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FragTuf Enhanced Shotgun Cards from D-Rmor Gear

Shotgun cards typically have elastic loops for retaining the shells. This works well unless the elastic starts to stretch out a bit. D-Rmor Gear’s new FragTuf Enhanced Shotgun Cards replace the elastic with MIL-A-A-55301 IR/Berry compliant webbing.

The FragTuf Enhanced Shotgun Cards also feature a hook material backing so they can be mounted in a variety of locations including on the shotgun itself. They have a hank pull tab to make it easier for the user to peel the card from the loop surface. Like most things that D-Rmor Gear makes, the critical seams are dual-stitched mil-spec Nylon and mil-spec Kevlar thread.

Check out the D-Rmor Gear website for more details: D-Rmor Gear.

Modular Holster System from Regular Guy Tactical

Regular Guy Tactical has opened pre-orders for their new Modular Holster System. To say that launching an injection molded item as your first product is ambitious would be an understatement but this holster has more than enough clever features to merit taking a look.

The Modular Holster System can be worn as an AIWB holster with integral magazine holder. It can also be worn with just the holster in AIWB, IWB, or OWB configurations. When worn in the AIWB with mag holder configuration, the holster and mag holder are both adjustable for height and cant. Both the magazine holder and holster are mounted to a wide curved plate that spreads the pressure of the holster over a wide area on the wearer’s body for comfort.

The holster is tensioned with o-rings. This very clever feature makes it easy to adjust the tension by adding, removing, or swapping o-rings and there is no hardware that requires thread-locking compound just to maintain your desired tension.

Finally, this holster should benefit from the process of injection molding. It has a smooth outer profile and won’t have some the issues with breakage from flexing that similar kydex holsters can exhibit between the holster body and magazine pouch. Regular Guy Tactical has even taken the time to design countersunk screws into the mold so that they can never contact your handgun. This isn’t just a kydex holster that has been shoved into an injection molder. They really seem to be leveraging the advantages of the technology to improve their product.

The Modular Holster System is available for the Glock 17, 19, 45, and similar sized Glocks along with the Sig P320.

Check out RegularGuyTactical.com.

Mission Spec Releases XL Version of the EC2 Plate Carrier

Mission Spec has released the EC2-XL™, the larger version of the standard Essentials Carrier 2.  As the name implies this carrier is designed specifically for XL sized (e,x)SAPI (or like) armor plates (not included).

Just like the standard sized version, the EC2-XL includes native support for industry standard chest rigs (with the addition of 2 QASM buckles), dual tourniquet holders, dual pen/chem-light/medical gloves storage, cable and hydration routing options, rear pack hangers, and simulated PALS sewn into the semi-elastic side straps for extra MOLLE pouch support. Excluding armor, the EC2-XL weighs 29 ounces and is constructed from 1000D CORDURA (500D for MultiCam; Black, Arid, Tropic).

Note: The above video was produced with a standard sized EC2.

The EC2-XL is fully compatible with other Mission Spec products such as ShoulderSavers™ (all versions), FlankSavers™, and MagRack5™. Inserted armor is always kept at the highest possible position inside of the plate bags due to the EC2-XL’s armor suspension system.  All armor weight bypasses the CORDURA® layer and is loaded directly onto the internal webbing structure.

Available now in the entire line of standard colors and patterns offered by Mission Spec.  Custom colors and patterns along with other customizations are possible on a case by case basis. Contact Mission Spec if needed. 100% designed, tested, and manufactured in the United States with US sourced components and Berry Compliant.


ATS Tactical Skirmish Belt

ATS Tactical knows a thing or two about “battle belts”. The idea of belt mounted fighting kit isn’t new but it went through a major resurgence a few years ago thanks in part to companies like ATS Tactical with their excellent and affordable ATS War Belt. Now they have a new belt system to show off, the ATS Skirmish Belt, and it deserves a look based on pedigree alone.

The ATS Skirmish Belt is more of a slim, modern battle belt chassis than the ATS War Belt. It is an inner/outer belt set up. The 1.5″ inner belt features full coverage loop material so it can mate with the outer belt. The 1.5″ width should allow the inner belt to work with just about any pair of pants.

The hook material lined, 1.75″ wide outer belt is made from rigid scuba webbing to allow it to bear heavy loads. The outer belt also features 2 rows of PALS webbing and a Cobra buckle.

The ATS Skirmish Belt comes with 4 keepers to further ensure that the inner and outer belt components remain locked together. It is available in Multicam, Coyote, Ranger Green, and Black.

Check out the ATS Skirmish Belt at ATSTacticalGear.com.

Hill People Gear Introduces New Color Options for Several Packs

Hill People Gear is rolling out a new color option for many of their packs. The new Elk color is reminiscent of the iconic brown color used for duck canvas work wear. It is available now in the Tarahumara and will eventually be available in the Umlindi, qui-Ya, and Original Kit Bag V2.

You can also expect to see a number of other new color options coming soon, including:

  • Recon Kit Bag in Multicam Black
  • Tarahumara, Ute, and Umlindi in Manatee (grey) with black webbing
  • Tarahumara in Multicam Tropic
  • Aston House Back Country in Black and Multicam


Chase Tactical Winter Sale

Chase Tactical doesn’t mind a little snow and cold as long as it is served up with a side of savings. They are offering 18% off when you use code ICECOLD18 through 1/22/18.


New from RE Factor Tactical: The Advanced Slickster

The Advanced Slickster Plate Carrier is a product of RE Factor Tactical and Ferro Concept’s unique partnership.  We teamed up together to create a plate carrier that fits a large number of missions sets to include high vis kinetic operations to low vis work.  
  • Ferro Concept’s tested Slickster base
  • PTT Loops on front of vest
  • Integrated Kangaroo pocket for magazines/essential equipment
  • Elastic comms wires 
  • 2 x integrated radio pouches capable of fitting up to a PRC-152 Radio
  • 4 x 6″ Zipped admin pocket capable of holding a passport or similar sized item
  • Elastic cummerbund with 4 x magazine carriers
  • Added elastic retainers to cummerbund carrier for magazine retention
  • MOLLE Laser cut back panel

A Unique Plate Carrier Setup

We opted to create a unique carrier setup after years of frustration of wearing plate carriers that were good, but not quite good enough.  This plate carrier went through extensive testing overseas with individuals actively participating in the war on terror.  We continued to develop the plate carrier based on the actual current needs of combat. 
Our goal was to set out and create the best plate carrier on the market with features that could: maintain current comms systems, carry multiple magazines, attach equipment to the back, hold standard PTT systems, hold important documents and maps, fit in both a high vis environment and a low vis environment and most importantly be worn comfortably for long periods in a multitude of environments. 

Low Profile Plate Carrier

If needed, the Advanced Slickster Plate Carrier can be stripped of it’s equipment to maintain roughly the same print as the traditional Slickster.  Our goal was to create a low profile/slick plate carrier that could adapt to fit your mission needs.  While this isn’t the most low profile system on the market it is the most low profile carrier that can still be adapted for use in high vis kinetic environments if needed.  

Tactical Plate Carrier

The Advanced Slickster can also be adapted for use as a high vis, fully tactical plate carrier.  We went through great lengths to create a system that could fully accomodate multiple comms systems.  Each edge of the vest comes with a number of elastic loops to help you route your radio/antenna wires.  In addition, we included two large radio pockets for individuals using dual comms set ups.  When not used, the second radio pocket can fit other mission essential items such as smoke, magazines, flares etc.  We included an adjustable elastic loop on the top of the radio pockets to ensure your items stay securely in place.  We also included a special cut flap on the front of the carrier that can accommodate a number of different PTTs on the market.  We also included 4 vertical MOLLE slits next to each side of the admin pocket for further PTT placement options if needed.  
Next, we optimized the cummerbund to be able to securely carry a wide variety of rifle magazines, smoke or other mission essential equipment.  In the cummerbund we added four pockets with adjustable elastic retainers that will help keep your magazines in place during periods of intense activity.  

PIG FDT Delta Utility Glove – Now Available in Multicam Black

The FDT Delta Utility Glove (my favorite of all the PIG FDT line) is now available in Multicam Black. As with most things covered with Multicam Black, they look pretty snazzy.



B.E. Meyers & Co., Inc. will be exhibiting their full line of Laser Systems and Warfighter Solutions at booth #20434 in the Law Enforcement section at the 2019 NSSF SHOT Show in Las Vegas, NV on January 22-25, 2019. The company’s Brand Ambassador Chuck Pressburg of PressCheck Consulting will be making guest appearances at their booth on Tuesday and Wednesday from 9:00am – 12:00pm, and Thursday from 1:00pm-4:00pm. Chuck, will be discussing the B.E. Meyers & Co. MAWL® (Modular Advanced Weapon Laser) series of individual weapon laser systems, and answering questions.

B.E. Meyers & Co. Brand Ambassadors Bill Blowers of Tap-Rack Tactical, and Caylen Wojcik of Kalinski Consulting will also be stopping by the company’s booth during the show. Please watch B.E. Meyers & Co.’s Facebook , Instagram, and Twitter for updates.

To schedule a meeting with the B.E. Meyers & Co. Team at SHOT Show 2019, please email info@bemeyers.com. 

About B.E. Meyers & Co., Inc.

As a 44-year family business now in its second generation of leadership, B.E. Meyers & Co. Inc. has maintained an end-user focus while continually innovating in the design and development of advanced photonic solutions.

B.E. Meyers & Co. Inc. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility located in Redmond, Washington, with all products made in the USA.


MeFak – Mission Essential First Aid Kit from Mission Spec

The Mission Essential First Aid Kit (MeFak)™ is a tear-away individual trauma pouch. Included with purchase is the MeFak pouch and base pieces along with 2 Long MALICE clips. With the rear of the pouch portion being lined with hook Velcro it can be easily ‘stuck’ to any loop surface while in use.

–          Tear-away easy access.

–          Two entry points.

–          Velcro backing.

–          1000D CORDURA®. (MultiCam; Arid, Tropic, Black 500D).

–          Berry Compliant (see: Berry Amendment USC, Title 10, Section 2533a).

–          100% U.S.A Designed, Tested, and Manufactured.

–          Limited Lifetime Warranty.

The MeFak is available now in the entire line of Mission Spec standard colors and camouflage patterns.


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