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Prototype Beaver Tail Pouch for HPG Tarahumara from Penogear

Custom gear maker, Penogear, recently showed off a prototype Beaver Tail Pouch for the Hill People Gear Tarahumara Pack. The pouch adds some internal storage volume via a large compartment with zippered openings on both sides. It also adds “beaver tail” functionality so that compressible items like rain shells may be secured between the pack and the Beaver Tail Pouch.

When you don’t need the pouch, it can be rolled up and stowed on the Tarahumara’s bottom compression cord. When you do need it, the pouch can be attached to the Tarahumara’s existing attachment points via ITW Nexus hardware and webbing clips.

You can check out Penogear on Facebook to keep up on their latest projects.

Sneak Peek: Updated RMJ Tactical Shrike

When you picture an RMJ Tactical tomahawk in your mind, there is a good chance you picture the Shrike with its distinctive, drop forged construction. We reported months ago that the Shrike was going to see some changes and would be machined from billet rather than drop forged.

RMJ recently released a first look at the new machined Shrike (below). Everything that made the Shrike great is still intact. The thin tanto spike that easily fits inside the hasp of many padlocks is still there. The wicked sharpened beard is still in place. It also looks like RMJ used lightening cuts similar to other machined tomahawks in their line to preserve the Shrike’s balance.


What Do Baby Poop and Cheetos Have in Common?

Armageddon Gear wants to help you stand out at the range. For a limited time, they are offering several of their most popular products in an interesting array of colors. Let’s put it this way… If you pick up a “No Eye Contact Banana” colored Pistol Rug, no one at your next competition will accidentally walk away with it thinking it is their own.

The image above shows the limited edition colors in the following order (top to bottom): Baby poop, Redrum, Cheetos, No eye Contact Banana, Rave, Ball Buster, Aquaholic

These colors are available on the following products: Gamechanger, XWing, Perfect Pistol Case, Top Zip Utility, Bullet bags, Kit Bags (Sm & Med), Range Utility Bags, Pistol Rugs, Chinese Cheater bag, Fat Bags, Beer Bivies and the Possibles bag

To order, add the product that you want to your cart in the color Black. Then enter your actual color choice in the order comments. The colors will be accented with black webbing/zippers etc. Lead times are 5-7 business days.

Visit ArmageddonGear.com

Artistry in Velcro – Extreme Gear Labs

Extreme Gear Labs has been making thoughtfully designed, well built gear for a long, long time. So, it shouldn’t surprise anyone when they whip up this kind of craftsmanship and detail.

No Woodland print loop Velcro? No problem… EGL just makes their own.

Sneak Peek: UW Gear GP and Bleeder Pouches

UW Gear has been working on adapting their tuck tab closure system to general purpose (GP) pouches and medical pouches for years. However, their standard products keep them knee deep in orders so progress on new pouches can be slow. Judging by some photos that UW Gear recently tried to sneak past us via their Instagram feeds, we may be closer than ever to seeing the GP and bleeder pouches join their product line.

The images above show working prototype versions of the GP and bleeder pouches mounted on a Mini Swamp-Fox chest rig. The pouches mount to 2 columns of PALS webbing and fit the footprint of the Mini Swamp-Fox perfectly. The GP pouch appears to be fairly straight forward but the bleeder pouch has some additional features worth mentioning. The bleeder pouch’s flap is marked with a medical cross and it has webbing on its side for attaching a tourniquet.


Maxpedition JUHL Utility Hook

Maxpedition’s JUHL Utility Hook is designed to attach to 1″ (25mm) webbing. The JUHL (pronounced “jewel”) is small enough to stay mostly out of the way until you need it. Use it to hand gloves or earpro on your MOLLE belt or to attach keys, water bottles, or a cap to your EDC pack. They are made from durable nylon and come in packs of 4 with a $12.99 MSRP.

The JUHL Utility Hook will be available this summer. Check out Maxpedition.com to be notified when they are available.

Henry Holsters Roland Special Holster

If you are looking for a AIWB (or IWB) holster for a Roland Special, Henry Holsters can help. Their AIWB Light Bearing Holster is relieved to accommodate slide mounted red dot sights and has options to accommodate the most popular lights on the market right now. The holster is designed so that the light bezel is fully enclose but the muzzle end is open so that the holster can accommodate a brake.

Like all their AIWB holsters, these holsters feature the integral contact pad that is designed to turn the grip of the handgun in toward the wearer to enhance concealment.

Henry Holsters Roland Special Holster


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