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Patch Collecting: Magpul and Mil-Spec Monkey Japanese Relief Patch

Magpul and patch maker extraordinaire Mil-Spec Monkey have teamed up to do some good. They have created a really good looking, limited edition patch that features the Japanese kanji for strength.

As you probably know, Japan was rocked by intense earthquakes in March of this year. The recovery efforts may not be on the nightly news anymore but they are certainly still struggling. All of the proceeds from the patch will go directly to the rebuilding effort.

You can find more information and help by purchasing a patch at Magpul’s website.

Patch Collecting: Jones Tactical Logo Patch

What do you do when you make great tactical gear and you have a really cool logo? You make a patch!

Jones Tactical definitely makes great gear and they do have a really cool logo that is on full display on this patch. Many manufacturers go with subdued logos on their patches so a full color logo like this one really stands out. It would go great on the excellent Jones Tactical Patch Panel.

Stay tuned for a review of some Jones Tactical gear coming to Jerking the Trigger soon.

Patch Collecting: New Patch from Battle Arms Development

I recently posted about a morale patch from Battle Arms Development. That patch has since been discontinued in favor of a new patch. The previous patch featured the image of  an M14 which, while very cool, doesn’t represent the newer AR-15 products that Battle Arms Development now manufactures. The new version of the patch is 3″ diameter circle and features a waving American Flag in the center.

Check it out at the Battle Arms Development website.

Battle Arms Development provided me several of each type of patch to giveaway. Stay tuned for details.

Patch Collecting: Battle Arms Development Patch

It seems to me that any patch with an M14 embroidered on it is automatically cool. You may not realize that before Battle Arms Development (BAD) made excellent Ambi Safety Selectors, they made tools for the M14/M1A.

Patch Collecting: I Kick Hippies SLAP Patch

Check out this new patch from I Kick Hippies, makers of the SLAP. If you look closely you can see a SLAP blended into the design in a very clever way. The motto, “THERE IS NO WEAK SIDE”, couldn’t be more perfect for a sling mount like the SLAP which is designed to optimize itself regardless of which side you are shooting the rifle from. The patch is available in a black/gray/white color scheme that looks very sharp and a Multicam color scheme.

Derek at I Kick Hippies provided me a with a pile of these patches, so stay tuned for a giveaway.

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Patch Collecting: Low Speed High Drag Patch from 2A-GEAR

I have had a really hard time keeping this one under wraps until now. 2A-Gear.com now has a Low Speed High Drag patch to go with their LSHD t-shirt. The quality of the patch is excellent. The embroidery is crisp and the hook backing is sewn on instead of just glued.

You can purchase your own LSHD Patch at 2A-GEAR.com! Check out the LSHD t-shirt while you are there.

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Patch Collecting: ESEE Logo Patch

Click to enlarge.

I like patches and I like ESEE knives, so it goes without saying that I like this ESEE Knives logo patch.

The ESEE logo patch is available exclusively from EM Gear.

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Patch Collecting: BladeForums Wilderness & Survival Skills Forum Patches

Click the image to enlarge.

The Wilderness & Survival Skills Forum on BladeForums is one of the best sources of survival related information on the internet. It is populated by some very friendly and helpful people who don’t just talk about survival, they practice it. These patches are available in two designs with 2 color schemes for each design. You can purchase them in the Wilderness & Survival Skills forum.

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Patch Collecting: SMILE WAIT FOR FLASH

Click to enlarge.

When is a Glock like a photo booth or a trip to the DMV? This patch features the familiar business end of a Glock with the phrase “SMILE WAIT FOR FLASH” on the muzzle.

This one is part of a custom run of patches made by a friend on the Usual Suspects Network (must be a member to read).

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Patch Collecting: ESEE Izula Patch

The original ESEE Izula is a great knife and it has been a runaway success. It makes sense that such a great knife should also get a great patch!

This one is available exclusively from EM Gear.

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