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B.E. Meyers & Co. Exhibiting At Darley Defense Days 2019

B.E. Meyers & Co., Inc. will be exhibiting at Darley Defense Days on May 7-8, 2019 at the Iron Mike Conference Center in Fort Bragg, NC. The company will be exhibiting at booth #411 where show attendees can see the MAWL®-DA (Modular Advanced Weapon Laser – Direct Action) high-powered VIS and near infrared laser pointer and illuminator for individual weapons, the GLARE RECOIL® series of Ocular Interruption lasers for Hail and Warning, the IZLID® series of IR and SWIR pointers and illuminators, and the BOARS®-M2 modular optic and accessory rail for the M2 series. They will also be displaying their full catalog of Flash Suppression Solutions. 

We’re just here to help good people shoot bad people in the face, at night. It’s something we strongly believe in.

To schedule a meeting with the B.E. Meyers & Co. Team at AUSA, please contact info@bemeyers.com.


Gadsden Dynamics ALPC Enhanced Front Top

The Gadsden Dynamics has taken modular design to a new level in their ALPC (Adaptable Light Plate Carrier). It offers the end user the several unique ways to easily adapt its load carriage features to suit their needs.

Gadsden Dynamics is now offering the Enhanced Front Top. This new option allows ALPC users to change the top front portion of their front plate bag. The Standard Front Top features a slick design with just a large loop material field for patches or ID. The Enhanced Front Top adds a PALS field so the end user can add MOLLE compatible pouches.

Gadsden Dynamics seems to be constantly teaching the ALPC new tricks. Stay tuned for details on new options as they are available.

You can start building an ALPC at GadsdenDynamics.com

United States Tactical Reminds Us That Small Dogs Can Be Tactical Too

A number of tactical gear makers offer K9 lines which are, for the most part, built for large dogs. Certainly, most working dogs are larger breeds but the civilian dog owner who just wants to look cool probably accounts for far more sales. Civilian dogs come in all sizes, including extra small.

United States Tactical is now offering their K9 Mesh MOLLE Vest in size XS or what they affectionately call “Flashbang” size. The vest has all the features of the larger version including beathable mesh construction, loop covered PALS webbing, built in handle, and D-ring attachment points.

I imagine an especially angry Dachshund, thrown into a room before entry, might be a reasonably effective distraction device.


Affordable Ear Pro Tip for Unity Tactical MARK Kit Helmet Adapters

You don’t need expensive comms to make use of the Unity Tactical MARK Kit helmet adapters. They shared a photo with the Peltor RangeGuard hearing protection mounted via their adapters. They will also work with the nearly ubiquitous Howard Leight Impact Sport headsets.

Night vision still isn’t cheap but it is more affordable and more accessible than ever. This could represent a gear item that you could save some money on while building your own night vision set up.


Lunar Concepts BubbaTab

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised anymore when Lunar Concepts comes with something completely original, useful, and clever. Their new BubbaTab is a directly replacement for more DIY methods of rifle sling management that offers a lot of ease of use and speed improvements over the typical rubber band set up.

The BubbaTab is a webbing strap with a sewn in such a way that part of it acts like a tab on which a shock cord loop can be hooked. This webbing strap is wrapped onto a rifle fore end or buttstock so that the shock cord can be used to retain the sling and quickly deploy it. You can see it in action in the Instagram video below.

These are not available at the Lunar Concepts website yet but they should be soon.


FHF Gear Sportsman’s Bag – Discreet, Rifle Friendly, Duffel Bag

FHF Gear’s new Sportman’s Bag has a unique design and a ton of potential uses. If you want a bag that can carry everything you need for a carbine class, it can. If want a bag that can carry all your gear including your rifle into hunting camp, it can. If want a bag that can organize your tactical gear while looking like just a plain old duffel bag in your trunk, it can.

The Sportsman’s Bag is basically a duffel that is split in two by a fully padded rifle pocket running down the center. This pocket is accessed by a full zip across the top of the bag and includes a removable padded divider so you can carry two rifles. There are two more large zippered pockets (1 on either side of the rifle pocket) that are also accessed with top zips. These pockets are more than large enough to carry tactical gear, insulation layers, ammo, or whatever else you might need to support your adventure.

This bag is constructed more like an outdoor technical garment than what you may be used for a duffel bag. FHF Gear designed it with a bathtub bottom, built it from Spectra Centurion fabric, and sealed all the seams so it would shed weather. Then they added webbing handles that wrap around the bag for more support, a unique yoke strap that allows the bag to be carried without tipping back and forth, and finished it off with ITW metal hardware and YKK zippers.

The Sportsman’s Duffel is available in 3 sizes. You can check it out at FHFGear.com.

NOTE: FHF Gear is offering 15% off through April 27th when you use code RUNOFF15

Sneak Peek: ATS Tactical Low Profile SBR/Pistol Sling Bag

This prototype sling bag from ATS Tactical is designed to hold an SBR, AR Pistol, or similar. The exterior of the bag is devoid of any markings, patch panels, or PALS webbing. The interior is accessed via a full clamshell opened and features some organization for items such as magazines, first aid, and more.

The bag is designed to fit SBRs/pistols with side folding stocks up and barrels up to 11.5″ in length. It will also fit SBRs/pistols with sliding stocks and barrels up to 7.5″ in length.

Stay tuned for details on this bag will be available.


Arbor Arms Soft Armor

Arbor Arms is now offering a line of NIJ 0101.06 level IIIA soft armor. The line includes plate backers in 4 sizes (S – XL) and 3 sizes of side armor (6×6″, 6×8″, 7×8″).

The plate backers match SAPI plates in terms of cut. The edges for both the backers and side armor are heat sealed. The backers are sold individually and the side armor is sold in pairs.


Emdom Flex Inner Belt

Emdom’s new Flex Inner Belt is now available. Like most inner belts, it offers plenty of loop material coverage for anchoring your duty or battle belt and the low profile closure ensures that there are no hotspots under heavy load bearing belts.

The Flex Inner Belt also has a number of interesting features that you do not typically see in other inner belts. The flex derives its name from the heavy duty elastic panel sewn into the back center of the belt. This panel helps ensure a comfortable fit. The belt also features several hidden pockets for storing items like cash or keys. It also features a Trelleborg HANK patch at the center back to help prevent the belt from sliding along with other HANK and Blue Force Gear UltraCOMP panels to prevent excess wear on Velcro parts.


Add Capacity and Organization to Your Tarahumara with PocketUp

The Hill People Gear Tarahumara is a unique pack in that it is very compact (about 900 cui) but has a harness system that can support loads far heavier than you can typically stuff into that small of a pack. This makes it something of a blank canvas for users and makers to develop ways to expands its capacity.

Mel Terkla of PocketUp recently showed how their pockets can be used to expand and organize the Tarahumara pack while still providing access to all compartments. Two Handy Pockets are hung from the upper tabs and compressed by the Tarahumara’s compression straps. These are PocketUp’s 1000D Handy Pockets but any of their large Handy Pockets would fit with the same proportions. There are plenty of hardware choices that can be used to hang the pouches in this manner like ITW GrimLocs or Slick Clips.

Additionally, he has attached a Mini Pod to the bottom of the pack. The Mini Pod would attach easily to the Tarahumara’s existing lower tabs, instantly adding compressible storage for items like light insulation or shell layers. We have previously discussed the Mini Pod here: Mini Pod on JTT

You can check out the full line of PocketUp pouches and packs at PocketUp.net.

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