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Free Resource: Miniature Red Dot System for Duty Handgun Use by Aaron Cowan of Sage Dynamics

Aaron Cowen of Sage Dynamics has written an e-book titled Miniature Red Dot System for Duty Handgun Use. The book contains a wide range of information on the topic of utilizing red dot sights on handguns including equipment considerations, training considerations, advantages of red dot sights on handguns, and more. If you own an RDS equipped handgun or if you are considering one, this free resource is worth checking out.

Find the book here: Miniature Red Dot System for Duty Handgun Use by Aaron Cowan

Not included in the book – The use of bipods on sniper Glocks…

Human Resources Target from RE Factor Tactical

RE Factor Tactical’s newest training target is now available. The Human Resources Target isn’t a photo-realist Toby Flenderson target. It is actually a series of 5 similar targets with the same targeting zones but with unique shape, color, letter, and number combinations in those targeting zones. This built in variety allows the trainee or trainer to create a nearly infinite number of drills. The drills can be as simple as fundamental accuracy drills or advanced enough to work skills like decision making and visual processing.

The targets are printed in the USA on 23 x 35″ paper. There are significant discounts for volume purchasing. Check out the Human Resources Target at RE Factor Tactical.


Zulu Bravo Kydex Custom Training Knives

Very few custom and production knife makers offer training versions of the knives they sell. This leaves people who seek edged weapon training stuck with generic training knives that don’t match the actual knives they carry… unless they happen to know about Zulu Bravo Kydex.

Zulu Bravo Kydex can make a training version of any knife even if it isn’t necessarily a self-defense oriented design. They recently made the above trainers for an every day carry classic, the Benchmade 943. If you look closely, you can see that they replicated the shape and even added texture to replicate the jimping found on the live knife.



Mission Spec has made available their new Reference Target Chart – A (RTCA).  The A model is the first to be released in the RTC line.

About the target

The RTCA is currently available in a 13×19” configuration on 70# stock.  Each 100-target pad is glue-bound on the top edge for easy management at the range. Targets are delivered unfolded and roll-free in a reusable storage box with Velcro closure. This product is printed in the United States on US-sourced paper.  Each sheet features a total of 18 individual targets (12 bisected 3” target circles and 6 bisected 1” target circles). A faint 1″ grid covers the entire target area for easy reference.

Intent of the target

The RTCA was designed as a fundamentals target.  By using relatively small targets the user is encouraged to shoot as accurately as possible. After the desired accuracy is achieved, the shooter can increase distance or speed to surpass their failure point. It is the duty of all who carry a firearm (civilian or law enforcement) to ensure the highest level of accuracy as every missed shot represents a supersonic liability.

By bisecting each circle target into two halves the shooter is confronted with an amount of asymmetry in an otherwise symmetrical target.  Further difficulty can be achieved by only striking a desired half of each circle.

Instructors will find use for the RTCA in their classroom by being able to call an individual target circle for students to engage as well as a certain portion of the target.  With half of the 3” targets being numbered and half being lettered the instructor can also introduce a small amount of mental processing for the students by declaring all numbered targets as grey area targets and all lettered targets as black area targets.

http://missionspec.com/ products/reference-target- chart-a-13×19-rtca1319/

Rally Point Tactical Announces Distribution Partnership with Triumph Systems

Triumph Systems offers a number of different target products that offer something for hunters, self-defense trainers, and even just good old fashioned fun at the range. Rally Point Tactical just announced that they are now the GOVT, State , and Local market distribution partner for Triumph Targets. They offer several of the Triumph Systems products including the Pivotal Trainer, Threat Down Targets, and Pop Packs.

Triumph Systems at Rally Point Tactical

Telluric Training to Launch Daily Regimen

Telluric Training has offered their Range Drill of the Day program, delivered to your inbox, for years. Soon they will take that concept up a notch with the introduction of their Daily Regimen.

The Daily Regimen will go beyond just shooting drills to include fitness and combatives. The drills and workouts will be structured so that they can be completed in 1 hour or less. Even those of you who aren’t near Telluric Training’s facility can receive the email drills to incorporate into your own routine.

Join the Range Drill of Day to be the first to know when the Daily Regimen goes live.

Introducing the Wndsn Shot-Grouping-to-Moa Converter

Wndsn continues to round out their line of shooting calculation tools that require no batteries, minimal parts, and no electronics of any kind. Their latest tool is their Wndsn Shot-Grouping-to-Moa Converter.

From shot groupings to moa in one piece-of string operation with the Wndsn MOA Converter, making time at the range more effective.

Wndsn XPD, maker of low-tech, high-utility tools and instruments, proudly introduces the Wndsn MOA Converter designed to meet the needs of military and law enforcement, as well as gun enthusiasts and athletes. A tool for training and practice, the Wndsn MOA Converter enables the shooter to take out the guess work of calculating shot grouping MOA, eliminating mental calculation errors and increasing your success.

“What does my 1.85 inch shot grouping translate to in MOA on my 75 yard range?”

The double-sided tool provides two scales for shooting ranges up to 100 and 600 yards respectively and features twin scales for measurements both in inches and in cm for the shot grouping as well as yards and meters for the range distance. Both convert to MOA on the center scale.

With the objective of providing or enhancing “that, which can’t be improvised” in “low-probability, high-impact scenarios”, the MOA Converter expands on the Wndsn v1 Distance Meter, which did all the work except for one single calculation. Now with the newly designed line of metrology tools, you won’t need any calculation nor utilize battery power whatsoever through the use of even more elegantly baked-in trigonometry. Simply measure the shot groupings with the provided scale, then use the attached string to align the result with the distance of your range and read the resulting MOA. For hunters, enthusiasts, professionals, and athletes alike, the MOA Converter makes calculations effortless, increasing efficiency and speed while greatly decreasing error potential.

Available At:

The new line of metrology tools is available at https://store.wndsn.com/
Product page: https://store.wndsn.com/products/moa_conv_pack_01

“Identify your shooting mistakes without the need for a smartphone or other electronic and data devices”

The Wndsn XPD mission encompasses arcane science and cross-disciplinary exploration in the spirit of the age of discovery. Wndsn XPD stands for adventure, overcoming natural and man-made challenges, promoting self-reliance and mindfulness. Wndsn XPD develops and /or manufactures custom-built navigation instruments, multi-purpose tools, metrology & illumination solutions, expedition mementos, and morale patches; applying existing empirical knowledge to develop essential tools and techniques to fully experience contemporary adventures. The Wndsn XPD design philosophy strives to create accurate and meaningful, non-arbitrary designs inspired by Bauhaus architecture, obsessive about achieving non-random, iconic, strong geometric compositions. The guiding principle is to define a distinct visual language with a diverse vocabulary and grammar, across materials, media, and tools embracing simplicity, precision, clarity, and boldness. Intended function and materials dictate shape and form.

Alexander Becker
Wndsn XPD
Hasenheide 47 SFI/R
D-10967 Berlin

Morgan Timing Systems Dry-Fire Pro Timer

If you have ever tried to use a shot timer in your dry fire routine, you know it can be a little problematic. The timer’s sensor may not pick up the relatively quiet sounds of dry fire (as compared to live fire) or very sensitive timers can actually pick up the sounds of you manually cycling the slide which skews your data. The Morgan Timing Systems may have an a solution for all of those issues.

They are creating what they call a Dry-Fire Pro Timer that consists of two elements: an app for your smart phone and a replacement barrel for your handgun. The app will be used to display and record your data while the barrel actually syncs and reports data to the app. The barrel is actually recording what is happening in your dry fire cycle and, because it is installed in your firearm, it can differentiate between a firing pin/striker movement and slide movement. The barrel also serves as a safety device since it can not accept live ammunition.

The Morgan Timing Systems Dry-Fire Pro Timer is expected to retail for around $129 (for the barrel, the app is free). The initial release will likely be for Glocks only with other models following based on demand.

Check out MorganTiming.com.

Kit Badger Profile Anatomy Targets

Ivan at Kit Badger comes through again with interesting and useful content!

There are a number of great anatomy targets on the market including Sage Dyamnic’s free Vital Anatomy Targets. There are far fewer options for side profile targets of any kind, let alone those with anatomy references. That represents a real gap in your potential training options since the relative locations and the paths used to access vital anatomy can change based on the direction a person is facing.

Kit Badger just published a target (and accompanying information about that target) that is based on the Sage Dynamics Vital Anatomy Target except he has completely redrawn them with a side profile. This is a well designed target with the exterior profile of the body blocked in with bold lines but the anatomy presented with thinner, less bold lines. These thin lines harder to see at a distance so you must practice shooting to the relative positions of the anatomy rather than aiming precisely for a mark on the target.

They are free to print so you might as well print a few to keep in your range bag. Kit Badger Profile Anatomy Targets

Free Shipping on Targets at RE Factor Tactical

It’s time to stack the training targets deep! RE Factor Tactical is offering free shipping on their targets through Wednesday.

Targets at RE Factor Tactical

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