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Ruger 10/22 Takedown Rifle

It seems like Ruger does something to set the firearm world on fire every other month. This month they have managed to do it once again with the Ruger 10/22 Takedown Rifle.

The 10/22 Takedown Rifle utilizes the famous 10/22 action along with some clever engineering to create a rifle that can quickly and easily be taken down into 2 pieces. This makes the rifle much easier to pack into your backpack or the slick little backpack that Ruger provides with the rifle. Judging by preliminary reviews, Ruger was able to accomplish this with no real loss of accuracy and return-to-zero capability. This take down functionality coupled with the reputation of the 10/22 for reliability makes this rifle extremely attractive.

As cool and interesting as this rifle is, it does seem that there are some potential downsides. First, the stock appears to be very similar to the standard OEM plastic stock that comes on some 10/22s. If this is the case, many users may not care for the shape and plasticky feel of the stock. Second, the standard 10/22 is held in the action via only one screw so it is already a decent “takedown” rifle when you remove the barreled action from the stock. It even returns to zero quite well if you witness mark the screw so you can be assured that you are returning it to the same tension constantly. It also looks there were opportunities to shed some weight from this rifle that were missed.

In spite of my initial misgivings, this rifle does intrigue me. The preliminary reports of performance and how consistent the barrel locks up are impressive. It is, after all, a 10/22 and who doesn’t like a 10/22?

Check out the new 10/22 Takedown Rifle on Ruger.com.

Ares Armor 7.62 EFFIN-A Comp

Ares Armor released a sneak peak of their upcoming .308 EFFIN-A Compensator. Like it’s 5.56 sibling, the .308 EFFIN-A Comp will offer threaded ports that can be blocked or opened by the user to tune the performance of the comp. The EFFIN-A also has the ability to be stacked with another muzzle device like a flash suppressor.

There is also an AK-47 version coming soon. The new models of the EFFIN-A will be available on PredatorARMAMENT.com.

Princeton Tec CHARGE MPLS

I have been using Princeton Tec lights since I was in the 7th grade (that was a long time ago). It is safe to say that I am a fan. I especially like their “tactical” lights; not because they are tactical, but because they are some of the few lights on the market that come on in low mode. The latest addition to the Princeton Tec Tactical MPLS line is the CHARGE. MPLS stands for Modular Personal Lighting System and the lights contained in this line all provide a myriad of attachment options for everything from MOLLE webbing, to helmets, to head straps like a typical headlamp, and more.

The CHARGE MPLS is a single AA battery powered compact task light with a flexible neck that lets you direct the light exactly where you need it. It offers 3 output levels and multiple output colors (white with red, green, blue, IR, red/green/IR, and red/blue/IR are available). The CHARGE offers a ton of hands-free options with the ability to be attached to MOLLE webbing, multiple types of helmets, and a headstrap.

Stay tuned to JTT for a full review of the CHARGE MPLS. In the mean time, check out Grey Group Training to purchase your own Prinecton Tec CHARGE.


Fight and Flight Tactical 5×6 Hybrid Patch Panel

The Fight and Flight Tactical 4×4 Hybrid Patch Panel has been a big hit because its ability to carry a wide variety of small items like handgun magazines in addition to displaying patches. Fight and Flight Tactical has further expanded that capability to include larger items like rifle mags with the addition of the new 5×6 Hybrid Patch Panel.

The 5×6 Hybrid Patch Panel’s larger size means that it can hold more and larger patches. It can also carry larger items like AR-15 magazines, flashlights, and first aid items. It lays very flat like a typical patch panel when all you need it to do is hold patches and yet it offers plenty of space for extra gear when needed.

The 5×6 Hybrid Patch Panel gets its name from its 5 columns and 6 rows of MOLLE webbing. It is 5″x9″ in size and is available in Multicam (with Multicam Velcro) and Coyote brown.

Check out the 5×6 Hybrid Patch Panel on FightandFlight.com.

Mountain Ridge Gear Patch

Do you have a piece of gear from Mountain Ridge Gear (MRG)? Do you want to show off just how much you like MRG? Then you need one of the new MRG patches.

Check them out on MountainRidgeGear.com.

D.I.R.E. Course from Adler & Assoc. and UW Gear

UW Gear is in the business of making gear for the armed citizen, so it only makes sense that they should start offering training geared toward the armed citizen. The new D.I.R.E. Course from Adler & Associates and UW Gear is designed to prepare regular citizens for worst case scenarios.

D.I.R.E. stands for Disaster Insurgency Recovery Event. While many courses do a great job of focusing on specific skills like weapons manipulation or emergency first aid, this course is a practical application of many skills that the armed citizen will find useful in a disaster. It is the first course in an entire planned series of D.I.R.E. courses that will build skills and provide application of the skill that is specific to disaster scenarios.

Visit the UW Gear forum for more information.

GITD Reflective Patches from Mojo Tactical

Some patches are more useful than others. The new GITD Reflective Patches are some of the most useful patches that you will ever find.

These patches look pretty neat and they are pretty low profile in the day light. Once darkness falls, these patches glow in the dark (GITD) and are also reflective. You can put them on your pack so you can find it easily in camp. They can be worn during low light training so you can keep track of people moving on the range. There are a ton of uses for patches like this.

The GITD Reflective patches come in a wide variety of sizes (1×1″, 1×2″, 2×2″, 1×4.5″, 2×4″) and a US Flag version. Check them out on Mojo Tactical’s Facebook storefront.


NukoTools PunchRings Gen. 2

The PunchRing from NukoTools is one of the most compact and easy to carry single finger knucks on the market. I reviewed one of the original ones and I loved it. NukoTools has tweaked the design of the original and the 2nd generation PunchRing is now available.

The new version features the new NukoTools logo and some ergonomic improvements. The most noticeable of the ergonomic improvements is the addition of cutouts on either side of the finger hole. These should serve to make the PunchRing more comfortable and more secure when it is gripped.

Like, the original PunchRing, These are handmade from G-10. G-10 is lightweight, bull strong, and completely non-magnetic. It is a great material for this application.

I am looking forward to getting my hands on one of the new Gen 2 PunchRings for review.

ESEE 5&6 Custom Handles from T-K-C

The-Knife-Connection (T-K-C) has expanded its line of custom handle slabs for ESEE knives once again. Their custom scales for the ESEE 5 and ESEE 6 are now available.

The handles on the stock ESEE 5 and 6 are some of the most comfortable in the ESEE line but there are some out there who prefer a more contoured handle over the flat scales that come standard on the 5 and 6. The drop-in custom handle scales from T-K-C feature pronounced swells to lock the hand in place. They also have a slight texture to increase grip. On top of all of the functional issues, if we are being completely honest, there are many out there who will prefer the looks of the new T-K-C handles. Some people just can’t help customizing their gear.

Check out the new scales at The-Knife-Connection.

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