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Whiskey Two Four ACRONYM 1.5″ 3 Ring Binder Cover

I would have gladly traded my neon Trapper Keeper with airbrushed soccer art for the new ACRONYM 1.5″ 3 Ring Binder Cover from Whiskey Two Four (WTF).

ACRONYM is WTF’s proprietary laminate material (you can read about it HERE) and they manage to find a lot of uses for it including skinning 3 ring binders. This cover may fit other 1.5″ binders but it is made specifically for the Wilson Jones HD Binders. It available in a variety of colors and features an 8″ x 4″ loop field for attaching patches and ID.

ACRONYM 1.5″ 3 Ring Binder Cover at WTFIdea.com

F3 Tactical Moving Sale

If you are anywhere near F3 Tactical’s Metrotech Drive location in Chantilly, Virginia… Get over there. They are moving to a new, larger location (with lots of interesting possibilities) and the more they sell, the less they have to move. They have deals on Blue Force Gear, Ares Gear, Raven Concealment, TangoDown, Magpul, and more.

F3 Tactical says:

We’ll be making great deals at the cash register all week (Until 6pm on Saturday, Feb. 25th) so it’s first come, first serve on everything.

You can get some great deals, learn about what is next for F3 Tactical, and meet Bolt the wonder dog. It’s a win/win/win.

Guns and Instagram – Learn the Law

The laws for posting gun and gun related pictures on Instagram are mostly unwritten but they are rigorously enforced. I figure it is about time someone codified them for reference. I’m no good at chiseling things into stone tablets so typing them here will have to do.

Proof that I follow the Instagram Gun Picture Laws.

  1. When in doubt, turn up the Structure and Vignette. You may work in a cubicle but you can always add some grit and mystery with Structure and Vignette. Don’t be stingy. Turn it up.
  2. You must place magazines or ammo into a holiday-specific shape on holidays. Make a heart on Valentine’s Day, spell out the numerals for the year on New Year’s Day, etc. It’s a great way to humblebrag about how many magazines you have. Bonus humblebrag points are awarded for making shapes out of firearms or suppressors.
  3. Action pictures don’t count unless there is brass in the air or muzzle flash. If there is no brass or muzzle flash, its probably a posed picture.
  4. You must use an approved background for all gun pictures. Approved backgrounds include concrete (smooth or textured), weathered wood boards (example: decking or a rustic fence), gravel, pick up truck beds, or a firewood pile.
  5. Guns must never be placed squarely in frame. Turn them at an angle. It’s the law.
  6. No one wants to see your face. Crop it out… except leave a hint of beard in the picture. That way everyone will know you have a beard which is one of the 3 keys to being taken seriously as an Instagram gun guy.
  7. No one will know you drive a nice car unless you lean your rifle against the wheel or bumper once in a while. Be sure we can see the badge! This is the only exception to rule 4.
  8. Flex. How else will we know that you work out?
  9. Spilling a little ammo next to your gun and laying a paper target in frame makes it look like you are about to train. Alternately, you can use spent brass and holes in the target punched with a pencil to look like you just finished training. No one on Instagram trains (or lets people think they train) more than you.
  10. Cleavage. You’ll never get any work at SHOT Show without it.

Note: There is no Instagram Gun Picture Law requiring you to share the distance from which you shot your target or to show your target after posting a  video of you shooting fast (and looking cool). That’s what we call a loophole.

Did we miss any? Tell us your proposed additions in the comments.

TacPack Giveaway

The folks at TacPack are hosting one heck of a giveaway. The prizes include 3 Sons of Liberty AR-15s and a plate carrier complete with soft armor and plates.

It’s easy to enter. Visit the contest page for details: TacPack Contest Page

Urban Operator Wrist Straps

Working out is good. Trashing your wrists isn’t good. Urban Operator’s new Wrist Wraps can provide some support while you lift.

Wrist Wraps provide additional wrist support anytime you need it. These affordable but durable wraps are made from a Mil-spec webbing. Use them for greater wrist stability anytime you are pressing or going overhead during weightlifting, powerlifting, and strongman training.


  • Sold in Pairs
  • 22″ in length
  • Width: 2”
  • Hook and Loop Closure
  • Different colors available

Check out the Wrist Wraps at Urban Operator.

Seraphim Armoury Makes Valentines Day… Special

You may remember how Seraphim Armoury brightened Christmas with their excellent Die Hard targets. Now they want to make Valentines Day a little bit better too with their printable Valentines Day cards.

The cards may be viewed and saved at their Facebook page (click here) and if you message them, they will send you high resolution files so you can print them (the higher quality files can be folded correctly, the image below is for demonstration purposes).

New Weapon Friendly Crowd Funding Platform – Weapon Launcher

Most crowdfunding platforms aren’t exactly weapon friendly. If you have an idea for a self-defense oriented knife, a gun part, or something along those lines you are unlikely to be able to use the major platforms to secure the funding necessary to make it a reality. Weapon Launcher, a new weapon friendly crowdfunding platform, is seeking to fill that void.

It works like any other crowdfunding platform for the most part. You articulate your idea to the best of your ability. It is displayed on the Weapon Launcher website. You hustle to promote your idea. People decide if they would like to back your idea with their funds and the Weapon Launcher site provides a means to track all of the investments.

On their About Us page, Weapon Launcher says:

Weapon Launcher helps gunsmiths, knife makers, survivalists and innovators of the weapon world find the needed resources to bring their ideas to reality. If you’re prop master, movie maker or game developer then Weapon Launcher is the place for your idea to get launched. Every maker has the right to show the world their ideas. Weapon Launcher is the perfect crowdfunding platform to allow your innovations and inspirations to be judged by the consumer rather than the “corporate” guys. We have your back whether your project is for cosplay or the zombie apocalypse.

Check out WeaponLauncher.com to learn more.

Tardigrade Tactical Tacticool Bow Tie

Pop quiz: You need to attend a formal occasion but you also need to be decked out from head to toe in tactical gear. What do you do?

You could reach for your Multicam neck tie but it would dangle down in front of your plate carrier, inhibiting your access to magazines and clogging up your “workspace”. That won’t work.

Answer: The Tacticool Bow Tie from Tardigrade Tactical.

Tardigrade Tactical, based in Denmark, specializes in “custom product development for military personnel and law enforcement officers.” I came across their Tacticool Bow Tie in my Instagram subscriptions and knew I would have to share it here. I mean, if you have to look dapper in your tactical kit, a bow tie is the way to go.

Check out TardigradeTactical.dk and @TardigradeTactical on Instagram. Even if you aren’t in Denmark, you should check them out. They make some very cool stuff including a clever MOLLE panel for low profile armor carriers.

Save 25% at Blue Force Gear

Blue Force Gear wants to make sure there is some very cool gear under your tree this Christmas and they aren’t playing around. They are prepared to offer a solid discount to make that happen. You can use code “T25” to save 25% off your entire order at BlueForceGear.com from now through December 20th.

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