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BFG Helium Whisper Items Available Now

Ever since the Blue Force Gear Helium Whisper review, many of you have been asking when the pouches would be available. I have good news – the Helium Whisper pouches are available now on Blue Force Gear’s website.

The selection of Helium Whisper pouches is very good right now. All of the items from the review are available and there are many new items as well, including the very slick Admin Pouch that was making waves at the SHOT Show.

Check out the full line of Helium Whisper pouches on BlueForceGear.com.



The UW GEAR Minuteman MKII with 4 mag pouches in PenCott GreenZone.

I am excited to announce that UW GEAR has partnered with Jerking the Trigger as an advertiser. UW GEAR designs their gear to be durable enough for any user but with a focus on the armed citizen. This focus has lead them to incorporate many unique features into their gear that you will not find anywhere else.

UW GEAR Minuteman MKII with 3 mag pouches in PenCott Badlands

I currently have my hands on 3 different UW GEAR items and I can attest that they make top quality gear. Not only is their gear well made, but is also well thought out. The designs stem from well defined concepts that UW GEAR is happy to share with people. In fact, that accessibility is one of the things that sets UW GEAR apart. You can have direct contact with them on the UW GEAR forum or Facebook page.

UW GEAR Bandoleer in Coyote Brown

Keep an eye on JTT for reviews of many UW GEAR items in the future. Be sure to visit UW GEAR’s website to see their growing line of gear.

Make Ready with Pat Rogers from Panteo Productions

Panteao Productions is making a name for themselves by delivering a huge and ever growing variety of tactical training from many of the most noted trainers in the industry, right into your living room. They not only provide DVDs but also offer an innovate streaming service that gives you access to the entire series of “Make Ready” training videos in HD on your computer. The newest part of the Panteao Productions Make Ready series is a Basic Carbine installment with legendary firearm instructor Pat Rogers. If that doesn’t make you stand up and take notice of what Panteo Productions is doing, I am not sure what will.

From the Panteao Productions website:

This video is a great way to start building upon your skill set in using a carbine or brushing up on your fundamentals. Pat Rogers, founder of EAG Tactical and retired Marine and Sgt in NYPD, takes you through all the steps needed towards building a solid foundation. In a one-on-one setting, Pat reviews with you the various accessories and gear available for the carbine platform. He covers weapon manipulation, trigger reset & dry firing, zero procedure, target engagement drills, shooting from intermediate and prone positions, turns, multiple target engagement, shooting on the move, and more. If you are serious about carbine use, this is a must have video.

Pat Rogers has a no BS approach to shooting, scratch that, to fighting with a gun. This should be an excellent addition to the already impressive Make Ready series.

Check out Make Ready with Pat Rogers Basic Carbine on PanteaoProductions.com.

Ameriglo Light Sticks

I was looking at Beyond Issue for something unrelated but came across the Ameriglo Light Sticks that they carry. That reminded me that I still had a handful of them that were getting to be quite old. In fact, when I dug them out, I found that they had “expired” in 2006. This seemed like a good opportunity for a test or at least some short lived glow in the dark fun for my daughters.

I opened up one of the sticks and cracked it to begin the chemical reaction that would cause it to glow. To my surprise, it glowed very brightly for several hours and then continued to glow faintly but enough to be seen from across a dark room for about 48 hours. That is pretty good for a light stick that is 6 years beyond its shelf life.

The test also reminded me how much I like the Ameriglo light stick form factor. They have a soft lashing point and a hard lashing point on the top that works very well. The large hook is designed to give way easily so the light stick can be pulled off a cord in order to be dropped somewhere. The smaller hole is for more permanent mounting. Only the military contract Cyalume sticks that I have seen have a similar system.

Visit Beyond Issue to pick up some Ameriglo Light Sticks.

Review: Blue Force Gear Dappers

Sometimes you a need a bag that has the open space to carry larger items and sometimes you need a lot of organization features to carry smaller items. Thankfully, with Blue Force Gear Dappers you don’t have to choose between wide open storage capacity and fine tuned organization. These hook and loop backed pouches can be moved easily to configure your pack exactly the way that you need it for your specific mission.

My typical Dapper layout in a BFG Skye Pack.

Blue Force Gear (BFG) has discontinued their DAP Packs this year in favor of a new direction for the DAP line in 2012. Some of the DAP packs are still available at great prices on the Blue Force Gear Last Call page). They will continue to offer the excellent Dappers that will work in any hoop and loop lined bag which are becoming more common. They have also introduced a couple of inserts that are designed to make Dappers work in just about any bag that you already own. This new approach will only add to the versatility of the Dapper line.

Blue Force Gear graciously provided me with a Wall Street Warrior Kit and Skye Pack (now discontinued) to check out. Since the pack has been discontinued, I’ll focus on several different styles of Dappers individually.

The excellent but now discontinued BFG Skye Pack

Admin Pouch Dapper

The Admin Pouch Dapper is easily my favorite pouch in the line. It has the perfect combination of small organization features and a larger storage area.

The Admin Pouch Dapper has no shortage of organizational features.

The front of the Admin Pouch Dapper has been improved for 2012. The fabric organizer loops have been replaced with the same heavy duty elastic material that is used on the Ten Speed line. The result is an organizer that can stretch to accommodate nearly any pen, flashlight, multitool, or a number of other items. There is also a small flap covered pouch on the front that can hold something as large as an Altoids tin, digital camera, compass.

Behind all of the organization features is a large zippered pouch. This pouch is large enough to hold larger and bulkier items.

The new elastic organizer is very versatile in terms of what will fit.

Mesh Pouch Dapper

The Mesh Pouch Dapper is just what it sounds like. The front of the pouch is made from heavy duty mesh which lets you see the contents. The interior back of the pouch is lined with hook material so you can add other Dappers for internal organization. The top of the pouch has a small webbing loop that makes the Mesh Pouch Dapper a great pull out type pouch that can be separated from your main pack.

The Mesh Pouch Dapper is a large pouch that can hold bulky items.

The interior of the Mesh Pouch Dapper can accept other Dappers.

I like to keep my winter hat and gloves in it since it is large enough to hold bulkier items and the mesh front allows them to dry after spending a day in the snow. If you have a BFG Skye or Overlord pack with the hook and loop lined beavertail, you can mount the Mesh Pouch Dapper to it on the outside of your pack to let wet items dry out through the mesh without getting the contents of your pack wet.

The mesh makes this Dapper great for drying items like winter hats and gloves.

Ten Speed Pistol Dapper

The Ten Speed Pistol Dapper is designed to hold pistol mags and it does that very well. However, like the rest of the Ten Speed line, it makes use of heavy duty elastic which makes it useful for holding a wide variety of items.

This versatile Dapper works for more than just handgun mags. Here it is holding a Multitasker TUBE, a large Sharpie, and 2 chemlights.

I had no problem fitting Glock 17 magazines. I could even fit Glock 21 magazines. The Ten Speed Pistol Dapper is also great for storing pens, markers, chemlights, and tools like the Multitasker TUBE.

The Ten Speed Pistol Dapper is compact enough to fit inside the Mesh Pouch Dapper. This adds some organization to an already useful pouch.

Large Laptop Sleeve Dapper

The Large Laptop Sleeve Dapper is another one of my favorite Dappers because it solves a problem for me. Backpacks that have padded laptop sleeves are great, when you are carrying a laptop. If you aren’t carrying a laptop, all of that padding is taking up useful interior space and adding weight. BFG solves that by making their laptop sleeve removable. You can simply remove it when you don’t need it.

Not carrying a laptop? The Laptop Dapper lets you remove the bulky sleeve when you don't need it.

The Large Laptop sleeve is padded all the way around. It features a large flap that secures the contents of the sleeve. My largest laptop is about 10×15 and it fits easily. The entire front and sides are covered with hook and loop so that you can add more Dappers to the exterior. I have also found that it works as a hydration pouch in a pinch.

Other Considerations

These are well made pouches as I have come to expect from Blue Force Gear. The materials are top notch and the construction is probably heavier duty than is needed for pouches that are designed to be used inside a pack, so they should last quite a long time.

It is becoming more common for packs to have interior hook and loop panels so it won’t be hard to find places that the Dappers will be useful. Makers are recognizing that hook and loop is a fairly light weight and completely customizable way to add organization to the interior of a pack. I have owned packs that have internal MOLLE webbing but that tends to be heavy and for more restrictive as to how you can layout the pouches. I hope that we will continue to see more gear makers adding internal hook and loop so that we can leverage the very complete line of organization tools that the Dappers represent.

This M4 Triple Ten Speed Dapper is being used on the front of a BCS Low Profile Plate Carrier.

Dappers aren’t just for inside a bag. I use an M4 Triple Ten Speed Dapper on the front of a low profile plate carrier that I helped design with Beez Combat Systems.


I have just scratched the surface of the Dapper line. There isn’t a more versatile or customizable organization system on the market. The Dappers are also easily the most complete line up of hook and loop organizers. With a nice selection of Dappers, you will never again have to choose between having enough space and having enough organization.

You can see the whole line of Dappers on BlueForceGear.com.

Fight and Flight Tactical

I have been following Fight and Flight Tactical for a while. I first came across Dave, owner of Fight and Flight Tactical, when I was looking for some pouches to use on the side of a Kifaru MOLLE Express pack. His Sustainment Pouches were just what I wanted. Now I have the privilege of introducing Fight and Flight Tactical as an advertising partner on JTT.

Sustainment Pouch

Since that initial experience with Dave’s gear, I have had the chance to use several other pieces of gear. Some, like the 4×4 Hybrid Patch Panel, I have reviewed on JTT. Other gear, like the Leader’s Arm Board and YUCK, will be reviewed in the near future.

4x4 Hybrid Patch Panel

Leader's Arm Board

Dave makes a wide variety of gear for everyone from military aviators, to K9 handlers, to regular folks like me. Good quality, good service, and a fair price are all things that I have come to expect from Fight and Flight Tactical. So make sure you drop in to FightandFlight.com and welcome Dave to JTT.


UW Gear Bandoleer

UW Gear has a ton of new products coming out so stay tuned for all the details. In this post, we’ll check out the new UW Gear Bandoleer.

Chest rigs are an efficient means of bearing the weight of rifle magazines for extended time periods but they aren’t necessarily best when it comes to reactionary situations since they you likely won’t have time to don the rig. UW Gear designed their bandoleer to fill the role of reactionary support gear. This isn’t a tool that is made to go looking for trouble. This is a tool for when trouble finds you.

The UW Gear Bandoleer allows you to have 3 rifle reloads at your finger tips in the blink of an eye. The user simply throws the shoulder strap over their shoulder and the UW Gear Bandoleer is ready to go. If there is enough time, the user can also secure the waist strap. Even with the waist strap secured, the bandoleer is designed to allow access to items mounted on both sides of your belt. The pouches feature the same excellent flap design as the Minuteman MKII chest rigs.

The combination of easy donning, easy access, and secure retention make this a great compliment to a truck gun. It can also be kept next to your home defense carbine so it is ready for use.

The UW Gear Bandoleer is available for the AK and for the AR. You will also want to check out the UW Gear Facebook page and their forum where you can interact directly with the owners and read more about the philosophy behind their products.

Valentine’s Day Sale at BFG – The Cure for Broken, Bleeding, and Stolen Hearts

Forget the little cards with cartoon characters and sappy puns. Forget the chalky hearts with cutesy sayings on them. Forget over priced roses or boxes of calorie rich chocolate. Blue Force Gear (BFG) knows what you really want for Valentine’s Day – killer savings on the Trauma Kit NOW! with supplies. What better way to show your undying love than a trauma kit that might actually keep you from dying?

The Trauma Kit NOW! (TKN!) pouch is designed to give you easy, instant, and well organized access to your trauma supplies. The user simply lifts the flap and pulls up which allows the entire contents to be removed from the pouch on one organized tray. It takes far less time to deploy the trauma supplies than it takes to read a description of how it works. These kits have literally saved lives.

BFG is going head first into their awesome Helium Whisper line and they need to move out their previous style of pouches which includes the excellent TKN!. The TKN! normally sells for $115 with the trauma supplies included but BFG is discounting them to just $70 when you use the code “VDAYTKN5”.

Check out the Trauma Kit NOW! on the BlueForceGear.com to get your own while they are on sale and see a full list of contents.

ITS EDC Trauma Kit

Carrying a trauma kit daily is a good idea, especially if you carry a firearm. Most people don’t carry one because they tend to be too bulky but that just isn’t the case with a new kit on the market. If you can carry a wallet, you can carry an EDC Trauma Kit from ITS Tactical.

ITS Tactical designed the EDC Trauma Kit to be extremely compact but still effective for treatment of extremity hemorrhaging. Admittedly, this isn’t a comprehensive kit (see ITS Tactical’s ETA Trauma Kit for a more complete kit) but it is designed for the specific mission of EDC (every day carry) and it contains a handful of proven items to accomplish that mission.

The kit contains QuikClot Combat Gauze LE, a SWAT-T Tourniquet which also serves as a pressure bandage, a pair of OD nitrile gloves, and a nylon pouch. All of the items are vacuum packed to keep them compact and the nylon pouch is provided to protect the packaging from being punctured. QuikClot Combat Gauze is a proven life saver and I have been very impressed with the SWAT-T Tourniquets that I have been testing.

You can find out more information about the EDC Trauma Kit on ITSTactical.com.

All Terrain Tiger

All Terrain Tiger (ATT) is a new camouflage pattern that is the result of a collaboration between Tiger Stripe Products and TRU-SPEC. It has been flying under the radar a bit during other high profile camo pattern announcements but this is one seriously slick pattern.

ATT is a modernized and more universal version of the famed Vietnam era tiger stripe patterns. The color scheme has been changed from the black and dark greens of the original to a more Multicam-esque color scheme that works across multiple environments. The overall effect is impressive and just down right cool.

Thanks to the collaboration with TRU-SPEC, ATT is going to be available on a host of uniform items. When it comes to  TRU-SPEC uniform items, you know PredatorACU.com is going to have you covered.  The photos in this post were provided by them and the TRU-SPEC ATT Tactical Response Uniform Jacket, Trousers, Combat Shirt, Combat Cap and wide brim Boonie Hat will be in stock on their site soon.

Be sure to watch the PredatorIntelligence blog for all of the latest details on ATT and other industry news.

All Terrain Tiger Stripe Catalog

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