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V SEVEN Expands 458 SOCOM Offerings with BCG

V SEVEN is now offering a 458 SOCOM bolt carrier group to go with the barrels that they already offer. The new BCG has the basics covered – properly staked, made from Carpenter 158 (bolt) and 8620 (carrier), chrome lining (carrier bore), MPI/HPT tested, and manganese phosphate finish. It also has a number of V SEVEN touches like their improved cam pin, firing pin, and firing pin retaining pin. It also carries V SEVEN’s lifetime warranty which is somewhat unique among bolt carrier groups.

Check out the new V SEVEN 458 SOCOM BCG for your big bore AR build.


TNW Firearms AR15 Shroud Adapter for ASR

TNW Firearms, manufacturer of the Aero Survival Rifle (ASR), just introduced a new AR-15 Shroud Adapter that allows AR-15 free float hand guards to be mounted to the ASR. The adapter kit includes a replacement barrel nut for the ASR and an adapter part that mates with the an AR-15 barrel nut. The adapter acts as the mounting interface between the ASR and AR-15 hand guard and also serves to bridge the gap in the top rail between the ASR and AR-15 hand guard.

AR-15 Shroud Adapter for Aero Survival Rifle at TNWFirearms.com


Limited Edition AK47 T-Shirt from RE Factor Tactical

Ice Cube got it wrong in is 1992 song, “It Was a Good Day”. RE Factor Tactical gets it right on their newest limited edition t-shirt.

Pre-order your Limited Edition AK Shirt from RE Factor Tactical.


Review: Outdoor Research Sun Runner Cap

I’ve always liked Outdoor Research’s caps and I’ve owned a number of them over the years. The Sun Runner Cap in particular stands out as my favorite. It just works for me and the things I do outdoors better than any other cap I’ve tried.


The Sun Runner Cap is, as the name implies, designed to keep the sun off its wearer. The cap itself has 6 panel construction which is very comfortable to wear. The large panels on either side of the had are made from mesh while the top and front panels are made from the same thin Supplex nylon that OR uses in many of their caps.

The stiffened and preshaped brim is shorter and rounder than a typical ball cap. It also features two snaps that allow the Sun Runner to mount the included cap which is also made out of Supplex nylon.

Observations from Use

One of the biggest reasons I like this cap is the fit. OR offers the Sun Runner in 4 different sizes: S, M, L, and XL. I have a big head and finding caps that fit well can be a challenge. The Sun Runner offers plenty of adjustment. The fit is perfect and even comes down low on my head (below the tops of my ears) which is rare for me.

This hat also breathes and wicks perspiration extremely well. I own the hat in White and Hydro (Blue). The White one in particular feels cooler than my uncovered head! It reflects the sun’s heat and the side panels allow the hat to breath so that you actually get some evaporative cooling action from the hat band. Speaking of the hat band, it does a great job of keeping sweat out of your eyes.

The Sun Runner also does a great job of dealing with the sun – especially for shooters. The underside of the brim is a very dark grey that cuts down on glare which is nice when your eye is buried in an optic and your trying to pick out a distance target. OR purposely uses a dark color under the brim on all the Sun Runner colorways. The included cape drapes down and covers the back of your neck even when you drop into the prone which is a godsend if you are in a precision rifle class and spending a lot time in the prone. If you find that the cape is interfering with your cheek weld, just flip the removeable chin cord back behind your neck and tighten it slightly. This will keep the sides of the cape back and away from your face while still providing full neck coverage.

I should also note that this cap lacks a “button” on the crown like those found on ball caps. It also fits very close to the head which makes it very comfortable to wear with over the ear hearing protection. You can even attach the cap over your ear muffs with a little work but I usually just let my ear muffs hold the cape back or use inside the ear hearing protection.

I also use the cap extensively for hiking. It’s relatively lightweight at around 3 ounces (less if you don’t need the cape). It is very packable thanks to the compact brim and unstructured top. It even fits in most pants pockets though a cargo pocket works best. It’s a great three season cap in my area where we deal with lots of sun and heat in late spring through early fall.

Wrap Up

I like the Sun Runner Cap so much that I bought two of them. It deals with sun, heat, and sweat better than any other cap I’ve owned. It’s perfect for a carbine class, hiking, and working outside. If all that isn’t enough, you feel like Lawrence of Arabia when you wear it with the cape attached and that is worth something.

I bought one of my hats locally but I got a much better deal on the second one by purchasing it online at Amazon. OR occasionally discontinues certain colors which usually results in deep discounts so keep an eye out for that. OR Sun Runner Cap on Amazon


MSM Large Patch Panel

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe.

She had so many patches, she didn’t know what to do.

Then she found the MIL-SPEC MONKEY Large Patch Panel.

Problem solved.

MIL-SPEC MONKEY’s (MSM) latest patch panel, the Large Patch Panel, lives up to its name. This MOLLE compatible panel features almost an acre of loop material (actually its 9″ x 6″) for displaying patches and ID. It also has a large zippered pocket to make better use of all the space it will take up on your gear (10″ x 6.625″). The panel comes with 4 MALICE Clips for mounting.

This is designed by MSM and manufactured in the USA by Tactical Tailor. Check out the MSM Large Patch Panel.


Billet KE-9 Ambi 9mm AR-15 Lowers – Glock Mag Compatible

KE Arms has opened pre-ordering on their Billet KE-9 Lower Receivers with ambidextrous magazine release. The lower accepts Glock magazines.

From KE Arms:

The KE-9 Billet lower receiver is precision machined in-house from hi-grade 7075 billet master plate to milspec standards making it compatible with most milspec 9mm uppers. Features a broached mag well and milspec 8625 type III, class 2 hard anodized. Ready to be assembled with your choice of lower parts kit.

This lower features an Ambidextrous magazine catch assembly making it optimal for Left Handed shooters or shooters that need complete ambidextrous handling of their firearm.

The KE-9 accepts Glock OEM and after market Glock style magazines. The magazine catch is included and is machined from aluminum billet and hard coat anodized. The ejector is included and is secured with 2 set screws. The bolt catch hole is threaded and and screw for installation is included.

The KE-9 DOES NOT have Last Round Bolt Hold Open (LRBHO) unless you use an upper with a linkage system built in to accomodate it. The AR15 magazine catch can be used to manually lock the bolt back, but Glock magazine followers DO NOT interface with it. To have LRBHO you muse use an upper with a linkage system that interfaces with the Glock magazine follower and standard bolt catch. Some manufacturers of 9mm uppers produce uppers with this feature.

Check out the Billet KE-9 Lowers at KE Arms.


Knipex EDC Series: 6″ High Leverage Needle Nose Combination Pliers (08 22 145)

Knipex has a new tool in their “EDC Series” – 6″ High Leverage Needle Nose Combination Pliers. The new compact pliers feature a versatile jaw shape with a number of functions and compact size that will keep them pocketable. The jaws have finer teeth near the tips and more coarse teeth nearer the hinge point. I expect that, with the way Knipex hardens their tools, these teeth will provide excellent grip and the included wire cutters will punch above their weight class.

They are already available at online retailers including Amazon: Knipex 08 22 145.

A slimmer variant is also available: Knipex 08 21 145

While the tool itself is noteworthy, it is perhaps more noteworthy that Knipex is now embracing the EDC market. Knipex products are becoming increasingly common every day carry items among aficionados (read: EDC Nerds) and they have developed a large presence on social media because of that fact. Readers of our EDC tool series, The EDC Tool Roll, will be familiar with several EDC-worthy tools from the German tool maker. Previously these tools weren’t necessarily marketed as an “EDC Series” but the EDC market has likely boosted their sales. This latest release could signal Knipex’s foray into tools made specifically for this market and that could mean there are more tools coming that will be at home in any EDC kit or range bag.

You can view all of the available variants of these pliers at Knipex-Tools.com


Dueck Defense RBU for Delta Point Pro and M&P

Dueck Defense has released their latest version of their RBU optics mount for the Leupold Delta Point Pro and Smith & Wesson M&P. This Delta Point Pro features an integrated rear sight so this version of the RBU lacks a built in rear sight.

Dueck Defense RBU for Delta Point Pro and M&P


New from Forward Controls Design – ABC/R V2 7.62

If you have an AR308 you are going to want to keep an eye on Forward Controls Design. They are in the process of rolling out a number of new products for the AR-15’s big brother. The first on that list is the new ABC/R V2 7.62.

The ABC/R V2 7.62 has all the same features found on the original Augmented Bolt Catch but it has been scaled up for use on the AR308. This includes the subtly angled surfaces that give the user tactile feedback and leverage. It also include the user’s choice of horizontal serrations or dimpled texture found on the AR-15 version of the ABC/R. These also have the same slimmed down design that was introduced on the ABC/R V1.

These bolt catches are machined from steel stock and then given a black nitride treatment for corrosion resistance. Check out the ABC/R V2 7.62 at Forward Controls Design.


Telluric Group NVDPVS-14 Sale – Save $450

Telluric Group is having an overstock sale on the NVDPVS-14 with P+ spec tube. If you use code PLUS450 at check out, you can save $450! The offer is good through August 18th.


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