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Wilder Tactical Minimalist Belt Pad

Wilder Tactical’s Minimalist Belt Pad makes use of a laser-cut, proprietary 1000D Cordura nylon laminate material to offer a lot of flexibility in how you route your belt. The Minimalist Belt Pad has a series of closely spaced slots laser cut so that you can skip as many or as few slots as you need to make room for your gear. You may only need to skip a few to mount a single pistol magazine pouch or you may need to skip several to mount a holster.

The Minimalist Belt Pad can fit any belt up to 1.75″ in width. The interior is lined with neoprene non-slip material that makes the belt pad comfortable and eliminates the need for a hook/loop inner belt. It is available separately for use with your belt and as a package with a provided belt. It is also available in a variety of colors including Multicam.

Wilder Tactical Minimalist Belt Pad

Sneak Peek: Zulu Nylon Gear and Manticore Arms Collaboration Gear

Zulu Nylon Gear and Manticore Arms are introducing a new line of gear that will be available exclusively through Manticore Arms. The new line of chest rigs includes the Subgun RSCR, a subgun version of the excellent Zulu Nylon Gear RSCR complete with the RSCR’s unique pull-forward flap magazine pouches and low profile harness. The Subgun RSCR fits Colt 9mm, Uzi, MP5, Scorpion EVO, Glock extended, and similarly sized magazines (bulkier UMP and Sig MPX mags do not fit).

There will be a number of collaboration gear pieces available in the future. The Subgun RSCR is already available exclusively at ManticoreArms.com.

Gadsden Dynamics Sale – Save 10% Sitewide

Gadsden Dynamics is offering 10% off everything on their site this week when you use the code MAY10OFF at checkout. The code applies to everything on the site including their custom chest rig configuration tool.


Chase Tactical Announces Strategic Developments

We gave you a sneak peek of things to come at Chase Tactical and now we know even more. They are making major moves.

Bozeman, MT – May 7, 2018 – Chase Tactical, LLC, best known for specializing in the manufacture and distribution of high quality Tactical Nylon and Ballistic Armor to the military, special forces, and law enforcement communities, is pleased to announce several new developments designed to better serve its growing customer needs.

Strategic Growth Capital Investment

Chase Tactical is announcing a recent strategic growth capital investment from institutional investors.  The Investment provides Chase Tactical with meaningful working capital to support the needs of its existing and future dealers and customers, while also allowing the Company to pursue new growth opportunities, expand its senior management team and invest in technology to support its dealer network.  “As the tactical military and law enforcement industry continues its dynamic growth trajectory, this transaction allows us to more rapidly meet the demands and implement the innovations required to serve our military, special forces and first responder end users” said Brent Chase, Founder and CEO of Chase Tactical.  The headquarters for Chase Tactical will remain in Bozeman, Montana under the direction and leadership of Mr. Chase who will continue as CEO.

New Chase Tactical Nylon Product Line

Chase Tactical is excited to announce that it has begun manufacturing its own premium line of Chase Tactical branded nylon products.  The new product line will include Plate Carriers, Ammo Pouches, Utility Pouches, Bags and Packs and will complement the Company’s existing lines of Ballistic Armor, Disruptive Combat Pants and PIG Gloves.  Production has commenced and the new products are being made with 100% USA Made Mil-Spec Materials, IR Webbing and other premium components that customers would expect from Chase Tactical.  All nylon items will be TAA Compliant and a Berry Compliant version of most products will be offered.  There will be no changes to Chase Tactical’s Ballistic Armor line which remains 100% Made in USA and Berry Compliant.

Industry Veteran Chad Freeman Joined as Chief Operating Officer

Chase Tactical is also announcing that Chad Freeman has joined the Company as Chief Operating Officer.  Mr. Freeman is a U.S. Navy Veteran and a proud member of the UDT SEAL Association who brings over 18 years of sales, marketing, operations and product development experience to the team.  Not long after exiting the Navy, Mr. Freeman started his professional career in the private industry at BLACKHAWK! where he worked closely with and learned a wealth of knowledge from CEO Mike Noell.  After leaving BLACKHAWK!, Mr. Freeman relocated to Florida and joined Mark Llano and Randy Webb at Source One Distributors as their Director of Government & Law Enforcement Sales.  In the last 11 years he has strengthened his professional knowledge and skillset with Proforce Equipment, who was an exclusive importer and distributor of many brands including Snugpak, Multimat, Wildo, Nite Watches, Aquatabs, NDuR and Camcon; Mr. Freeman then honing his operational experience by establishing the North American operations for EKA, a Swedish manufacturer of knives since 1882.

“We are extremely excited to have Chad on board as a member of our team.  There is no doubt that Chad will be a key factor in our continued growth across all of the verticals and he will certainly strengthen relationships with our existing and future client base and business partners.” added Mr. Chase.  “I was very humbled and thrilled when Brent asked me to come onboard and be his right-hand man to help him take Chase Tactical to the next level” said Mr. Freeman.  “I am very excited and looking forward to this new role, its challenges and the opportunity to serve and provide the men and women in the Military and Law Enforcement communities with the quality equipment they need and deserve!”

About Chase Tactical

Chase Tactical, founded in 2012 and headquartered in Bozeman, MT, is a veteran owned and operated manufacturer and distributor of premium tactical products focused on the military and law enforcement markets.


Chase Tactical Launching Their Own Line of USA Made Tactical Gear

Chase Tactical just gave us a great reason to get excited. They are about to launch a new line of USA made, Berry Compliant tactical gear. The following is an excerpt from a notice that went out to their dealers:

To Our Valued Dealers,

We are pleased and excited to announce that Chase Tactical will now be manufacturing our own premium line of Chase Tactical branded nylon products.  Our new product line will include Plate Carriers, Ammo Pouches, Utility Pouches, Bags and Packs.  We will continue to offer our full line of Ballistic Armor along with PIG Gloves and Disruptive Combat Pants.  Our new line will be rolled out in phases beginning with Plate Carriers and the most popular Utility and Ammo Pouches.

We have commenced production of our nylon products and they are being made with 100% USA Made Materials, IR Webbing and other premium components our customers would expect from Chase Tactical.  All products will be TAA Compliant and we’ll also be offering a Berry Compliant version of most nylon items.  There will be no changes to our Ballistic Armor line which remains 100% Made in USA and Berry Compliant.

We anticipate that our nylon product line will available in the next 6-8 weeks.  In addition to providing new marketing materials, we will be making improvements to our dealer interface in the coming weeks including secure dealer portals and a newly redesigned website.  New members are also joining the team to better serve our dealers going forward.  We appreciate all of the support we have received from our dealers and our goal is to make this transition as seamless as possible across our entire dealer network…

Whiskey Two Four Turnkey Rig 01

Whiskey Two Four’s Turnkey Rig 01 is a straight-forward M4 magazine chest rig – an everything you need, nothing you don’t sort of chest rig. It is the first in a series of simple gear items they are creating called the “Turnkey” line. It has 5 single M4 magazine pouches on the front with an H-harness and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg even though it is made in the USA from US made materials.

Turnkey Rig 01 at WTFIdea.com

Beez Combat System BALCS SF (Security Forces) Multicam Body Armor Carrier

Beez Combat Systems popular BALCS SPEARS cut body armor carrier, the BALCS SF (Security Forces) Body Armor Carrier, is now available in Multicam. This carrier supports a wide variety of plates and has provisions to carry side plates in the outer cummerbund. It is constructed from Codura nylon with mil-spec thread and Velcro, right here in the USA.

  • Supports BALCS SPEARS cut soft body armor
  • Internal front and back hard plate pockets SAPI/ESAPI/SWIMMER/Rectangle cut
  • Velcro front and back for Name tape,ID, blood type…etc
  • Adjustable shoulders
  • Full cummerbund with integrated side plate pockets. Holds 6×6,6×8 and 7×8.
  • 4″ Elastic internal cummerbund
  • Reinforced drag handle
  • Ideal for tactical operations Law Enforcement, SWAT, Military and Contractors

Check out the BALCS SF Body Armor Carrier at BeezCombatSystems.com.

Persec Gear Zipsert

The Spiritus System Micro Fight Chest Rig is a great chest rig. It’s compact, scalable, and extremely modular… so modular in fact, other gear makers are beginning to make add-on items to support it. Persec Gear out of Canada makes a great item called the Zipsert for those who are allergic to hook and loop.

The Zipsert is a custom made insert that turns the front flap covered pockets on the Micro Fight Chassis into zipper closed pockets. The user simply tucks the Zipsert into the top of the pouch where it is secured with hook and loop. Now the pouch may be accessed with the sewn in zipper.

Check out the Zipsert at PersecGear.ca.

Edgar Sherman Design – ESD Sling

The ESD Sling, from Edgar Sherman Design, is a lightweight, adaptable 2-point sling with quick-adjust functionality like many other slings on the market. However, the ESD Sling has a few features that set it apart.

At first glance, the ESD Sling has a ladder lock slider for the quick-adjust feature that is similar to many slings. However, ESD has figured out a way to use the slider so that it operates quickly and smoothly in both directions (both tightening and loosening) while most slings with similar hardware only work well for tightening and bind when the user tries to loosen. They also attach an ITW Zipline Orbit pull that makes the slider easy to grasp.

The ESD Sling also boasts a number of attachment options. The user can spec their ESD Sling with sewn in QD swivels, HK style hooks, loose ends for adding your own hardware, or paracord loops. The paracord option allows the user to tie their sling into their rifle with any length of paracord they choose.

The design has no loose ends and can be folded into its own elastic keeper for storage. Pulling the sling allows it to deploy from its folded position to its full length in a snap.

Check out the ESD Sling at EdwardShermanDesign.com.



MIL-SPEC MONKEY CYOA (Choose Your Own Adventure) Loop Pack is now available and, as you might guess from the name, it can be configured just about however the user chooses. It boasts plenty of capacity and acres of loop material for use with hook backed organization pouches. Check out the video below to all the bells and whistles.

You can check out the CYOA Loop Pack at the MIL-SPEC MONKEY Store.

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