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Springer Precision FASTMAG PMAG Couplers

I have used various magazine couplers over the years and have generally found them wanting. Most couplers work by clamping two magazines together tightly enough that they do not slip. The problem is that they eventually do slip or they are clamped so tightly that the magazine body pinches causing feeding problems. I eventually gave up on trying to find a decent magazine coupler.

I recently had my interest piqued once again in magazine couplers when I came across a new design that is all together different from anything else I have seen. The FASTMAG PMAG Couplers from Springer Precision work by replacing the baseplates of the magazine instead of clamping them together. That is not only innovative and interesting, it should completely do away with all the issues of clamp type couplers. It is obvious that a lot of thought went into this coupler.

The FASTMAG PMAG Couplers are machined from aluminum and then hard anodized for durability. It must be durable since it replaces the baseplate and it will take impacts from being dropped during magazine changes and from being used as a monopod. The magazines are not staggered as they are with some couplers. Staggering is usually unnessary and placing the magazines at the same level allows for a broader, more stable base for the magazine monopod technique.

Springer Precision offers 3 different models of the FASTMAG PMAG coupler: a model for .308 PMAGs, a model for 2 30 round 5.56 PMAGs, and a duty model for a 30 round and 20 round 5.56 PMAG. The duty version is very intriguing. It is designed to couple a 20 round PMAG with a 30 rounds PMAG. It weighs less and is slightly more compact than the standard 2x 30 round FASTMAG PMAG Coupler. It gives you the flexibility of having a reload on board with your rifle without the full weight and size of another 30 rounds magazine.

I am really impressed with this magazine coupler.

Lone Wolf Distributors Glock Extractors

Glock handguns, especially the 9mm models, have had some very public reliability issues recently. Generation 3 and 4 Glock 17s and 19s that were made starting in 2009 have exhibited extraction issues that have been attributed to changes in the extractors. These new extractors may or may not be the issue but several people are reporting that Lone Wolf Distributing’s (LWD) Glock Extractors have cured their reliability woes.

It appears that the new potentially problematic extractor first showed up in the Gen4 Glocks and found its way into the Gen3 Glocks as early as 2009. The LWD extractor is based on the earlier Gen3 extractors with the loaded chamber indicator which proved to be a very capable and reliable extractor.

If you have a 2009 or later Gen3 or Gen4 Glock that is experiencing reliability issues, you might want to look into the LWD extractors as a potential fix. You can find the extractors on the LWD website.

Troy Battle Mag Destructive Test

Troy Industries posted a video of their new Battle Mags being put through some destructive testing. The magazines pass all the tests that are shown in the video. I am not sure that this type of testing really tells you much about the product but it interesting to watch – especially since you catch a glimpse of a Multicam Ford Expedition.

New Version of “The Chart”

Rob S. from TacticalYellowVisor.net just released the latest version of “The Chart”. The Chart has been the source of a lot of controversy (mostly from people who missed the point) but I find it to be a tremendously valuable tool.

“Mil-spec” is an over-used and over-simplified term that is often tossed around by manufacturers that have never once thought of actually building to a specification, let alone a military specification. Most consumers will never educate themselves as to what mil-spec really means and why it is important. The result is that the majority of “mil-spec” carbines on the market really aren’t made to spec at all. The Chart gives an organized look at the features that actually make a carbine “mil-spec” and allows you to compare how various manufacturers stack up. There are no judgements made – just a whole lot of valuable information.

The information comes from the manufacturers themselves. Rob must have spent a ton of time gathering and organizing all of this. Many manufacturers are not represented on the chart. That is because they have either chosen not to provide information or because they just haven’t provided it yet. If there is a manufacturer you want to see on the chart, tell them to contact Rob.

The best way to access the chart is to view the conversation on M4Carbine.net. You can also view the explanation of all the features listed in The Chart on TacticalYellowVisor.net.

MOE Hand Guards with Pre-Installed QD Micro MOUNT-N-SLOTs

Impact Weapons Components is expanding their line up of Combo Deals. These Combo Deals include multiple items that are designed to work together for one price.

You can now purchase Magpul MOE Hand Guards (in multiple colors and all three gas system lengths – carbine, mid, and rifle) with the excellent QD Micro MOUNT-N-SLOTs already installed by the pros at IWC. The installation is very easy to do at home, but if you lack the tools or inclination, the folks at IWC have your back.

Check them out on IWC’s “Combo Deals” page.

Remember to use the coupon code “triggerjerk” at checkout to receive 5% off at IWC.

New Site and Gear from IKICKHIPPIES

IKICKHIPPIES is known as the manufacturer for the SLAP or Sling Loop Ambidextrous Plate. I find the SLAP to be an extremely simple, extremely functional, and extremely versatile piece of gear. Now, IKICKHIPPIES has a new website and they have expanded their product line beyond just the SLAPs themselves to include accessories, special edition FDE coated SLAPs, and some really cool apparel.

Some of you will remember the SLAP Patch that we gave away here on Jerking the Trigger. It made a huge splash and several people inquired about where they could purchase one. Well patience is a virtue and now all you patient patch collectors have the opportunity to pick up your very own SLAP patches on the IKICKHIPPIES website. While you are there, check out the SLAP t-shirt too. I wear mine proudly!

The new IKICKHIPPIES site can be found at IKICKHIPPIES.com.

MI/US-PALM ML2 Topcover

Midwest Industries (MI) and US-PALM have expanded their line of optic mounting topcovers for the MI Universal AK Handguards. The newest topcover, the ML2 Topcover, will allows shooters to mount the 30mm Aimpoints like the M2, ML2, M3, ML3, and others.

Image property of US-PALM

The best thing about the ML2 Topcover is that it allows the Aimpoint to be co-witnessed with the iron sights. The cowitness height will vary based on the tolerances of the particular AK on which the topcover is mounted. It will vary from an absolute cowitness to a lower 1/3 cowitness.

You can read more about the ML2 Topcover on the MI website.

Troy BattleMag

Troy Industries was showing the BattleMag at the 2011 SHOT Show. They are now shipping. The BattleMag is another entry into the polymer AR-15 magazine market. It does have a few features that set it apart from the established players like Magpul’s PMAG and TangoDown’s ARC magazine.

The BattleMag has some very well thought out texturing that is designed to improve grip when stripping the BattleMag from a pouch or the magazine well. It also features a removable pull tab that aids in removing the magazine from pouches and serves as a shock absorber when the magazine is dropped. The spine of the BattleMag is shaped to prevent the magazine from being over-inserted into the magazine well. It is rare, but I have seen magazines ride over the magazine catch during a reload. The BattleMags should, theoretically, prevent that from happening.

The street price on these should be competitive since the MSRP is only $15 but even $1 is too much if a magazine doesn’t work every time. Only time and lots of rounds down range will tell the true story of this magazine.

Check out the BattleMag on Troy’s website.

Surplus European Steel AK-47 Magazines from AIM Surplus

AIM Surplus started offering what they call “Surplus European Steel AK47 7.62×39 30rd Magazines”. These magazines have an interesting back story and a unique feature that should be of note to AK shooters and AK magazine collectors.

Image property of AIM Surplus

AIM Surplus stated that they purchased these magazines as “Yugoslavian Bolt Hold Open Magazines”. When they arrived, they were surprised to find that they were not bolt hold open magazines but rather rib-less magazines much like those made in China. The speculation has been that these magazines are were either made on Chinese equipment in Yugoslavia or that they are Chinese magazines that were imported to Yugoslavia. That is all very interesting but why should you care?

Image property of AIM Surplus

You should care because these rib-less magazines are desirable to both shooters and collectors. A typical steel AK magazine has a large rib on the back of the magazine that can really tear up your hand during a day of drills. These magazines have a nearly flat back that makes them much easier on your hands (and pouches). On top of that, they are in very good condition and they are priced very reasonably. I ordered 10 of them and they are like new.

If you are a shooter who needs to bulk up on spare magazines or a collector who likes magazines with a unique back story, then these magazines may be perfect for you. I have no idea how much longer these will be available, but you can check them out at AIM Surplus.

DDM4 Torture Test from Daniel Defense

Daniel Defense and Larry Vickers decided to beat up on a DDM4 and take you along for the ride. This new torture test video shows the DDM4 being run through a battery of tests that are entertaining and visually impressive though not all that informative. Most of the tests are probably fluff and it is likely that any quality AR-15 would pass, but overall the DDM4’s performance is entertaining. The DDM4 upper that I owned was reliable and accurate in the short time that I owned it.

The DDM4 performs well but I think the Aimpoint T-1 really steals the show. It takes a number of direct hits and keeps on ticking. Even at the end, when it finally does lose zero, there is no way of knowing whether it was the rifle, the mount, or the Aimpoint. The test also seems to make a strong case for QD optic mounts. If the Aimpoint in the test was in a QD mount it could have been easily removed to allow unobstructed use of the iron sights.

You can check out more information on the torture test on Daniel Defense’s website.

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