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Cyber Monday at KE Arms

KE Arms is offering 25% of the Gen 4 versions of their Glock slides for Cyber Monday. The Bravo, Charlie, and Delta slides are all included. There is no coupon code necessary. If you have a Gen 4 Glock and want to try an RMR cut slide, this would be a great time to act!

KE Arms


Blue Force Gear Micro Trauma Kit NOW!

If you need a full size trauma kit pouch, look no further than Blue Force Gear’s Trauma Kit NOW! If you need an easy to carry, easy to conceal, compact trauma kit, check out the Trauma Kit NOW!’s new little brother – the Micro Trauma Kit NOW!


The development of the Micro Trauma Kit NOW! has hardly been a secret but now it is actually available for purchase. There are two versions available: MOLLE mount and belt mount. Both versions feature a pull out tray design like their bigger brother. The outer pouch mounts horizontally and is open at either end so that the wearer may access the inner tray from either side. Once clear of the outer pouch, the inner tray can unfold and lay flat to give immediate visual identification and access to all the contained medical components. Alternately, the inner tray may be passed to someone else if needed.


The medical cross insignia on these pouches is laser but into the ULTRAcomp material exterior of the pouch. Each pouch comes with a selection of inserts (black, red, relfective/glow) that will let you customize the appearance of the cross.

Check out the new Micro Trauma Kit NOW! at Blue Force Gear.


They’re Back – Complete Uppers from Ballistic Advantage

Ballistic Advantage has been teasing the release of something new for weeks and now we know what that something (or somethings) are. They are now offering complete uppers again.


The uppers are available with a variety of different Ballistic Advantage barrel options including the popular BA Hanson profile barrels. They all also feature various lengths of a special Ballistic Advantage branded version of the VLTOR Freedom Rail. The uppers do not come with BCGs, charging handles, or a muzzle device but these can be added at the point of purchase.

Check out the new complete uppers at Ballistic Advantage.

Telluric Group UC Concealment Holster

Telluric Group’s UC Concealment Holster could be a handy tool to have at your disposal. It can be used as you would any other IWB or AIWB holster but it has a combination of features that makes it work well for times when you may have to utilize off-body carry.


It has a very slim footprint that is not much larger than the handgun it is carrying thanks to its fold over design. The UC Concealment Holster also makes use of the excellent UtiliClip to grab onto a belt or other material tenaciously. This combination of features makes it easy to clip into an internal pouch inside a purse, backpack, or other bag. If you have to carry somewhere other than on your body, this could be a good solution.

Telluric Group published a video on there Facebook page that shows how the UC Concealment Holster may be utilized as an AIWB holster and in a purse. View it here: Telluric Group Facebook Page

Learn more about the UC Concealment Holster: TelluricGroup.com

The Best Makarov Holster Story You’ll Read All Day

I received an East German Makarov from my grandfather several years ago. This particular Makarov is not in perfect condition but it is very finely made and shoots very well… well enough that I have always wanted to be able to carry it. The problem was that 99 out of 100 Makarov holsters on the market are complete garbage. Search a popular auction sight for “makarov holster” if you don’t believe me.

For a period of about 4 years, I asked various kydex benders if they had a Makarov mold in their inventory that they could use to produce a holster for me. They all politely declined until I came across Geno at Black Rhino Concealment (BRC). I asked him and he said something to the effect of, “Say no more, fam” (or probably something more professional than that).


Geno and the rest of the BRC crew didn’t have an East German Makarov to mold the holster to so he went above and beyond. He actually started contacting people at the local range that he frequents until he tracked down an East German Mak which he used to produce one of their TCS holsters complete with their well-known 90/10 molding style. On top of that, he whipped up a magazine carrier to send with it as a surprise.

The holster is shown in the image above. You can see, written in paint pen, “BRC GW JTT.” The BRC stands for Black Rhino Concealment. The GW is Geno’s initials. The JTT is for Jerking the Trigger. How cool is that?

All of this happened before BRC was an advertising partner on Jerking the Trigger. Geno and the BRC crew basically just did this to help a guy out. When I say that JTT has great advertising partners, I mean it.

Now Shipping: Magpul MOE-K2 AK Grip and MOE-SL AK Grip

Magpul released two new AK grip today – The MOE SL and MOE-K2 AK Grips.


The MOE SL AK Grip is now the most affordable grip that Magpul makes for AK rifles.


From Magpul:

The MOE SL AK Grip (MOE Slim Line) is a drop-in upgrade for AK47/AK74 pistol grips with a more vertical angle optimized for these shorter LOP weapons that bring the primary hand in closer to the shooter’s body.
With an aggressive TSP texture for positive weapon control along with modern ergonomics, the MOE SL AK Grip provides a slightly smaller size and slimline feel compared to our full size grips.
Made in U.S.A

MOE SL AK Grip at Magpul

MOE-K2 AK Grip

The MOE-K2 AK Grip shares many of the same features that make the AR version excellent – aggressive grip texture, a more vertical grip angle, and a great price.


From Magpul:

Similar to the MOE SL, the MOE-K2 AK Grip is a drop-in upgrade for AK47/AK74 platforms that offers a more vertical grip angle, but in a full-size grip design. The steeper vertical grip angle improves comfort and control on these shorter LOP rifles that bring the primary hand in closer to the shooter’s body.

With an aggressive TSP texture for positive weapon control, compatibility with optional Storage Cores for gear stowage, and a unique backstrap design for proper trigger finger placement, the K2 brings modern styling and ergonomics to the AK platform.
Made in U.S.A

MOE-K2 AK Grip at Magpul

Shellback Tactical ECO Armor Kit

Shellback Tactical’s ECO Armor Kit is designed to be a solid value. The kit consists of two level IV plates and a Shellback Tactical Patriot Plate Carrier for less than $400. The plates and carrier in this kit are both made in the USA.

Check out the Shellback Tactical ECO Armor Kit.

shellback eco armor kit

Esstac Ceramic Plates

Esstac, maker of tactical nylon gear, is in the hard armor business now and their first protective product is pretty innovative.

esstac hard armor plate

Their ceramic plates feature a unique round shape that mimics the natural curves of most internet operators. These plates are intrinsically knife (and fork) resistant and are rated to stop rounds up to a 50BMG API (if you stack 1o or 12 of them in your carrier). Finally, the proprietary, high-constrast camo pattern is designed to look great across the entire spectrum light (visible and IR) and Instagram filters.

At just $8787 per plate, you have to believe Esstac is totally serious about dominating the hard armor market.

Minuteman Watches – Help Pick the Next Fixed Blade Knife Design

Minuteman Watches, in addition to their line of watches, will occasionally partner with a knife maker to offer an exclusive knife. Like their watches, 25% of the net proceeds from the sale of these knives goes to veteran’s charities. Their next knife project is going to be a small fixed blade that will be designed and created with the help of Justin Gingrich, former Army Ranger and head honcho at Gingrich Tactical Innovations.

They have whittled down the knife designs to just three and now its up to you to help decide which design to produce. You can visit the project page at Minuteman Watches to learn more about the project, projected pricing, and how to vote (its easy).

Here are the three versions being considered:

mm2 mm3 mm4

Regardless of the design chosen, the specs will be similar:

  • Blade length: 2.5″ hollow ground.
  • Handle length: 3″ (This may increase slightly but the idea is to get at least 3 fingers on the handle.
  • Blade Thickness: 1/8″ (Might be bumped up to 5/32″)
  • Blade width: 1″
  • Blade Steel: M390 (Might switch to S35VN the cost for both steels is about the same and performance is similar.)
  • Sheath: Kydex set up for neck carry, waist carry, and pocket carry.
  • Blade finish: Bead blasted. (This may change but we will not coat is as the cost will go up and we are already using a stainless steel.)

Again, visit the project page for information on how to vote.

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