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Sneak Peek: RS Regulate AKMA – Aimpoint ACRO P1 Upper Mount

RS Regulate has given us a sneak peek of the upcoming AKMA for the ACRO P1 upper mount to be used with their AK-300 series mounts. If you are unfamiliar with the AK-300 series mounts, they come in two separate sections. The upper mount is specific to the optic. The lower mount which utilizes a QD attachment to attach to a standard AK optic rail and dictates the position of the optic (typically forward or rear biased). The image below shows an unfinished prototype version of the AKMA upper mount on an AK-301M lower mount.


Red Tac Gear Woodland Camo Rear Bag and Tactical Pillow Combo 25% at OC Tactical

OC Tactical already offers the Red Tac Gear Rear Bag and Tactical Pillow together at a special combo price but you can save even more today if you like Woodland Camo (who doesn’t). The Woodland Camo Combo is on sale for an additional 25% today.

The combo includes 1 Rear Bag and 1 Tactical Pillow.


Swampfox Optics Kentucky Long Precision Optic Series

Swampfox Optics has launched their newest line of optics. The Kentucky Long is a new, more premium line of optics geared toward precision rifles. The initial offerings in this line include a 3-18×50 and 5-30×56.

These optics include features like “premium” glass, a choice of a first focal plane MOA or MIL based grid reticle, illumination, an included magnification throw lever, and finger adjustable locking target turrets.

The Kentucky Long series is currently available for pre-order and it is on sale for 30% off with free shipping during their Labor Day Sale (use code BLUEGRASS30). All other optics are 25% off with free shipping (use code HARDLABOR25).


Rosco Manufacturing® Launches Labor Day Sale

August 30th, 2019: Rosco Manufacturing, a proud Rhode Island based manufacturer of quality American made gun barrels, accessories, uppers and handguards, is proud to announce their Labor Day sale from August 30th through September 3rd.

All your favorite Rosco products will be 10% off. Take advantage of the 10% off savings on the Bloodline & Purebred barrel lines and take 10% off of all Bloodline & Purebred accessories. Best part is FREE shipping for purchases over $60! Get your build done this Labor Day the right way, with Rosco.

To see the Rosco barrels in action click here: Rosco videos

For more information on Rosco Manufacturing and their products go to www.RoscoManufacturing.com

About Rosco Manufacturing®: Rosco Manufacturing is an American manufacturer of hard-use & precision rifle barrels. Our production facility in Central Falls, RI has over 50,000 square feet of production space with room for high volume capacity. Rosco supplies major gun manufacturers (the world over) with high quality products. Through superior workmanship and unprecedented engineering, our product line continues to exceed expectations and provides a complete solution for the consumer and OEM.

True North Concepts Picatinny Rail Gripstop – It’s Back!

Those of you who have been following Nate Murr’s Gripstop through its many manufacturers and iterations may remember that it was once offered for Picatinny rails in addition to the various direct-connect options that have been available along the way. The Picatinny Rail Gripstop is now available again and it boasts some improvements.

The new Picatinny Rail Gripstop is smaller in almost every direction compared to the original. The radiused grip area is shorter while still remaining more than large enough to support varying grip angles and use as a barricade stop. It is also narrower and shorter overall so it is both lighter and more compact on the rail.

The Picatinny Rail Gripstop is machined from 6061 aluminum and is available in Black or FDE. It weighs just 1.7 ounces.


Surefire Warden + SOCOM Kit at Megiddo Tactical Group

Megiddo Tactical Group is offering the Surefire Warden Blast Regulator bundled with the compatible Surefire muzzle device of your choice at a special price and with free shipping. They also have more of the Surefire muzzle devices in stock than just about anywhere including the harder to find closed tine Warcomp.

To order, select your choice of Black or Desert Tan Warden. Then select the checkbox that corresponds to the muzzle device of your choice. Options include various models for 5.56 and 7.62 including Warcomps, SF3Ps, and SFMBs. Then click add to cart to see the final package price. Free shipping is applied automatically.

Click below to visit MegiddoTacticalGroup.com:

Swampfox Optics to Add new Circle-Dot Reticles and Green Illumination to Dot Sight Line

I just received some information from Swampfox Optics regarding some new circle dot reticles and green reticle illumination to be offered in their Kingslayer and Liberator dot sights. The green illumination, in particular, is something for which shooters have asked. As someone who sees green far better than red due to color blindness, I am glad to see options like this coming to market.

Here is some information direct from Swampfox Optics’ Product Marketing Director, Mike Branson:

We’ve added green and red circle dot options to Kingslayer and Liberator. Kingslayer features a 3 MOA center dot surrounded by a 65 MOA ring, and Liberator features a 2 MOA center dot surrounded by a 65 MOA ring, only the center dot is different between the two.  

These are fun as hell on shotguns and ARs, but for me the best advantage is the speed of acquisition in the circle dot Kingslayer. One of the biggest problems for guys who are getting used to shooting dot sights is acquiring the dot from a pistol presentation. If your presentation isn’t really consistent you find yourself swirling around the muzzle of the pistol in a little cone until the dot finally pops into view. That’s why so many guys want co-witnessed iron sights as “training wheels” to help with initial alignment. Surrounding the dot with the ring really helps newbies because if you spot even the corner of the ring somewhere, anywhere in the window, you can use that to adjust yourself and find the center dot really fast compared to seeing nothing in the window at all. You can find your point of aim in a hurry! The guys who already have ten thousand rounds through a dot sight won’t need this advantage as much, but guys who are just starting to climb Pistol Dot Mountain are going to love it. 

Price is the same as the 3 MOA red dot versions of the same optics. Same 50,000 round guarantee, same battery life, no BS. One odd difference is that the lens coating up front on the green ones looks silver or chrome instead of red. Has to be that way to reflect a green emitter properly, I think it looks cool. No real disadvantages, it’s just new reticle options that I heard people asking for and I wanted to respond to it. 

These options are expected to be available within just a few days.


Introducing the Reptilia Black Hole™ Polymer Magwell for GLOCK® Pistols⁣

The Reptilia Black Hole™ Polymer Magwell for GLOCK® pistols is molded with high-strength, reinforced polymer. The Black Hole’s enlarged magazine well opening helps facilitate more efficient reloads without adding unnecessary bulk to your carry or duty sidearm. Compatible with 9mm & .40-caliber GLOCK pistols, the Black Hole utilizes a unique rear spacer to ensure seamless fit and compatibility with both Gen 3 & Gen 4 frames.⁣

Available immediately for GLOCK 19 and GLOCK 23, with GLOCK 17 variant shipping late 2019.⁣

Compatible with:⁣

GLOCK 19 – Generation 3⁣
GLOCK 19 – Generation 4 (with and without back-straps)⁣
GLOCK 23 – Generation 3⁣
GLOCK 23 – Generation 4 (with and without back-straps)⁣
Polymer80 – PR940C™⁣

– Impact-Modified Reinforced Nylon⁣
– Custom Alloy steel screw⁣
– 0.28 oz⁣
– Made in USA⁣


Review: Boonie Packer Safari-Tac Multipurpose Sling

Mounting a modern 2-point tactical sling on an AR-15 is easy. Many stocks and handguards can accept a side-mounted sling by default or at least with the addition of readily available accessories. If you want to do the same thing on a rifle or shotgun with a traditional buttstock, it becomes a little more complicated… unless you know about a sling that has been around forever: the Safari-Tac Multipurpose Sling from Boonie Packer/Redi-Mag.


The Safari-Tac Multipurpose Sling is a 2-point sling that allows rifles and shotguns with traditional stocks with bottom mounted sling swivels to be carried across the front of the shooter in the same way a modern 2-point tactical sling would. It accomplishes this with a unique attachment method that requires no modification to the host rifle.

You can see the attachment method in this video:

Observations from Use

I’ve been using these slings for more than 12 years. They absolutely solve a common problem in a simple (and affordable way and I am ashamed that I haven’t reviewed this sling until now. This sling does not get enough credit.

The sling attaches via two hard plastic bars that can be tucked into standard sling swivels easy but can not slip back through without intentional manipulations. At the front, the sling just attaches to a button mounted swivel in a fairly standard way with the sling just running out from the bottom. The rear swivel is where the magic happens. The rear swivel is used as a stop that prevents a webbing loop that is wrapped around the buttstock from sliding forward and back. The sling is attached to the loop on the side of the buttstock rather than the swivel itself. This is what allows the rifle to be carried flat against the wearer’s chest.

This Safari-Tac has a plastic slider to adjust the length of the sling. This slider can be operated while the rifle is slung but I still wouldn’t quite call it is a “quick-adjust” sling. The slider is there to aid in length adjustment and for the sling’s use as a shooting aid more than it is for left/ride side transitions or cinching the rifle close to the wearer. It can be used for those purposes. Just don’t expect it to slide like a quick-adjust mechanism.

In addition to the 2-point sling functionality, the Safari-Tac can be used as a shooting aid. The slider creates a loop in the sling that can be looped onto the support arm to help the shooter build a more stable shooting position. This can be something of a lost art these days but it is very handy for those who know how to fully leverage the functionality.

This sling is excellent for bolt action rifles, shotguns, .22 rifles, and any other traditionally stocked weapon that you want to carry in a manner that keeps it comfortably away from a backpack and readily available. Shotgunners may find it especially useful as mounted a modern 2-point sling to a pump-action shotgun can be frustrating. I particularly like it for a longarm that I might carry while hiking like a shotgun or lever-action because it works so well with backpacks thanks to its flat, wide webbing and positioning.

Wrap Up

The Safari-Tac Multipurpose Sling likely pre-dates most of the modern 2-point slings that JTT readers are familiar with but that doesn’t diminish its relevance today. This sling is incredibly useful and solves a common problem in an elegant way. I should also mention that it also happens to be very affordable.

Check it out at the Boonie Packer/Redi-Mag website: Redi-Mag.com

NOTE: Be careful if you plan to purchase one. Boonie Packer/Redi-Mag make other slings with the term “Safari” in the name. I am sure those are fine sling too but this review and the functionality described pertains to the “Safari-Tac” sling.

Sneak Peek: Forward Controls Design ASF (Ambidextrous Selector, FCD)

Forward Controls Design is currently working on a new selector for AR-15s in conjunction with Sons of Liberty Gun Works. That is good reason to be excited because Roger Wang, owner of Forward Controls Design, is the designer of the Battle Arms Development BAD Lever, the premium selector that basically created the market for premium selectors.

Here is what Roger has to say about the upcoming ASF and the Quick (a shot throw version):

FCD’s ASF (Ambidextrous selector, FCD) and SOLGW’s The Quick (short for Quick Ambi Selector) is a joint project between FCD and SOLGW. As you guys know, the two companies have been collaborating on a few projects, starting with the 4140 steel MLOK sling mount (MSQ-H in FCD alphabet soup parlance). Work began in Dec. 2018 to create a safety that’s an embodiment of our not inconsiderable experience in AR15/M16 selector design and knowledge over the years.

ASF/The Quick was designed from the ground up to be a defense/duty/combat safety selector, its mission is quite aptly reflected by the way its levers are attached the center, via a stainless steel roll pin. The lever to center interface is immensely strong, the high shear strength roll pin simply holds the two in place. There is no wobble between the lever and center, we’ve called for very tight tolerances on all ASF/The Quick components to achieve that.

ASF/The Quick offers both the conventional non-offset standard and short levers, the offset standard and short q levers, and an end cap. The q levers are side specific, i.e. you don’t want to use a left q lever on the right side, or vice versa. Q levers are offset levers, by moving the lever as close to the shooter as possible, it enables the user to more easily rotate it back to SAFE without shifting his grip.

Center options: 90 degree conventional, 50 degree short throw, and M16 select fire.

The levers are serrated along the length to mitigate lateral movement. When a user’s finger is rotating the lever, we want to add traction to minimize movements to the side (slipping off the lever). The user’s finger slides on the lever as the safety is being rotated, here we don’t want traction to impede movement along the lever’s axis. Short levers are wider than standard length levers, since it gives up on length, we added some surface area back via width.

For dimple fans, there is a single dimple on both sides to function as a position indicator (in lieu of a pointer), it’s elegant and simple.

The end cap is for those that don’t wish to have a lever on the weak side of the receiver. With the end cap, ASF/The Quick is both reversible (lever on any side the user chooses), and convertible (between ambidextrous and non-ambidextrous).

ETA is between 1.5 to 2 months. Note: these are prototype pics, not of production units.

Stay tuned for additional details.

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