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Grapple Gun Belt from Hawkrigger

Hawkrigger has been offering the Grapple Gun belt for more than a year but, unless you were watching closely, you may not have noticed the near constant improvements it has received. The Grapple’s distinctive buckle is actually in its fourth iteration. It recently received new tweaks to improve how it grips the webbing, how comfortably it wears, and some updated looks.

The webbing has also been upgraded. The original 1.5″ Grapple, the 38 Grapple, is now constructed using a double layer of US made scuba webbing. Hawkrigger has also introduced the new 45 Grapple, a 1.75″ version. It is constructed with a double layer of US made Type 13 webbing.

On top of all that, Hawkrigger also offers limited edition versions of the Grapple belts with black PVD coated hardware. These are typically offered in small runs when the hardware is available.

Check out Hawkrigger.com for more details.

WoodKnot Gear 750ml Titanium Cup with Press

Even if you aren’t a coffee snob, you’ll probably appreciate the WoodKnot Gear 750ml Titanium Cup with Press. A lot of people carry a lightweight cup to serve as their cook pot and cup when they are in the back country. A lot of those same people also carry some method of preparing coffee. The WoodKnot Gear Cup with Press can fill both of those roles!

The kit consists of 4 parts that can be mixed and matched to suit your needs: Titanium Cup, Titanium Lid with Press (the lid and press can be separated), Plastic Drinking Lid, and Mesh Stuff Sack. The total weight for everything is 10.1 ounces.

The titanium cup looks very well designed on its own. It has the three features that I consider necessary for a cup like this: graduated volume markings, ability to nest on a water bottle, and folding handles. It also has two features that are just really nice to have and harder to find on cups like this: a bail and a pour spout.

If all that isn’t interesting enough, you have the built in (removeable) French Press. Having this built in saves weight and pack space over many other ways of making coffee on the trail.


New from PocketUp – Mini Pod

PocketUp is a relatively new nylon gear company with someone you may already know at the helm. It was started by Mel Terkla and his wife Rena. Mel has been designing and building in this space for years including a long time stint as a designer and head of sales for Kifaru’s military sales division.

Their newest product will look familiar in concept to Kifaru users as Mel’s fingerprints are all over it. Their new Mini Pods are designed to be a versatile pouch that can be docked to almost any backpack with webbing on the bottom or sides.

The pouch features a 1000D Cordura top available in a number of colors. The skirt of the pouch is 40D pack clothe and is closed with a roll top. The Mini Pods have two compression straps that serve to both compress the contents and attach the pouch to your main pack. One side of the straps have a G-Hook and the other has a G-Loc. This strap and hook combination provides a lot flexibility in how the Mini Pod can be attached to a host pack.

Check out the Mini Pod and the full line of packs and pockets at PocketUp.net.

Deal at Armageddon Gear

Armageddon Gear’s Zip Top Utility Pouches are one of the handiest items they make. They are great as tool bags, organizers, ammo bags, first aid kits, and more.

The Zip Top Utility Pouch features two grab handles, a large zippered main compartment, and two zippered side pockets for smaller items. The pouch measures 11″ L x 5″ W x 4.5″ H and is made in the USA from 500D Cordura.

Normally, these cost $40 but if you are okay with Tan, you can get them for $20 right now: ArmageddonGear.com

Review: Armory Plastics Mora Companion Sheath

If you have been reading JTT for a while, you know that I like Mora knives. The Mora Companion in particular finds its way onto my belt or into my packs more often than other models. I actually don’t mind the regular plastic sheaths that Morakniv includes with these knives but there are times that I need some extra retention and a way to position the sheath some way other than perfectly vertical which lead me to the Armory Plastics Mora Companion sheath.

I didn’t have high hopes for this sheath. If I am being completely honest, I wondered if a molded kydex sheath this cheap can be any good. I also had doubts about the plastic clip – would it break, would it hold the angle that I set, would it have a good grip on my belt?

I purchased the sheath in June of 2018 and have been using it since. It has been swimming in a creek, to the top of some local peaks, bounced around in the center console of my truck, and carried during sub-zero days on snowshoes. None of those environmental factors seemed to have any effect on it. I was especially keen to see how the cold would effect the clip but it seems to have shrugged it off.

Speaking of the clip… That has become one of my favorite features of this sheath. It is lightweight and seems durable. It handles thicker belts without issue and holds on tenaciously. Best of all, it is easily rotatable without tools but its tight friction fit keeps the sheath at whatever orientation you set.

The Armory Plastics Mora Companion Sheath accepts every Mora Companion model I have tried. It fits the standard Carbon and Stainless models perfectly with no rattle and a crisp “click” when sheathing the knife. The thicker Companion HD knives fit very well too (this is what I usually carry) but the “click” is a bit more mushy.

The bottom line is that I have spent a lot more on sheaths that I don’t use nearly a much as this one. It is functional, affordable, and works with several of my Mora knives. I would buy it again in a heartbeat.

Armory Plastics offers these sheaths direct from their website in a TON of different colors: ArmoryPlastics.com

I purchased my sheath on Amazon where they only have black and orange available but at a much lower price: Mora Companion Sheath on Amazon

Henry Holsters OCD – Now Available

If you happened to bump into Andrew Henry of Henry Holsters on the floor of the SHOT Show, you may have walked away with one of his nifty kydex hand sanitizer holders – the OCD (or On-demand Cleanliness Dispenser). If you weren’t at the show or never saw Andrew, I have good news. Henry Holsters is now selling them due to popular demand.

Get yours at HenryHolsters.com. While you are there, you can check out their new website and holster options.

Blue Force Gear Tracer Pack in Woodland Camo

Feast your eyes on this…

Blue Force Gear has released a limited quantity of these Woodland Camo Tracer Packs and they are available to order right now. If you know anything about these limited releases from Blue Force Gear, you know they tend to go quickly.


New from Lynx Defense – Goby IFAK

Lynx Defense has released a new vehicle based IFAK. The new Goby IFAK is an 8″ x 6″ x 3″ IFAK pouch with internal elastic organization and a PALS webbing face. It comes with a universal headrest mount that allows the pouch to be mounted on most vehicle headrests. The pouch portion of the Goby is affixed to the mount via hook and loop so that it can be quickly removed should you need to access the contents of the pouch or hand it off to someone.

Check out LynxDefense.com.

Wilde Custom Gear Shamrock Patches

Saint Patrick’s Day will be here before you know it. Get your gear ready with a Shamrock Laser Cut Morale Patch from Wilde Customer Gear. These patches are laser cut from 1000D Cordua and backed with hook material. They are available in 9 different camo patterns!


Zulu Bravo Kydex Dart

Zulu Bravo Kydex just rolled out the newest addition to their line of non-metallic defensive tools – the Dart. This compact tool has a push dagger-like shape and is ground from G-10. The geometry of the blade hints at is purpose as more of a puncturing device than a slashing device.

The Dart isn’t available on the Zulu Bravo website yet but it will be shortly. It is expected to retail around $75.


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