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Sneak Peek: Uzi Stock and AK Side Rail Adapter from Precision Rifle Works LLC

This might be the coolest thing you see all day. Precision Rifle Works is developing an adapter for Uzis that allows the user to mount an AR stock and includes an AK side rail. The side rail works perfectly with RS Regulate AK optic mounts to allow a variety of optics to mounted.

The adapter currently exists only in prototype form but, once it is tested and finalized, a small production run will be produced.

Precision Rifle Works LLC


Gear Makers Take Note – New Self Quote Form from Whiskey Two Four

Whiskey Two Four offers a lot of manufacturing capability to gear makers of all sizes including custom laser cut laminate material and now it is even easier to order their materials for your business. Their new Self Quote Form allows customers to generate an estimate on laser cut laminate material anytime and anywhere.

Once you have completed the form and generated a quote, you can send a copy along with a PO to place your order.

View the form here: WTF Laser Cut Laminate Self Quote Form


Sneak Peek: Chase Tactical 5.56 MOLLE Clip Placard

Chase Tactical is developing a new placard for use with their plate carriers (and other compatible carriers). The 5.56 MOLLE Clip Placard will feature 4 single magazine pouches with bungee retention. It also has 3 pouches located across the front of the placard. The outer two pouches are set up for general use or medical items. The center pouch has internal elastic organization and opens forward to give access to smaller admin contents.

Stay tuned for information on pricing and availability.


RE Factor Tactical and Toor Knives Collaboration Knife – The Sicario

RE Factor Tactical and Toor Knives have collaborated on new knife design called the Sicario. This serialized, limited edition knife will only be available to pre-order until November 18th. The knives will then be handmade in the Toor Knives shop and shipped around the end of the year.

This limited edition collaboration between RE Factor Tactical and Toor Knives brings you one of the stabbiest knives on the market.  We set out to design a knife specifically crafted with the warfighter in mind. We are excited to offer this collaboration through Toor Knives, a Veteran owned and operated business that specializes in hand crafting some of the best knives around.  All Toor knives are hand made in their facility out of California.

We based the Sicario off a Persian Fighting Blade that offers the user both slashing and stabbing capabilities.  The 4″ blade is long enough to offer the user the ability to reach vital organs while still having a small enough blade to conceal if needed. The knife is hardened to a Rockwell hardness of 60 and is coated in H-series graphite black Cerakote. The handle is black textured dymalux giving the user ideal grip regardless of the circumstances.

All knives come with a durable kydex sheath with a 5lb draw retention.

Each knife features an individual serial number that will be given to customers based on the order in which the knife is purchased.

  • Manufacturer- Toor Knives
  • Blade Length- 4″
  • Length overall- 8″
  • Thickness – 5/32″
  • Steel – CPM154
  • Weight- 3.6 oz
  • Country of origin- USA
  • Blade Rockwell Hardness- 60

Check it out at: REFactorTactical.com

Often Overlooked Emergency Light Source

When it comes to prepping, I try to keep things practical and realistic. That means making sure that many of my “preps” are things that are already useful to me or my family instead of stacking my shelves deep with items that I will never use. That kind of attitude probably wouldn’t make for a very compelling prepper blog.

One thing that becomes apparent very quickly when you are consuming “prepper” content is that there are a number of items out there marketed specifically toward prepping or emergency preparedness. The weird thing about that is that many of these items have more mundane counterparts that you might actually use even when there isn’t a zombie hoard beating down your door.

Lighting is a great example. You can buy lights that have all manner of emergency oriented features just for when the power is out. Maybe you will actually use a big, heavy, and often poorly made rechargeable lantern with USB ports and an SOS function in your day-to-day life. I won’t…

But, I will use cordless power tools.

When it comes to modern cordless power tools, you aren’t just buying a tool. You are basically buying into an entire ecosystem of tools that share the same battery. You might only have a drill but if you go down to your local big box, you are likely to find all kinds of tools that share the batteries you already have to include flashlights, lanterns, work lights, and even USB chargers that clip onto the battery to charge other electronic devices.

These lights have a few benefits over a lot of the garbage marketed as emergency preparedness items. First, they are reasonably rugged given their intended use on job sites. Second, you are probably already using their batteries regularly so you are likely to keep them topped off and they will stay in working condition longer since you are cycling them. Third, they might be able to grow with you as battery tech continues to improve since many tools are backwards compatible. Finally, some of the lights available have pretty decent run times thanks to the solid capacity of cordless tool batteries.

Why not check out what kind of lighting options are available for the cordless tool batteries you already have instead of filling your shelves with items you’ll never use and might not even be in working condition when you do need them?

Teaser: Hill People Gear Designed Knife

Hill People Gear is teasing the potential release of a knife of their own design. This back-country traveller’s knife has very specific features included and omitted on the basis of the Hill brother’s backgrounds and experiences as outdoorsman. That is an approach to gear design that has worked out pretty well for them so far…

Here is what we know:

The knife will come with a kydex sheath that includes two snap loops. This will offer a wide variety of carry methods and it is always nice when a knife comes with a sheath that is actually functional.

Many of the design elements come from the Hill brother’s experiences in the outdoors along with some Kali training. The squared butt is specifically designed to work with a reverse grip in a nod to their edged weapon training. Much of the romance of bushcraft is exchanged for the pragmatism of modern back-country travel. The spine is NOT a squared, 90 degree spine as the Hill brothers find that feature to be more of a help than a hindrance in a cutting tool. The blade has a pronounced guard for safety. This is clearly not a “bushcraft” knife.

The handle slabs are made from G10 for toughness. Hill People Gear states that toughness will key because of the thinner section of handle material that run up into the guard area of the knife. You can also see that care has been taken to scallop the grip near the blade which can help with various grips like a pinch grip.

This knife will make use of 1/8″ thick blade stock from an undisclosed steel. It features a high saber primary grind with a 17 degree secondary edge. This is relatively thin stock compared to many knives on the market and a relatively fine edge. It is obviously made to cut.


  • 8.25″ overall
  • 3.5″ cutting edge
  • 1/8″ thick blade
  • 5/8″ thick handle
  • 17 degree final edge

There is an excellent discussion of this knife already in progress on the Hill People Gear Owners Group on Facebook. They have already discussed the included and omitted features as well as the reasoning behind those decisions at length. If you use Hill People Gear products, I highly recommend the group as there is a lot of knowledge to be gleaned there.

Stay tuned for pricing and availability.


Snake Eater Tactical IWB Mag Pouch Update

Snake Eater Tactical has updated their IWB Mag Pouch once again. This mag pouch has been through a few iterations now with the the originals being IWB only with an integral belt loop. Then the laser cut panel was added so that the loop could be routed through it to form an OWB belt loop. Now, they are receiving another update – a removable belt loop.

The removable belt loop makes the IWB Mag Pouch more user serviceable and adds PALS compatibility. If you do manage to wear out the Onewrap belt loop, it can be replaced. They even ship with an extra loop. Additionally, the removable loop means that the pouch can be mounted on PALS webbing via a MALICE Clip (or similar, not included).

I use one of these pouches almost daily with a Glock 43 and have yet to wear out the loop. The elastic pouch is ultra-thin, lightweight, and very comfortable. I believe they are the best IWB magazine pouch available (most affordable too) and it is nice to see Snake Eater Tactical continue to improve them.


Sneak Peek: Palmetto State Armory AK Pistol

Who wants to see pictures of a prototype AK pistol from Palmetto State Armory (PSA)? Me too.

Details are very sparse on the pistol itself right now but lets be honest, the real story here is that brace. It’s a folding brace that very closely mimics the classic look of AK triangle folding stocks. It appears to mount via an adapter that replaces standard stock but I can’t verify that at this time. If PSA offers this brace for sale separately, they will have a winner on their hands.

There is no exact release date for this AK pistol but PSA states that it will be on the market, “Very shortly!”


AK Master Mount Enhanced Safety Lever – Yugo Version

If you want an enhanced safety lever on a Yugo AK, take note. Your choices are extremely limited. In fact, the new and very limited Yugo version of the AK Master Mount Enhanced Safety Lever may be your only choice!

AK Master Mount has a one time run of their Enhanced Safety Levers made for Yugoslavian AKs (including under folders). The lever features tabs that make it easier to operate without changing your strong hand grip and a manual bolt hold open notch. These are extremely limited to 50 pieces and they are not on the AK Master Mount website. You will need to contact them directly to order one for $50 with $5 shipping. Email them at info@premiershootingsolutions.com or contact them through their site:


Proven Arms & Outfitters is Now Open for Business

ABERDEEN, N.C. – (November 2018)- Proven Arms & Outfitters is proud to announce their Grand Opening celebration on Saturday, November 3rd, 2018 at their locations in Tacoma, Washington, and Woodbridge, Virginia. The event falls on a weekend long Grand Opening sale, 2nd-4th of November, where customers can save 20% off storewide and up to 50% or more off of closeout items.

Proven Arms & Outfitters and ProvenOutfitters.com come after 14 years of operating as the commercial retail division of Quantico Tactical. A name that has long served the surrounding communities with the latest in firearms, gear, and apparel to military personnel, federal agencies, law enforcement, and tactical enthusiasts. After much reflection, it was decided that to serve its customers better it would be best to split the company into two separate entities, one focused on retail sales and the other on government sales.

Message from Retired Marine, Founder & CEO David Hensley

“Since my retirement, Quantico Tactical has operated its retail storefront, web sales, and government operations as one company – Quantico Tactical. Retail Stores & Web Sales are now Proven Arms & Outfitters. Proven Arms & Outfitters has the same excellent selection of weapons and gear offered by Quantico Tactical and will expand into new categories over time to better serve our customers.

Quantico Tactical will now focus solely on sales and logistics to the military, federal agencies, state/local law enforcement agencies and private security. We will maintain our same team and continue to provide exceptional customer service, value, and on-time delivery.

To all of our customers, I want to take this time to thank you for your business through the years. Whether a retail or government customer, you can Count On More™”

Proven Arms and Outfitters encourages the public to come to this great event! There will be door prizes for the first 100 customers, chances to win a rifle from Lewis Machine and Tool, a Mossberg shotgun, Surefire lights, and much more! Customers will also get free gifts, stickers, hats, patches and more from their favorite brands just for attending!   Plus, they’ll have the opportunity to purchase products at closeout and clearance prices that are so low they can’t be advertised.

Stay tuned and look forward to more exciting announcements coming from Proven Arms & Outfitters very soon!

About Proven Arms & Outfitters:

Proven Arms & Outfitters is a leading supplier of apparel, gear, and firearms to Enthusiasts, Law Enforcement, First Responders, and Military professionals. We have the PROVEN selection of products designed to help you perform at your peak. For a complete and current outfit for your weapon, build out existing kit, or gear up for your next adventure, choose us for our practical knowledge, experience, extensive selection, and exceptional customer service.

Visit one of our two Proven Arms & Outfitters locations, find us on the web at www.ProvenOutfitters.com, and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

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