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Be Heard: Is Organized “Tactical” Firearm Training Vital or Poser-ish?

Based on last weeks responses, it seems that most of you like to plan your range time. I find well planned, well documented range time necessary for improvement. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for a laid back trip to the range. Unfortunately, when you write a blog, it seems those laid back trips turn into review sessions.

This week’s question is in response to a sentiment that I seem to come across a lot lately. Is organized “tactical” firearm training vital to responsible gun ownership or is it poser-ish? For the purposes of this question, assume that I am talking about tactical or defensive firearms courses. A 3 day carbine course would be a good example. I am not referring to legally mandated CCW training or military/LEO training.

Be Heard! Leave a comment below.

Investors Taking Notice of Ruger

Apparently taking orders for over 1 million firearms in a single quarter is a great way to make investors stand up and take notice. Sturm Ruger & Co (RGR) stock has been on fire lately. Forbes.com says…

RGR is a small-cap ($1.1 billion) company that is trading at about 20 times forward expectations for next quarter’s earnings per share.

Ruger isn’t the only firearm manufacturer that is benefiting from the current political climate but they have been the hottest of the publicly traded companies. View the entire article at Forbes.com.

The Constitution

Do you want to know more about the Constitution of the United States of America? Do you want your kids to know more? You should.

I encourage you to work your way through this excellent series delivered by Hillsdale College President, Dr. Larry Arnn, called “Introduction to the Constitution.” The series consists of 5 videos with accompanying study guides. It won’t make you a Constitutional scholar but it will give you a basic understanding of the document that governs this land.

Introduction to the Constitution

Big Announcement: New Trigger Jerk On Board

I am thrilled to announce that JTT has a new contributing partner on board. The blog is continuing to grow at a rate that it makes sense to have some help and Jon is just the guy for the job. Trigger Jerks, please join me in welcoming my friend, Jon L.

Jon is going to be a great contributor to Jerking the Trigger. His background and real life experiences will help provide valuable insight. Jon joined the USMC reserve in 1999 and was trained as an 0331 machine gunner. Shortly after finishing college his unit was activated, and he served one tour of duty in the Al Anbar province of Iraq in support of OIF II during 2004. After returning home, he was hired by a large metropolitan police department in the midwest where he currently continues to work full time as a patrol officer.

In addition to police and military training, Jon has attended several firearms courses taught by professional instructors. He recognizes the value in staying current in the rapidly evolving world of tactical gear and firearms and looks forward to sharing his perspectives.

Jon is a no BS kind of guy and I am thrilled to have him on board. He is a heck of friend, a heck of a cop, and a heck of a shooter. Over the next several weeks he will start to become more noticeable as he ramps up. This is the first of several big changes that you will see in the coming months at JTT so stay tuned!

Be Heard: Range Time Planning

In the last installment of Be Heard I asked what you thought about the zombie marketing push that is so prevalent in the firearm industry recently. The majority of you thought it was fairly harmless but gimmicky and over done.

This week, I want to hear about your time at the shooting range. I am fascinated by the various ways people approach range time. Some people go with a regimented plan for what they want to accomplish in terms of drills or tasks like zeroing and load testing. Some people generally go with no plan at all and just play it by ear.

Do you plan your range time or do you just wing it? Maybe you do a little of both? Can either way make you a better shooter?

Comment below and Be Heard!

Special Operations Instructors Learning to Forge with RMJ Tactical

What do the hardened men of 1st Special Warfare Training Group (Airborne) do to relax and unwind? They beat steel with a hammer until it does their bidding… with a little help from RMJ Tactical. RMJ Tactical forges some of the most sought after tactical tomahawks in the world so they are perfectly qualified to help 1st SWTG(A) learn a thing or two about forging steel.

There is just something extremely fitting and poetic about these men who have been forged themselves into an elite fighting force, learning to forge steel into weapons.

See the full article at WWW.ARMY.MIL.

Be Heard: Zombie Themed Firearms and Accessories

In the last installment of Be Heard, I asked what discontinued piece of gear you would like to see brought back. That is a pretty broad question so answers varied widely but at least two people asked for the return of the Blue Force Gear DAP backpacks.

This week, I want to get your opinion on a marketing trend that is really gaining ground in the shooting industry – zombies. The zombie themed advertising has even caught the eye off the media recently (here is just one of many examples). It seems that there are manufacturers releasing new zombie themed products daily.

So now is your chance to Be Heard – Are zombie themed firearms and firearm accessories harmless fun or do they attract unwanted attention?

Comment below to join the discussion.

ESEE Candiru Giveaway from PredatorIntelligence

From PredatorIntelligence…

Wild Bill managed to get his hands on one of the first ESEE Candiru Knives available and we are giving it away to one of our Facebook Followers. This is a sneak peek at some of the new products we will be offering soon at a Predator Intelligence store. Wild Bill managed to snag the ESEE Candiru DT shown below in Desert Tan, which will be the one given to the winning customer. Instructions follow this photo.

The rules are simple, the first customer to spend $200 or more at PredatorBDU.com wins the ESEE Candiru DT. You must enter the code that follows at check out to win the knife. Once the order is placed, this code will expire and you will know that someone has already won. We will make note on the PredatorIntelligence Facebook page once the knife has been won. Head to the PredatorIntelligence Facebook page to secure the code.

Void where prohibited. Must be 21 and over to enter. Only valid for customers in the continental United States.

Be Heard: What Discontinued Piece of Gear Would You Bring Back?

This will be the first in a series of posts where you get a chance to be heard! I’ll come up with the question (or you can submit an idea for a question via the contact page) and you supply the answers.

What piece of gear that is currently discontinued by its manufacturer would you bring back if you could?

Comment below with your answer and be heard!

Just for the record… I wish Blue Force Gear would bring back the DAP Packs. They were completely under appreciated. What is not to like about well made, relatively light weight packs that are completely and easily user configurable. I will never let go of my Skye or Micro DAP packs.

New Product Lines Coming to Beyond Issue

Beyond Issue is adding some additional product lines to their inventory: Wise Food Storage, Battle Systems, and Ares Armor. You are likely already familiar with most or all of them. Keep an eye the Beyond Issue website and their Facebook page for more details.

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