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ESEE HM Series Kydex Sheaths

The HM series of knives from ESEE are similar to their staples like the ESEE3, 4, and 6 but with modified handles that allow greater control while using the knives. Previously, these knives were available only with leather pouch sheaths but ESEE has now introduced a kydex sheath option.

The new HM series kydex sheaths are currently available with the HM series knives. They may be available for purchase separately at a later date.


TD x RE Factor JedBurgh 2.0 Cover Shirt

Remember the slick Jedburgh Cover Shirt that Tactical Distributors and RE Factor Tactical collaborated on last summer? Well, it’s back and with several improvements over the original.

This cover shirt is designed with concealed carriers in mind. It features a weighted concealed pockets in the front bottom of the garment to help clear the shirt during the draw stroke. The cut of the shirt is athletic which, coupled with the stretch fabric used in the Jedburgh’s construction, allows for a full range of motion. This shirt also features pearl snaps instead of buttons so it can be opened quickly to gain access to your belt line.

Jedburgh Cover Shirt 2.0 at Tactical Distributors

Izula Sheath Upgrades from Sagewood Gear

Sagewood Gear just rolled out two new sheath upgrades for the popular ESEE Izula. The Izula comes with a molded plastic sheath that is functional and durable but has limited options for attaching it to your belt. The new Vertical Carry Belt Loop and Scout Straps work with this original sheath so you don’t have to replace it altogether.

The Izula Vertical Carry Belt Loop is designed to attach to the hard plastic Izula sheath and provide a more comfortable ride on your belt by dropping the sheath below the belt line. It is constructed from 9oz Wickett & Craig leather. It attaches to the sheath via included Chicago screws and features a fold-over, dropped belt loop with 24 DOT Mil Spec Button Fasteners.

The Izula Scout Straps attach to the Izula’s original plastic sheath and allow it to be carried horizontally on the belt – AKA Scout Carry. Scout carry often places the knife’s handle very close to the belt so Sagewood Gear has thoughtfully included spacers in the design that make the handle easier to grasp. These straps is also constructed from 9oz Wickett & Craig leather and features the same 24 DOT Mil Spec Button Fasteners.

Kit Badger: To Build A Fire

Ivan at Kit Badger just wrapped up his To Build A Fire series in which he pockets a firestarting tool and then jumps into freezing cold water before trying to start a fire. I was present for the filming of one of these videos and it was as miserable as it looks on camera.

I suggest you watch all of the videos in this series, but if you can only watch one, watch the wrap up:

The series graphically shows several lessons learned with the main one being that just because you can light a fire in ideal conditions, doesn’t mean you can light one when you actually NEED one. It also highlighted the attributes you should look for in a firestarting tool – something that requires as little dexterity as possible and buys you time.

New from Attleboro Knives – The Berlin Strike Folder

The new Berlin Strike Folder from Attleboro Knives is exactly the type of EDC knife you would expect from them. It is sleek and made from premium materials but it is also stout. The influence of the Attleboro Knife fixed blade is clear in the design of this folder.

The Berlin Strike’s blade is 3.5″ from tip to scale, has an all-around useful drop point shape, and is hollow ground. The scales are black carbon fiber over a titanium frame with a frame lock. The clip can be switch for left or right side, tip up carry.


  • Overall Length – 8 ¼ in
  • Folded length – 4 ¾ in
  • Blade Length – 3 ½ in
  • Width – 1 ¼ in
  • Blade – D2 steel, hollow grind
  • Titanium Frame
  • Black Carbon Fiber Scale
  • Ambidextrous Clip w/ added Torx TM T6 wrench
  • Frame Locking Mechanism
  • Flipper Opening Mechanism
  • Functional Jimping on the blade and finger notch

Check out the Berlin Strike at AttleboroKnives.com


Blue Force Gear to Release New Pack and You Can Help Choose the Colors

Blue Force Gear will release a new pack in their DAP line up called the Tracer. You can help decide which colors will be offered (and receive a 10% off coupon) by voting in their survey: Tracer Color Survey

The Tracer was built based on feedback from the currently available Jedburgh Pack. It is larger than the Jedburgh with more internal volume. You can see a short video preview below.

Bug Out Bag Companion: Knipex to Release 6″ CoBolt Cutters

The Knipex CoBolt Cutters article in our series, The EDC Tool Roll, continues to be one of the most viewed articles in that group. Read it here: The EDC Tool Roll: Knipex CoBolt Cutters

I guess the idea of a tool that is essentially a hand held set of compound bolt cutters is attractive to a lot of prepared citizens. Previously, the CoBolt Cutters were only available in 8″ and 10″ lengths but that is about to change. Knipex has announced that they will release a 6 1/4″ Mini CoBolt.

The Mini CoBolt Cutters will likely give up some leverage to the larger 8″ and 10″ models. It will take some testing to see if these can serve as a more compact option that are still suitable for bug out bag tasks.

Sneak Peek: Bastion PERSWAYDER

Bastion’s line of premium folding knives will grow by one very soon. The new PERSWAYDER, named for its PERsian inspired blade with plenty of SWAY, will be available to pre-order very soon. This knife sports a Ti handle and clip along with a blade ground from M390.

The PERSWAYDER will be produced once, numbered, and when they are gone… They’re gone. Look for more details soon.


Think Carbon Fiber Knives Will Pass a Metal Detector? Not So Fast!

Carbon Fiber has long been a popular choice for knifemakers who create cutting tools for non-permissive environments. It is strong and has increased cutting ability when ground to a thin edge versus other non-metallic materials like G-10 or Micarta. However, recent testing on the part of Special Circumstances and BFE Labs has shown that carbon fiber can in fact be detected.

If these sort of topics are germane to your interests, I highly suggest you read more about the testing and its implications at BFE Labs: Failure of Carbon Fiber Knives to Pass Metal Detector Screening


Sneak Peek: Bravo Concealment VP9 and VP9SK Holsters

Bravo Concealment is adding the VP9 and VP9SK to their line up of available holsters. The BCA (OWB), DOS (IWB), and Torsion (IWB) holsters will be available for both handguns.


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