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Sneak Peek: Zulu Bravo Roach Belly Sheath

What if there was a well vetted self defense knife that was light weight, allowed for variety of grips, and only cost around $15 (and often much less) from a variety of retailers? That would be handy to know about… but there is a catch. The problem is that, like most knives, it comes with a sheath that is barely useful.

Well, the knife is the Cold Steel Roach Belly (less than $12 on Amazon – Roach Belly on Amazon) and the fix for the sheath comes by way of Zulu Bravo Kydex. They will be adding a number of new sheaths, including one for the Roach Belly, to their website this summer with the intent of keeping them in stock so they are always ready to order.

The sheath will have the standard rivet pattern to allow use of all the best belt hardware and clips (sheath shown with Discreet Carry Options Mod 4 Clip). It is carefully trimmed around the grip area to allow the user to establish a full grip right out of the sheath. The slim, fold-over style sheath should work in a variety of carry positions including near the wearer’s centerline.

Stay tuned for pricing and availability information. In the mean time, you can check out ZuluBravoKydex.com.


TOPS Knives Hammer Hawk Updates

TOPS Knives let us in on a couple of upgrades that have been implemented on their Hammer Hawk. They are now applying an improved radius to the upper steel portions of the tomahawk. These areas are meant to be gripped by the user when they are choking up to perform finer tasks. The new radius ensures that the Hammer Hawk is more comfortable to hold.

They have also applied the same radius to the corners of the hammer. This helps reduce cosmetic deformation when striking hard objects.

TOPS Knives Hammer Hawk

ESEE Knives JG5

ESEE has already taken on the iconic Kephart design last year with the introduction of their PR4 design. Now they are taking on another classic outdoor knife design, the Nessmuk, with the introduction of the JG5.

The JG5 is based on the iconic bull nose skinner style knife preferred by adventurer George Washington Sears who wrote under the pen name “Nessmuk”. The knife features 1/8th inch thick 1095 steel with a 4.875″ long blade and a black wash finish. The JG5 features sculpted micarta scales and weighs in at 5.3 ounces.

The JG5 is available exclusively from Smoky Mountain Knife Works. It is available to pre-order now: JG5 at SMKW

The Kingfisher Machete from Baryonyx Knife Co.

There are machetes and there are MACHETES. The Kingfisher Machete from Baryonyx Knife Co. is definitely the later. This purpose built machete is a whole lot of steel for the price.

From Baryonyx Knife Co.:

A machete purpose-built for standing strong in uncertain times. Machetes have long seen use across the globe in times of crisis, but until now none have been designed expressly for this purpose. The distal-tapered high carbon steel blade is rigid and unyielding to pressure, and is long enough to offer advantageous reach while remaining short enough to be manageable in cramped quarters. The point of balance is just 3.5″ in front of the American hickory handle, which features a full-length grip below the finger notch to accommodate small or large hands alike. Intended to be as economical as possible, so that you may feasibly afford to outfit an entire group, the Kingfisher is not furnished with a sheath, and is ripe for customization to make it uniquely yours.

The Kingfisher Machete is available for pre-order now BaryonyxKnife.com.

Sneak Peek: RMJ Tactical Dragonfly Push Dagger

RMJ Tactical will release a new push dagger, the Dragonfly Push Dagger, at the upcoming Blade Show. The skeletonized design is clearly targeting the concealment market as a trim, lightweight, easy to carry defensive blade. It features a 2.5″ blade which will be legal in most jurisdictions that allow double-edged knives and it is 4.75″ in overall length. It will come standard with a kydex sheath but leather (shown below) will be available as an upgrade.


Photo credit: Rob Orlando

Photo credit: Rob Orlando

Tactikey Takes Evolutionary Step

Tactikey is a simple add-on item for any standard house key that makes it easier to grip for use as a defensive tool. Now the Tactikey is about to move beyond just keys and keychains.

The new V1.1 Ghost Recon is a simple triangular blade made to work specifically with the Tactikey. It is forged by Lost Bison Forge from 80CrV2 steel. They are also developing a low profile sheath that will allow carry on the key ring, in a pocket, or even as a neck knife.

Expect additional details at Blade Show.


SLYSTEEL Shark Tooth Rescue Knife

SLYSTEEL has shown prototypes of their Shark Tooth Rescue Knife publicly before but they recently showed it in action for the first time (video below).

The knife is very much like their original Shark Tooth Tactical Knife with its full integral finger guard and angular American Tanto blade shape. The biggest difference is the addition of bolt-on, toothed, gear-like structures to the side of the blade. These “gears” allow the user to plunge the knife into sheet metal (like vehicle body panels) to a consistent depth and then lever the knife through the steel like a can opener. This action can be seen in the video below along with a demonstration of the glass breaker.

The knife shown in the video above is a prototype. Stay tuned for pricing and availability details on the production version.



Zulu Bravo Kydex Dives Deep on Pocket Sheaths for Knives

The number of kydex benders offering kydex pocket sheaths for fixed blade knives is growing. More choice is a good thing… as long as you know what to look for. Zulu Bravo Kydex recently made a video that not only shows the features of their pocket sheaths but gets into what works (and doesn’t work) along with some ways the sheaths can be used. The video is educational even if you are considering purchasing a pocket sheath from another maker.


Zulu Bravo – New Site and Sharpfinger Pikal

Zulu Bravo Kydex has a brand new website to show off and some changes to their popular (and affordable) Sharpfinger Pikal knives. The new site replaces the simple splash page that they used to have at their web address. It displays several of their kydex sheath offerings and allows users to pre-order custom made items including the Sharpfinger Pikal.

There are very few pikal knives available on the production knife market and customs tend to cost quite a bit. Zulu Bravo has found away around this by starting with a very affordable Schrade Sharpfinger and fine tuning it into a custom pikal knife.

They complete the following work:

– Remove handles
– Reshape tip
– Grind spine
– Acid etch
– Stonewash
– Sharpen both edges
– Wrap handle in your choice of color combo
– Seal cord wrap with resin
– Build and fit new custom sheath with your choice of soft loop or overhook

They just announced that the design will be further improved with a darker acid wash and a tighter, more hand filling handle wrap. Zulu Bravo also offers a training drone version of the knife.

The Sharpfinger Pikal sells for $140 and is available to pre-order now. When you consider the level of custom work involved and the fact that these knives ship with an excellent sheath, this appears to be a great price on a pikal that you might actually carry.

Zulu Bravo Sharpfinger Pikal

Chattanooga Leather Works Tomahawk Scabbards

You know RMJ Tactical for their line of tomahawks and knives but did you know they also have a leather working sister company called Chattanooga Leather Works (CLW)? CLW offers an entire line of leather goods running the gamut from hand made leather bags to knife sheaths for RMJ Tactical and other knives. Now they are making the next logical step into tomahawk scabbards.

Photo credit: Rob Orlando

The kydex tomahawk scabbards that RMJ Tactical includes with their tomahawks are excellent unlike most tomahawks on the market. The design allows for the use of a number of modular attachment systems so you can actually carry your tomahawk. When something works that well, you don’t change it… much.

The leather tomahawk scabbards from Chattanooga Leather Works retain the same features and shape of the original kydex scabbards but with the obvious difference of being made from leather. They look great and, most importantly, they can still be used with RMJ Tactical’s MOC straps so they retain all the functionality of the kydex sheath.

As you can see from the images in this post, these are already in progress for many of RMJ Tactical’s most popular tomahawk models.



Photo credit: Rob Orlando

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