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Elzetta Lights: Water Resistance Test

If you are familiar with Elzetta flashlights you are likely already familiar with how tough they are. You can literally drive nails with them.

Their extreme durability extends far beyond just the sort of impact resistance that it takes to survive driving nails. They are also extremely water resistant. In fact, even if water breaches the o-ring seals and completely fills the light, your Elzetta light can continue to function.

The sealed Malkoff LED module is one of the keys to this level of water resistance. Even though water may breach the body of the light, it cannot access the LED or the electronics.

This is a tremendous capability. O-rings crack, tear, and deteriorate over time. Everyone has had the experience of a once water-proof watch or flashlight allow water to enter unexpectedly. It is comforting to know that even if this happens to your Elzetta, you will probably still have a functional light.

The Summit from IWC

“The Summit” program from from Impact Weapons Components has been expanded. Now customers will have even more opportunities for special perks that will be exclusive to members of the Summit. Best of all, it is free to join.

Perks include exclusive sales, access to special edition products, and the ability to trade in an old product for a 50% discount on a newer version. You will also be kept up to date on all the latest products that IWC is cooking up.

Jerking the Trigger is also taking part in the new Pinnacle program which allows us to offer you a 5% discount at IWC when you use the coupon code “triggerjerk”.

Check out The Summit on the IWC website.

Discounts for Trigger Jerks

Don’t you wish someone would reward you just for reading a blog? Well… I will. I just added a discount page to the blog that contains exclusive deals just for you Trigger Jerks out there. I will update it from time to time with new discounts and promos so keep an eye on it.

You can access it by clicking the “Discounts” button in the header of this website or just click HERE.

Stamp Collecter T-Shirt

Sometimes it seems like you aren’t really a serious collector or shooter until you get your first tax stamp. Now, you can wear your NFA Tax Stamp like a badge of honor with the Stamp Collector T-Shirt from NFAShirts.com.

These shirts feature a likeness of the $200 NFA Tax Stamp on the rear and a graphic that says “Stamp Collector” on the front. They are available in a variety of sizes and subdued colors. As much as I dislike the NFA, I have to admit that the stamp makes for a pretty darn good looking t-shirt graphic.

Check out the shirts at NFAShirts.com.

Deals on Diamondback Tactical from RedCat Tactical

Diamondback Tactical was one of my favorite gear makers. They weren’t as well known as some makers but they offered a solid line of gear at reasonable prices. Recently, Diamondback Tactical acquired the assets of First Choice Armor & Equipment, Inc. and they intend to focus more on armor going forward. So that leaves us with good news and bad news. The bad news is that a great source of MOLLE gear will no longer be available.

The good news is that RedCat Tactical was able to acquire Diamondback Tactical’s remaining inventory and they have been liquidating it on Ebay at really deep discounts. This is very high quality, American made gear that is being sold at prices that are lower than those of cheap, poor quality imported gear. I have already purchased several items and found their communications to be great and their shipping to be very fast.

Darin at RedCat Tactical tells me that they have over 100,000 items on 200 shrink wrapped pallets. They are opening new boxes all the time and are never quite sure what they will find. It’s like Christmas! They have everything from plate carriers, to pouches, to packs, and everything in between. Most of the typical colors are available like Multicam, Coyote Brown, and Ranger Green.

Since new items are being added all the time, the best way to shop is to go to their store page, click the link for all items, and sort on newly listed or you can just click on the following link where I have already done the work for you: RedCat Tactical – Newly Listed Items. I have been checking back daily just to make sure that there isn’t something new that I need.

Deal spotting isn’t really the purpose of Jerking the Trigger, but this was too good not to mention.

ATS Claymore Pouch and Multicam Velcro from Supply Captain

Anybody who likes gear should have the Supply Captain website bookmarked. They offer a ton of tactical gear components that are often hard to find in anything other than bulk quantities. They also carry a lot of tactical gear and various other items. Two of their newest items are the redesigned Claymore Pouch which is now made by ATS and Multicam printed Velcro brand loop material.

The Claymore Pouch is an item that Supply Captain has offered for years. They often have it made to their spec by a noted manufacturer of tactical gear. It is now being made by ATS which is definitely a very good thing. This might be one of the most versatile and useful pouches that you will ever come across. It can be attached to a pack, belt, or plate carrier in order to carry essentials or it can be used as a stand alone pouch. The internal organization will keep all of your gear neat and tidy.

The Multicam printed Velcro loop material is something that has been needed for a long time. It often seems that between MOLLE webbing and the Velcro loop fields, there is very little Multicam material actually visible on something like a chest rig or plate carrier. Now more manufacturers are using printed webbing and hopefully they will be using this Velcro loop material as well.

Check out the Supply Captain website.

Review: Advanced Outfitters MASHed Toe Tag

Nametapes are a really handy way to mark an item as your own. Nametapes with hook and loop backing are even handier since they can be easily be placed or removed. However, they require that the item that you wish to mark has a loop material panel to affix the nametape… unless you have a Mashed Toe Tag from Advanced Outfitters (AO).

The original AO Toe Tag was a simple strip of webbing with hook material on it and a paracord loop on one end. The paracord allowed you to attach the Toe Tag in a number of different ways. Not long ago, I was looking for something similar to a Toe Tag but with an attachment method that was easier to use than paracord. Kevin at AO suggested an ITW MASH hook and the MASHed Toe Tag was born.

I sat down with my calculator and determined that the MASHed Toe Tag has 4,004,658 different uses and I may have missed a few. Seriously though, it is very useful. You could use it to mark your range bag when you are in a carbine class, to mark your luggage, or as a keychain. In fact, it would turn your keys into a pretty useful flail if you use it as a keychain. I have used mine on the bag that I take to work everyday and as a way to mark an ammo can so that I can recognize my gear at a glance.

The MASHed Toe Tag gets even more useful with the addition of a reflective nametape. 1800NameTape actually makes nametapes that are embroidered on 3M reflective material. If you combine a reflective nametape with a MASHed Toe Tag, you now have a really great way to find your gear, even in the dark.

So, while 4,004,658 uses may be an exaggeration, you will probably find at least a handful of uses for the MASHed Toe Tag. It is one of those inexpensive, simple, handy gadgets that you will wonder how you lived without for all these years.

You can contact Advanced Outfitters through their website, on Twitter, or on the Usual Suspect Network.

Stay tuned for more AO goodies. I am currently working on a long term review of the Khyber 1.5 Belt.

Patch Collecting: SEREPICK Patch

SEREPICK sells some of the best E&E products on the market and they offer the best customer service on top of that. They are best known for distributing the amazing Bogota Entry Tools. If you haven’t tried them yet, then you are missing out.

Their products are designed to get people out of harms way, preferably undetected. So, it should come as no surprise that their morale patch features the footprint of a mouse. Mice are the kings of getting in and out of tight places and doing it without being noticed. The mouse footprint is a very fitting logo for a very cool company.

Check out the patches and Bogota Entry Tools at SEREPICK.com. I should also note that I am working on a review of the new SEREPICK Executive Kit.

Ares Armor Combat XII Pack from PredatorBDU.com

The Ares Armor Combat XII Pack is a backpack that is designed to interface with a plate carrier without the need for shoulder straps. It allows the wearer to carry necessary items like water, spare magazines, and first aid gear on the back of their plate carrier while still being immediately accessible. You can check out all of the features of this innovative pack on the Ares Armor website.

Now there are two new versions of the Combat XII Pack that are exclusive to PredatorBDU.com. These are A-TACs and Multicam packs that feature camo printed webbing that matches the body of the pack. The camo matched webbing makes a great pack even better.

Check out the exclusive versions of the Combat XII Pack at PredatorBDU.com.

Vinyl Tape, Coyote Brown from Battle Systems

Shooters have been using electrical tape for years to silence noisy things, darken shiny things, and tighten loose things. There is no shortage of uses for electrical tape but it doesn’t do everything well. It is black which is not really the best color for blending in and it tends to leave a ton of residue behind after it removed. Now, Battle Systems, is offering shooters an alternative to electrical tape.

Vinyl Tape, Coyote Brown from Battle Systems performs all the same “tactical” tasks as electrical tape but it does them better. It stays flexible even in cold temperatures and resists turning to a sticky mess in the heat. It is coyote brown in color so it blends into your surroundings and your MARPAT, Multicam, and Tan/Brown gear. You can use it to route wires or hydration tubes on your gear, secure excess straps, or anything else that you can think of.

You may think this is just tape, but this actually offers a much better alternative to something that is used extensively by many shooters. I think it is a great idea.

Check out Vinyl Tape, Coyote Brown on the Battle Systems website.

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