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St. Patrick’s Day Specials at SIONICS

SIONICS Weapon Systems has several St. Patrick’s Day Specials that will be available through the weekend. There are some great deals but I think the pick of the litter is their SIONICS CORE Bundle that includes one of their excellent barrels, their NP3 coated bolt carrier group, and one of their EMS Triggers for $369.95 and you get to pick the barrel contour!

St. Patrick’s Day Specials at SIONICS


Hill People Gear Original Kit Bag Version 2

Hill People Gear’s Original Kit Bag just learned some new tricks. The Original Kit Bag V2 now features a #10 zipper on the main cargo compartment (instead of the earlier #8). The inside back of the main cargo compartment is now lined with First Spear’s 6/12 material to allow for mounting MOLLE or hook backed pouches. Finally, the bottom of the bag has a single row of PALS webbing that makes a great place to affix a knife sheath.

The Original Kit Bag V2 available now in Black with other colors coming soon.



St Patrick’s Day Sale at Griffin Armament

Ready To Save Some Green This St Patrick’s Day? You can use code PATTY15 to save 15% on Green Furniture at GriffinArmament.com. This would be a great time to pick up on of their excellent and affordable A3 Grips or the full kit!

You can check out our review of Griffin Armament’s AR-15 furniture for more information.




Rally Point Tactical, LLC announces distribution agreement with Zenith Firearms for DOD, Federal, State & Local Law Enforcement Markets

Rally Point Tactical, is honored to be represent Zenith Firearms in the DOD, Federal, State & Local markets. We are excited to branch into this new endeavor and welcome the challenge to gain Market share and introduce this innovative line of weapons. Our focus in 2017 will revolve on building product awareness for the PX9G 9mm Pistol and the MKE Z-5 MP5 (both semi &automatic) platforms. Agencies that are looking for exceptional performing weapons at the best value in the industry please contact sales@rptactical.com to schedule a call or demonstration.


  • Caliber: 9x19mm
  • Length: 7.05 inches
  • Barrel Length: 4.04 inches
  • Width: 1.060 inches
  • Height: 5.71 inches
  • Cartridges: 9mm FMJ,JHP,JHP+P, SP/JSP, SWC, +P
  • Action: Short recoil operated locked breech on empty, striker fired
  • Muzzle velocity: Federal 124 grain/HST Round 1.150fps
  • Feed System: (9x19mm) standard spring buffer/ 18 round detachable box magazine
  • Sights: Dove tailed, adjustable rear tritium sights with white dots, rear sights adjustable, fixed front


  • Caliber – 9 x 19 mm Parabellum
  • OA Length – 13.7 inches
  • Barrel Length – 5.8 inches
  • Barrel – cold hammer forged 32 chrome molybdenum vanadium
  • Weight (Empty) – 4.6 pounds
  • Operation – semi-automatic, roller-delayed blowback
  • Twist Rate – 1:9.8
  • Sights – rear drum for elevation and windage, front protected post
  • Capacity – 30


RPT Consulting, LLC.

RPT Consulting, LLC, dba Rally Point Tactical (RPT), is a certified HUB Zone Small Business based in Virginia Beach, VA whose sole focus is to provide our customers with innovative products, flexible procurement solutions, and mission enhancing training services.  Our mission is to provide fast, efficient, and dependable service to fulfill our customers’ unique needs whether at home or abroad. RPT is SAM registered, FFL and ATF import qualified and is experienced in doing business with Local, State and Federal Government Organizations and Agencies.

RPT’s procurement program utilizes existing, time-tested, and proven methods for complete life cycle management of any of the weapons depicted or our complete line of tactical products. RPT prides itself in always meeting or exceeding customers’ expectations. RPT’s quality controls provide the means, metrics, and data to manage cost and ensure performance to our customers. Our mix of expertise and experience ensures the customer will receive flexible responsive procurement services and cost-effective solutions backed by a sound framework of quality. RPT’s relationships with the finest industry suppliers, manufacturers and vendors allows us to ensure compliance and 100% customer satisfaction.

Zenith Quest Corporation

Zenith Firearms is an American, family owned company based in Afton, Virginia. Zenith works closely with the engineers and staff of MKE (Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation) of Turkey to bring the legendary reliability of roller delayed firearms to the American shooting community. These firearms are manufactured on original tooling by staff who have decades of experience working with the designs.

Zenith also works with other international manufacturers such as Girsan, Tisas, Tedna, and Israel Military Industries to bring some of the finest and most innovative products to the American market. We offer something for every type of shooter, including a full line of shotguns for the hunter, competitor, and for home defense. Zenith’s broad range of handguns offers a caliber, size, and style for shooters interested in concealed carry, personal protection, and home defense.

Zenith Firearms supports American patriots and shooters by actively participating with the National Rifle Association and National Shooting Sports Foundation. You can find Zenith Firearms everywhere from small town Friends of the NRA dinners, to the SHOT Show, to the annual NRA Meeting. Zenith Firearms believes in actively defending the Constitution and the rights of individual Americans.


Sintercore Tripwire for the M&P 15-22

Sintercore’s Tripwire Charging Handle is lightweight, simple, robust, and coming to a Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 near you. Sintercore introduced the lever-less Tripwire for the AR-15 several years ago and now they are in the process of adapting it to work on the popular rimfire training rifle.

The image below shows aluminum prototypes before their final milling processes were complete. The prototypes have been completed and tested for fit so production pieces may not be too far behind. The production charging handles will weigh less than 1 ounce and feature a Cerakote finish available in a handful of colors.

You can pre-order now at Sintercore.com.


Tennessee Arms Co. to Produce TAC-9 Lowers – Polymer, Glock Mag Compatible, AR-15 Lowers

Tennessee Arms Company is known for their polymer AR-15 and AR308 lowers. They are now moving into a third caliber – 9mm.

The following images show the tooling for their upcoming TAC-9 lower receivers. These polymer lowers will be compatible with Glock magazines, available in all the colors that TN Arms Company is known for, and will share many of the same features as their AR-15 lowers.

The tooling is expected to be complete by the end of the month with production TAC-9 receivers to follow.


“Make Silencers Great Again” Promotion from Griffin Armament

If you are just waiting for HPA to pass before picking up a silencer, you may be in for some disappointment. HPA hardly a slam dunk and even if it does become law, it could be a long time before it takes effect. Worst of all, the suppressor market is going to be like the wild, wild west if it passes with high demand, high prices, and fly by night operations popping up all over the place. The long and the short of it is, if you want a silencer… buy from an established manufacturer like Griffin Armament and now is the time to act.

Griffin Armament is rolling out a very cool promotion where they will basically give you your $200 tax fees back and they are calling it the “Make Silencers Great Again” promotion. Every Griffin Armament suppressor (rimfire excluded) will now ship with $200 worth of store credit at Griffin Armament’s website. That means you can buy a can and then get the muzzle devices needed to set up a few more rifles for free.

From Griffin Armament:

Sales are down unnecessarily, said Evan Green business development manager at Griffin Armament.  “When the markets have been rallying and jobs are being produced, consumer misunderstanding of the legislative process and the Hearing Protection Act, is hurting an otherwise stable industry.  Many people who want to buy are sitting on discretionary spending in the hopes that HPA will soon pass. The entire industry has come to a very similar conclusion that it will be quite a while until HPA is able to pass if at all despite almost unanimous support.  People not buying right now is only further delaying them from enjoying silencers.  It just doesn’t make any sense and this shouldn’t have happened.

Unfortunately a lot of misinformation was flying around and nobody in the industry was trying to educate consumers on how long it actually takes to get a bill to pass, what percentage of bills pass, that the legislative process usually takes hundreds of days etc.  This bill in some form has been presented to congress since 2015 and this congressional session is closing in a few months, so it looks like it will be rolling to another year.

Griffin is just as hopeful as everyone else for the HPA.  However having a realistic viewpoint on it is critical to the survival of the silencer industry and the Americans who work hard to move it forward.  The ‘Make Silencers Great Again’ promotion is the most we can do as a company to try to encourage spending right now.”

Evan continued. “It’s honestly an amazing time to be a buyer.  I remember when I was younger and was spending my money on an OPS INC can and promotions didn’t exist in the market. You could barely even get a dealer to handle the sale for you. Muzzle devices had to be purchased separately from the silencer, etc.  I remember having to help my local class 3 dealer to understand the paperwork because he did so few transactions. But times have changed and there are plenty of dealers on the market selling products at great prices and walking the customer through the purchase quickly while keeping them informed.  This program is also a great way to let consumers know that we appreciate them, we’ve been wanting to so something like this for a while.

Visit GriffinArmament.com

Sub 4 lb – V SEVEN ENLIGHTENED 300BLK Pistol

V SEVEN’s new ENLIGHTENED 300BLK Pistol weighs in at a scant 3 pounds, 11.4 ounces. That can only happen when you scrutinize almost every part looking for extra weight that can be engineered out of the system.

The ENLIGHTENED 300BLK Pistol makes use of a host of V SEVEN’s lightweight parts including their ENLIGHTENED upper and lower receivers, ultralight port door, lightweight castle nut, ultralight take down pins, and more. The barrel is V SEVEN’s own 6.5″ fluted stainless barrel with a proprietary titanium gas block. The buffer system has been shortened to reduce length and weight.

There is a lot of interesting material and design tech packed into this AR pistol. You can read more about the ENLIGHTENED 300BLK Pistol at VSevenWeaponSystems.com.

SB Tactical – Now Shipping the SBPDW

SB Tactical is now shipping their hotly anticipated SBPDW brace for AR-15 pistols. The SBPDW features a design that is reminiscent of a PDW style stocks and 3 position length adjustment – a feature that was previously hard to find on AR pistol braces.

The SBPDW installs easily and uses standard carbine recoil springs and buffers. So, if you have an AR-15 that works great with a Sprinco spring and H3 buffer, you don’t have to change anything. Just swap your spring and buffer to the SBPDW and head to the range.

SB Tactical continues to innovate in the pistol brace space and the SBPDW is definitely fitting their mission of “improving the performance of the PDW Pistol”.

SBPDW at SBTactical.com


Installation Video:

Ultra Compact Pistol Sabertube from Battle Arms Development

The new Ultra Compact Pistol Sabertube and VERT Buffer System is designed to keep an AR-15 pistol extremely compact. The 6061 aluminum Sabertube adds only 4.75″ from the rear of the receiver and is machined with a dimpled pattern to reduce weight (3.9 ounces total). This tube makes use of the same VERT Buffer System found in Battle Arms Development’s VERT line of PDW stocks.

It’s short, light, and available now from Battle Arms Development.

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