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Review: J Dewey Field Kit for AR-15/M-16 in .223/5.56

I was recently given the opportunity to check out some items from J Dewey, who you probably know for their high quality cleaning rods. The items were excellent, but, in the review, I mentioned that I have a pretty informal approach to cleaning my ARs. J Dewey took that as an opportunity to provide me with their AR-15 Field Kit which they said was a better match for the way I do things.


The AR Field Kit is basically just what it sounds like. It is just about everything you need to keep your AR clean in the field. The kit contains 10 items:

  • Pouch with belt loop
  • Bottle of FP-10 CLP
  • Chamber rod
  • Nylon coated steel cable (30”)
  • Cotton bore patches
  • Chamber brush
  • Bore brush
  • Stuck case remover
  • Brass scraper
  • Pick

Observations from Use

My contact at J Dewey was right, this does fit my cleaning style (if there is such a thing) more closely. While some guys seem to roll into a class with an entire tackle box full of cleaning gear, I could easily get by with just this kit which is barely larger than a deck of playing cards.

The cleaning cable is pretty clever. It features a patch loop at one end and a threaded end for accepting various accessories. There is a large, heavy duty plastic bead that can be slid from one end of the cable to the other to be used as a handle for pulling the cable through the bore. The steel cable itself seems quite sturdy and it has the same tough protective coating that J Dewey uses on their cleaning rods which, in my experience, holds up very well.

The fact that the kit includes several properly sized cotton patches is a very nice detail. Often, patches included in generic cleaning kits require trimming but the ones included in this kit are sized for the relatively small bore of the AR. They pull through easily.

The chamber rod is pretty straight forward and I think I actually like it better than a much more elaborate one that I own. It breaks down into the 2 sections for easy transport and it has a large T-handle that makes turning even a tight, new chamber brush easy. The chamber brush has held up well to use. Cheap ones tend to collapse and become fairly useless in just a couple of uses.

Even after you drain the last drops of the FP-10 CLP, you will want to keep the bottle for refilling. It is a handy size bottle of good quality that works well with the kit. Mine has been bounced around, crushed, and generally disregarded without any leakage.

The bore obstruction remover is nearly useless for me. It is basically just a long section of brass that can be attached to the cable in order to protect the threads. It won’t replace a break down cleaning rod (which I always carry somewhere on my gear) for tapping out stuck cases that fail to extract. I removed mine from the kit since I carry a cleaning rod for the same purpose.

I rarely do much scraping or picking but a brass scraper and pick are included. Their utility is somewhat limited given that that really isn’t anything to attach them to that can stand in as a proper tool handle. The chamber rod is the closest thing to a useful handle. They work in the field but they certainly won’t replace dedicated tools at home.

The carrying case that contains this kit is not quite bomb-proof, but it isn’t going to fall apart on you any time soon either. The belt loop is basically useless for me since I will carry the kit in a backpack or pouch most of the time. The pouch provides quick access to all the contents and can be repacked fairly easily without regard to fitting everything back in the exact same way it came from the factory. I appreciate that.

Wrap Up

J Dewey was right. This is a better fit for the way I tend to clean. This kit is compact, lightweight, and useful. It provides bare-bones cleaning essentials that get the job done in the field or between training days in a course.

Check out the J Dewey Field Kit for AR-15/M-16 in .223/5.56.

Disclosure: This kit was provided to me by J Dewey, free of charge, for review.

MAC Reviews the Echo93 V3/QD

You are no doubt familiar with Military Arms Channel (MAC) on Youtube by now. If not, you should probably set aside a fairly large block of time in your schedule because you are going to end up parked in front of your computer watching a ton of great video reviews.

Recently, MAC reviewed the Echo93 V3/QD which was actually a collaboration between MAC and Echo93. I have already stated my opinion on this blog that Echo93 makes the best rear sling mounts available for the AK family of rifles and now that they offer this QD version, that opinion is cemented in my mind even further. There simply just isn’t anything else out there for AKs that approaches the functionality of this sling mount.

UW Gear Forum 100 Member Giveaway

UW Gear does something that I wish more gear makers would do – they maintain a forum where you can interact directly with the principles of the company. The forum has tons of great information about their gear, their design philosophy, camo comparisons, and general discussion. It is the kind of place that you go to to determine if UW Gear is right for you and then you end up sticking around because the members are so nice.

They currently have about 70 members on the forum and that number is growing daily. To celebrate the upcoming milestone of 100 members, they are planning a giveaway. There is no word yet on what they will give away, but you will definitely want to be a member of the forum when this giveaway is announced.

Check out UWGear.com and the UW Gear Forum.

AK Minuteman MKII in Pencott Badlands with 3 pouches and 2 columns of MOLLE (shown for reference, this probably isn’t the prize for the giveaway)

Labor Day Sales

Panteao Productions is offering 25% off all DVDs and Yearly Memberships.

Damage Industries is offering 20% off slings, sling mounts, rail systems, and rail accessories.

Tactical Distributors is offering 20% (and free shipping on orders of $150 or more).

Mission First Tactical is offering 20% off.

Cold Steel Secret Edge w/ Bladerigs IWB sheath

Bladerigs is now offering Cold Steel Secret Edge knives that have been customized and fitted with their excellent sheaths.

The customizations that have been performed on these knives turns them into compact defensive knives that are somewhat reminiscent of the Tracker Dan BloodShark. The handle is removed, reshaped, and then cord wrapped. The result is a thin, concealable handle that gives the user tactile feedback about the edge orientation and keeps your hand from slipping up onto the edge.

The sheath is the excellent minimalist IWB rig. This sheath allows a multitude of carry options in addition to inside the waistband. It works especially well tucked into a belt loop horizontally near the wearer’s center-line.

Check out the Cold Steel Secret Edge w/ Bladerigs IWB sheath on Bladerigs.com.

Survivorman is Back

Just in case you haven’t heard yet… Survivorman is back! Now you can, once again, follow Les Stroud as he films himself while surviving various situations in some very inhospitable locations. You just might learn something along the way.

Check out the Survivorman website for all the details.

Impact Weapons Components 45 Offset Sling MOUNT-N-SLOT

The full name of the newest sling mount from Impact Weapons Components is the 45 Offset 1913 Rail QD Rotation Limited Sling MOUNT-N-SLOT. That is a mouthful but when a product looks this good you can get away with a lengthy name like that. I’ll just call it the 45 Offset Sling MOUNT-N-SLOT.

The 45 Offset Sling MOUNT-N-SLOT is notable for a few reasons but one really stands out to me. This is just about as low a profile as I have ever seen on a sling mount. It looks like it is utilizing the same mounting method as the Thorntail Light Mount which means it sits extremely close to the rail – almost as close as a rail cover. The QD sling swivel receptacle sits at a 45 degree angle to the rail allowing it to tuck into the space between the rails. The mount itself has a very low profile but the angled socket allows the QD sling swivel to be very low profile as well.

Check out the 45 Offset Sling MOUNT-N-SLOT on ImpactWeaponsComponents.com. Remember to use the code “triggerjerk” for 5% off at ImpactWeaponsComponents.com.

Specter Gear PFC PriMAC Magazine Pouch

Here is an interesting concept in magazine pouches. The PFC PriMAC Magazine Pouch from Specter Gear holds the magazine at an angle which makes good sense ergonomically.

The PFC PriMAC Magazine Pouch came about via a collaboration between Specter Gear and Progressive Force Concepts. It is an open top magazine pouch that looks to have very good retention while still offering very quick magazine removal. The angle allows it to fall under the hand more naturally than a traditional vertical magazine pouch.

All of these features allow the PFC PriMAC Magazine Pouch to serve as a “speed reload pouch” for those who like to designate a pouch as there primary reload source. Essentially, the PFC PriMAC Magazine Pouch would feed the rifle while the other pouches feed the PFC PriMAC Magazine Pouch.

One potential downside is that the pouch is specific to either left or right handed shooters (it is available in two versions – one for left handed users, one for right handed users). It is not technically ambidextrous like a traditional vertical pouch would be. Though I suspect that with some practice, this could be mitigated.

Check out the PFC PriMAC Magazine Pouch on SpecterGear.com.

Patch Collecting: Modern Musket

The message of Modern Musket is more important than ever. When you wear this patch, you represent the idea that the rifles so commonly referred to as “assault rifles” are not assault rifles at all. They are simply modern muskets, the common arms of the day, and so they are obviously protected under the 2nd Amendment.

You can get your own Modern Musket Patch at ModernMusket.com.

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