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How Snake Eater Tactical’s New Grid System Works

We now have some additional information on how the new patent pending Grid System from Snake Eater Tactical works. They debuted this system on their SET Plate Carrier and it has generated significant interest since then. The video below shows how the Grid holes are used in conjunction with a paracord and a cord lock to mount pouches.

Additionally, the image below shows how the system be used to stack pouches that are otherwise not made to be stackable. Shock cord is used in this image to allow for the expansion of the Rifle Mag Burro pouches.

You can check out the Rifle Plate Carrier at Snake Eater Tactical.


Mission Spec continues to expand their EOC line. Their newest release is a larger version of the EOC that will accommodate larger armor inserts.

From Mission Spec:

Mission Spec has announced the public release of the XL version of their Ultra-light weight plate carrier.  The standard version of the Essentials Only Carrier (EOC) fits Medium or Large (e,x)SAPI plates where the new XL version is designed specifically for the bigger Extra-Large armor inserts.


The EOCXL™ is fully compatible with Mission Spec Shoulder Savers mkII™ and the recently released FlankSavers™ for adding side armor protection to the system.  Users wanting more information are encouraged to watch the promo video for the standard (M/L) model located on the product information page.

The EOCXL is available for immediate order and can be customized for end user’s (individual/unit/department) specific needs. Customers seeking customization should contact Mission Spec on the website email contact form. 100% designed, tested, and manufactured in the United States, Berry Compliant, Limited Lifetime Warranty, and available in Mission Spec’s full line of available colors and patterns.


HURRICANE Hybrid Chest Rig from Direct Action

The HURRICANE Hybrid Chest Rig from Direct Action packs a ton of features and pouches but manages to fit into a surprisingly compact footprint – especially considering it is a split-front design.


The rig can hold 4 AR or AK magazines in its open top, bungee retention pouches. The mag pouches feature a system that adjusts the height of each individual pouch via strap that is accessed from inside the admin slip pockets behind each panel of the rig. There are four general purpose pouches – two silent with side release buckles and two hook/loop secured – on in front of the magazine pouches. The user can attach their own pouches via the MOLLE compatible slots located on both sides of the rig. The HURRICANE Hybrid Chest Rig may also be detached from its harness and docked to a plate carrier.

You can check out the video below to see even more features. Visit DirectActionGear.com to learn more.

SKD Tactical Introduces PIG FDT-Delta Utility Glove in Multicam

SKD Tactical has just released their FDT-Delta Utility Glove in Multicam and they are on sale for 15% for the next 40 hours or so.

I have had a pair of these for the last few weeks (I was sworn to secrecy) and they are everything I have come to expect from the FDT-Delta Utility Gloves – form fitting, comfortable, and affordable. They differ slightly in the material used on the back of the glove. Unlike the single color FDT-Delta Utility Gloves, the Multicam version have printed 3D mesh material that breaths well and has a very slight padded feel.


Features include:

  • Full touchscreen compatible forefinger and thumb
  • Fold-over finger construction to eliminate fingertip discomfort
  • Single-layer palm for tactile sensitivity
  • Bar-tacked paracord pull loop
  • Silicon printed grip on the palm
  • Elastic wrist for quick don and doff sequence
  • Genuine Multicam™ printed 3D mesh material

Check out the new FDT-Delta Utility Gloves Multicam at SKD Tactical. You can see the JTT review of the FDT-Delta Utility Gloves here and watch our Instagram feed for pics of the new gloves today.

Review: PIG FDT-Delta Utility Glove from SKD Tactical

I have owned at least one pair of every glove offered in SKD Tactical’s PIG FDT line and in the case of what is now called the FDT-Alpha, I’ve owned several. My wife even has a pair of the FDT-Charlie Gloves. I’ve worn these gloves for years and, with all that experience, I would say that the FDT-Delta Utility Glove is the best yet. It also happens to be the least expensive. Go figure.



The fit on the FDT-Delta Utility Glove is excellent. It fits extremely close to hand if you follow SKD’s sizing instructions and I have come to expect that from the FDT Gloves. They always seem to have a nice slim fit with no excess bulk.

If you hold your hand out at rest, you’ll notice that it isn’t completely flat. The fingers curve to varying degrees. Yet, most glove makers design their gloves as if your finger were straight all the time. The PIG FDT Gloves have curve designed right into them which is part of why they feel so natural on the hand.

If you look at most slip-on type mechanic’s gloves or shooting gloves, they have a bit of elastic sewn into the cuff in a zig-zag pattern with a very wide cuff. This creates a weird little skirt on your wrist that bunches up under a long sleeve or gapes open. The PIG FDT-Delta Utility Gloves take a different approach with a “triangle” gusset of stretch material sewn into the wrist of the glove. This allows the gloves to lay perfectly flat even on slim wrists. It’s basically magic.



Dexterity always sets the FDT Glove line apart and that is true of the FDT-Delta Utility Gloves too. The finger tips are designed so that there are no bulky seams on the tips. This allows you to actually feel something other than the glove chafing against your fingers when you are squeezing a trigger and provides the dexterity necessary to pick up small parts.

The pre-curved finger design also aids in dexterity. With some gloves, you feel like you are doing some kind of grip exercise when you close your hands into a fist. The gloves are sewn flat so they resist you when you try to close your hand. The PIG FDT Gloves have some natural curve already sewn in so they move very naturally with your hands.

Finally, the material on the palm side of the glove is very thin on the FDT-Deltas and all of the FDT Glove line. Unlike the rest of the line, the FDT-Delta Utility Gloves also features rubbery, silicone printing on the fingers and parts of the palm which aids in grip.


I have found the FDT Glove line to be generally about as durable as any mechanics style glove with a synthetic leather-like palm. You will eventually wear through the material – usually at the finger tips. If you need a more bomb-proof glove, you can check out the FDT-Bravo but I have always felt like I get my money’s worth out of the FDT-Alpha and FDT-Delta.


Wrap Up

I have come to prefer the FDT-Delta Utility Gloves over all other FDT Gloves and other shooting gloves in general. They fit closer through the wrist than anything I have tried. They are more comfortable and natural feeling that anything I have tried. They are light, durable, and provide excellent dexterity. They also happen to be the most affordable in the FDT Glove line. Those are wins all around.

Check out the PIG FDT-Delta Utility Gloves at SKD Tactical.

Disclosure: I was provided a pair of these gloves free of charge by SKD Tactical. I have since purchased more of them at full price.

OC Tactical 2016 Christmas Stocking

It seems like every gear maker trots out the uninspired tactical Christmas stockings at this time of year. Just add a pouch or two, some loop Velcro, and a little bit of PALS webbing… Ho hum.

OC Tactical has taken a different approach – one that is more inspired, more nostalgic, and more collectible. You may remember that last year they created a special Tiger Stripe Stocking that looked awesome. This year they are making the camo stocking an official annual Christmas tradition.


The 2016 stocking showcases one of the most iconic camo patterns of all time – Rhodesian camo. The stocking is made from reproduction fabric from Kammando Store and features a loop field on both sides.

OC Tactical is offering the 2016 Stocking at 15% off through 11/30. Use code RHODESIA at check out. Check out the OC Tactical 2016 Christmas Stocking: http://stores.octactical.com/rhodesian-camouflage-christmas-stocking/

Kinetic Concepts Tactical Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale

Kinetic Concepts Tactical isn’t playing around at this Black Friday/Cyber Monday thing. They are offering 30% site wide. That means 30% off MOLLE-Link Holsters, slick Universal AK Magazine Carriers, and more.


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