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RE Factor Tactical Blog Compares Concealed Carry Insurance Products

Have you ever wondered about the various concealed carry insurance options that are available? RE Factor Tactical recently wrote an article on their blog that compares several of the most common concealed carry insurance products including what they cost, their coverages, and other factors.

RE Factor Tactical on Concealed Carry Insurance


BCS APTUM Series – Cummerbund Options

The Beez Combat Systems APTUM PC (plate carrier) system was introduced recently. As part of that release, we are covering many of the available options for this new PC. This installment covers the 3 different cummerbund options that the end user can select based on their mission.

All of the cummerbunds below have elastic panels built in for the wearer’s comfort. They are a direct drop-in fit for the APTUM and may also work for other carriers.

Elastic Cummerbund – The Elastic Cummerbund comes standard on the base APTUM PC but it may also be purchased separately. It features elastic construction with 4 sewn in cells on each side that can accept magazines or similarly shaped items. It is lightweight, slick, and versatile.

GRID Cummerbund – This cummerbund makes use of Beez Combat Systems’ GRID material. It features a series of laser cut slots that create a MOLLE compatible grid. The result is cummerbund that can accept any MOLLE pouch but that behaves like a slick cummerbund when not in use.

Retro-Fit Tubes Skeletal Cummerbund – This is the lightest cummerbund of the three. It accomplishes this via a radical laser cut pattern that removes much of the material while remaining very durable and fully MOLLE compatible. It also comes with a panel that is used to adapt the APTUM to use TUBES for securing the cummerbund.

See all of the available options for the APTUM at BeezCombatSystems.com.


New from Russian Roulette Clothing: Apocalypse Gas Mask 2 – Electric Boogaloo

Russian Roulette Clothing just released their newest shirt design. The Apocalypse Gas Mask 2 – Electric Boogaloo shirt features a skull with gas mask. The skull is rough around the edges and the gas mask is tattered. This skull has obviously seen some things.



AR Pistol Shooters Take Note: The ATF Appears to Rescind Prior OAL Measurement Method

If you own an AR Pistol, there is some important new information for you to digest. Prince Law has done their usual excellent job of breaking down this latest ATF letter and it is an important one as it fundamentally changes the way we measure overall length. In a nutshell, the new ATF position seems to be that the brace does not count toward the OAL measurement, and the measurement will now be taken with the stock folded where applicable.

Read here:



Review: Walker Defense Research NERO 556

I have said before that I turn down far more review items than I take on. Something has to really grab my interest in order for me to consider sinking the time and ammo (money) into testing… especially when it comes to muzzle devices. Walker Defense Research’s NERO 556 definitely grabbed my interest with its computer modeled and very unique shape, modern manufacturing methods, and exotic materials.


The NERO 556 is what Walker Defense Research refers to as a hybrid muzzle brake/compensator. It has a very unique shape that is the result of “ground up” design based on computer-modeled physics. It is made from Inconel, an alloy that is extremely heat and corrosion resistant.

The complex internal shapes and material selection required a different approach to manufacturing so the NERO 556 is direct metal laser sintered which is essentially 3D printing with metal.

The NERO 556 is finished with a black PVD coating that actually renders a sort of matte grey finish. It is 2.6″ long, pre-drilled for pinning to a 14.5″ barrel, includes a crush washer (I mounted mine with shims) and is threaded 1/2×28.

Observations from Use

In my log book, I have just over 600 rounds recorded on this brake but I know the actual number is higher from a few other people giving it a try (something I find helpful in brake reviews). It was mounted on an upper built with a Sionics 16″ medium contour, mid-length barrel. I learned a fair amount in that time and this, like many brakes, feels like it does need to be learned.

Walker Defense states that their goal was “to create the ideal compensating muzzle brake by starting from a blank canvas. Our goal was to completely transform the recoil impulse of the AR-15 into a simple, soft rearward push with zero muzzle climb.” In my experience with typical cylindrical muzzle brakes, there is only so much that can be done to balance how the escaping gases are vectored in order to control the muzzle so I was hoping that the unique shape of the NERO 556 would give it an edge. I would say that it definitely works but there is still that subjective element found with many brakes.

I found that when I initially shot the NERO 556, the muzzle was driven down below my point of aim. There is probably an argument to made that is better than allow the muzzle to rise above the point of aim but, to my way of thinking, recovering from below point of aim is still taking time to recover. However (and this is a big however), I did find that I was able to mitigate this effect as I spent more time with the brake and a friend who tried it said it was one of the most neutral brakes he has ever tried. This is why I like to get feedback from others for muzzle device reviews. Individual grip, stance, and skill level can play a part in the performance of any muzzle device.

I still find that it drives the muzzle down a bit but with some additional time behind the brake, it does seem that I am adjusting. One thing is for sure, the NERO 556 effectively eliminates muzzle rise. The bottom line is that there is no such thing as a magical muzzle device. You are going to have to put in the time with this brake just as you would any other. If you do not already have a grip and stance that works to provide fast followup shots, this isn’t going to fix that. If you do, the NERO 556 will enhance what you are already doing.

Regarding concussion and noise levels… It’s still a brake/comp. The design does not beat you up as much as something with large side ports but I still perceive it as louder/more concussive than something like a pronged flash suppressor when I am shooting and when I’m near someone shooting it. When you are redirecting combustion gases as effectively as the NERO 556 does, this is to be expected.

I should also say that I have really come to appreciate the idea of the NERO 556 which, even as I type this, sounds strange. The performance is actually quite good but I also just really appreciate the way this device pushes the envelope. It looks different. It is made in a different way from differing materials. However, those differences have a purpose behind them. This is a bold project and I like that about it.

Wrap Up

The NERO 556 is function over form. It is ultra modern in concept, execution, design, and materials. It is ambitious.

It effectively mitigates muzzle climb though some may find that it depresses the muzzle. As with any muzzle device, it is up to you to hone yourself until you are leveraging it fully. It is loud though not as bone-rattling as brakes with large side ports.


WTF’s ACRONYM Laminate Fabric is Now Available in 58″ Wide Multicam Black

WTF are pleased to offer Multicam Black as our latest color in 58″ wide 
ACRONYM (Advanced Composite Rugged Optimized NYlon Material) 500D/500D laminate fabric.

ACRONYM laminate fabric was developed specifically for laser cut applications.  Black, ranger green, and coyote brown are made with solution dyed, mil-spec fabrics.  Multicam is genuine Multicam pattern 

Made in the USA from USA made materials.  Berry compliant.  Ships rolled.


Chase Tactical 4th of July Sale

The Chase Tactical 4th of July Sale is underway! You can save 20% on their site from now through July 8th. Use code “FREEDOM20” at checkout to activate the savings.


PHLster Floodlight for TLR-1

You are likely already familiar with the concept of the PHLster Floodlight. When a light bearing holster is designed, it is typically molded to retain the handgun by gripping somewhere on the light. PHLster took this concept to its logical conclusion and designed a holster with enough built-in flexibility that it could accommodate just about any handgun as long as it was attached to the specified light. Only the X300U version of the Floodlight was available until now.

The TLR-1 version of the Floodlight is now available. It works with all models of the TLR-1 including the TLR-1 HL. If you have a handgun that can accept a TLR-1, there is a very good chance that the Floodlight will let you carry it.

You can see a full list of handguns confirmed to work on the PHLster website. This list is not exhaustive because this holster will fill pretty much anything except some handguns with extreme proportions or non-standard features.


CIV Alpha Tarac

What if you could add a second zero distance to your optic and accessing that second zero was as easy as flipping a switch? That is what the CIV Alpha Tarac claims it can do. One specific use that is stated for such an ability is to give the shooter the ability to move between super and sub-sonic loads with a cartridge like 300BLK.

The Alpha Tarac is an optical glass lens that is housed in a flip up housing machined from 6061 aluminum. It is available in two sizes (1.25″ and 2.25″). The prism doesn’t add a new reticle or aiming point. It actually shifts the image that the shooter sees through their optic by a predetermined MOA setting resulting a change to the point of impact. The buyer can designate the MOA shift that they require at the time of purchase.

You can read more about the CIV Alpha Tarac at TacomHQ.

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