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Paul Gomez Memorial Edition Vanguard 2 from Raven Concealment Systems

Paul Gomez, well known and well liked firearm trainer, passed away unexpectedly this summer. In order to honor his memory and support his family, Raven Concealment Systems is introducing a new Paul Gomez Memorial Edition of their Vanguard 2 holster. 100% of the profits from the sale of this special two-tone, red and black Vanguard 2 will go to the Paul Gomez Memorial Trust.

Check out the Paul Gomez Memorial Edition Vanguard 2 at RavenConcealment.com.

Modern Musket

Editor’s Note: The full title for the following article is “Modern Musket – Changing Perceptions and Attitudes Toward Modern Rifles”. It is written by Robert Hobbs of ModernMusket.com and it basically sums up exactly what Modern Musket is all about. We are glad to have Robert as a contributor because we feel that now, more than ever, Modern Musket’s message is an important one. ~Matt


The Second Amendment was included in the Bill of Rights to preserve our right to keep and bear modern firearms for defensive purposes. This includes the defense of your life from a criminal and the defense of your liberty from tyranny. In the late 18th Century when the Constitution was ratified, the primary long arms were muskets; today they are modern rifles like the increasingly popular AR-15. Indeed times and technologies have changed, however it is imperative that our freedoms remain the same.

Today, the greatest threat that faces our Second Amendment freedoms are so-called “assault weapons” bans. These bans demonize many modern semi-automatic rifles including the AR-15, even though statistically these rifles are rarely used in gun related crimes. This begs the question, “Why the AR-15?” What is the difference between a rifle like a Ruger Mini-14, which is generally not viewed as an assault weapon, and an average AR-15? The answer is essentially nothing except the AR-15 has wrongfully been labeled an “assault weapon” because of its ergonomic and cosmetic features. So, considering these facts, why are these popular rifles being banned? The answer to this question should be very concerning to ALL gun owners.

The top rifle is the popular Ruger Mini-14 and the bottom rifle is an AR-15. Even though they are both semi-automatic, use detachable magazines, and are the same caliber, the AR-15 has been wrongfully labeled an “assault weapon.”

If these purely symbolic, unconstitutional bans are permitted on common semi-automatic rifles simply because of their appearance, what will be next? Will scoped bolt action hunting rifles be labeled “sniper rifles” and be banned? Will all semi-automatic firearms, including handguns and shotguns eventually be banned? These types of future bans could easily become a reality if gun owners do not unite and oppose all infringements upon our Second Amendment freedoms.

It must be understood that so-called “assault weapons” bans heavily infringe upon the right of law-abiding Americans to keep and bear the very firearms the Second Amendment is intended to protect. Present day rifles like the AR-15 are NOT “assault weapons,” they are simply modern muskets.

The AR-15 is very versatile. This rifle was custom built by the author primarily for varmint hunting.



Modern Musket is a brand with a message. They offer products to increase visibility, raise awareness, and to allow people to make a statement for what they believe in. A portion of the money generated through the sale of these products is donated to organizations that fight for Second Amendment rights.

To learn more, please visit their website at: www.ModernMusket.com

Topo Designs Daypack

1000 denier Cordura nylon, high visibility coated pack cloth lining, heavy duty hardware and zippers, seatbelt webbing reinforced shoulder straps, internal organization pouches and laptop sleeve… Sound like a new tactical pack? It does, but it isn’t. Those are all features of the Topo Designs Daypack.

I am always on the lookout for EDC bags that don’t look so “tactical” but that offer the durable and functional materials that I have come to appreciate from a typical tactical pack. We all have stuff that we carry every day but no one wants to look like they just got dragged through a military surplus store. The Topo Designs Daypack would be at home on the trail, at the office, or around town and all without drawing any undue mall ninja attention.

Topo Designs manufactures bags that have outdoor adventure ready durability and discreet, retro design sensibility. They make all of their bags, including the Daypack, in their LEED certified building in Colorado and still manage to offer them at very reasonable prices. Check them out at TopoDesigns.com.

The Viking Chronicles: Wyoming Bear Hunt

The first installment of The Viking Chronicles has been released. It features Kyle Lamb on a Wyoming bear hunt. It is interesting to hear about how Kyle interweaves this type of demanding hunting into tactical training.


Swiss Bianco M-Sharp Sharpener

When it comes to touching up your knife’s edge in the field, there are few things more convenient than a small diamond sharpener and I can’t imagine a more convenient way to carry one than the Swiss Bianco M-Sharp.

The M-Sharp is a small diamond sharpener that can be carried in an ingenious way. The diamond sharpener is mounted on a blackened stainless steel backing that is hooked at each end which allows it to mount on MOLLE webbing. The M-Sharp also has a small lanyard hole for additional carrying options. The grit is somewhere between fine and medium according to the manufacturer.

Check out the M-Sharp at SwissBianco.com.

5.11 Tactical Battery Case

I always have spare CR123 and AA batteries with me. I suspect that many of you do, too. I am always on the look out for a good way to keep them organized and at hand. 5.11’s new Tactical Battery Case looks like it may be a good solution.

The Tactical Battery Case is a small waterproof case that can carry up to 4 batteries (either AA or CR123) without allowing them to rattle. It utilizes a thumbscrew closure which 5.11 says is operable with gloved hands. It can be attached to MOLLE webbing or just carried loose in a pouch.

Check out the Tactical Battery Case on 5.11Tactical.com.

Review: Strike Industries Guardian Muzzle Guard

I have tried for years to get into the habit of using muzzle caps on my ARs, but it seems that I often unintentionally shoot through them or leave them on the range. When I first saw the Guardian Muzzle Cap from Strike Industries, I thought it might be a solution to at least half of my problems with muzzle caps.


Guardian Muzzle Caps are fairly simple devices. They are made from a single piece of flexible, rubber-like material. The cap part is ridged and flared to give you a good grip when you need to remove it. The muzzle end of the cap is also noticeably thinner than other parts of the cap to provide shoot-through capability. There is a retainer ring extends out from the cap and sits loosely on the barrel. The ring allows you to remove the cap but keep the muzzle cap hanging from your barrel for future use.

Observations from Use

I used the Guardian Muzzle Cap much like I would a normal black plastic muzzle cap with one exception. Instead of removing it completely, I just left it hanging from the barrel. It sounds like a small difference but I haven’t lost track of one yet and I can’t say that about my other muzzle caps.

The Guardian Muzzle Cap fits extremely tightly. In fact, it is probably too tight. They do loosen up a bit over time and, like any other muzzle caps, they benefit from a couple of drops of lube. They fit tightly enough that they require some effort to remove which means they often come flying all the way off the barrel in your hand. Then you have to put it back on to hang it from the barrel. That can be a little annoying.

If you don’t like how the Guardian hangs from your barrel, you can wedge it somewhere out of the way.

The hanging Guardian Muzzle Cap really doesn’t seem to get in the way as much as you might think. In fact, because it is so flexible, I found that it can be tucked into the front sight base to secure it. You don’t need to leave it flapping in the breeze. Just be careful that you don’t wedge it between the barrel and your free float hand guard (or anything mounted on your free float hand guard like a flashlight) as this will change your zero.

If you have an SBR, Dissipator, or any other configuration where there isn’t much barrel in front of the front sight base, the Guardian may not work perfectly. It is flexible enough to fit on shorter barrels but it might not be ideal.

This dissipator upper has enough barrel in front of the front sight base to utilize the Guardian.

Wrap Up

The Guardian Muzzle Guard solves a problem for me. I haven’t lost one yet. It certainly does what it is intended to do. Check out the Guardian Muzzle Guard on StrikeIndustries.com.

Disclosure: The Guardian Muzzle Guards were provided to me free of charge for review by Strike Industries.

Kletterwerks Returns

We have been watching for the return of Kletterwerks ever since Soldier Systems Daily scooped the reformation of the iconic brand that was an early venture of Dana Gleason (founder of Mystery Ranch). Now the first of these retro packs that have been updated with some modern amenities are finding their way to retailers and they look great.These bags should be at home handling just about any chore from EDC to busting brush.

If you are looking for a tough as nails pack with a non-military appearance, you may want to check out the Kletterwerks offerings at Wilderness Workshop. The Kletterwerks website is still “Coming Soon.”

Kletter Day

Propper Army Combat Pant

Propper International was one of the three manufacturers selected to manufacture the new Army Combat Pant and the PredatorBDU Blog has the new stock photos of the pants.

Read more at the PredatorBDU Blog. If these pants are made available for commercial purchase, PredatorBDU.com will have you covered.

Mystery Ranch Reintroduces the Wet Rib

It’s back! Mystery Ranch has brought back one of all-time classic pieces of Dana Gleason designed gear – the Wet Rib.

The Wet Rib is a pouch that attached to your backpack’s shoulder straps via tri-glides in such a way that it doesn’t interfere with the sternum strap or hip belt. It is designed to carry a water bottle and small items that you want immediately accessible without removing your pack like food or a compass. The original Wet Ribs were also popular for carrying a handgun discreetly on the trail.

The Wet Rib is just about as handy as gear can be. Check it out at MysteryRanch.com.


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