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The EDC Tool Roll: Chapman MFG Midget Ratchet and Accessories

The EDC Tool Roll is a feature on Jerking the Trigger in which we profile various every day carry worthy tools. The tools shown aren’t multi-tools but rather real tools, that by virtue of their compact size, light weight, usefulness, or unique functionality, can find a place in any range kit, emergency kit, or every day carry bag.

Feel free to comment on the tools that you carry so we can all learn! The discussion on these posts has been very valuable so far.

Even if you don’t know it by name, you have probably seen a Chapman MFG Midget Ratchet before… or maybe an imitation. This little ratchet might be the handiest tool in The EDC Tool Roll thanks to its versatility, compact size, and suite of smart accessories. This review will include more than just the Midget Ratchet which is great on its own but really shines for EDC with a few simple additions.

Before I dive into the tools themselves, I want to briefly mention why I like buying tools from Chapman MFG (ChapmanMFG.com). They have been manufacturing since 1936. They make everything here in the USA from materials sourced in the USA. Their tools are in use by the military. The quality and features are excellent and I find them to be very affordable for what you get. They offer an extensive selection of replacement and add-on parts on their website. They even support firearm owners and gunsmiths with tools specifically for that market. This is a likeable company.

The Midget Ratchet CM-13 is the heart of this review. It is a compact (3.75″ long) ratchet that accepts 1/4″ shank accessories. The 20 tooth ratchet mechanism is milled from tool steel and heat treated. The mechanism is wrapped in a stamped stainless steel housing that is riveted together. It has a pass-through design that requires no reverse mechanism. You just flip the ratchet over instead of flipping a switch. In short, it is built like a tank and, while its drive mechanism is not very refined, it is positive and works in small spaces thanks to its short length.

You can get a lot done with just a few bits and the Midget Ratchet but it really comes into its own when you add the CME-1 3 5/8″ Bit Extension (they also make a 2″ and 6″ extension) and the CMH-3 Screwdriver Handle. These three items, along with your bits, can be carried in a very compact package and add up to a lot of capability. You can use…

  • the Midget Ratchet alone as a ratchet for driver bits of sockets
  • the Midget Ratchet with the extension to put bits or sockets on fasteners in tight spots.
  • the screwdriver handle alone with a bit as a compact screw or nut driver
  • the extension with the screwdriver handle as something close to the size of a full-size screw driver

You can even use all three (the ratchet, extension, and handle) fit together at the same time to apply extra torque to fasteners. Chapman MFG states that the Midget can be used to apply about 4 times as much torque as you can with a normal screwdriver.

The CMH-3 Screwdriver Handle deserves a brief discussion of its own here. It is made from very hard plastic with a tool steel insert to accept bits or an extension. It’s size is what makes it so great for The EDC Tool Roll. At 3.5″ long and 1″ in diameter, it is as useful as a full some screwdriver but more than compact enough to fit in the tool rolls we have profiled in this series. It is a worthy addition to this kit.

Some of you my be disappointed initially to learn that these tools are really made to work with Chapman’s own bits. They will accept and turn standard 1/4″ shank bits but not retain them. Standard 1/4″ shank bits can work in a pinch but it can be a pain to deal with them falling out of the tool. Being able to flip over the Midget Ratchet is integral to its use so Chapman has to build the bit retention into the bits themselves. Each bit has a small detent that prevents it from slipping out of the tool under its own weight.

The good news is that the bits are of excellent quality. They are machined well, free of burrs, heat treated, and given a black oxide finish. Each bit (and the extensions) have a small knurled wheel on the back that allows you to turn it with your fingers to help start screws before they have enough friction to ratchet – clever.

Together, these parts are amazingly capable. They are compact, versatile, well made, affordable, and just plain cool.

Where and How to Buy:

Chapman MFG offers a dizzying array of kits most of which includes bits specifically selected for a purpose like a certain trade or maintenance on something specific. They also offer some general use kits that are good but I have had the best luck with putting my own kit together.

Make sure whichever kit you choose as a starter includes the 1/4″ socket adapter or purchase it separately. The Midget Ratchet is a great little socket wrench in tight places but you will need the adapter to attach your sockets.

I like the 1316 kit as a baseline. It includes a good selection of bits, a Midget Ratchet, and a socket adapter. It is all packaged in a good quality, flexible vinyl organizer that lays mostly flat and easily fits in the compact tool bags we have profiled on The EDC Tool Roll.

Chapman MFG 1316 on Amazon

You can also add the CME-1 3 5/8″ Bit Extension and the CMH-3 Screwdriver Handle. The extension nest nicely into the 1316’s vinyl carrier when it is folded and snapped closed. The screwdriver handle can be rubber banded to the vinyl carrier or just tucked into your tool roll.

Chapman MFG CME-1 Bit Extension on Amazon

Chapman MFG CMH-3 Screwdriver Handle on Amazon

If you just want a minimalist kit based around the Midget Ratchet, the Chapman MFG 2021 kit is affordable and ready to drop into your kit.

Chapman MFG 2021 Kit on Amazon

Alternatives from Previous Reviews:

The Midget Ratchet and its accessories are pretty unique in how they work together but you can piece together other tools to have some of the same functionality.


Victorinox Swisstool Plus Replacement Wrench

Wera Kraftform Kompakt 10

Engineer DR-07 Twin Wrench Driver

Tekton 14-in-1 Offset Screwdriver (2945)

Replaceable Edition Fix It Sticks

Doc Allen’s VersaTool

Wera Kraftform Kompact 25


VIM Tools HBR5

GearWrench MicroDrive Set

See all the reviews for previous tools: The EDC Tool Roll

Can you think of another compact tool this versatile or another tool recommendation that fits The EDC Tool Roll? Tell us about it in the comments below or drop us a line on the Contact page.


Whiskey Two-Four 03 Omni Lite Plate Carrier Hanger Bag

Maybe you saw the recent post about the versatile WTF Omni 02 Bag and thought, “It looks great but I don’t need the MOLLE backing and waist/shoulder strap functions. I just want to use it as a plate carrier or chest rig hanger bag.” Well, I have good news. Whiskey Two-Four just released their 03 Omni Lite Plate Carrier Hanger Bag.

The new 03 Omni is similar to the 02 but it shaves weight and cost by simplifying all the mounting options. The new 02 Omni Light Plate Carrier Hanger Bag is not MOLLE compatible and isn’t designed to accept a shoulder/waist strap. It has a hook flap that allows it to be placed below the cummerbund flap on a plate carrier or under the hook and loop backing of some chest rigs.

Learn more at WTFIdea.com

Magpul® Pro 700

Magpul has spent a lot of time perfecting their Pro 700 chassis even before they announced its existence in January. It’s ready and available in limited quantities and configurations.

From Magpul:

The Magpul Pro 700 rifle  chassis  is  an  uncompromising,  full  featured  precision  rifle  chassis  for  short  action  Remington®  700  actions  and  other  Remington®  700  footprint  actions.  The  Pro  700  combines  innovative  engineering,  precision  machining,  Mil-Spec  quality  finishes,  and  an  extensive  list  of  purposeful  design  features  with  complete  adjustability  to  provide  demanding  end  users  with  the  most  comprehensive  available  precision  rifle  platform  solution  for  true  out  of  the  box  performance. Based  on  a  full  billet  aluminum  skeleton  and  clad  in  Magpul  polymer  for  environmental  comfort,  noise  mitigation,  and  ergonomics,  the  Pro  700  is  also  fully  ambidextrous.  Capable  of  fitting  both  right  and  left-handed  actions  with  the  simple  swap  of  a  bolt-cutout  plate,  and  with  a  reversible  cheek  riser  and  reversible  hinge  on  the  folding  version,  “lefties”  haven’t  been  “left  out.”


  • Type  III  hard  anodized  6061-T6  billet  aluminum  V-bedding  block,  body,  adjustment  knobs  and  forend  with  high  strength  injection  molded  polymer  body  covers  optimally  placed  for  comfort  and  aesthetics
  • Ambidextrous  bedding  block  can  be  changed  by  swapping  the  QD  sling  swivel  plate  and  bolt  retainer  insert  for  left  or  right  hand  actions  using  a  1/8”  hex  wrench
  • Folding  stock  with  push-button  activated  durable  cast  4140  steel  hinge  with  Melonite®  finish  is  reversible  for  left  or  right  folding  capability  with  the  use  of  a  5/32”  hex  wrench.  A  fixed  stock  adapter  is  available  for  a  non-folding  stock  solution
  • Folding  stock  is  also  designed  to  avoid  interference  with  the  bolt  handle  when  folded  and  is  compatible  with  a  large  variety  of  aftermarket  bolt  knobs  and  handles•  An  NVD  clip  on  mounting  rail  solution  is  available•  Overall  LOP  adjustment  range  is  13.25”  –  15.125”
  • Butt  pad  height  can  be  adjusted  up  1.33”  and  down  .90”  and  is  adjustable  left  or  right  for  a  total  of  5  degrees
  • Comb  height  adjustment  has  a  1”  range  with  a  secondary  locking  knob  to  eliminate  movement  in  the  cheek  riser
  • Cheek  riser  features  a  3-position  fore/aft  adjustment  of  +.375”,  0”  and  -.375”  which  can  also  be  changed  for  left  or  right  side  usage  using  only  a  common  hex  wrench
  • Injection  molded  polymer  grip  with  5  degree  forward  edge  sweep  and  enlarged  palm  swell  with  7  degree  aft  edge  sweep  for  enhanced  user  comfort  combined  with  a  .75”  fore/aft  adjustment  range  using  a  common  hex  wrench
  • Additional  grip  option  included  with  a  more  aggressive  sweep  and  enlarged  palm  swell  for  the  shooter  that  is  more  inclined  to  a  less  vertical  grip  interface  (8  degree  forward  /  20  degree  aft  edge  sweep)
  • Durable  cast  steel  rotation  limited  QD  sling  swivel  mounts  with    Melonite®  finish  fits  up  to  1.5”  push  button  swivels
  • M-LOK®  slots  for  accessory  mounting  on  the  forend  (left-6/right-6/bottom-7)  and  the  stock  (bottom-2)
  • Integrated  AICS  pattern  magazine  well  of  reinforced  polymer  construction  optimized  for  PMAG®  5  &  PMAG®  10  7.62  AC™  magazines    as  well  as  most  other  AICS  pattern  short  action  magazines
  • Large  trigger  guard  allows  for  use  with  gloves  and  accepts  most  factory  and  aftermarket  curved  or  flat  triggers
  • Low-profile,  anti-snag  ambidextrous  magazine  release  is  made  of  Melonite®  treated  steel  for  wear  and  corrosion  resistance


The Public Debate of 3D Printed Guns and Why You Should Care

Cody Wilson and his non-profit organization, Defense Distributed, have ignited an important conversation in the realm of public policy and opinion. I would suggest that you keep a close eye on the issue of 3D printed firearms and their related files/code as the outcome will be important to the future of our Constitutional Republic. This issue is fascinating as it bridges both the First and Second Amendments with major implications to both.

Why You Should Care…

There are a lot of reasons to pay attention but here are three questions that I am most interested in seeing answered.

How will this affect the First and Second Amendments? – This issue seems complicated to some only because of the technology involved. You don’t need to have a full grasp of the technologies to see what is actually at stake here and it is actually quite simple when you boil it down…

It is a violation of the First Amendment to prevent or limit the creation or sharing of code (the computer language behind the files necessary to 3D print anything). It is violation of the Second Amendment to prevent or limit someone’s right to keep and bear arms.

How will your representatives respond? – It will be important to follow what your elected representatives are saying and doing in response to these issues. They will be under pressure to respond and those responses will be an incredible insight into their willingness to either trample on or uphold the Bill of Rights. You can contact them as required and vote accordingly.

How will the Maker Community respond? – It seems that at-home manufacturing will be large part of our future in some form and “makers” are working on the bleeding edge of the technologies that will bring this to fruition. I will personally be interested to see how the larger maker community responds. It may be generalizing a bit but makers tend to be more self-sufficient than most and have a sort of open-source approach to information. They are exploding in numbers relative to the increased practicality and falling prices of 3D printers and table top CNC machines. Will this growing community stand by while their rights are limited or will this topic ignite something in them?

Don’t sleep on this issue just because you don’t code, machine, or 3D print. Your rights are under attack even if you don’t own a 3D printer. Keep your eyes open and stay engaged.



TOPS Knives Tundra Trekker

The Tundra Trekker is the newest knife from TOPS Knives and if you love big choppers, you’re going to love this. It has Kukri bloodlines with dose of TOPS style and it is clearly made to wreck whatever you put in front of it.

The Tundra Trekker is a Kukri-esque design that has the blade heavy balance and general shape of a standard kukri with TOPS unique style. It has a robust powder coat finish, comfortable handles, opposing pitch saw teeth, and a forward curved blade all designed to excel in several uses. Anything from chopping wood, to making traps and tent pegs, clearing brush, and whatever else you might decide to throw its way. The open backed Kydex sheath comes equipped with a dangler to make it easy to carry through thick brush and trees. This is a great option for those looking for something in the 9” blade range.

Pick up the Tundra Trekker from a TOPS authorized dealer or directly from TOPS at www.topsknives.com/tundra-trekker


Overall Length: 14.25”

Blade Length: 9.0”

Cutting Edge: 9.0”

Blade Thickness: 0.19”

Blade Steel: 1095 RC 56-58

Blade Finish: Tactical Stone

Handle Material: Green Canvas Micarta

Knife Weight: 16.6oz

Weight w/ Sheath: 23.8oz

Sheath Material: Black Kydex

Sheath Clip: Dangler

Designer: Leo Espinoza

MSRP: $230

KDG AR-15 Upper Available Exclusively at Primary Arms

Made exclusively for Primary Arms customers, this barreled upper receiver from Kinetic Development Group comes pre-assembled with everything you need to build a high-quality AR-15. The only upper components missing are the bolt carrier group and charging handle. The forged upper receiver already has the dust cover and forward assist attached to save you the trouble of having to drive pins or losing springs. The 16” barrel with mid-length gas system is securely attached via the barrel nut of the 13.5” freefloat handguard. The handguard is the main feature of this assembly. It is the KDG MREX-AR handguard that is modeled after their highly popular handguard for the SCAR rifle system. The handguard profile is designed to be more ergonomic than a standard tube design and makes using a c-grip very comfortable. It has a flat bottom to give you a stable rest when shooting off a support and utilizes the M-LOK attachment system so you can quickly add and take off accessories. The M-LOK segments are located along the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions to give you plenty of room for customization. If you are looking to quickly build an AR-15 rifle, then look no further. This exclusive barreled upper receiver will satisfy your needs and more.


  • Barreled upper receiver exclusive to Primary Arms
  • Ballistic Advantage 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium Steel barrel with QPQ nitride finish
  • Nickel Boron extended M4 feed ramp
  • Low profile gas block
  • Ballistic Advantage melonite gas tube
  • Includes KDG MREX handguard
  • M-LOK attachment points for lights, bipods, fore grips, and other tactical accessories
  • Full length picatinny rail for red dot sight, iron sight, or scope
  • Hard coat anodized black
  • Forged upper receiver compatible with Mil-Spec lower receivers
  • Ballistic Advantage VG6 Delta flash suppressor/compensator muzzle device
  • Two quick detach sling mounts on either side of the handguard

This solidly built upper receiver is hard coat anodized black to give the aluminum even more protection against corrosion and wear. The barrel has a 1:7 twist rate combined with a mid-length gas system which gives it maximum versatility when shooting a bunch of different bullet designs and weights. The VG6 delta flash suppressor attached to the muzzle helps to eliminate muzzle flash to make it more pleasant to shoot in low light conditions and even works as a compensator to reduce muzzle rise. It has a black nitride finish and is heat treated to withstand the high gas pressures of 5.56 NATO.


Edgar Sherman Designs Rifle Support Bag

The Rifle Support Bag, from Edgar Sherman Designs, is exactly what it sounds like. This versatile rifle bag can be used a number of ways including as a rear support bag under the stock, looped onto the forend of your rifle as a barricade rest, and more.

The bag is made with a flexible fabric that allows to the stretch and conform to your hand and the rifle. It includes an elastic strap for placing over your hand or the forend of your rifle. It’s asymmetric fill media holds its shape better than typical round media and it includes two webbing loops for tying the Rifle Support Bag onto your stock.


TYRANT DESIGNS CNC Gen4 & Gen5 Glock Extended Magazine Release

Tyrant Designs CNC just rolled out their new GLock Gen4 & Gen5 magazine release.

Tyrant Designs CNC’s new Extended Magazine Release is finally something you can put your finger on. Manufactured for Gen4 & Gen5 Glocks the EMR sports a very grippy yet comfortable chevron pattern. Because the TD CNC engineers are always about attention to detail, they added a slight pocket design on the backside of the Glock mag release just for aesthetics. Great for both right handed and left handed operators, the Tyrant Designs Glock Extended Magazine Release retains all factory functionality but with crisper, easier and quicker magazine exchanges.

“We are very happy to announce the next step in our Glock components with our Extended Magazine Release for the Generation 4 & 5 Glock. We have gotten so much positive feedback from our awesome customers in regards to our Glock 43 EMRs. That feedback made us decide to continue with the known design language for our Gen4 & Gen5 components. As always we will continue to strive for innovation and are very thankful for our customers/fans.”

Check out TyrantCNC.com.

Proven Arms & Outfitters

The civilian retail side of Quantico Tactical is now Proven Arms & Outfitters. The name changes will better serve their customers and help differentiate the retail operation from their government ops side. It’s a new name but it is the same great people who have been in this industry for years.

They have several special offers and announcements to help kick-off the new era. First, Jerking the Trigger readers are now eligible for a 10% discount when you use the code JTT10.

Additionally, the Sig Sauer P320-M17 is now available for PRE-ORDER at LE/MIL Program Pricing $565.00. These are expected to be delivered in December of this year.

Proven Arms & Outfitters is now carrying SB Tactical, and has several items in stock. They are already offering pre-ordering for the upcoming SB Tactical FS1913.

You Stay tuned for more sales, updates and exciting news from Proven Arms & Outfitters.  Visit their site to learn more about their Qualified Professional Programs www.ProvenOutfitters.com/Programs.

SBA3 SplitFix from Lunar Concepts

The SBA3 from SB Tactical is an excellent piece of gear. It works really, really well as is but… If you really tighten down the arm strap in order to stiffen the forearm wings, the two wings can collapse on themselves which makes everything feel a bit mushy against the shoulder.

The new SBA3 SplitFix is designed to correct that. It is a replacement strap for the SBA3 that includes a keeper that wraps over the space between the forearm wings. This effectively binds them together so that the SBA3 can remain more rigid and keep it shape.

Check out the SBA3 SplitFix at Lunar Concepts.

The problem – the wings collapse together.

The solution – the SBA3 SplitFix’s keeper prevents the wings from collapsing.

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