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Titan Tactical Innovations – Elastic Tourniquet Holder

Think back to what you were doing when you were 17. It probably wasn’t running your own small business with a product already placed at one of the most respected retailers in your market. That’s the story with Titan Tactical Innovations (TTI) – run by a 17 year old and already placing product at OP Tactical.

TTI’s Elastic Tourniquet Holder is designed to allow the user to attach a tourniquet holder to almost any plate carrier via the hook and loop closures commonly found on the cummerbund. This simple attachment method allows for the TQ to be placed a number of different ways. It may also be useful on the backs of some chest rigs meant to dock on a plate carrier or anywhere else you can manage to secure the holder.

The TTI Elastic Tourniquet Holder is available at OP Tactical. You can learn more about TTI at TitanTacticalInnovations.com.


Mission Spec, LLC has released the Rigit™ Kit in two new flavors.  Ranger Green and MultiCam have been added to the already available Black and Coyote lineup.

If you are unaware of the Rigit™ Kit it acts as an interface between a standard PALS grid and virtually any chest rig or panel that utilizes industry standard buckles for vertical attachment (ITW GTSR™ and DuraFlex Mojave™ patterned buckles).  Additionally, adding a stable loop base to nearly eliminate all movement of the attached piece provided your rig of choice possesses a hook Velcro backing.

100% designed, tested, and manufactured in the United States. Berry Compliant.


Armageddon Gear Hot Pocket

The name Hot Pocket has been associated with greasy meat, unidentifiable cheese-like sauce, and burns to the roof of the mouth for too long. Armageddon Gear is bringing honor back to the name, Hot Pocket, by turning it into something very useful for suppressor owners.

The Armageddon Gear Hot Pocket is a clam shell opening pouch that is lined with thermal-control material so that a hot suppressor may be placed inside of it without waiting for it to cool. Once the suppressor is stowed in the Hot Pocket, the entire package can be transported however you choose without fear of damaging other gear in a pouch or bag. The Hot Pocket can also be opened and used like an hot pad to aid in removing a hot can. Finally, it has an exterior slip pockets where you can transport your paperwork along with the suppressor.

The Hot Pocket is available in 2 sizes and a number of colors from ArmageddonGear.com

Big News from Armageddon Gear – Bungee Webbing

Armageddon Gear has been working their webbing providers for years to develop a new flat webbing with the same stretch characteristics as the bungee webbing they make in house that consisted of strands of shock cord wrapped in tubular webbing. Now, the new material is finally ready and being incorporated into Armageddon Gear’s Carbine Sling and Convertible Carbine Sling.

The new webbing lays flat rather than rolling on the user. This means the slings distribute weight more evenly, move around less, sit closer to the body, but still has the attributes of a bungee sling.

Check out the Carbine Sling and the Convertible Carbine Sling at Armageddon Gear for details. I suspect we will see all kinds of interesting applications for this webbing.

Quantico Tactical and RE Factor Tactical Announce New Partnership To Meet Equipment Demands For Government Customers

Quantico Tactical and RE Factor Tactical today announced the new availability of RE Factor Tactical products through all retail locations and government contracting vehicles belonging to Quantico Tactical.

As a leading supplier to the Department of Defense, Quantico Tactical is now able to provide innovative and specialized equipment, manufactured by RE Factor Tactical, through its well-established government purchasing programs, six nationwide retail locations and website. RE Factor Tactical will greatly expand its government customer network, establishing new relationships with, developers and decision makers.

Forever changing tactics and mission requirements have established a demand for constant improvement and delivery of new equipment tailored for supporting combat operations. As a prominent developer of innovative tactical equipment, Veteran-owned RE Factor Tactical is backed by years of ongoing service within Special Operations, thoroughly understanding the needs of the community.

Convenient procurement, made possible by Quantico Tactical, allow for both companies to expedite time-sensitive purchases made by government customers, using the DLA TLS Program, GSA and DOD EMall. Through constant unit interaction, Quantico Tactical will effectively communicate customer needs for streamlined product development from RE Factor Tactical.

Retail customers wanting RE Factor Tactical products can visit one of Quantico’s Stores or website at QuanticoTactical.com. Government customers wanting more information or a quote should contact Quantico Tactical’s Government Operations at GovtOps@QuanticoTactical.com.

Crowdfund This: Hawkrigger Switch System

UK Based belt maker, Hawkrigger, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their new Switch System. Hawkrigger’s existing belts already blur the line between tactical/outdoor and casual wear. The Switch System promises to blur that line even further with its interchangeable buckles.

The belt is designed to go from hiking duty, to range duty, to office duty simply by changing the included buckles. Each belt “system” come with the belt itself and 3 buckles. The first buckle is a simple, casual slider style buckle that Hawkrigger calls an Urban Buckle. The second is Hawkrigger’s exclusive lay-flat riggers style buckle called the Smokejumper. Finally, the set includes a 38mm Cobra Buckle. The image below shows ways you might use each of these options.

There are a number of color and buckle finish options available for backers. Check out the Hawkrigger Switch System on Kickstarter.

There’s a TQ Holder for That – RE Factor Tactical

SOF-Ts, CATs, RATs… There’s a TQ holder for that. RE Factor Tactical created a video that shows the variety of tourniquet holders that they offer and the basic applications of each one.

TQ Holders at RE Factor Tactical

Spiritus Systems Micro Fight Chest Rig MK3

Spiritus Systems has taken the wraps off the latest batch of upgrades to their Micro Fight Chest Rig. The new Micro Fight Chest Rig MK3 boasts several improvements including the ability to carry more magazines while still retaining the slim design for which it is known.

MK3 Improvements:

  • Both internal pockets are now lined with loop material
  • Both internal pockets now have drain holes
  • Both internal pockets can accept magazine inserts due to the addition of loop material
  • Refined geometry for a sleeker design

The Micro Fight Chest Rig MK3s will be available this evening at SpiritusSystems.com

Wndsn XPD Distance Calculator

I highly suggest you take a look at Wndsn XPD. They currently offer a number of products including their very slick Distance Meters which are trigonometry based with no moving parts and no electronics. These cards allow the user to make use of a specific length of cord, a scale printed on the card, and an object of known size to determine distance (instructions).

This has obvious applications for outdoor pursuits but if you are a precision shooter, it probably sounds very interesting to you too. Wndsn XPD is currently developing a new version of their Distance Meter and two shooting specific tools (one is pictured below). The upcoming shooting calculator will allow the user to simply stretch a string or straight edge across scales for known size and MIL or MOA reticle reading to determine distance.

Check out Wndsn XPD

Grey Man Tactical Rigid MOLLE Panels

Grey Man Tactical’s Rigid MOLLE Panels (RIP-M) are basically exactly what their name implies – rigid, MOLLE compatible panels. The RIP-Ms are made from high strength polyethylene and come in a staggering array of sizes to be used as everything from car/truck seat back or bottom organizers, bag and case inserts, wall racks, and more.

The panels features a variety of slots and holes around the perimeter to give the end user several mounting options. They also offer a host of mounting and organization accessories like grab handles, mounting straps, cinch straps for securing large objects (like a rifle) to a panel, and tourniquet holders.

You can learn more about the Rigid MOLLE Panels at Greyman-Tactical.com. Their Instagram page offers plenty of inspiration for how the panels can be used.

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