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RE Factor Tactical Controlled Aggression Shirt

RE Factor Tactical’s latest limited edition t-shirt is now available. The Controlled Aggression shirt is printed on a cotton/poly blend baseball style shirt. The shirt is made in the good old USA.


The Hidden Woodsman Laplander Saw MOLLE Sheath

What happens when you take classic bushcraft gear and craft it with mil-spec materials, construction methods, and color palette? Well, you end up with something like The Hidden Woodsman.

Their Laplander Saw MOLLE Sheath is designed around the dimensions of the popular and useful Bahco Laplander folding saw. The pouch will also fit other saws of similar size. As the name implies, the sheath is MOLLE compatible.The MOLLE backing can also be set up as a belt loop.

It is constructed with a 1000D (solid colors) or 500D Cordura (camo option) nylon outer layer and a 500D liner so it is going to take you a couple of lifetimes to wear it out. The sheath is closed via an adjustable side release buckle. It is very deep with a full coverage flap to retain the saw.

Check out the Laplander Saw MOLLE Sheath at The Hidden Woodsman.

Flatpack Pull Tab

The PHLster Flatpack has proven to be a tourniquet carrier capable of being configured a ton of different ways. It can be worn on belts or straps, used with adhesive Velcro for attaching to loop fields, attached to PALS webbing, and people are still finding new ways to configure it. One of the more recent and clever configurations I’ve seen to use the soft loop as a pull tab which allows the user to retrieve the TQ from a deep pouch quickly.

American Steel Works Scribes

American Steel Works takes innocuous, broad, hand filling, chisel tip Sharpies and replaces their innards with stainless steel scribe tip. The tip can be used to scratch your name into your belongings for identification, break glass in an emergency, or… in other ways.

Check out the American Steel Worx Scribes.

Blue Force Gear ULTRAcomp Pocket Holster

The ULTRAcomp Pocket Holster is one of a number of new products that Blue Force Gear is exhibiting at SHOT Show this year. The properties of Blue Force Gear’s proprietary ULTRAcomp material, from which the new holster is manufactured, make it very well suited for this application.

A good pocket holster must keep the handgun oriented for a smooth draw and stay in the pocket while releasing the handgun during the drawstroke. The BFG ULTRAcomp Pocket Holster stays in the pocket via a hooked flare that physically grabs the pocket and the rubbery texture that is integral to the ULTRAcomp material itself. ULTRAcomp is also relatively thin compared to leather or kydex and very abrasion resistant so it adds little bulk and should last a long time.

The holster will be available for a number of popular pocket guns and that list could expand before it hits the market. Stay tuned for additional information.


Shoot. Move. Communicate Shirt from RE Factor Tactical

You can learn a lot from those plastic green army men toys. RE Factor Tactical’s new Shoot. Move. Communicate Shirt will only be around for a limited time but the lesson it teaches is timeless.

Shoot. Move. Communicate Shirt at RE Factor Tactical

Black Rhino Concealment and the Road Rash Test

Have you ever wondered what would happen to a Black Rhino Concealment (BRC) holster if it was involved in a 70MPH motorcycle crash? It turns out that, at least in one case, the answer is… not much. This BRC TCS for the Glock 42 went through exactly that and it still usable and the G42 stayed in the holster the entire time.


TOPS Knives SHOT Show Tease

You won’t have to wait long for the payoff on this TOPS Knives pre-SHOT Show teaser image. If you are attending the show, be sure to stop by the TOPS Knives booth to see the 2017 knives in person (#20401).


Victory First Debuts Victory Wear

No trainer has been more involved in the melding of firearm training concepts and every day carry gear, especially as it pertains to carbines, than Matt Jacques. That is a good reason to be excited about what will come out of Victory Wear.

Victory First officially announced today the creation of its lifestyle brand, Victory Wear.  Victory Wear, a Division of Victory First will produce lifestyle and apparel items that resonate with the “everyday carry” community.

The debut offerings feature attractive graphics on a variety of American-made T-shirts, decals, and PVC patches.  The theme of all Victory Wear products focuses on mindset and preparedness to protect family, hearth, and home.  If you carry a concealed pistol daily, or keep a carbine handy in your vehicle or around the house, Victory Wear is a brand designed for your the way you live your life.

Although some of the themes will be staples within the brand, most will be limited runs.  While the initial run is fairly focused, there are over a dozen different themes slated for release before Independence Day.

“There are some great lifestyle brands in this industry, but most have a very pronounced military-feel to their products.  As a former Marine, I love those brands, but not everyone who carries a gun is a veteran.  We created Victory Wear to reflect the values and mindset of the everyday American who carries a gun to protect himself and the people he cares most about,” said Matt ‘Jake’ Jacques, owner of Victory First and Victory Wear.  “If you take on the responsibility of carrying a gun every day, you’ll ‘get’ our products.  They are a reflection of that mental and emotional commitment.”

Victory Wear products are available for purchase at https://victory-wear.com, and you can check them out on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/VictoryWearables/  and on Instagram @ VictoryWearables

Limited Run Teal and Grey Grid Tarahumara Packs

Sometimes brighter colors can help you blend in…

Hill People Gear’s Tarahumara is a great pack but it is typically only available in a decidedly “tactical” color palette. If you prefer something other than the usual greens, greys, and browns, check out the limited run of Tarahumara Packs in teal and grey.

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