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Free Shipping on Targets at RE Factor Tactical

It’s time to stack the training targets deep! RE Factor Tactical is offering free shipping on their targets through Wednesday.

Targets at RE Factor Tactical

Protect Yourself with Your Snubnose Revolver – Grant Cunningham

You can count me in the camp that still believes that small frame, snubnose revolvers still offer unique and useful capabilities in a modern, semi-auto world. However, I can fully admit that they are a bit of a riddle – having merit for novices but also being best utilized in the hands of a practiced shooter. That riddle brings us to the same place that we should arrive regardless of the gun we choose which is a recognition of the need for training and information.

I’ve been following Grant Cunningham for a number of years. He has some of the most pragmatic commentary I’ve found regarding wheel guns (and self defense in general). His new book, “Protect Yourself With Your Snubnose Revolver,” covers an array of topics regarding the venerable snubbie ranging from its manual of arms to modifications for improved function and carry methods. The book delves into topics larger than just the titular subject by covering safety, mindset, and other broader self-defense related ideas. It also includes a number of drills to practice the skills covered in the book.

Protect Yourself with Your Snubnose Revolver is available in both paperback and Kindle formats.


It’s time to start carving out some time for PAUL-E-PALOOZA 2017 – the annual training conference to benefit the children of the late Paul E. Gomez. As usual, this year’s instructor roster is stacked and the topics will be many and varied.

So far, the instructor list looks like this:

  • Dr. Sherman House- The People’s Dentist and Medical Director of Paul-E-Palooza
  • William Aprill- Aprill Risk Consulting, ShivWorks Collective, and Training Director of Paul-E-Palooza
  • Cecil Burch- Immediate Action Combatives and ShivWorks Collective
  • Paul Sharp- Sharp Defense and ShivWorks Collective
  • Chris Fry- Modern Defensive Training Systems and ShivWorks Collective
  • Larry Lindenman- Point-Driven Training and ShivWorks Collective
  • Tom Givens- Rangemaster Firearms Training
  • Jerry Wetzel- Red Zone Threat Management
  • Robert Follis- Extreme Couture MMA
  • Caleb Causey- Lone Star Medics
  • Rob Pincus- Combat Focus Shooting and Personal Defense Network
  • Dr. Lauren Pugliese- Active Response Training
  • Greg Ellifritz- Active Response Training
  • John Hearne- Rangemaster and DVC Targets
  • Ian Wendt- Special Circumstances
  • Morgan Atwood- BFE Labs
  • Chuck Haggard- Agile/Training and Consulting
  • Andrew Branca- Law of Self Defense
  • Eli Miller- Direct Pressure, LLC and Oinkin’ Acres Farmstead
  • “Operator X”- We Could Tell You But Then We’d Have To Kill You
  • Nathan Stokes- Advantage Group Training
  • Pam Benzing- Nunya Bidness
  • Paul Carlson- Safety Solutions Academy

You can learn more by visiting the event website: PAUL-E-PALOOZA 2017

KE Arms Hard as Hell 2-Gun – 6-7 MAY 2017 St George, UT

Southern Utah Practical Shooting Range https://southernutahpracticalshootingrange.com/ and KE Arms  www.kearms.com are pleased to announce the KE Arms Hard as Hell 2-Gun Match.  The number one reason we hear people not wanting to participate in 3 Gun is the shotgun aspect.  This match eliminates the shotgun and all associated excuses; if you own an AR and a modern high cap pistol you can shoot this match and be competitive!

Brought to you by the same range and staff that have been running the Hard as Hell 3 Gun and the Red Oktober Kalashnikov match, the KE Arms Hard as Hell 2-Gun will be a 9 stage, high effort, high round count stages requiring pistol and rifle only, with dedicated ROs. Expect physical challenge, a 300 second time-out, climbing, crawling, swinging, hooting, hollering, and cow bell. Because everything needs more cowbell. For an idea of what this match about search YouTube for “Hard as Hell Mutlgun” and sit back and enjoy. We will use the KE Arms Prize Patrol to deliver fun prizes to every squad. Top 3 in competitive divisions will take home trophies and loot. Other prizes delivered randomly to who is watching the final shootoff. Oh… and we will also do the patent pending SUPS Squad Relay where all squads race as a team for prizes and pride. Sounds fun? Join us is May!

Register on PractiScore. https://practiscore.com/ke-arms-hard-as-hell-2-gun/register#

Time Plus/Points Scoring, 9 stages

Divisions: Tactical Optics, Tactical Limited, Open

Want to make the match harder compete in Trooper division and carry all your ammo and shooting supplies on foot into the range, during every stage, and hike back out at the end of the day!

Want to make it harder still? add Armored Category to your division and wear front/rear hard armor plates!

Price: $150

Round Count: 300 rifle (45 long range 200+ yards), 200 pistol

Match Rules here:

Patriot Stencils

Patriot Stencils may be just the ticket for those of you aren’t crafty enough to make your own target stencils. Their stencils can help you add some visual processing components to your training with shoot and no-shoot indicators or just spruce up a plain cardboard target with a bullseye or zombie head. Each stencil is cut from a mylar sheet so it is durable and solvent proof for cleaning. They are available separately or as a bundle.


RE Factor Tactical Keyhole Target

RE Factor Tactical’s latest target is now available. The Keyhole Target is designed with 5 small bulls and can be used in a variety of ways like zeroing, transition drills, and accuracy drills for rifles and handguns.

  • Measures 23″ x 35″
  • Made in the USA

Check out the new Keyhole Target and the rest of the target line at RE Factor Tactical.

Prohands Tactical

This is interesting. Prohands, makers of grip strength training “hand exercisers”, makes what they call the Prohands Tactical. It is basically one of their hand exercisers with a visible laser affixed to it in an orientation that is similar to the bore of a handgun.

Grip strength exercises improve both recoil and trigger control. The Prohands Tactical takes that step beyond by helping your train your hand to function with minimal sight picture disruption.

It is very difficult to move a finger, like your trigger finger, in isolation. As you move your finger to manipulate the trigger, other parts of your hand move which in turn may move the gun in unintended ways. Some of this movement can be overcome with grip technique and trigger finger placement. However, training to isolate and strengthen the muscle groups involved in the movements can also help.

The idea with the Prohands Tactical is that you can place a target at a distance and attempt to keep the laser on it while you run through your grip exercises. You are theoretically training to isolate the movements of your hands and strengthen your grip at the same time.

The laser sight is removable so that the Prohands Tactical may be used as a normal hand exerciser.

Check out the Prohands Tactical.

Field of View Isn’t a Thing with Red Dot Sights

If you are using your red dot sight (RDS) correctly, you shouldn’t really have to worry about field of view (FOV). The idea that FOV is a concern with red dot sights likely comes from people using them incorrectly or a misunderstanding of how they work.

With both eyes open and target focus, you should barely be aware of the body of the RDS. You look past the RDS and only see the red dot superimposed on your target which is where your focus should be (in most cases). If you find yourself being sucked into the tube, you may be focusing on the dot.

Sights like Aimpoints are often referred to as “1X” optics which is not technically true. They are not magnifying the view through the optic – think window, not magnifying glass. Red dot sights are usually non-magnified optics and not subject to the geometry that creates the conical field of view found in magnified optics.

Aimpoint recently posted a video featuring John Lovell of Telluric Group that offers a brief explanation of how to employ your dot sight so that FOV is not an issue:

The Essential Shooting Guide from RE Factor Tactical

I have said it before and you will probably hear me say it again… Part of what makes the RE Factor Tactical targets great is how they continue to support their targets with drills and other training aids. The targets have become more than just a piece of paper you punch holes in. They are part of a much larger and more complete approach to becoming a more intelligent shooter.


Their latest training aid is their most comprehensive yet. The Essential Shooting Guide is a 91 page reference text that contains fundamental shooting information and drills. It serves as a portable companion for use with the RE Factor Tactical Essentials Target or even as a stand-alone guide. The guide also gives diagnostic information and space to record your progress so you can achieve measurable results.

Check out the Essential Shooting Guide at REFactorTactical.com.

A Tourniquet Poem by Lone Star Medics

Plato said:

Poetry is nearer to vital truth than history.


He was probably talking about this poetic (and hilarious) image created by Lone Star Medics. Recent history tells us that tourniquets save lives but a lot of people still don’t carry them. So, maybe it will take some poetry or a moody picture of a flower to convince them. It’s worth a try.

Carry a tourniquet and if you need training on how to use it, look up Lone Star Medics.


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