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New Low Profile Bezel from Elzetta

As if the mix-and-match options of the Elzetta ZFL-M60 lights were not already extensive enough… Elzetta has announced a great looking low profile bezel option. If you think this is just a cosmetic feature, you don’t know the folks at Elzetta.

The new low profile bezel option adds functionality to an already impressive series of lights by reducing weight, reducing bulk, and allowing the use of many common filters. The new bezel is .15″ less in outside diameter than the standard bezels. This makes the diameter of the bezel at 1.25″, a very common size for flashlights, which makes it compatible with many color or IR filters.

Oh, don’t worry, I am pretty sure it will still hurt when you smash someone’s the face with it even if it does lack crenelations.

The new low profile bezel will be available as an option for the ZFL-M60 lights on the Elzetta website.

Adams Arms Evo Ultralight Uppers

One of the big knocks on AR-15 piston uppers is that they are noticeably heavier than their traditional direct impingement (DI) counterparts. Adams Arms’ new Evo Ultralight piston uppers attempt to buck that trend by shaving weight from several key places.

The uppers feature a lightweight .625″ barrel profile. Light weight barrel profiles are very uncommon on piston uppers. Adams Arms has also chosen to install the very light weight Samson Evolution Rail. The Evolution rail is actually lighter in weight than many plastic hand guards. Finally, the Evo Ultralight uppers feature a new low profile gas black from Adams Arms that is 1 ounce lighter than their normal gas block. Typically, gas blocks on piston ARs are blocky and heavy. This new low profile block is more svelte and lightweight while still retaining full functionality.

While the Evo Ultralight uppers are still not going to be quite as light as a similarly outfitted DI upper, it is the lightest piston upper on the market today.

Check out the Adams Arms website.


TacStrike has a lot to offer serious shooters. They offer innovative steel targets, a very cool gear consignment service, and even high end training through their affiliation with Pat Goodale of Practical Firearms Training (PFT).


The thing that drew me to TacStrike originally was their 1/4 Scale Steel Target System. I know from experience that shooting steel can take your training to the next level. It allows you to be much more efficient on the range than if you are shooting paper. Paper requires pasting, replacement, and gear like staplers and tape. Steel targets can be set up quickly and can take round after round without maintenance during your range time.

The 1/4 Scale Target System is one of the most training friendly and versatile steel targets that I have seen (which is exactly what you would expect from a target designed with Pat Goodale and PFT). It is compact and can be moved by just one person. The target is made from AR 540 steel and it floats in the frame which allows it to soak up the impact of round after round. The 1/4 size silhouette target forces the shooter to concentrate on getting a hit unlike many larger steel targets which are too forgiving of marginal hits. The vertical post that holds the target up is armored to protect it from damage. Everything about this target is well thought out, including the base which can also accept 1×2 or 2×2 boards for use with paper targets.

Gear Consignment

TacStrike also offers a service that I am sure many busy shooters will appreciate – gear consignment. So what do you do when you have a bunch of gear that you don’t use anymore? Well, you could hit the classified section of an online forum and spend your time taking pictures, answering goofy questions from goober after goober, getting low-balled, and standing in line at the post office… or you can just send the gear to TacStrike. They will take pictures, list the gear on their site, handle the shipping, and then cut you a check when your gear sells. Now that is convenient. Of course, since this is a consignment service, that means you can also find some great deals on other people’s unneeded gear. That is a win-win.

Be sure to check out TacStrike’s Youtube channel for videos of their targets in action and their Facebook page for updates on the latest consignment gear.

Tactical Handyman: Magpul RVG Mod

Magpul’s RVG (and MVG) has proven to be a tremendous value in the crowded market of vertical grips. It offers a solid, durable, and relatively lightweight way to really get a grip on your rifle. It is long enough that it can be used with a full grip (hammer grip) but savvy users will find that it is well shaped to work with the thumb break or thumbs forward grip. However, when it is used in this method, it is much larger than it needs to be.

This installment of The Tactical Handyman is nothing earth shattering, but it is useful. We will be taking a look at some modifications to the MVG and RVG that will make these vertical grips better suited to a thumb break or hand stop style grip, increase grip, and save a little bit of weight in the process.


  1. Cutting implement that is suitable for plastic (a hacksaw or hacksaw blade works great, a rotary tool could also work)
  2. Pencil
  3. Sandpaper in various grits
  4. Rotary tool (optional)
  5. Stippling gear (optional)


Our goal is just to shorten the grip to remove any length and weight that we aren’t using. You will be tailoring it to how you grip the rifle. If you are using it as a handstop and most of your hand is actually gripping the hand guards then you can take a ton off the grip. If you are using a pure thumbs forward grip, you may want to leave most of the MVG intact. Your grip will dictate how much is removed.

The procedure is simple. As with any project, remove all ammunition from the area that you are working in. Check that your carbine is unloaded. Double check that it is unloaded and then check it again. You can’t check too many times. Then…

  1. Study how you grip the rifle. Present it several times and as you do, mark the lowest point on the grip that your hand is contacting with your pencil. You will want to do this several times and at full speed to really get a good idea of where to start cutting.
  2. Plan the cut. Once you have decided on a pencil mark to use for your cut, consider adding about 1/8″ to account for sanding later or just to give yourself some room on the grip. I decided that I would cut my RVG at a diagonal since I only contact the front of the grip. You will want to plan your cut now because it will be too late after you start cutting.
  3. Make the cut! You can remove the grip and put it in a vice if you like. This would be the safest thing to do, especially if you are using a power cutting tool. I using a hacksaw blade so I just kept the RVG mounted. I wrapped one end of the blade in tape so I could grip it and I liked the control and flexibility that this method gave me. You can use the grooves on the front of the RVG to align your cutting tool.
  4. Clean up your cut. Use your rotary tool if you have one or your sandpaper to clean up the sharp edges where you made your cut. I rounded the edges fairly aggressively. Finish the clean up with the finest grain sand paper that you have.
  5. Stipple the grip. This step is optional. After step 4 you will have a functional grip but you can really increase its function with some quick and dirty work with your soldering iron. If you need help you can check out my article on stippling gear.

I am not the first one to do this modification and, like I said, it isn’t really earth shattering but it is functional. I think the stippling really enhances the functionality of this mod so I strongly encourage you to give it a try.

Krebs Custom Customer Service

I recently ordered a couple of parts from Krebs Custom to complete a project that I have been working on. I received the parts very quickly but one of the parts was incorrect. It was a very small difference but it rendered the part unusable to me.

Every AK needs a Krebs Custom Enhanced Selector.

I was unable to call Krebs at the time so I sent a quick email to point out the problem. Gina from Krebs Custom replied to my email within an hour and said that the new part would be sent to me and that I would be refunded some of the purchase price to cover my return shipping of the incorrect part. I have had several companies expect me to return their mistakes on my dime before and yet Krebs covered my shipping without me even having to ask. They just made it right.

I received the correct part today, less than 48 hours from when I brought the problem to their attention. Included in the box was a $5 bill – no waiting on a credit card refund or having to deposit a check. Someone actually sent me cash to cover my return shipping. Talk about painless. They just couldn’t have made it any easier.

If the true test of a company is how they handle problems when they do occur, then Krebs Custom gets an A+. Thank you Gina and Krebs Custom.

If you need innovative and well made AK parts that are backed by people who take your satisfaction seriously, then check out Krebs Custom.

BCS Saiga-12 Chest Rig

Beez Combat Systems (BCS) recently introduced a new chest rig for the Saiga-12 shotgun. The Saiga-12 Chest Rig is based on BCS’s well liked AK chest rig which is fitting for a shotgun that is based on the AK.

Like the AK Chest Rig that BCS makes, the Saiga-12 chest rig features a large expanse of uninterrupted MOLLE webbing with the pouches sewn in behind it. This gives the user a lot of versatility when adding pouches. It also makes the chest rig very low profile.

Saiga-12 mags can be heavy so this chest rig is wisely limited to 3 magazine pouches. The pouches are sized to accommodate both 8 and 10 rounds magazines. I wish more gear makers would make 3 magazine chest rigs. The 3 mag pattern allows the chest rig to be very compact and seems to work very well with the long, curved mags that one typically encounters with AKs.

The simple H-harness is sufficient for a chest rig this compact and light. It should support the weight of the magazines well without the bulk that comes with a padded harness.

The Saiga-12 chest rig is available on the BCS website.

Armory Racks

I have very little shelf space so I have been on the look out for a solution that lets me maximize what little space I have. I was thrilled when I came across Armory Racks on Gunmart Blog.

Armory Racks are a space saving way to keep your handguns organized and easily accessible. The racks hold the handguns in place via an angled post that slips into the barrel of the handgun. This allows the handguns to hang vertically with the grips facing up and out. This positioning maximizes the available space and presents the grip to the user for quick access. They come in 4 and 8 gun configurations so you should be able to fit them into just about whatever size space that you have available.

The Armory Racks can also accept a storage tray that slips under the handguns. This clever feature would be a great place to store magazines, speed-loaders, holsters, or maybe even more handguns.

Additional features include rubber end protectors on the posts to prevent damage to the bore of your handguns, carry handles for easy mobility, and the ability to cable lock all of the handguns to the rack by passing a cable through the trigger guards.

I have never seen any racks that offer a handgun organization solution that is quite so elegant. Not only does the Armory Rack hold the handguns in a very space efficient way but they are also extremely accessible. All of the other features are just icing on the cake. I have an 8 gun model inbound for full review so stay tuned!

You can find more information on the Armory Racks website.

MI AK Mini Dot Mount

Midwest Industries is turning out some of the most interesting AK accessories around and that is not about to change with the introduction of their new AK Mini Dot Mount. This mount may look familiar to some of you since it appears similar to the long discontinued LaRue Tactical AK Iron Dot, but that is not a bad thing at all.

The AK Mini Dot Mount is designed to replace the rear sight with a platform for mounting a mini red dot. MI has designed multiple versions that should cover just about every mini red dot worth mounting on a fighting rifle. The mounts are made from hard anodized aluminum and melonite coated steel which should make them very rugged. They feature a built in back up iron sight that gives a lower 1/3 co-witness. The rifle can still be completely field stripped with the mount in place.

The new AK Mini Dot Mount can be found on Midwest Industries’ website.


Redback One Combat Pistol Sights

Hilton Yam of 10-8 Performance and Jason Falla of Redback One have collaborated on a new set of pistol sights – the Redback One Combat Pistol Sights. The sights will be based on the excellent 10-8 Glock sights. They will feature a generous square rear notch at .156″ wide, tritium in the front sight post, and the typical finely serrated surfaces that set 10-8 Performance sights apart.

The thing that I find most fascinating to me about the Redback One Combat Pistol Sights is that they are designed to shoot point of aim/point of impact (POA/POI) all the way out to 100 meters. I actually practice shooting my handguns at extended distances fairly regularly. Calibers like the 9mm, .40SW, and .357SIG shoot flat enough to make hits at these extended distances and these sights should take out a lot of the guess work with hold overs and hold unders that exist with many of the sights on the market right now.

These sight sets will be available soon and you can reserve a set today by contacting Jason Falla at Redback One.

Three Point Innovations Box-to-Mag Loader

Your thumbs hate you. They are still bitter about that time you took a carbine course when it is 30 degrees and sleeting. You made them load all those mags until they were raw. Maybe you owe it to them to take a look at the Box-to-Mag Loader from Three Point Innovations.

This is a very clever device that allows you to load ammo directly from the box to your AR-15 magazines. It works with just about any AR-15 magazine and allows you to load an entire 20 round box of ammo in less than 10 seconds. It should be useful for loading loose ammo as well since you can easily just stack it into the Box-to-Mag Loader.

Sadly, it isn’t available yet, but as you can see from the video, they have working prototypes. They will be available for pre-order soon and you can get a discount by joining their newsletter. Check out the Box-to-Mag Loader on the Three Point Innovations website.

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