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Hill People Gear Umlindi Backpack in Multicam

The Multicam version of the Umlindi Backpack from Hill People Gear is generally only available in limited runs and it just so happens to be in stock right now. If you have been waiting for one of these versatile packs in Multicam, act fast.


OP Tactical Berry Compliant Enhanced Poncho Liner

OP Tactical’s Berry Compliant Enhanced Poncho Liner is manufactured exclusively for them by Wild Things. It earns its “enhanced” moniker with a variety of improved materials versus the standard issue poncho liner.


The Berry Compliant Enhanced Poncho Liner is constructed from soft 70 denier nylon which has been treated with NanoSphere DWR for water resistance. It is quilted with a 2 ounce Primaloft which should make it considerably warmer than the issue liners. The 90 x 65″ dimensions match the original poncho liners and it features multiple tie down points.

OP Tactical Notes:


Check out the Berry Compliant Enhanced Poncho Liner exclusively at OP Tactical.


Hogue Inc. EX-T01 Tomahawk

Hogue Inc. has been steadily growing their line of cutting tools. The EX-T01 Tomahawk is one of the newest additions to this line.


The Allen Elishewitz designed EX-T01 is ground from S-7 tool steel which is extremely impact resistant. The head has been radically skeletonized to reduce the overall weight of the tool and give it a light and fast feel in the hand. The hammer poll can be used as an impact tool or it can accept a variety accessories including spikes and pry tools.

The grip gurus at Hogue Inc. have become wizards with G-10 and it shows in the handle scales of the EX-T01. The shape of the handle encourages the user to grip it in a variety of ways whether gripping high for fine control or moving lower for maximum swinging power. The slabs encompass a full length partial tang and terminate in a well shaped hook to keep the tomahawk from sliding from the user’s hand.


The sheath retains the tomahawk in two ways: magnets and with a latch. The EX-T01 snaps into the sheath readily thanks to strong magnets and then the user can engage a latch that retains the tomahawk via the skeletonization void in the tomahawk’s head.

Check out the EX-T01 at Hogue Inc.

Ultra Light Micro Ranger Beads

Standard paracord based ranger beads (pace counters) aren’t exactly heavy, but… They are heavier than they need to be. A long time friend of mine and US Army veteran developed the Ultra Light Micro Ranger Beads that weigh in as just 2.27 grams compared to about 5 grams for a regular ranger beads.


These ranger beads makes use of smaller beads and lighter cord. They are small enough to make a difference but large enough to still be used with gloves. I have had two sets of these for almost 2 years. There have been zero issues with beads slipping or breaking. In fact, the beads grip this cord better than a lot of the full size ranger beads.


These are small and light but easy to use and durable. They are also made by a veteran right here in the USA and affordable at $5.35 shipped each. There are several bead and cordage options and there may be discounts for bulk orders. These are only sold on Ebay at the moment.

Check out the original Ultra Light Micro Ranger Beads on Ebay.

Merkwater Casting Handlines

Handline fishing has been around forever and the rigs that people use to do it mostly all have one thing in common… They are much easier to pack than a fishing rod! The new Markwater Casting Handlines are barely larger than your outstretched hand making them a lightweight and compact way to add fishing gear to your backpacking or survival kit.



The Merkwater Casting Handlines are from the same people behind the excellent Emberlit stoves. They are made from Baltic Birch plywood and then stained, sealed, and have a handle wrap applied by hand. 40 feet of 10 pound test line is supplied.

Check out the Merkwater Casting Handlines at Emberlit.com.

Mountain Ridge Gear Launches New Website

Mountain Ridge Gear, maker of some of the most rugged backpacks and other gear I’ve ever used, has just launched a new website. The new site features their EDC gear and pouches along side their line of saddle bags, pommel bags, and panniers. If you like well organized, bomb-proof backpacks or you run donkeys in the backcountry, check out the new MountainRidgeGear.com.


RE Factor Tactical Operator Bands – Veteran Made

Dad, where do Operator Bands come from?

Well, Johnny… They’re forged by bearded heroes deep in a place called… Denver.


I know there are a lot of paracord survival bracelets on the market. There are even a few that share some of the same features originally found in RE Factor Tactical’s Operator Band. Before you buy a knock-off consider who made it first and who made it best. Every single Operator Band from RE Factor Tactical is made by a veteran at the RE Factor Tactical facility in Denver, Colorado, USA.

Check out the Operator Band at RE Factor Tactical.

TOPS Knives Month of Options Continues: Coyote Brown Tan Trackers

TOPS Knives has declared October a month of options. To that end, they have been rolling out color options for some of their most popular knives.

They have already rolled out several different options for the Stainless BOB Fieldcraft Knife and now they have announced a new (and great looking) Coyote Tan Cerakote option for the #2 (mid-size) and #4 (mini) Tom Brown Tracker. The new Coyote Tan Trackers have everything you love about the very recognizable knife model but with a new finish. Even the included kydex sheaths match the Coyote Tan color scheme.

The #2 and #4 now join the already available #1 (Large) Tracker Coyote Tan. Check out TOPS Knives for more details.


Delta Trauma Kit – RE Factor Tactical

RE Factor Tactical just rolled out their new Delta Trauma Kit. This compact, low-profile pouch has organization features inside and out to ensure you have what you need to treat a life threatening wound, when you need it.


From RE Factor Tactical:

The Delta Trauma Kit is a low-profile, minimalist kit designed to provide only essential medical items for treating life threatening wounds sustained on the battlefield.

Compatible with MOLLE or belt attachment, the kit can be worn overtly or covertly while maintaining a low-profile carry. The center red identifier pull-tab allows you quickly detach and open the kit under stress. The outside features a large carrying tab down the center of the pouch for ambidextrous access, and also includes velcro adhesive in addition to the buckle strap for added retention. Additional bungee straps have been included for the addition of a tourniquet on the bottom of the pouch. The interior is built with multiple elastic bands and slots for securing various sized pieces of equipment, including combat gauze, NPA’s, bandages, and other required items.

Specs and Features:

  • 9″ x 5″
  • Cordura nylon construction
  • Elastic retention
  • Made in the USA

Check out the Delta Trauma Kit at REFactorTactical.com.

RMA Armament – 4.4 Pound ALPHA Armor Series Level IV Plate

At just 4.4 pounds, RMA Armament’s newest plate is a real lightweight. They claim the new ALPHA Armor Series Level IV Plate is the lightest on the market.


CENTERVILLE, IA – September 29, 2016 – RMA Armament is proud to announce the latest edition to its armor family, the ALPHA Armor Series Level IV (model #1199) hard armor plate. Weighing just 4.4 pounds, it is the now the world’s LIGHTEST plate in its class.

RMA’s latest product offering further displays it’s strength as the world’s best research and development team in the hard armor market. Having already developed the strongest armor plate in world, the R&D team at RMA now adds the lightest level IV hard armor solution to its resume in support of police and military personnel around the globe.

“To say that I’m excited about our latest level IV plate would be quite the understatement,” said RMA CEO Blake Waldrop. “Our primary goal with every new product is to provide the highest quality protection while balancing cost, weight, thickness, speed, and strength.

“Some members of our law enforcement and military communities require the strongest level IV plate in the world while others need the world’s lightest level IV plate, which gives them better mobility while still providing the highest level of protection. Now, you can get both from RMA. Our plates provide peace of mind to the officer or operator allowing them to do their job effectively and stay protected during any type of mission.”

In testing at the NIJ certified Oregon Ballistic Laboratory, RMA’s Alpha Armor Series Level IV (model #1199) defeated a single round of .30-06 armor piercing ammunition from 50 feet, registering a back-face signature of just 35.58 mm. For compliance to the NIJ 0101.06 level IV standard, a hard armor plate must defeat single .30-06 M2AP round with a BFD of less than 44 mm.

The model #1199 level IV plates are now available for pre-order at www.rmadefense.com as well as www.shellbacktactical.com.


  • NIJ Compliant 0101.06 (Defeats 7.62×63 M2AP rounds)
  • 10” x 12”, Single-Curve, Shooter’s Cut
  • 4.4 lbs. (1.9kg)
  • Silicon Carbide Composite
  • Patented Tile Array Design
  • Made in the USA

RMA Armament, Inc, is a privately held Veteran-owned small business that designs, manufactures and markets NIJ certified hard body armor plates at its production fortress in Centerville, IA. To learn more, visit our website at: www.rmadefense.com.

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