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Spiritus Systems Accessories for the Unity Tactical CLUTCH Belt

The Unity Tactical CLUTCH Belt is designed to be versatile and it may be about to become even more versatile. Spiritus Systems is developing stackable accessories specifically for the CLUTCH including a CLASH Hook and dump pouch. Both accessories are designed to be stacked into CLUTCH cells along with items like holsters or mag pouches so that the wearer does not lose any usable space.

Industry Secrets Revealed! Become a Pro Shooter the Armageddon Gear Way…

How to become a professional shooter in 4 steps. You won’t believe step 4!!?!

Armageddon Gear’s Bucket O’ Gear is a big first step toward gearing up for a PRS match. The bucket comes stocked with a number of items that will come in handy during a match.

You just choose your options, add it to your cart, and enjoy 10% savings for buying all that gear at once. Check out the Bucket O’ Gear at Armageddon Gear.

Limited Run Teal and Grey Grid Tarahumara Packs

Sometimes brighter colors can help you blend in…

Hill People Gear’s Tarahumara is a great pack but it is typically only available in a decidedly “tactical” color palette. If you prefer something other than the usual greens, greys, and browns, check out the limited run of Tarahumara Packs in teal and grey.

SERT Take Down Case (TDC)

SERT is one of original innovators of discreet take down cases for AR-15s. Their C3 Compact Carbine Case was the case to have back in the day and it has been copied by several companies since. The C3 is still available and will be offered along side a new compact carbine case, the TDC or Take Down Case.

The new case features extensive internal organization options. It can be carried a number of ways depending on how you configure the straps (duffel carry, briefcase carry, backpack, cross shoulder). The TDC will be available in two sizes: 22″ and 28″ (shown). The 28″ model will accept a number of different carbines but it is sized to accommodate a 16″ AR-15 with Law Tactical Folding Stock Adapter.

Stay tuned for pricing and release details. SERT will unveil the new TDC at the SHOT Show.


Beez Combat Systems ECP

The new Beez Combat Systems ECP or Extreme Concealable Plate Carrier is now available to fit SAPI and ESAPI plates. Everything about this carrier has been scrutinized to make it light and concealable.

The plate pockets are constructed from 500D Cordura Nylon. The shoulder straps lay completely flat with no buckles or other hardware to increase bulk. The adjustable, 4″ wide elastic cummerbund fits close to the wearer and may be secured even further with optional security flaps (shown). Even the design of the plate pockets themselves help create a smoother transition from the edges of the plate to the upper chest of the wearer to further conceal the presence of armor.

The ECP also features a loop material field for displaying ID or other patches. It is designed for plates ranging from .75″ to 1.25″ thick and is available in multiple sizes based the size of the armor plates. Check out the ECP at BeezCombatSystems.com.

Whiskey Two-Four ACRONYM Laminate Material

Whiskey Two-Four (WTF) has been developing their own lamination processes for some time now and their new laminate material is now ready for prime time.

From WTF:

WTF’s ACRONYM™ laminate fabric is in stock and available for immediate shipping.

ACRONYM (Advanced Composite Rugged Optimized NYlon Material) fabric is comprised of two layers of 500D textured nylon fabric joined back to back with a proprietary bonding process. ACRONYM is made specifically for laser cut applications. ACRONYM is made entirely in the USA from USA made materials and is Berry compliant.

No laser cutting capability? We do that. Do you seek finished, sewn parts? We do that too. Contact us.

Visit the ACRONYM product page at the Whiskey Two-Four website to learn more.

Chase Tactical AR1000 Level III Stand Alone Rifle Plates

Chase Tactical just rolled out a new US made steel rifle plate.

The Chase Tactical AR1000 Rhino eXtreme is an all steel based Advanced Armox Steel / MIL46100 compliant product with an upgraded base coat spall liner (Rhino Extreme).  Unlike other AR500 Steel armor plates available on the market, the CT-AR1000 plate is the first to receive NIJ 0101.06 Certification and is also DEA Compliant so you can purchase with confidence.  It is designed to be a thin, low profile, economical armor solution for law enforcement and military personnel.

You can check out the spec sheet here: AR1000 Level III Stand Alone Rifle Plate Spec Sheet

Check out the plates at Chase Tactical.


After Christmas Sale at Armageddon Gear

Did you find all the Armageddon Gear you wanted under the tree this year? No? Armageddon Gear can help. You can save 15% off your entire order from now through December 31. Use code CHRISTMAS15 at checkout.



Strike Hard Gear Prototype Backpack – More Than Meets the Eye

Strike Hard Gear is working with an interesting prototype. It’s a backpack that is designed to discreetly carry a rifle but also transforms into a chest rig!

The pack is designed to hold a rifle and look relatively innocuous from the outside. The PALS webbing that can be seen on the front of the bag in chest rig mode is actually inside the bag when it is configured as a bag. This would allow the user to keep it fully configured and then just open the bag into a chest rig when necessary.

Additionally, the bag is designed such that the exterior could be a non-tactical color and the interior (which becomes the exterior in chest rig mode) could be a “tactical” color. They are also considering adding the ability to carry an armor plate.

The images shown here depict a prototype and there will likely be changes if it goes into production. Check out StrikeHardGear.com

Buy a BFG Gift Card, Get a Free Limited Edition Stocking

If you buy a Blue Force Gear gift card for $50 or more, you will receive a free limited edition camo stocking. Keep it for yourself or give it to a loved one, you win either way.

The promotion runs through Christmas. Check out the gift cards at BlueForceGear.com.

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