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Elzetta Custom Shop

Are you looking for a flashlight that will work even when it is completely full of water, that you can repeatedly drive nails with, and that you can engrave the name of your sweetheart on? Then look no further than Elzetta and their new Custom Shop.

From their press release…

Elzetta Design, LLC continues to lead the tactical lighting industry in versatility, configurability, and personalization and is pleased to announce the new Elzetta Custom Shop Program featuring individualized engraving of Elzetta ZFL-M60 LED Flashlights.  Customers may choose from 72 Elzetta ZFL-M60 flashlight configurations and then make their flashlight truly unique by having their name, department, badge number, slogan, or other text laser engraved into the body at the factory.  Elzetta Flashlights, like all Elzetta products, are Made in USA with a limited lifetime warranty.  More information is available at www.ELZETTA.com.

They will be offering engraving for single lights or entire batches. The fees are very reasonable and the end product looks great. Check out the Elzetta Custom Shop at Elzetta.com.

More Emerson Knives / Multitasker Tools Collaboration News

There is a lot of hype building up around the upcoming Emerson Knives/Multitasker Tools collaboration tools – the EDC and EK-1. A interesting new development emerged recently regarding a feature that “EDC” (a Swiss Army Knife type tool). The EDC will feature a 90/180 degree lock on the screw driver. This will allow the use to use it as a typical inline drive or with the handle at 90 degrees to the blade for more torque. That is pretty clever.

Combative Edge 2012 Model Knives

Combative Edge has completed a complete refresh of their line of knives for 2012. There are changes to all three models that they offer: the M1, the SR11, and the Salus.

The changes to the two folders, the M1 and SR11, are sweeping and impressive. These changes include a new framelock stabilizer, new pocket clip with more tension, an improved detent, and a locking pivot screw. Additionally, the SR11 will now come with a black G-10 scale instead of the original green micarta. Many of these changes are the result of direct input from end users.

The Salus will remain much the same with one major change. It will now be offered with a drop point blade shape instead of the original tanto.

There will be 100 M1’s, 100 SR11’s, and 200 SALUS knives so you will have to act fast. You can pre-order all of the 2012 models now from Combative Edge. You can find more information and picture on the Combative Edge Facebook page.

Battle Systems MPIL Mk1 Available Now at Special Price

Today is the day! The Battle Systems Mark Panel, Individual, Lightweight (MPIL) Mk1 is available now at a special introductory price. You can read more about them in this previous post on JTT and buy your own at BattleSystemsLLC.com.

This Multicam Mystery Ranch Crew Cab would be tough to spot without the MPIL affixed to it.

Gear Keeper Integrated Retractable Holsters

I am a big fan of dummy cording gear to myself and I am a big fan of Gear Keepers. I use their retractable lanyards to retain all kinds of important gear like a GPS unit when hiking. Their lanyards are easily the most robust and trustworthy retractable lanyards that I have used. Now, those retractable lanyards are available integrated into MOLLE pouches.

The Integrated Retractable Holsters come in three sizes: small, medium, and large. The small should work for smaller flashlights and the medium should work for larger lights, GPS devices, and maybe even a monocular. The large is designed to work with a radio. The pouches are also available in two colors, coyote brown and ACU camo.

If you have ever lost something important in the field, you will want to check out the Gear Keeper Integrated Retractable Holsters on GearKeeper.com.

Tru-Nord Compasses

The vast majority of the small compasses on the market are complete garbage. They quickly develop bubbles, break, reverse poles, and generally display all sorts of behaviors that make them impossible to trust. Tru-Nord compasses are the exact opposite. The quality of these compasses is legendary. They are far and away the best button compasses that I have ever used.

Tru-Nord’s compasses have a number of features that really set them apart. First, they are dry compasses. This means that there is no dampening fluid inside the body of the compass. It can’t leak, it can’t develop bubbles, and it won’t slow down in cold weather. Second, the bodies of the compasses are made from solid brass. They can really take a beating. Finally, they can be ordered per-compensated for the magnetic declination of your intended area of use. Say good bye to LARS and RALS.

I used to own one of the 200CB pin on models and I foolishly gave it away years ago. It could be kept pinned to a jacket or backpack strap (or chest rig, or plate carrier) and referenced easily just by glancing down. The huge brass pin was very secure it just seemed to shrug off anything the trail could throw at it. This little trip down memory lane is making me want to order a new compass!

Check out TruNord.com.

JAVRAN HiViz tacStrips

There are times when it is best to blend in and times when you need to be seen. JAVRAN’s HiViz tacStrips can help you during those times that you need to be seen.

JAVRAN’s HiViz tacStrips are available in either a hook (Velcro) backed version or a MOLLE compatible version. These two versions should give you enough flexibility to attach these highly reflective strips on just about any chest rig, plate carrier, backpack or any other piece of gear that you need to be visible from a distance. The HiViz tacStrips also come in a variety of colors.

This would be great to keep on your backpack when you hiking so that you can see your camp from a distance at night or to make yourself visible in a low light training course. There are a number of uses for something like this.

Check out the HiViz tacStrips at JAVRAN.com.

SAR Global Tool Launches New Website

SAR Global Tool, maker of the Eclipse Signal System and other cool stuff, has just launched their new website. The new site features an improved store that makes it easy to tell what is in stock and available. Check it out at SARGlobalTool.com.

Battle Systems Marker Panel, Individual, LW Mk1 Release Dates and Information

We have mentioned the Battle Systems Marker Panel, Indvidual, LW (MPIL) here before as we looked forward to its release. Now, we finally have the release dates for this lightweight, compact day/night capable marker system.

This Multicam Mystery Ranch Crew Cab would be tough to spot without the MPIL affixed to it.

The MPIL is designed to replace the legacy VIS-17 panels which are used by ground combat elements for communicating with other ground personnel or air elements. The VIS-17 panels need to be cut down and modified in order to be useful but the MPIL comes ready to work. It is already a handy 17″ x 17″ size and weighs about 1 ounce. It can be folded down to a package that is about 2.5″ x 2.5″ x .5″. There are  sides, international orange (blaze orange) and fluorescent pink, each with a color matched Velcro square in the center which allows the user to attach IR reflective markers (available as an option) for low light/no light use. The tie downs at each corner allow the MPIL to be affixed to your gear or connected to other MPIL via carabiners (National Molding Poli Binas will be available at the time of purchase).

All of this functionality makes for a versatile piece of gear for military personal or any outdoor adventurers. These panels have a place in any kit and are useful for getting found and staying found. Jon L and I are working on a full review of the MPIL.

The MPIL doesn't take up much space.

Battle Systems is initially releasing what it calls the Mk1 version on June 24th. This initial version is about 80% Berry Compliant and it features OD green tie down loops at all 4 corners. The coming Mk2 version will display changes including 100% Berry Compliance and Coyote Brown tie down loops. The best part about this Mk1 version is the special price. They will be available for only $14.99 (the Mk2 version will cost $19.99).

Check out the MPIL at Battle System’s website.


More and more bags are being made with Velcro interiors that allow the user to configure the interior to suit their needs. There are several companies making a variety of different pouches that can be attached via Velcro but very few decent Velcro backed holsters are made – especially if you want to keep a light attached to your handgun. The problem with the majority of the holsters is that they use a thin strip of webbing to retain the handgun which can lead to snagging on light, front sight, or ejection port during the draw stroke. JAVRAN makes the HALP Holster to address those shortcomings.

The HALP Holster (Hook and Loop Pistol Holster) has a 5″ wide cover (instead of the 2″ webbing used by most). This wider cover encapsulates more of the handgun, including the weapon light and front sight which should help eliminate snagging. The cover is made from 2 layers of nylon and is adjustable to fit a variety of handguns and lights. It also works with handguns with no light.

This is a better mousetrap. Check out the HALP Holster on JAVRAN.com.

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