version on June 24th. This initial version is about 80% Berry Compliant and it features OD green tie down loops at all 4 corners. The coming Mk2 version will display changes including 100% Berry Compliance and Coyote Brown tie down loops. The best part about this Mk1 version is the special price. They will be available for only $14.99 (the Mk2 version will cost $19.99).

Check out the MPIL at Battle System’s website.

Maximizing Your Fitness: Running

Running is the foundation of many people’s fitness programs. It’s great exercise and is an effective way to build endurance. However, it’s also easy to get into a jogging rut. If your workout has consisted of the same ol’ plodding paced jogging route for far too long, then please let me offer some suggestions!

Now, my favorite type of running just so happens to be plodding along at a jogging pace and there’s nothing wrong with doing that on some days. However, below are some drills/CrossFits I use to break out of that rut and push myself past old limits. I always recommend timing yourself and recording the results in a notebook. It’s great accountability and progress tracking. Try mixing in some of these specific courses of exercise to your current running regimen and enjoy!

Sprint 100M 10 times with a one minute break between sets.

Run 400M 8 times with a 90 second rest between sets.

Run 800M 4 times with a two minute break between sets.

Run 800M forwards, 400M backwards and repeat without rest. (Yes, you’ll feel silly, but you won’t believe the burn)

Run a 5K as fast as you can. (This works best with some hills, off road portions, and if you’re going against someone faster than you)

OC Tactical Web Store is Officially Open

After some initial teething pains, the new OC Tactical Web Store is now up and running smoothly. The store features a slew of products from OC Tactical and others like the American Kami, Battle Systems, and ITW with others coming soon. It also has a live inventory so you always know what is in stock.

Check out the new OC Tactical web store.

Princeton Tec Multicam Head Straps at Tactical Distributors

I use a ton of Princeton Tec (PT) products and I find their head lamps especially useful. If you use your headlamp often enough, you will eventually wear out the head strap and need a replacement. In the past, it was difficult to find anything but the more brightly colored replacement head straps that were intended for PT’s outdoor line of headlamps. If you wanted a more subdued band for your PT head lamp from the tactical line, you would probably have to contact PT directly.

Now, Tactical Distributors, is selling Multicam head straps for Princeton Tec headlamps. These are the same straps that come standard on PT’s line of Multicam headlamps like the Remix Pro that we reviewed. So, if you need a replacement strap or if you just want to replace your current strap with something more subdued, check out the Princeton Tec Multicam head straps at Tactical Distributors.

This is a great weekend to browse Tactical Distributors since they are offering 15% off to celebrete Father’s Day and their collaboration with Costa Ludus if you use the code “COSTA15”.

Patch Collecting: OC Tactical Patch

A skull with crossed needles is a fitting logo for tactical gear maker OC Tactical. This patch is 100% embroidered which gives it a really slick look. It is available in Coyote Tan or OD Green and looks great on the OC Tactical Grande and Mondo Patch Panels!

Check out the OC Tactical Patch on OCTactical.com.

Blue Force Gear UWL with Push Button Socket Available in Coyote Brown

I have written about the Blue Force Gear UWL before. It is one of those pieces of gear that everyone ought to have in their spare parts box because it has the potential to solve so many problems.

Now there is a new Coyote Brown version available that features a socket for push button QD sling swivels along with the sling loop of the original. The Coyote Brown hard anodizing is designed to blend well with Multicam or Coyote Brown slings from Blue Force Gear like the Vickers Combat Applications Sling.

The addition of the push button socket also opens up some interesting possibilities for transitioning from a 2 point to a single point sling. If this is used as your rear sling mount toward the back of your receiver and you use a push button QD sling swivel as your front mounting point, then this will allow you to turn your sling into a single point. This works especially well on rifles like the FN SCAR that have a rear sling hook right where the stock meets the receiver.

You can check out the new Coyote Brown version of the UWL with Push Button Socket at BlueForceGear.com. Stay tuned for a full review with some ideas for how you can make use of this new UWL.

Solar Tactical MFER AK47 Magazine Funnel

It takes time and practice to develop a fairly smooth, reliable, and repeatable AK-47 reload. If you try to go faster than your training will allow, it is very easy to end up fighting your way through a stinker of a reload. That is why the new MFER AK47 Magazine Funnel from Solar Tactical has piqued my interest.

I know almost nothing about it other than its main purpose is to act as a flared magazine well or mag funnel not unlike what you might find on a 1911 or Glock. The flat, non-beveled magazine well of the AK-47 can be easy to miss when you are really hustling and even a small miss can result in the magazine entering the well slightly canted which causes binding. The MFER appears as it could make reloads more forgiving.

The MFER AK47 Magazine Funnel is made from polymer and has stainless steel hardware. It attached to your AK with modifications to the rifle itself. It will fit most AK-47s and AKMs, including Saigas. It will not fit standard Yugoslavian AKs.

Check out the MFER AK47 Magazine Funnel on SolarTactical.com.

Why We Train: Be Sure of Your Target

Most serious shooters today have Jeff Cooper’s weapons safety rules engrained into their minds. These rules are simple to learn, cover nearly every training and real life situation, and have stood the test of time. When properly implemented they can nearly ensure the safe operation of any given weapons system.

America has largely evolved into a populous urban and suburban landscape. If a deadly force situation occurs it is likely going to take place in this setting. This means that being “sure of your target and what’s beyond it” should be of as much importance to the shooter as stopping the threat. The military maybe able to factor in “collateral damage” but you, the private citizen/LEO, will be held accountable to a high standard for any defensive action with a firearm.

After surviving a deadly force encounter, nothing would be worse than learning that your actions caused a life changing accident. No one wants to live with that kind of guilt or go through the slaughterhouse of civil court, where you’ve already lost even if you ultimately win (attorney fees and court costs = losing in my book). As a cop, I’ve seen the aftermath of dozens of shootings that terrified, wounded, and sometimes even killed people who just happened to be nearby or live in the area. The careless criminals who wreak this kind of havoc are rarely held properly accountable in our current (failing) system of justice.

Recently, a man in TN successfully defended his life during a robbery attempt in an apartment complex by a violent felon. Unfortunately, one of his rounds missed the target and went into an apartment with multiple children inside. Thankfully, no one in the apartment was injured and the threat was successfully stopped. I am in no way trying to “Monday morning quarterback” this situation as anyone who has been there knows how fast and chaotic these types of incidents are. Regardless, the incident is a stark lesson and warning to anyone that lawfully carries a gun for duty or protection as the results could have easily been tragic.

TacStrike Warriors Through the Ages Shirt

TacStrike and Righteous Duke Designs have teamed up once again for another t-shirt design. The new shirt features images of warriors down through the ages including a Samuri, a Viking, an archer, an sheriff from the American west, and a modern gun fighter training on TacStrike steel. The shirt, like all Righteous Duke Designs looks great. Check it out at TacStrike.com.

FFL Holders – Don’t Fear Transfers and Internet Gun Sales!

This is a free public service announcement to FFLs everywhere: Firearm transfers are like free money!

The internet is here to stay. You can deny that all you want as your gun store folds or you can cash in on that fact. If you own a gun store that is actively discouraging transfers by pricing them exorbitantly high or refusing to do them all together, you are short-sighted and missing out on one of your best potential revenue generation methods. Transfers do not represent a threat to your business; they represent easy cash.

Think about it. The margins that you make on most of your firearms are pretty low. You have to take the time to order them, sit on the inventory, staff the store, and then spend the time it takes to complete the sale and transfer to the purchaser. That all adds up to a pretty small return on your time and money.

However, transfers are nearly pure profit. It only takes minutes for you to receive the firearm, hand over the 4473 to a customer, and then call it in. You don’t have to lay out any cash or sit on any inventory. In return for these few moments of your time, you get $25 (or possibly as high as $45 depending on going rates in your area).

Successful shops try to beat all of the other local shops prices on inventory. They should also be trying to offer the most competitively priced transfers. You should be striving to do 10 (or more) of them a day and to be known as the best place in town to do a transfer. That is smart business.

The internet and internet guns sales are here to stay, but so is the need for local FFL holders. So, get a clue and start cashing in on transfers.

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