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MI AK Mini Dot Mount

Midwest Industries is turning out some of the most interesting AK accessories around and that is not about to change with the introduction of their new AK Mini Dot Mount. This mount may look familiar to some of you since it appears similar to the long discontinued LaRue Tactical AK Iron Dot, but that is not a bad thing at all.

The AK Mini Dot Mount is designed to replace the rear sight with a platform for mounting a mini red dot. MI has designed multiple versions that should cover just about every mini red dot worth mounting on a fighting rifle. The mounts are made from hard anodized aluminum and melonite coated steel which should make them very rugged. They feature a built in back up iron sight that gives a lower 1/3 co-witness. The rifle can still be completely field stripped with the mount in place.

The new AK Mini Dot Mount can be found on Midwest Industries’ website.


Redback One Combat Pistol Sights

Hilton Yam of 10-8 Performance and Jason Falla of Redback One have collaborated on a new set of pistol sights – the Redback One Combat Pistol Sights. The sights will be based on the excellent 10-8 Glock sights. They will feature a generous square rear notch at .156″ wide, tritium in the front sight post, and the typical finely serrated surfaces that set 10-8 Performance sights apart.

The thing that I find most fascinating to me about the Redback One Combat Pistol Sights is that they are designed to shoot point of aim/point of impact (POA/POI) all the way out to 100 meters. I actually practice shooting my handguns at extended distances fairly regularly. Calibers like the 9mm, .40SW, and .357SIG shoot flat enough to make hits at these extended distances and these sights should take out a lot of the guess work with hold overs and hold unders that exist with many of the sights on the market right now.

These sight sets will be available soon and you can reserve a set today by contacting Jason Falla at Redback One.

Three Point Innovations Box-to-Mag Loader

Your thumbs hate you. They are still bitter about that time you took a carbine course when it is 30 degrees and sleeting. You made them load all those mags until they were raw. Maybe you owe it to them to take a look at the Box-to-Mag Loader from Three Point Innovations.

This is a very clever device that allows you to load ammo directly from the box to your AR-15 magazines. It works with just about any AR-15 magazine and allows you to load an entire 20 round box of ammo in less than 10 seconds. It should be useful for loading loose ammo as well since you can easily just stack it into the Box-to-Mag Loader.

Sadly, it isn’t available yet, but as you can see from the video, they have working prototypes. They will be available for pre-order soon and you can get a discount by joining their newsletter. Check out the Box-to-Mag Loader on the Three Point Innovations website.

Manticore Arms NightBrake

I recently reviewed the Manticore Arms NightShroud flash suppressor for AKs with 24mm threads. I was really impressed with the quality, design, and functionality of the NightShroud and very excited to finally have a premium muzzle device option for AKs with 24mm threads. Well, it appears that Manticore Arms has done it again with the new NightBrake.

The NightBrake looks visually similar to the NightShroud, but a closer examination reveals that the port design is very different. The ports on the NightShroud are obviously designed to mitigate flash, but the NightBrake’s 18 ports are designed to reduce muzzle rise in a big way. The ports are arranged so that the bottom of the NightBrake is closed to reduce stirring up dust when shot from the prone and the very top is closed to prevent any potential flash from obscuring the shooter’s vision.

One of the best things about the NightShroud is that it is lighter and shorter than every other muzzle device for 24mm threads. The NightBrake continues on that theme. Like the NightShroud, the NightBrake is about 2.5″ long and weighs about 3.31 ounces.

If you have an AK with 24mm threads on the muzzle, like the excellent SGL-21 series from Arsenal, you owe it to yourself to check out the NightBrake from Manticore Arms on their website. The NightBrake is available for purchase at Rat Worx USA.

Review: New Short Hybrid Lever for the B.A.D.-A.S.S.

Battle Arms Development (BAD) places a tremendous amount of importance on the feedback of their users. So, when their users asked for a new lever for the BAD-ASS, Battle Arms Development delivered. The new “Reverse Hybrid” lever is the result of direct user feedback.

The new lever is referred to as the Reverse Hybrid because it is essentially the opposite of the previously reviewed Hybrid lever. The Reverse Hybrid lever is thin for most of its length except for the end which has a bump (for lack of a better term).

BAD provided me with a prototype of the new lever to try. I was able to use it on both sides of the selector during testing. On the weak side, I like how the bump worked as a pivot point for moving the BAD-ASS with your index finger. It was very easy and intuitive to use. However, the bump is in the worst possible place in terms of interference with your trigger finger. If you are used to using an ambi-safety with standard size levers it probably won’t bother you, but others may want to consider a shorter or thinner lever which, thankfully, the BAD-ASS allows.

The Reverse Hybrid really seems like it works better as a strong (or thumb) side lever. The bump really rotates naturally under your thumb. It feels like a pivot point and just seems natural. It is long enough to reach easily. I did find that it wasn’t as easy to “ride” as the standard lever which has more surface area on which to rest your thumb. I can see the draw of this kind of lever since it does seem to rotate so nicely but it just doesn’t have everything that I look for in a selector lever.

All in all, I am not sure that the Reverse Hybrid is for me, but Battle Arms Development has been very up front about the fact that this isn’t for everyone – it was specifically requested by current users of the BAD-ASS. It may be perfect for you, especially if you are a fan of the popular “star” selectors. No one can say that Battle Arms Development doesn’t respond to their customers (the best companies always do).

The Reverse Hybrid will be available on the Battle Arms Development website soon.

Ameriglo I-Dot and I-Dot Pro for the M&P

Smith & Wesson M&P shooters have a great new sight option. The I-Dot and I-Dot Pro sights from Ameriglo that I like so much on Glocks are now available for the M&P.

Ameriglo I-Dot

Ameriglo I-Dot Pro

The I-Dot series of sights from Ameriglo features a 2 dot design. There is 1 dot on the front sight and 1 one on the rear sight. In order to align the sights, you place the front sight dot over the rear sight dot. I find this to be much more intuitive than the typical 3 dot sights.  For more detail you can read my full reviews on these sight sets for Glocks on the Handgun Sight Review page.

The sights are available from Ameriglo on their website.

Capacity Counts

When discussing magazine capacity, it seems to be impossible to avoid oft repeated (and rarely thought about) statements like “If I need more than X number of rounds, I haven’t done my job” or “Large capacity magazines make you ‘spray and pray’ instead of making each shot count.” Who hasn’t heard that “The typical gun fight is over in 1 (or 2, or 3, or 4) shot anyway, so I don’t need anything other than this [insert low capacity handgun here].” All three of these statements are probably repeated in guns shops and on internet forums every hour (usually by someone who is justifying their particular choice in handgun). Saying something often doesn’t make it true and it certainly doesn’t make it any less absurd. Logic has no place where ego and machismo reign.

“If I need more than X number of rounds, I haven’t done my job.” I’ll assume that the job that is being referred to is stopping a threat from harming or killing you or a loved one. This statement might be reasonable if there was a set number of rounds that would incapacitate someone intent on doing you harm. The reality is that one shot stops are nearly mythical (especially with handguns) and that determined attackers can and have soaked up 10 or more rounds of just about every caliber before ceasing their attack. A prudent man plans to shoot accurately and often until the threat is stopped whether that take 1 round or 15.

“Large capacity magazines make you ‘spray and pray’ instead of making each shot count.” This is perhaps the most absurd of the above mentioned gun counter philosophies. Magazine capacity is no more responsible for inaccurate, volume fire than large gas tanks are responsible for people accidentally driving past their destinations or than large refrigerators are responsible for people over eating. Those who miss with all 15 rounds in their magazine under stress, would have also missed with all 5 in their revolver’s cylinder. Should we then take this to its logical end and only carry single shot firearms? After all, wouldn’t we then really make our only shot count? That is, of course, absurd. People miss because of a lapse in training, stress, and lots of reasons other than having too many cartridges in their magazine.

“The typical gun fight is over in 1 (or 2, or 3, or 4) shot anyway, so I don’t need anything other than this [insert low capacity handgun here].” All gunfights are typical except for the ones that aren’t. We have seen groups of terrorists, gangs of home invaders, and “flash mobs” become the norm. These things are not rare and they aren’t always confined to any one part of town. Today’s responsible shooter may face any number of situations that can not be solved without plenty of ammunition.

Capacity counts. I become more convinced of this every day. I see evidence of this when I watch the news and when I learn about natural stress responses. Even a cursory study of modern terminal ballistics confronts me with the fact that capacity counts. I can’t tell you how many rounds are enough any more than you can tell me when or where you will need to use a handgun in defense of your life. I can tell you that having a reload (spare magazine, speed loader, etc) for what ever you carry is a good idea. Practicing your reloads until they are second nature is an even better idea. Taking an honest look at the capacity of the firearm that you carry wouldn’t hurt either.

I am not saying that more ammunition can make up for less skill. I am not saying that all problems can or should be solved by the liberal application of ammo. I am saying that the old “wisdom” deserves to be rethought and that you, as a responsible shooter, should take a long and honest look at your gear and training to determine whether it is sufficient for the situations that you are likely to face.

Just think about it.

Simonich Gunner Grips by VZ Grips

The Gunner Grips for 1911s that were designed by the late Rob Simonich were instant classics. Their use of G-10 laminate and golf ball like dimples was very innovative and it made them very functional. These grips were often copied but many feel that Rob’s originals were never duplicated.

They have been made under license by other companies in the days since Rob’s untimely passing, but now VZ Grips has taken over production under license from Christine Simonich, Rob’s wife. They have gone back to Rob’s original drawings in order to produce a grip that is as close to the original as possible. They are also offering some options that were never available on the originals like magazine release options, ambi cuts, beveled bottoms, and custom colors.

If anyone can do Rob’s original vision for these grips justice, it’s VZ Grips. The Gunner Grips are on the VZ Grips website now.

Daniel Defense Lo-Pro Gas Blocks for Lightweight Barrels

Daniel Defense is now making low profile gas blocks for .625″ lightweight profile AR-15 barrels. They will be offering a pinned model and a clamp model. Now users of lightweight barreled ARs will have more options when they want to extend a free float rail out over the gas block.

Lightweight barrels make all the sense in the world for the majority of shooters. For most purposes, they perform just as well as a “government” barrel profile but with a reduction in weight (and don’t even get me started on the sham that is the HBAR). A lighter rifle is almost always a good thing. However, until recently there have been very few low profile gas block options for these barrels.

I will always prefer the reliability of a taper pinned front sight base, but it is nice to have options like these low profile gas blocks from Daniel Defense. Check them out on Daniel Defense’s website.

GEMTECH Silencer Subsonic .22LR Ammunition

Several manufacturers makes subsonic .22LR ammunition but it is mostly just normal ammo that has been downloaded to subsonic velocities. The new Silencer Subsonic .22LR Ammunition from GEMTECH is actually built from the ground up for supressed .22LR chambered firearms.

They use a heavier, 42 grain projectile to deliver harder hitting performance at subsonic velocities. This isn’t some anemic mouse fart of a load either. That 42 grain projectile is being pushed to 1020 FPS to ensure performance while still remaining subsonic.  GEMTECH also saw to it that a cleaner powder was used which is especially important with all the junk that is blown back into the action when using a suppressor.

All in all, this looks like some pretty well thought out ammo. I suddenly have the urge to go crow hunting.

Check out the Silencer Subsonic .22LR Ammo on GEMTECH’s website.

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