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Sneak Peek: RMJ Tactical Utsidihi Trainer

RMJ Tactical announced that they will produce a training drone version of their Utsidihi compact fixed blade defensive knife. The trainer is machined from aluminum and given a blue finish to easily identify it as a training drone. It is designed to fit in the Utsidihi sheath without modification. The Utsidihi trainers will likely begin shipping in the next week.

RMJ Tactical

National Stop the Bleed Day #NSTBD18

National Stop the Bleeding Day (NSTDB) is a White House campaign to bring awareness and training for treating blood loss due to traumatic injury. Blood loss from traumatic injury is the most common cause of prevalent causes of preventable death in the United States. According to the statistics sited by NSTBD, 20% of these cases could have survived with immediate bleeding control.

National Stop the Bleeding day will take place on March 31, 2018. NSTBD is coordinating with instructors around the country to offer free bleeding control training. You can get involved by visiting http://www.bleedingcontrol.org/ to find a class near you. If you are an instructor that would like to hold a class, there are instructions for contacting National Stop the Bleeding Day at their website, https://www.stopthebleedday.org/.

RE Factor Tactical Dartboard Target

RE Factor Tactical makes some very thoughtfully designed training targets but sometimes you just want to have fun at the range (or just give a more fun makeover to your training). They are now offering the Dartboard Target and this one looks like it would be a blast to shoot with buddies or your kids. The target is printed with a full dartboard and instructions for 3 different games you can play.

Dartboard Target at RE Factor Tactical

RE Factor Tactical Dead Man’s Hand Shooting Deck – Rifle Version

The pistol version of RE Factor Tactical’s Dead Man’s Hand Shooting Deck has been out for some time. I use it in my own range sessions. Now they have released the rifle version. Like the pistol version, the rifle version is a full deck of cards with a drill printed on each card. The drills are built around RE Factor Tactical’s IQ Target. Each deck comes with instructions and a metal carrying case which is nice for keeping the cards together and in good shape inside of your range bag.

Check out the new Dead Man’s Hand Shooting Deck – Rifle Version at RE Factor Tactical.


Have you been thinking about carrying Mission Spec’s RTCA1319 targets in your shop, online retail spot, or including them with your training curriculum?  What if they could also feature your logo and branding?  Mission Spec has made their RTCA1319 targets available for customization by adding 3rd party branding when a minimum order quantity has been reached, at no extra charge.

Tactical Advantage, a retailer in south Overland Park, KS has had their logo added to this target for resale.

Wholesale and dealer pricing is available. Ordered targets can be glue-bound along the top edge, like the original RTCA target (100-packs), at any quantity desired.

These customized targets can be resold to your end-user customers or given away with purchases.  The result is your logo on the range and in front of shooters.

For information contact your Mission Spec sales rep or use the contact form on the MissionSpec.com website.

Original RTCA1319 product: 13×19”, 70# stock. Fundamentals training target.
http://missionspec.com/ products/reference-target- chart-a-13×19-rtca1319/

When it Comes to Staged Firearms: Organized and Uncluttered is Faster…

A lot of us will spend hours of time and hundreds of dollars to shave a tenth of a second off our draw stroke but do we give even a moment of thought about staging firearms for efficient access?

If your gun safe looks more like a wood shed, read on…

I recently had an interesting situation at JTT HQ. We live in a very rural area and have a typical long driveway found out here where properties tend to be larger. People turn around in our driveway all the time but usually near the road where we have a nice wide apron. The driveway meanders a bit and is long enough that most people have no reason to drive down it. That is what made it unusual when someone came down our drive way late at night, turned around in the yard in front of our house, and then slowly rolled back toward the road.

I watched the vehicle out the window without any particular sense of danger. I figured they were probably just drunk or lost or both. I was already armed with a handgun at the time. Things took a seemingly nefarious turn when the car stopped in the driveway and turned off its lights. It could still be nothing – maybe just some kids looking for a private spot to neck or smoke pot – but it was something I was going to have to check out.

I quickly instructed my wife to keep an eye on the car while I grabbed the rifle I keep staged for bumps in the night. Normally, that rifle sits in a smaller safe that I keep uncluttered and well organized for just such an occasion…

The Blue Force Gear Sling Sleeve is a useful piece of gear. It keeps your sling tidy and able to deployed with just a tug.

The problem was that I had shoved a number of extra rifles into the safe hastily on the previous day after working on a project and I never returned to organize them. When I tried to pull out the loaded and ready rifle, it’s sling snagged on three other rifles and the rifles pulled back. It was stuck. That rifle would normally have it’s sling cinched tight in its already installed Blue Force Gear Sling Sleeve but again, due to my negligence in packing the safe, the sling was loose and tangled instead of neatly bundled in the Sling Sleeve. I spilled 3 rifles out of the safe and onto the floor just by tugging the one rifle that I wanted out of the safe. It was a mess, and worse still, it was slow.

Learning occurred…

The AR pistol on top shows a simple way of securing a sling with just a rubber band that is kept staged on the brace.

For what it’s worth, I did finally make it outside. I shined a hand held light up the driveway toward the car which quickly turned on its lights and left. Then I spent the next two hours checking various parts of the property for theft, damage, or ne’er-do-wells just to ease my mind.

If you are going to keep a firearm for home defense, it isn’t going to be as effective as it could be unless it is staged in a way that makes sense. Here is what I usually do (and what I failed to do that night).


If you keep your firearm in a safe, keep the safe organized. It should be uncluttered and allow quick access to the most important firearms without having to move other items out of the way. If you have a very full safe, consider buying a second safe or some other secure staging option for your home defense guns ready and accessible. Keep that home defense safe sacred – don’t get lazy like me and jam it full of half finished projects.

Stage Smart

Stage your firearm in a location that makes sense for how you intend to use it. If you keep a long gun ready to use, you may want to consider storing it muzzle down in the safe so you can take positive control of the firearm immediately. Keep it loaded. Consider staging other important items with the firearm like an IFAK, a flashlight, a reload, materials to take notes like license plate numbers, etc. I find that a sling bag or something like a Hawkepaks ITOA is much faster and easier to don than something like a chest rig in these situations.

Secure Slings

If you keep a long gun for home defense, secure your sling. You can use a rubber band, BFG Sling Sleeve, or any number of items to ensure that the sling stays tight to the long gun so it can be retrieved without snagging. Slings are too important to go without and they can make an absolute rat’s nest if left to chance.

Be Disciplined

I had all of these suggestions in place but I was not disciplined enough to keep them in place. You can have a great plan but if you don’t have the discipline to keep the elements of the plan in place, it will fail.


Practice accessing the firearm in likely scenarios like hauling yourself out of bed or off the couch. This will help you find holes in your plan and improve your response time.

It’s easy to call a firearm your “home defense gun”. It’s harder to set up and maintain the conditions in which your home defense gun will be most effective.

Free Essential Shooting Guide at RE Factor Tactical

RE Factor Tactical is known not just for creating targets but for creating resources and drills to help people get the most out of their targets. The Essential Shooting Guide is one such resource designed to go with their Essentials Target. Now, they are offering it for free when you purchase 100 or more Essentials Targets.

Buy 100 Targets and get a versatile target to add to your training regimen, a volume discount, and a free book of drills and other info. Check out the Essential Shooting Guide and the Essentials Target at RE Factor Tactical.

Free Resource: Miniature Red Dot System for Duty Handgun Use by Aaron Cowan of Sage Dynamics

Aaron Cowen of Sage Dynamics has written an e-book titled Miniature Red Dot System for Duty Handgun Use. The book contains a wide range of information on the topic of utilizing red dot sights on handguns including equipment considerations, training considerations, advantages of red dot sights on handguns, and more. If you own an RDS equipped handgun or if you are considering one, this free resource is worth checking out.

Find the book here: Miniature Red Dot System for Duty Handgun Use by Aaron Cowan

Not included in the book – The use of bipods on sniper Glocks…

Human Resources Target from RE Factor Tactical

RE Factor Tactical’s newest training target is now available. The Human Resources Target isn’t a photo-realist Toby Flenderson target. It is actually a series of 5 similar targets with the same targeting zones but with unique shape, color, letter, and number combinations in those targeting zones. This built in variety allows the trainee or trainer to create a nearly infinite number of drills. The drills can be as simple as fundamental accuracy drills or advanced enough to work skills like decision making and visual processing.

The targets are printed in the USA on 23 x 35″ paper. There are significant discounts for volume purchasing. Check out the Human Resources Target at RE Factor Tactical.


Zulu Bravo Kydex Custom Training Knives

Very few custom and production knife makers offer training versions of the knives they sell. This leaves people who seek edged weapon training stuck with generic training knives that don’t match the actual knives they carry… unless they happen to know about Zulu Bravo Kydex.

Zulu Bravo Kydex can make a training version of any knife even if it isn’t necessarily a self-defense oriented design. They recently made the above trainers for an every day carry classic, the Benchmade 943. If you look closely, you can see that they replicated the shape and even added texture to replicate the jimping found on the live knife.


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