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RE Factor Tactical Tourniquet Holder

RE Factor Tactical has introduced a Tourniquet Holder with some interesting functionality. They claim that it is the first tourniquet holder that is designed to be carried either overtly or covertly.

The tourniquet holder utilizes 2 straps that can be weaved into MOLLE webbing, secured to a belt, and that hold the tourniquet (TQ) horizontally. This horizontal mounting position makes sense for placing the TQ high on the center line of the wearer when wearing it overtly. The straps are tied together so that the user needs only to pull in one place to release the TQ rather than pulling two separate straps. The straps have elastic sections that allow the RE Factor Tactical Tourniquet Holder to fit a wide variety of TQs.

The back of the RE Factor Tactical Tourniquet Holder is covered with hook material so when you need to covertly carry a TQ, you can locate the holder inside of a loop lined bag. Internal loop fields are becoming more and more common in EDC, police, and military bags.

Check it out at REFactorTactical.com.

Elzetta Low Light Tactical Training & Zombie Shoot

Elzetta Design, LLC is pleased to announce an affordable and fun opportunity to gain valuable tactical firearms training for low light conditions.  The Elzetta Low Light Tactical Training & Zombie Shoot will be held on October 27, 2012 at The American Institute of Marksmanship (AIM) in Cave City, Kentucky.  Tactics for overcoming the darkness with pistols, rifles/carbines, and shotguns will be taught by professional AIM instructors at their world-class facility.  Following the day of serious training will be a just-for-fun live-fire Zombie Shoot to hone the low-light skills learned in the classroom and on the range.  In addition to the Training & Zombie Shoot, there will be vendors, product demonstrations, and door prizes.  Special guest, History Channel’s Top Shot Champion Dustin Ellermann, will also be at the event. More information is available at www.ELZETTA.com/ZombieShoot.htm.

Zulu Nylon Gear Indy Satchel

If you are a big fan of the Indiana Jones film franchise or just a fan of cool nylon gear with classic styling, you are going to love the Indy Satchel from Zulu Nylon Gear. This new bag is a modernization of the classic WWII British MKVII gas mask bag that is the constant companion of Doctor Jones.

The exterior looks surprisingly original even though the materials are all very modern (double layer 1000D nylon and milspec hardware). The interior sports some modern organization potential in the form of a large loop field for use with hook-backed pouches. There is also a slip pocket on the interior that has a hook and loop closure and webbing loops on the back for attaching a waist strap (not included).

The Indy Satchel is a limited edition that won’t last long. It is not accessible from the main Zulu Nylon Gear website, you can click here to be taken to a special page on the Zulu Nylon Gear website.

Duffel Bag Backpack Project

Here is an interesting project. Matt Arrell of Home Combat Magazine is gathering funding for a project that would turn used military duffel bags into useful EDC backpacks. Since the bags would be made from used duffel bags, they would be tough and no two would be the same. Matt shared some of the initial drawings with me and these bags have some real potential.

You can learn more and get on board with the project at indiegogo.com.

Update: The initial drawings for what the bags will look like have been shared on the indiegogo page and there is a new video with more information.

Custom Kydex Makers Adopting the G-Code RTI Hangers

The G-Code RTI system is about as slick as it gets. It allows you to quickly and easily move kydex accessories like holsters and mag pouches from one mounting solution to another. It is an extremely adaptable and modular system that can be attached to everything from MOLLE webbing, to belts, to drop leg hangers, and everything in between. Now, the RTI Hangers appears to be enjoying some level of standardization as it has been adopted by 2 custom kydex benders: Off the Grid Concepts LLC and Fury Carry Solutions.

This type of standardization is very good for the consumer as it broadens the availability, cross-compatibility, and versatility of a system. I hope more companies in the industry will begin to follow this example.

Off the Grid Concepts LLC

Fury Carry Solutions


SAR Global Tool Giveaway

Spencer at SAR Global Tool was generous enough to provide some gear to give away to you Trigger Jerks. I have a Moon-Glow Micro Eclipse and 3 SAR Eclipse Signal Systems (SESS). If you are keeping track, that is 4 items which mean we will have 4 winners.

The Gear

Spencer has a gift for making gear that is extremely functional and extremely good looking. The Moon-Glow Micro Eclipse is no exception. It is a piece of function and wearable art. It looks cool around your neck and could really save your bacon. Stay tuned for a more complete review at a later date.

We have reviewed the SESS before on JTT and it is easily one of the coolest pieces of gear to cross our desk. We have 2 of the SESS/c versions and 1 SESS/b to giveaway. You guys are going to love these things.

The Rules

1st prize will be the Moon-Glow Micro Eclipse and 3 runners up will receive an SESS. We will draw 4 numbers at random to determine the 4 winners.

Comment on this post with a number between 1 and 2000. Use a working email address when you comment (we will use it to contact you). If you choose a number that has already been chosen, your entry will be discarded. One entry per person only.

This giveaway will be open until July 13th, 2012.


Comments are closed. Stand by for winners.


The winning numbers, according to Random.org, are:

  • 1258 – Closest is Rob with 1250 (1st Prize)
  • 1354 – Closest is Andrew H with 1342
  • 420 – Closest is Jay with 413
  • 1780 – Closest is Mike with 1776

TAREINCO 4th of July Sale

TAREINCO is running a sale this weekend to celebrate Independence Day. All TAREINCO gear is currently 15% off through July 5th. This includes the new T/A-Sleeve which is a feature rich sleeve for your tablet computer.

Check out the sale at TAREINCO.com.

Elzetta Custom Shop

Are you looking for a flashlight that will work even when it is completely full of water, that you can repeatedly drive nails with, and that you can engrave the name of your sweetheart on? Then look no further than Elzetta and their new Custom Shop.

From their press release…

Elzetta Design, LLC continues to lead the tactical lighting industry in versatility, configurability, and personalization and is pleased to announce the new Elzetta Custom Shop Program featuring individualized engraving of Elzetta ZFL-M60 LED Flashlights.  Customers may choose from 72 Elzetta ZFL-M60 flashlight configurations and then make their flashlight truly unique by having their name, department, badge number, slogan, or other text laser engraved into the body at the factory.  Elzetta Flashlights, like all Elzetta products, are Made in USA with a limited lifetime warranty.  More information is available at www.ELZETTA.com.

They will be offering engraving for single lights or entire batches. The fees are very reasonable and the end product looks great. Check out the Elzetta Custom Shop at Elzetta.com.

More Emerson Knives / Multitasker Tools Collaboration News

There is a lot of hype building up around the upcoming Emerson Knives/Multitasker Tools collaboration tools – the EDC and EK-1. A interesting new development emerged recently regarding a feature that “EDC” (a Swiss Army Knife type tool). The EDC will feature a 90/180 degree lock on the screw driver. This will allow the use to use it as a typical inline drive or with the handle at 90 degrees to the blade for more torque. That is pretty clever.

Combative Edge 2012 Model Knives

Combative Edge has completed a complete refresh of their line of knives for 2012. There are changes to all three models that they offer: the M1, the SR11, and the Salus.

The changes to the two folders, the M1 and SR11, are sweeping and impressive. These changes include a new framelock stabilizer, new pocket clip with more tension, an improved detent, and a locking pivot screw. Additionally, the SR11 will now come with a black G-10 scale instead of the original green micarta. Many of these changes are the result of direct input from end users.

The Salus will remain much the same with one major change. It will now be offered with a drop point blade shape instead of the original tanto.

There will be 100 M1’s, 100 SR11’s, and 200 SALUS knives so you will have to act fast. You can pre-order all of the 2012 models now from Combative Edge. You can find more information and picture on the Combative Edge Facebook page.

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