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Multicam Quilts – Now Offering M81 Woodland

Feast your eyes on this…

Multicam Quilts is now offering their quilts in M81 Woodland. These quilts have the same heirloom quality and materials that we have mentioned in previous posts about the quilts (click here to read previous posts) but they sport black edge binding and OD green fleece backing in addition to the obvious M81 Woodland material. Pre-orders are open now.

Order yours direct: Multicam Quilts

Multicam Quilts on Instagram

Merry Christmas from JTT

Christmas is a special time at JTT HQ. First and foremost, its a time to focus on the birth of our Savior…

Luke 2:10-11 – New International Version (NIV)

10 But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people. 11 Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord.

It is also a time of general reflection and thankfulness. I am thankful for all the advertising partners who really do the heavy lifting of funding this website. I am thankful for support and inspiration from friends like Ivan at Kit Badger. I am especially thankful for you, the readers who are the reason that any of this works.

Merry Christmas from me and mine to you and yours.

TriggerJerk Last Minute Gift Guide

If you have waited until now to finish your Christmas shopping. I commend you. Your commitment to first rate procrastination is obvious.  However, if you aren’t careful, your procrastination could turn into consternation come Christmas morning.

The following is a short list of gift ideas from items we have reviewed. These tools and other gear represent some of my favorite things and more importantly, they are available without paying any extra for shipping.

Mini Pliers

Even if a guy already has a hundred pairs of pliers, the sight of these handy little buggers hanging out of a stocking will kick off MacGyver fantasies in any man.

The Knipex Cobras would be my pick but Tekton and Channellock both have more affordable, USA made options: Mini Pliers Comparison

Screwpop Utility Knife

These utility knives are CHEAP but handy which makes them the perfect stocking stuffer. No one can resist a tool that cuts stuff and open bottles: Screwpop Utility Knife

ESEE Avispa and Zancudo

The ESEE Avispa and Zancudo are incredible knives for the money. They both carry easily, cut aggressively, and are backed with the ESEE warranty. That is hard to beat for the price: ESEE Avispa and Zancudo

ESEE Avispa D2

Streamlight Bandit Headlamp

The cool factor on this one far outweighs it’s cost. This tiny, light weight headlamp is USB rechargeable and pumps out a wall of light. It’s like a work light your can wear on your head: Streamlight Bandit

Fix It Sticks Replaceable Edition with Bracket

The Fix It Sticks Replaceable Edition is a great tool to begin with but the addition of their new bracket makes it a winner for EDC and stocking stuffing: Fix It Sticks

Chapman MFG Midget Ratchet and Accessories

If you really want to impress a tool lover, this one will do it. These Chapman MFG kits are extremely well made, very useful, and they are just cool. They also happen to be pretty affordable based on the options you select: Chapman MFG Midget Ratchet

Streamlight Microstream USB

I haven’t formally reviewed this light yet but I will. It’s incredible. It’s barely larger than a AAA battery yet it boast USB recharging, a tail cap switch, a two way clip, and 250 lumen output! The regular AAA Microstream was already a favorite of mine but this new one is incredible. It will blow minds on Christmas morning: Streamlight Microstream USB

(Note: Get the Coyote colored version. It comes on in high mode first which is nice)

You can find a ton of other ideas in our series, The EDC Tool Roll. Most of them will still arrive before Christmas if you do your part.

The above URLS may be affiliate links.

Tacticool Scrunchie from Tardigrade Tactical

How do you make a scrunchie tactical… or better yet, tacticool? Well, it turns out just have to make it from Multicam material. That’s enough to turn a regular old scrunchie into a really cool stocking stuffer.

Tardigrade Tactical can ship these internationally if purchase directly from their website: TardigardeTactical.dk

You can also purchase directly from their dealer, INF-WEAR, that has these in stock and will ship internationally: www.inf-wear.dk

Gift Ideas and Discounts at Tactical Works

Tactical Works has plenty of great gift ideas and some extra discounts leading into the holidays. They just released their Gift Guide Newsletter with ideas at a variety of prices. The newsletter includes some coupon codes and Christmas shipping cut-off date information which all the last minute shoppers will want to keep in mind.

Click to View the Tactical Works Newsletter


A Christmas Tradition – The OC Tactical Christmas Stocking is Here!

The vast majority of tactical Christmas stockings are uninspired jokes. Gear makers just sew a stocking from 1000D nylon and then add all manor of garish pouches, zippers, webbing, over wrought handles, d-rings, and loop material. They’re fun but forgettable in a sea of similar stockings.

OC Tactical’s Christmas Stocking is just the opposite. These stockings are truly unique and have become something of a tradition around my house. They create a limited run of rare or historically important camo stockings every year. They are a great collectors piece for camo nerds. These stockings are finely made with original fabrics or meticulous reproduction fabric, lined with LITELOK fabric, and feature a small loop field for adding patches.

Past stockings have featured original Vietnam era Tiger Stripe material in 2015, special reproduction Rhodesian camo in 2016, original ERDL camo material from 1978 for the 2017 stocking, and now a batch of what may be the rarest fabric yet… The 2018 stocking will feature Universal AOR!

From OC Tactical:

This year’s run of custom Christmas Stocking is truly unique.  I made these with some of rarest camo fabric on the planet.  This is the camo some have called the Universal AOR pattern from the Navy’s camo testing.  I was lucky enough to get my hands on bunch of the test patterns awhile back including a small amount of this.  The only other example of this fabric I know of was photos posted by legitkit years ago of a uniform top made by Beyond Clothing. This is a one time deal, once they are gone I will not make these again.

This is a stocking that you do not want to miss.

Get yours here: OCTactical.com

Kitfox Design Group Firearm Cookie Cutters

You could roll out the same old cookie cutters this Christmas or you could take your cookie game to the next level with the new Firearm Cookie Cutters from Kitfox Design Group. They are sold in a set of 5 which includes the following cutters:

Target: 3.5″ x 2.22″
Revolver: 3.35″ x 4.125″
Glock: 3.79″ x 5.25″
AR: 2″ x 6.25″
Krink: 2.4″ x 6.25″

Just think of the fun you’ll have when you show up to your family Christmas party with a basket full of freedom cookies. Aunt Linda from California will probably pass out and your sister’s barista boyfriend will need his weighted blanket. Maybe your family would think they were awesome. Either way, you win.

Get them here: Kitfoxdesigngroup.com

OC Tactical Restocks Rhodesian Camo Stockings

OC Tactical makes a limited run of rare or historically important camo stockings every year. They are a great collectors piece for camo nerds. These stockings are finely made with original fabrics or meticulous reproduction fabric, lined with LITELOK fabric, and a loop field for adding patches. They are not adorned with useless PALS webbing, zippered pockets, D-rings are anything like that because the camo is the focus.

They made a Rhodesian Camo stocking for 2016 from a special run of reproduction material that was very scarce. That stocking sold quickly but the have been able to build a few more which are now available to purchase in time for Christmas. Visit the OC Tactical website to purchase: OC Tactical

I should also note that you will not want to miss this year’s stocking which will be unveiled VERY soon. The camo is very cool and very rare.

Gear Makers Take Note – New Self Quote Form from Whiskey Two Four

Whiskey Two Four offers a lot of manufacturing capability to gear makers of all sizes including custom laser cut laminate material and now it is even easier to order their materials for your business. Their new Self Quote Form allows customers to generate an estimate on laser cut laminate material anytime and anywhere.

Once you have completed the form and generated a quote, you can send a copy along with a PO to place your order.

View the form here: WTF Laser Cut Laminate Self Quote Form


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