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Hill People Gear Coyote Knife

Hill People Gear is now offering their first knife – the Coyote Knife. The knife is modeled after a custom knife that the Hill brothers’ father had made in the 1960s and they refer to the design as a “generalist”, suited to a variety of outdoor tasks.

It is produced for Hill People Gear by LT Wright Knives. The A2 tool steel blade 5/32″ thick and 3.5″ long. It has a spear point shape with a saber grind, false swedge, and 90 degree spine for scraping/sparking a ferro rod. The micarta hidden tang handle construction is topped off with a brass guard and pins.

The knife ships with a bushcraft style leather dangler sheath. It will be available to order very soon.



Sicario II Knife from RE Factor Tactical and Toor Knives

The original Sicario collaboration knife from Toor Knives and RE Factor Tactical was popular but it was a straight up fighter. The new Sicario II builds on the original concept by adding some utility to create a knife that is still obviously slanted toward a compact fighter but can also be used for regular knife tasks.

The new Sicario II still has the slim, 5/32″ thick, Persian style blade with a piercing point but more height has been added to the blade to better support the edge and point. This design change adds little in terms of weight or size but makes it much more robust for utility tasks while still maintaining its overall stabbyness.

The handle features sculpted layered walnut scales. The pommel and thumb ramp are heavily textured for backing up your cuts/stabs without fear of slipping.

The Sicario II comes with a kydex sheath that is suitable for a number of carry and concealment methods.

  • Blade Length- 4.25″
  • Blade Width- 1″  
  • Handle Material- Layered Walnut
  • Length overall- 8.5″
  • Weight- 3.8 oz
  • Country of origin- USA 
  • Steele- CPM 154
  • Blade Thickness- 5/32″
  • Blade Rockwell Hardness- 60



Heavy Cover Mini Mess Kit Knives

The Mini Mess Kit Knives that Heavy Cover has been teasing us with for months are now available. These knives are draw inspiration from the iconic US Military Mess Kit Knife, a design more than 100 years old.

The knife features a 2.5″ D2 tool steel blade with a nitride finish. It comes with a kydex sheath complete with deep carry clip.

This first run of knives is available with your choice of Ti or OD Green micarta scales is extremely limited. Only 20 of each scale option were produced. They likely will not last long.



TOPS Knives Launches Dicer Kitchen Knives: Dicer 3 and 8

The 2nd knife to be designed through TOPS’ employee design contest is also TOPS’ first official kitchen knife. The 8” chef’s knife was designed by TOPS’ photographer and graphics manager Jesus Arellano. It has more belly than you might normally expect from a chef’s knife, which makes a unique and functional kitchen tool. Of course, since you can’t have only one knife in the kitchen, the Dicer will eventually be offered with many different knives to make it a complete set. Right now, the 2 most essential knives are available, the Dicer 8 Chef and the Dicer 3 Paring. Premium steel – CPM S35VN – and handles – blue and black G10 – provide a kitchen tool that will be passed down from generation to generation much like hunting knives are passed from father to son.

Pick up the Dicers from a TOPS authorized dealer or from TOPS at TOPSKnives.com

Jones Brothers Low-Key

The Jones Brothers make great knives but some of their best known designs are their “Party Favors”. These items are often innocuous looking self defense tools. The Low-Key is one such item.

It looks very much like a car key at first glance but a closer inspection reveals that it is a functional thumb dagger! The black micarta handle gives the user a solid grip. The blade is sharpened at the end for piercing. It is sharp enough to be pressed into soft targets but not so sharp as to cut up your pockets.

As with many of the items that the Jones Brothers create, these are sold on a first come, first serve basis. If you want a chance at one, I suggest following them on their social media and/or the Jones Brothers sub-forum on the Usual Suspects Network.

Jones Brothers on Instagram (@pbj_handmade_knives)

Martinez Tools Tactical Axe

If you know about Martinez Tools, it is probably for the same reason that I do. You’ve been coveting one of their modular titanium hammers. Well, prepare yourself for that covetousness to go to the next level…

Martinez Tools is teasing a “tactical axe” head for the modular handles. It features a cutting bit and spiked. The head bolts directly to existing Martinez M1/M4 handles.

These are just a prototype at this time. Hopefully Martinez Tools brings them to market.


Review: Armory Plastics Mora Companion Sheath

If you have been reading JTT for a while, you know that I like Mora knives. The Mora Companion in particular finds its way onto my belt or into my packs more often than other models. I actually don’t mind the regular plastic sheaths that Morakniv includes with these knives but there are times that I need some extra retention and a way to position the sheath some way other than perfectly vertical which lead me to the Armory Plastics Mora Companion sheath.

I didn’t have high hopes for this sheath. If I am being completely honest, I wondered if a molded kydex sheath this cheap can be any good. I also had doubts about the plastic clip – would it break, would it hold the angle that I set, would it have a good grip on my belt?

I purchased the sheath in June of 2018 and have been using it since. It has been swimming in a creek, to the top of some local peaks, bounced around in the center console of my truck, and carried during sub-zero days on snowshoes. None of those environmental factors seemed to have any effect on it. I was especially keen to see how the cold would effect the clip but it seems to have shrugged it off.

Speaking of the clip… That has become one of my favorite features of this sheath. It is lightweight and seems durable. It handles thicker belts without issue and holds on tenaciously. Best of all, it is easily rotatable without tools but its tight friction fit keeps the sheath at whatever orientation you set.

The Armory Plastics Mora Companion Sheath accepts every Mora Companion model I have tried. It fits the standard Carbon and Stainless models perfectly with no rattle and a crisp “click” when sheathing the knife. The thicker Companion HD knives fit very well too (this is what I usually carry) but the “click” is a bit more mushy.

The bottom line is that I have spent a lot more on sheaths that I don’t use nearly a much as this one. It is functional, affordable, and works with several of my Mora knives. I would buy it again in a heartbeat.

Armory Plastics offers these sheaths direct from their website in a TON of different colors: ArmoryPlastics.com

I purchased my sheath on Amazon where they only have black and orange available but at a much lower price: Mora Companion Sheath on Amazon

Zulu Bravo Kydex Dart

Zulu Bravo Kydex just rolled out the newest addition to their line of non-metallic defensive tools – the Dart. This compact tool has a push dagger-like shape and is ground from G-10. The geometry of the blade hints at is purpose as more of a puncturing device than a slashing device.

The Dart isn’t available on the Zulu Bravo website yet but it will be shortly. It is expected to retail around $75.


TOPS Knives – 20th Anniversary Edition Tex Creek

TOPS Knives passed 20 years old in October 2018 and they have been releasing some very special knives to celebrate. This is their second 20th anniversary offering…

From TOPS Knives:

TOPS Knives turned 20 years old in October 2018 and to commemorate the accomplishment, we released a limited run of the Tom Brown Tracker #3 made with special steel, handles, and sheath. The success of that model led us to make this next 20th-anniversary edition model.

The Tex Creek is an excellent all-around knife design. It’s perfect around the campsite, if you’re out on a hike, fishing for the day, and makes a great hunting knife as well. The original was designed by Leo Espinoza to be his personal hunting knife for deer season in Idaho a few years back. Tex Creek is the name of the unit where he grew up hunting in Idaho.

This will be a one-time run made with CPM154 steel hardened to 58-60 on the Rockwell C scale. It has thick, well-rounded handles with a white liner sandwiched between black canvas Micarta and a gorgeous red/black carbon fiber on top. The sheath is red Kydex with black Kydex on top and a burgundy leather dangler to finish off the package.


  • Overall Length: 9.0”
  • Blade Length: 4.25”
  • Cutting Edge: 4.25”
  • Blade Thickness: .17”
  • Blade Steel: CPM154 RC 58-60
  • Blade Finish: Tumble
  • Handle Material: Black Canvas Micarta and Red/Black Carbon Fiber
  • Knife Weight: 7.5oz
  • Weight w/ Sheath: 12.1oz
  • Sheath Material: Red/Black Kydex
  • Sheath Clip: Burgundy Leather Dangler
  • Designer: Leo Espinoza
  • MSRP: $300.00


Wingard Wearables Backripper – The Tomahawk You Can EDC

Wingard Wearables is making tomahawks that are probably unlike any you have seen before. Their Backripper Tomahawk is extremely compact but still offers excellent reach. It’s forged W1 tool steel head has a main cutting bit designed to pierce and a hooked spike designed to, like its name suggests, rip backs. See the video below for details.

The Backripper Tomahawk has a hickory handle with a rectangular cross section to index the tomahawk in hand and prevent it from rotating. The flat shape also allows the tomahawk to lay flat against the wearer’s leg. Wingard Wearable applies texture to the handle with a hot file.


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