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B.E. Meyers & Co., Inc. will be showcasing their innovative Laser Technology and Warfighter Solutions on May 22-28, 2018 during the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) in Tampa, FL. Their exhibition will be located just a short walk across the sky bridge from the Tampa Convention Center at the Embassy Suites, Bayside Ballroom 1 on the second floor. Attendees are invited to visit B.E. Meyers & Co. to speak with members of their team, and to see the MAWL® series of infrared and visible green weapon laser pointers/illuminators; the GLARE® series of weapon mounted Hail/Warning/Illumination laser systems; the IZLID® series of IR and SWIR laser pointers/illuminators for target marking and air-to-ground integration; and the BOARS™-M2 optics and accessories rail for the M2 platform.

To schedule a meeting with the B.E. Meyers & Co. Sales Team, please contact sales@bemeyers.com.



Wilder Tactical Minimalist Belt Pad

Wilder Tactical’s Minimalist Belt Pad makes use of a laser-cut, proprietary 1000D Cordura nylon laminate material to offer a lot of flexibility in how you route your belt. The Minimalist Belt Pad has a series of closely spaced slots laser cut so that you can skip as many or as few slots as you need to make room for your gear. You may only need to skip a few to mount a single pistol magazine pouch or you may need to skip several to mount a holster.

The Minimalist Belt Pad can fit any belt up to 1.75″ in width. The interior is lined with neoprene non-slip material that makes the belt pad comfortable and eliminates the need for a hook/loop inner belt. It is available separately for use with your belt and as a package with a provided belt. It is also available in a variety of colors including Multicam.

Wilder Tactical Minimalist Belt Pad


Spiritus Systems SENKO Belt

The SENKO Belt is a new, non-reinforced belt from Spiritus Systems. If you are looking for a belt that is beefy enough to support a holster but not so stiff as to be uncomfortable for all day wear, this could be an option.

The SENKO features a low profile metal buckle that allows very fine adjustment. It is 1.7″ wide and is available in any color your want as long as its Multicam Black. There are three sizes based on actual waist measurement so be sure to follow sizing recommendations when ordering.

SENKO Belt at SpiritusSystems.com



Everyone should know how to select and tie a number of useful knots. However, sometimes the right hardware can provide a little more speed and convenience than a knot. LoopAliens are like that. These handy little widgets make tasks like tensioning a rope for a tarp tent ridge line much faster to set up and take down. I like the rounded edges on LoopAliens and the fact that they can be purchased in kits, pre-packaged with Dyneema cordage.




Kit Badger: The Fix Rifle by Q – Deep Dive

If you haven’t followed the development of the The Fix Rifle by Q, it would be tempting to write it off as just another bolt-action rifle in an aluminum chassis. The truth is far more interesting than that! Kit Badger recently spent time at Q headquarters. He was able to document the assembly process of The Fix Rifle and learn about the hows and whys of the design along the way.

The embedded video below is a playlist of all 6 parts in the series. The videos are absolutely fascinating… like How It’s Made but with more depth and about guns.


Tier 1 Citizen Stupid Simple Targets – DIY Targets and Stands

Abner Miranda at Tier 1 Citizen recently showed off his Stupid Simple Targets in a new video and it is worth sharing. He shows how to use found material, a single 2×4, some conduit clamps, and rebar to create lightweight, portable, and completely customizable targets with no fear of splash-back like you would have with steel. The targets in the video are CNC cut from HDPE but they could easily be cut from plywood or scrap plastic like political signs.


SLYSTEEL Shark Tooth Rescue Knife

SLYSTEEL has shown prototypes of their Shark Tooth Rescue Knife publicly before but they recently showed it in action for the first time (video below).

The knife is very much like their original Shark Tooth Tactical Knife with its full integral finger guard and angular American Tanto blade shape. The biggest difference is the addition of bolt-on, toothed, gear-like structures to the side of the blade. These “gears” allow the user to plunge the knife into sheet metal (like vehicle body panels) to a consistent depth and then lever the knife through the steel like a can opener. This action can be seen in the video below along with a demonstration of the glass breaker.

The knife shown in the video above is a prototype. Stay tuned for pricing and availability details on the production version.




New Items and Discount Codes at Tactical Works

Tactical Works has a number of new items to check out and some Mother’s Day coupon codes including free shipping and 15% of Elzetta lights. You can check out their newsletter for details: Tactical Works Newsletter

The new gear includes the Triggertech Diamond Trigger for R700 rifles. These triggers feature zero creep, minimal overtravel, and easy adjustment.


Vickers Tactical™ Slide Racker for the Gen5 Glock™ Models (GSR-04)

TangoDown™ Inc. is pleased to announce the latest addition to the Vickers Tactical™ lineup! Introducing the GSR-04 Slide Racker for all current Gen5 pistols! The GSR-04 offers serrated wings which allow for easier slide retraction in non-ideal situations: wearing gloves or sudden “tap/rack” manipulation. Find yours under the ‘Items for Glock™’ tab at www.TangoDown.com.

Fits Gen5 Glock™ 17/19/19X/26/34

Fits most Gen5 Glock™ models with 1.00 slide width

MSRP: $18.95

Color Availability: Black

For more information, visit: https://tangodown.com/shop/vickers-tactical-slide-racker-gen5-glock-gsr-04/

Customer Questions: sales@tangodown.com


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