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Tardigrade Tactical Tacticool Bow Tie

Pop quiz: You need to attend a formal occasion but you also need to be decked out from head to toe in tactical gear. What do you do?

You could reach for your Multicam neck tie but it would dangle down in front of your plate carrier, inhibiting your access to magazines and clogging up your “workspace”. That won’t work.

Answer: The Tacticool Bow Tie from Tardigrade Tactical.

Tardigrade Tactical, based in Denmark, specializes in “custom product development for military personnel and law enforcement officers.” I came across their Tacticool Bow Tie in my Instagram subscriptions and knew I would have to share it here. I mean, if you have to look dapper in your tactical kit, a bow tie is the way to go.

Check out TardigradeTactical.dk and @TardigradeTactical on Instagram. Even if you aren’t in Denmark, you should check them out. They make some very cool stuff including a clever MOLLE panel for low profile armor carriers.

Save 25% at Blue Force Gear

Blue Force Gear wants to make sure there is some very cool gear under your tree this Christmas and they aren’t playing around. They are prepared to offer a solid discount to make that happen. You can use code “T25” to save 25% off your entire order at BlueForceGear.com from now through December 20th.

Seraphim Armoury Spreads Christmas Cheer All the Way to Your Next Range Session

Canadian gun maker Seraphim Armoury has given shooters an early Christmas present. They released 3 printable targets themed with everyone’s favorite Christmas movie… Die Hard!

The targets may be viewed and saved at their Facebook page (click here) and if you message them, they will send you high resolution files so you can print them in larger formats.

HO – HO – HO

Warrior Poet Society

If you have been following JTT for a while, you will likely recognize John Lovell’s face from his work as a top notch trainer at our partner, Telluric Group. You should also get to know him from his Warrior Poet Society YouTube channel.

His channel is excellent and unique as far as I can tell in its range of topics. The channel covers topics like fitness, shooting, gear, along with training and mindset. It is this mindset component that really makes the channel stand out and this theme is woven throughout. I especially enjoy the character studies (Warrior Poet Profiles) of historical figures like King David.

This channel is worthy of your sub. John is knowledgeable, personable, and prolific so there is always something new to check out. Visit the Warrior Poet Society on YouTube.

Custom Engraved Glasses from Whiskey Two-Four

Whiskey Two-Four continues to greatly expand their capabilities. They now offer a number of design and manufacturing services including custom laser cutting, lamination services, sewing, and more. They also offer laser engraving and they are putting that to use by offering very affordable laser engraved glass ware!


This may seem like a strange thing to point out on a tactical gear blog but it’s almost Christmas (major gift potential here) and it highlights yet another capability of a company that is doing very cool things to support other companies. They are OEM partners with a ton of brands you know and do a lot to help small brands operate like larger ones. Whiskey Two-Four really has a lot going on and they are worth keeping an eye on.

Check out the laser engraved glasses at Whiskey Two-Four.

He Went to Lone Wolf Distributors

Forget elaborate plans with sky writing, flash choirs, rose petals, and any of that weird, sissy stuff. If you are looking to propose to a young lady, just go to Lone Wolf Distributors. They can help make that day (and her Glock) really special with their custom engraving service.

Kudos to the man who worked out this plan to buy a new Glock… I mean propose marriage.


If It’s Stupid and It Works, It’s Not Stupid

There is, at times, a major disconnect between the internet gun culture/industry and the real world gun culture/industry that exists outside the confines of Facebook, Instagram, and even this blog. I recently received an email that drove that point home for me.


The email was thanking me for my AR-15 Pistol coverage over the years and it included a picture of the sender’s AR-15 Pistol. The 10.5″ 5.56 pistol, a mix of various budget parts, was topped off with a Leupold Mark AR 3-9×40… which is a lot of glass for a 10.5″ pistol. If the sender of this email was to post a picture of said AR-15 pistol online, he would most likely be greeted with a chorus of jeers and abuse. However, here is what they don’t know:

The sender is an accomplished long range shooter and hunter. He lives on acreage in the North West where he runs cattle. This particular AR pistol was purpose built to spend its days moving from his work truck, to his UTV, and occasionally other farm vehicles. That funny looking little AR fit the various compartments it needed to ride in perfectly and had already accounted for countless coyotes, gophers, and other undesirables around his ranch. He had dope worked out for it out to 600 yards which he admitted was a real stretch for the 10.5″ barrel and the cartridge. This was a working gun that was purpose built and that was already proven.

Dann at God, Gals, Guns, Grub could tell you about a farmer friend of his who keeps a similar AR pistol for similar reasons. We sometimes forget that our experiences may not be universal, our needs may not be similar, and what works for us, may not be useful to someone else. Next time you are looking at another man’s firearm and feel the need to lob a snide remark grenade over the internet wall of anonymity, stop and think for a minute… It could be that you just don’t fully understand the ways that firearm meets their needs or it could be that they need someone to come along side and help them learn.

If it’s stupid and works, is it really that stupid?

Note: The sender of the email outlined above asked that I not post the picture of his firearm… So, enjoy the picture of a Glock with a bipod on it instead. This is actually a way I tested the 50 yard accuracy of this set up for a review. It’s obviously not that practical.

Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving is always a special holiday at JTT HQ. We have a lot to be thankful for and that isn’t lost on us.

I am so thankful for the advertising partners that support JTT while we support them. I thankful for you the readers – especially the regulars! I’m thankful to live in the most beautiful part (up for debate) of the most beautiful country, the United States of America (not up for debate). I am thankful for freedom and those who protect it. I am thankful for my wife, three daughters, and the rest of my extended family. I am especially thankful for my salvation in Christ.

From my family to you and yours, Happy Thanksgiving!


It’s That Time of Year Again – Spirit of Blue Wreaths

Spirit of Blue Foundation is a charity that grants safety equipment to police agencies in need. They first came to my attention via Blue Force Gear’s efforts to help spread the word about their original fundraiser – the Spirit of Blue Wreath. Well, it’s almost time to hang your Christmas decorations so it’s time to let you know that the wreaths are available once again. $10 from every wreath goes to support Spirit of Blue and will benefit the safety of police officers nationwide. Simply go and order today at http://bit.ly/wreath16.

It has been a particularly heart breaking few days for police officers nation wide. This could be a good way to show your support for the work they do.


Head On Tactical Bike Bags

I love cycling – especially dirt road cycling and I am blessed to have access to endless miles of dirt roads where I live. One thing I have learned is that it behooves you to have everything you need to fix your bike and limp your bike home when you are deep into a forestry road, miles from cell phone reception. In fact, you may even want to have some survival essentials with you to ensure you can get through a night in the back country.

Quality bike bags that can be attached in the right places are the difference between your bike feeling like a stubborn pack mule or like the lively adventure machine that you rolled out of the bike shop. I should also note that bike bags take an absolute beating so they need to be rugged in addition to well designed.


Head On Tactical has begun to offer a line of bike bags on a custom basis. The bags may eventually become part of their regular offerings. When constructing their bike bags, they take the same bomb-proof approach as they do with their tactical gear. They have already made everything from top tube bags, to frame triangle bags, to under seat bags. Some combination of those bags plus your hydration pack should provide more than enough space to venture safely into the wilds.

If you are interested in having Head On Tactical build you some bike bags, you will have to contact them directly. They are a full custom shop and experienced in tailoring their designs to your requirements. Check out Head On Tactical.

head-on-tactical-bike-bag-top-tube-2 head-on-tactical-bike-bag-frame-pack head-on-tactical-bike-bag-saddle

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