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Act Fast: Blue Force Gear AK Sling V6

Blue Force Gear’s AK slings are always awesome and they never last long. If you aren’t familiar with these, they are functionally identical to standard Vickers slings but they feature details that make them reminiscent of vintage surplus AK slings. The result is a blend of function and form that looks great on any AK.

The V6 is Ranger Green and has a whole lot of Eastern Bloc appeal. It is limited to 500 units so don’t sleep on it if you want one.

Blue Force Gear AK Sling V6

It’s Christmas in July at Chase Tactical

Christmas has come early at Chase Tactical. They are offering 20% off when you use code HOTXMAS during their Christmas in July Sale. The sale runs through 7/31.


Esstac Introduces Esstac Primed – Get Your KYWIs Fast!

Patience is a virtue but Esstac Primed requires very little patience (and no virtue), because everything in the Esstac Primed section of their website ships the next day. You no longer have to wait for several of Esstac’s most popular pouches to be produced. This includes a selection of the popular KYWI series of magazine pouches for pistols and rifles along with other items like armor, swag, and more.

Check out Esstac Primed.

GWA Citadel Gen.1

Gear Whores Anonymous (GWA) is now offering their first pack via NextGen Warfighter. The Citadel Gen.1 is a pretty ambitious design. It attempts to serve the travel, EDC, and tactical markets all in one go.

Here is what GWA has to say about the Citadel Gen.1…

The Citadel has been a bag 7 years in the making with every detail painstakingly prototyped & fielded in order to ensure maximum functionality. All this over a 2 year period that has covered over 20,000 miles of road & air travel. Throughout the years we have used dozens of bags while never encountering one perfect design that incorporated everything we wanted in a bag. The Citadel combines all of our favorite & must have features into one bag. This making it our perfect EDC, travel & tactical use pack.

Key Features:
-Main Zip Compartment Velcro® Lined For Tearaway Pouches
-Main Zip Compartment Front Has 2 Zip Pockets, 1 Pleated For Expansion
-2nd Zip Rear Compartment Suited For Documents & Has Padded Laptop Slot
-Water Bottle / Dump Pocket, Expandable (Fits Up To 40oz Bottles)
-2×3 MOLLE / PALS webbing
-Ambidextrous Side Handles For Easing Donning Off / Briefcase Carry
-Padded Top Drag / Carry Handle
-Reverse Type Zippers To Prevent Snagging
-Excess Strap Elastic Keepers
-Exterior Zip Pockets Feature 3 Organizer Pockets
-Adjustable Sternum Strap
-Compression Straps Also Allows Bag To Be Half Open
-Shoulder Straps, Skin Side Features Tweave Fabric For Ultimate Comfort
-3″ x 11″ VELCRO® Field For Patches
-Closed Cell Foam Padded Back w/ Mesh
-Personal Item Carry-on Compliant (almost full-ish)
-Carryon compliant (fully packed)

-1000 Denier INVISTA CORDURA® Nylon (Body)
-420 Denier Pack Cloth (Liner)
-Tweave Durastretch (Bottle Pocket, Front Panel, Shoulder Straps)
-#8 YKK Zipper Coil & Sliders, Reverse Type
-1″ Mil-W-17337 Webbing
-1″ Mil-T-5038 Binding Tape
-Premium Closed Cell Foam (More Heat & Water Resistant)
-Milspec Acetal Hardware, Buckles, Sliders, D-Rings
-Reinforced Bartack Stitching Where Required

-2.2lbs (Empty)
-19″ Length x 11″ Width x 7″ Depth (Overall)
-19″ Length x 11″ Width x 5.5″ Depth (Main Compartment)
-19″ Length x 11″ Width x 1.5″ Depth (Rear Laptop / Document Compartment)
-9.5″ Length x 11″ Width (Interior Front Face Zip Pocket, Top)
-9.5″ Length x 11″ Width (Interior Front Face Zip Pocket, Bottom, Expandable)
-8.5″ Length x 11″ Width (Exterior Top Zip Pocket)
-10.5″ Length x 11″ Width (Exterior Bottom Zip Pocket, Expandable)

-Concepted / Designed / Manufactured in the USA w/ USA Materials

Check out the Citadel Gen.1 at NextGen Warfighter.

Review: TacPack July 2017

The July 2017 TacPack has arrived at JTT HQ. I’m just going to say this up front. This is the best one yet. It is full from top to bottom and front to back with stuff I will use. Let’s look inside.

Hopefully you are familiar with the concept of TacPack by now. If not, you can read the reviews of the previous TacPacks for some background on this subscription box.

BreakThrough Clean Kit – I don’t really spend a lot of time cleaning guns but everyone has to grudgingly clean once in a while (I’ll never understand you weirdos who like cleaning guns). If you have a gun, you can use this. It comes with solvent, oil, 2 packets of grease, a doubled ended nylon AP brush, and a microfiber towel (which will change your life if you haven’t used one before). I’ve generally been happy with BreakThrough clean products and I especially like that they are pretty much odorless. This is a useful addition.

EZ Accuracy Gas Block Dimple Tool – Most AR-15 manufacturers offer low profile gas blocks as an option but the majority of them still don’t dimple the barrel as a reference for gas block alignment. This product solves that problem. You back out one screw in your gas block and replace it with the special hollow screw provided in this kit which allows you to center punch the spot to be dimpled with the included punch. The hollow screw then acts as a guide for a 1/8″ drill bit so you can quickly and easily dimple your barrel to ensure that the gas block goes back on in the exact same place should you ever need to remove it. You won’t use this every day but you’ll be glad you have it.

Fusion Climbing Runner/Sling and Locking Carabiner – The hits keep coming with this box! I don’t climb but everyone knows you can use a carabiner in about a million ways. I use them all the time in rigging for all the wood cutting I do. The included steel screw gate carabiner will be put to use right away. If you don’t climb, you may be less familiar with runners (or some people call them slings). They are basically really strong loops used for all kinds of things in climbing. I use them to girth hitch things like snatch blocks/pulleys to trees for redirecting pulls with the come-along winch I use when wood cutting. You can find all kinds of uses for items like these from tying into your tree stand to hanging a bear bag on your next overnighter.

5.11 Tactical Wharn Knife – The 5.11 Tactical value knives are actually solid little knives for the price. Knife nerds won’t get off on the AUS 8 blade steel but knife users know it as a fine grained steel that takes a refined edge easily. The ergonomics on this Mike Vellkamp design will take you by surprise. The blade moves VERY smoothly and it locks up well. This is probably the best knife to find its way into a TacPack yet.

MOAB Patch – And you thought MOAB stood for Mother of All Bombs… Nah. It’s Mother of All Bottlerockets!

I rate these boxes on the basis of whether or not I will actually use the included items. With that in mind, this is easily the best box to date. Everyone reading this right now needs gun cleaning items. Even if you don’t know it yet, carabiners and runners/slings are really handy. You can easily find room in a kit for a knife like this and I never would have known about the EZ Accuracy GBDT if it weren’t for TacPack. It is boxes like these that keep me talking about TacPack.

If you want to try TacPack, you can check them out at TacPack.com. TacPack hints that the August box will contain some Mission First Tactical gear.

Disclosure: I receive this subscription box from TacPack, free of charge, for review.

Snake Eater Tactical Tourniquet Optimized Burro

The Snake Eater Tactical (SET) Pistol Burro Magazine Pouches will carry a wide variety of items including tourniquets. However, tourniquets can be a bit of a tight squeeze so now SET has introduced a new tourniquet specific version of the Burro – The Tourniquet Pouch Burro.

The Tourniquet Pouch Burro is constructed the same way as the other Burro pouches – heavy duty elastic outer, an articulated stiffening insert, and a HANK/Hypalon liner to grip the contents – but it is slightly wider to accommodate the width of tourniquets like the CAT and SOF-T. It also has a small loop material square sewn on the front that can be used to display a medical marker.

Tourniquet Pouch Burro at SnakeEaterTactical.com

New from Gear Dynamics – Quick Adjust Sling

The new Quick Adjust Sling from Gear Dynamics features a slider of their own design that is machined from 6061-T6 aluminum with a hard anodized finish. The design allows the sling to adjust for length quickly with no loose ends.

This sling is made with mil spec webbing through out, ITW Acetal Triglides at the ends for attaching to most common sling mounts, 1″ steel welded loop for the link point between the two sling halves, and the components are double bar tacked for added strength. These weigh in at just 2.6oz or 74g and are available in 17 different colors.

Gear Dynamics is a Canadian company, so with the conversion rate to USD, this sling comes in at less than $32 at the time of this article.

Check out the Quick Adjust Sling at GearDynamics.ca.

GunfightersINC Adds CZ P-10 C

GunfightersINC is now offering their entire line of holsters including the CZ P-10 C. This includes the Ronin OWB, Kenai Chest Holster, Wraith IWB, and more. As part of their decision to include the P-10 C in their line up, the GunfightersINC crew put 2000 rounds through a sample and came away impressed. It’s refreshing to see that kind of vetting from a holster maker.

You Won’t Believe What These Shooting Bags Can Do – Reasor Precision and Armageddon Gear CLUTCH Shooting Bag System

Reasor Precision and Armageddon Gear have teamed up again to design and produce the CLUTCH Shooting Bag System. The system consists of two bags that may be used separately as a front and rear bag or combined into a bag that can actually “clutch” onto a variety of surfaces and props like spotting scopes, barricades, and other objects likely to be encountered at matches. The bag is even designed to work within the requirements of certain matches. You can see a variety of ways that the CLUTCH System may be used in the images below.

The following is what Armageddon Gear has to say about the CLUTCH:

Introducing the newest bag developed by Reasor Precision and Armageddon Gear to serve multiple roles from the front to the back of the rifle. While the origins for this concept stem from the functionality of the Gamechanger, the Clutch is a versatile solution that provides grasping front support and traditional rear bag duties all in an effort to enhance the ability of marksmen. Folks have asked, ‘What are you going to do at matches where you are only permitted to use one bag?’ This bag of tricks is our answer and the definition above resonates. Two is one and one is too traditional. The Clutch was thoughtfully developed based on the requirements set forth by match directors of the sniper-ruck style competitions where gear is limited. The bag can be split so that each competitor from a two-man team carries one half of the bag, which can then be used conventionally or combined for those challenging props where neutral pressure and free recoil prevail. Each side of the Clutch is different, one is a wedge-style and the other is a rectangle, but both have been designed with proven materials to perform the functions that marksmen demand. This is not a substitute, this is a solution.

You can check out the CLUTCH Shooting Bag System at Armageddon Gear.

Spiritus Systems to Introduce Expander Wings for Micro Fight Chest Rig

Spiritus Systems’s little chest rig that could, the Micro Fight Chest Rig, is about to learn some new tricks. They will be introducing Expander Wings to further increase the modularity and versatility of the Micro Fight.

The Expander Wings secure to the rig via large Velcro wings that attach to the back of the Micro Fight Chest Rig. The lat straps can then be routed through webbing on the Expander Wings to ensure a secure connection. The Expander Wings have an open top pouch design with shock cord retainers that will allow the user to carry radios, tourniquets, water bottles, and more.

Look for the Expander Wings to be released soon at dealers and at SpiritusSystems.com.

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