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TOPS Knives – Bartender Defender XL and a Look Back at 2016

TOPS Knives just rolled out their last new knife of 2016 – the Bartender Defender XL. This is a larger (but still very compact) version of their popular Bartender Defender. The new Bartender Defender XL features a comfortable skeletonized handle, a drop point blade shape, and a bottle opener in the spine of the knife.

TOPS also published a photo that shows all of the new knife models they rolled out in 2016. There were several major releases including the Vi Ax, Brakimo, CUT 4.0, and more. Along with this photo, TOPS is dropping hints about an even bigger 2017. A little birdy told me we may finally see the production version of the BOB folder. Visit booth #20401 at SHOT Show to see what’s in store from TOPS Knives.

5.45x39mm American Apparel Hoodie – Russian Roulette Clothing

If the place you are reading this from is anything like the place I am writing this from, you know its hoodie weather! Russian Roulette Clothing has introduced their 5.45 design in a new, two-sided American Apparel hoodie. Now you can represent the “poison bullet” even when its cold outside.

Check out the 5.45x39mm American Apparel Hoodie at RussianRouletteClothing.com.

Lunar Concepts SOCP Sheath

Lunar Concepts’ new Benchmade SOCP Sheath offers a lot of functionality that some users may find to be missing in the original equipment sheath. It features a slim, compact, user-configurable design that allows it to be mounted in a number of ways including with a single soft loop for IWB use or 2 soft loops for horizontal carry on the belt.

The initial offering of this sheath sold out quickly. Keep your eyes on Lunar Concepts (LCEquipped.com) to be part of the second run.

RE Factor Tactical Jedburgh Teams Shirt

You may have missed out on the limited edition RE Factor Tactical Jedburgh Teams shirt that benefited the Green Beret Foundation but you don’t have to miss out on the shirt completely. The regular version is now available. This version replaces the Green Beret Foundation logo on the sleeve with an American Flag graphic.

Check out the Jedburgh Teams Shirt at REFactorTactical.com.

New Signet Ring Model – Coming Soon Wise Men Company

Wise Men Company’s Signet Ring, a karambit-like ring attachment for the Spyderco Delica, has been generating a lot of interest. They stated from the start that other models would follow and it looks like we won’t have to wait long. The Signet Ring will be available for the Spyderco Endura/Matriarch in the near future and we have the picture to prove it!

Wise Men Company will open pre-orders for the Edura/Matriarch Signet Ring in January. In the mean time, check out the Signet Ring for the Delica at Wise Men Company.

GunfightersINC Launches New Website

GunfightersINC has a shiny new website to show off their excellent Kenai Chest Holster and other products. The new site features improved navigation and much faster load times. Check out GunfightersINC.com.

Bastion EDC Spinners

If you are one of those people who fidgets constantly or has to do something to keep their hands busy, you probably know about spinners. Every day carry items that you can fidget with have been around since the dawn of time whether its a “worry stone” or a mechanical pen.

Spinners like the new EDC Spinners from Bastion are like those items but with a dash of precision machining, premium materials, and cool guy design sensibility thrown in. They are perfectly balanced objects that are meant to spin on a bearing for a long, long time. You can spin them to your heart’s content. It sounds strange if you haven’t tried it but it can be very satisfying – like spinning a top but more hands on.

Bastion’s EDC Spinners are machined from titanium because that is how Bastion rolls… or spins. They also have textured blue G-10 inlays and rotate on a precision ceramic bearing. They are available in 2 sizes and gold or silver anodized finishes.

Check out the EDC Spinners at BastionGear.com and see their Instagram feed for video of the EDC Spinners in action.

Strike Hard Gear Prototype Backpack – More Than Meets the Eye

Strike Hard Gear is working with an interesting prototype. It’s a backpack that is designed to discreetly carry a rifle but also transforms into a chest rig!

The pack is designed to hold a rifle and look relatively innocuous from the outside. The PALS webbing that can be seen on the front of the bag in chest rig mode is actually inside the bag when it is configured as a bag. This would allow the user to keep it fully configured and then just open the bag into a chest rig when necessary.

Additionally, the bag is designed such that the exterior could be a non-tactical color and the interior (which becomes the exterior in chest rig mode) could be a “tactical” color. They are also considering adding the ability to carry an armor plate.

The images shown here depict a prototype and there will likely be changes if it goes into production. Check out StrikeHardGear.com


ESEE will begin taking orders for their new ESEE-6HM at SHOT Show in early 2017. This new ESEE-6 variant features similar modifications as those found on the other HM, or Handle Modification, knives that have already been released (ESEE-3HM and ESEE-4HM).

The deep finger choil found on the original versions of these knives has been removed in favor of a longer, more rounded handle. This design incorporates a self-guard and places the user’s hand very close to the cutting edge which is preferable for power and precision cuts at the base of the blade.

In all other aspects, this is an ESEE-6 and that is a good thing. The 6.5″ long, .188″ thick, 1095 steel blade with ESEE’s excellent heat treat is still there and if this release is anything like the ESEE-3HM and ESEE-4HM before it, the original ESEE-6 won’t go anywhere. The HM version will be offered in addition to the original.


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