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UW Gear Minuteman Chest Rig for CZ Scorpion EVO

John, head honcho of UW Gear, made himself a Minuteman Chest Rig for his CZ Scorpion EVO. You can do that kind of thing when you are the head honcho. The chest rig features UW Gear’s distinctive tuck tab closure system and the pouches are sized to accept factory mags or Manticore Arms 32 round mags.

This isn’t offered on the UW Gear website yet but it will be a standard offering eventually. Stay tuned for additional details.


Partizan Knife Sale at Bastion – Save 50% Today Only

Bastion is offering their Partizan knives at 50% off today only. The Partizan is one of my favorite every day carry knives. It is extremely slim and light with classic lines but also very stout so it blurs the line between gentleman’s knife and tactical folder.

All three variations are on sale. Each one features a slightly recurve, drop point blade ground from D2 steel. The handle options include G10 with a liner lock, sculplted carbon fiber with a titanium frame lock, and a full titanium frame lock.

Check out the Partizan at Bastion Gear.


TangoDown iO Cover for the Aimpoint™ T-2 Optic

TangoDown is pleased to announce the arrival of the iO Cover for the Aimpoint™ T-2 (iO-004). The iO-004 offers the same sleek & snug fit as the T-1 iO cover. The iO-004 offers solid caps which provide protection from lens damage. They conveniently nest together to keep them out of the way while the optic is in use. Protect your Aimpoint™ and know your expensive investment is safe under all conditions!

The iO-004 accommodates the following optics only: Aimpoint™ T-2/H-2/R-2

MSRP: $30.95

Current Color Options: Black & Flat Dark Earth

Visit: https://tangodown.com/shop/io-cover-for-aimpoint-t-2-io-004/ for more information on the iO-004.

Customer questions: sales@tangodown.com


Now Shipping: Magpul Tactile Lock-Plates for PMAGs

Magpul is now shipping their new Tactile Lock-Plates for PMAG® 10/20/30 AR/M4 GEN M3 and PMAG® AR 300 B GEN M3 magazines. These Lock-Plates feature raised ridges that can be felt by the user. This tactile approach allows for users to differentiate magazines in low/no light. The Tactile Lock-Plates are available in two versions (not including the flat ones that ship with all PMAGs).

Magpul Tactile Lock-Plates Type 1

Magpul Tactile Lock-Plates Type 2


Inexpensive Guns Aren’t Always a Bargain – Count ALL the Cost Before You Buy

A friend of mine recently asked me about a compact concealment handgun that is on sale at an internet dealer and the manufacturer is offering a rebate. The short version is that the handgun would end up costing $200 shipped (before transfer fees) and it is from a very solid manufacturer. I was initially stoked and considered purchasing one myself. That sounds like a no-brainer right?

Not so fast! The price of the handgun itself is just the beginning of what you’ll spend to bring a new handgun up to speed. This particular handgun wasn’t the bargain it appeared to be.

Count ALL the Costs

If you plan to carry the handgun, you’ll need a holster. This particular handgun has holsters available but not necessarily a wide selection and not the best designs. You can get a holster for almost any gun these days if you are happy with run of the mill quality and features. Only most popular and well vetted handguns will have the best selection of holsters.

Many handguns come with sights that should really only serve as place holders until you can install your preferred sights. There was one set of after market night sights available for this particular gun and they were half the cost of the gun itself. That isn’t a problem if you are okay with 3 dot night sights but this particular shooter has moved on from them.

Handguns typically only come with 1 or 2 magazines. Most people who train regularly, recognize the need for more than 2 magazines to make their training time more efficient. The handgun that was being considered used magazines that cost around $30. That is $5-10 more per magazine than other better known handguns in this class. That kind of price difference really adds up if you are going to purchase 4 or more magazines.

What happens when you need a new spring? Can you easily source an affordable replacement part? Can you find an aftermarket magazine release if the stock one is difficult to use? If you plan on using a weapon mounted light or laser can you find one that works with your new handgun? If holsters were hard to find for the gun without a weapon mounted light, how likely are you to find a holster for it with one? After-market support is important. These are all decisions that should be factored into what a gun is going to cost you BEFORE you buy it.

Is It Still a Bargain?

Maybe you chafe against these kinds of tyranny of the majority situations but the fact of the matter is, going against the masses when it comes to handgun choice can often end up costing you more in the long run. Even if it doesn’t cost you more, it likely isn’t the bargain that you think it is at first glance. Remember, when you buy handgun to carry, the price of the handgun itself is just the beginning.

Don’t be afraid to chase a bargain or be different but… Make sure you educate yourself as to whether you can even get what you need to make the gun work for you and what it will really cost to make it work.


Sneak Peek: NextGen Warfighter Base Strap for Apple Watches

NextGen Warfighter is currently working toward releasing a new version of their Base Strap for Apple Watches. The current Base Strap Mk2 fits a wide variety of watches but does not fit the Apple Watch series. The features for the new Apple Watch compatible version will likely remain the same as the current Base Strap though there might be the addition of a hole in the strap that would allow the Apple Watch’s heart rate monitor to function.

Stay tuned for information on features and pricing. Check out the Base Strap Mk2 at NextGen Warfighter in the mean time.


B.E. Meyers & Co. Releases the MAWL-CLAD, a New SWIR Variant of the MAWL Series

October 9, 2017 (Redmond, WA) – B.E. Meyers & Co., Inc. is proud to announce the release of a new variant of the MAWL series of weapon aiming lasers and illuminators: the MAWL-CLAD (Covert Laser Aiming Device).

The MAWL-CLAD distinguishes itself from other MAWL variants through the inclusion of a Short-wave Infrared (SWIR) laser pointer. This laser is undetectable by most common Near Infrared (NIR) night vision systems and other visual augmentation sensors, but is compatible with a variety of SWIR systems (i.e. E-COSI) currently in use with Special Operations Forces.

The MAWL-CLAD retains the NIR wavelength diodes present in other MAWL models to provide both marking and illumination for its primary “IR” function mode. This NIR system is visible with most common night vision systems and provides users with an effective aiming, illumination, and signaling solution for almost any low-light/no-light scenario. With the MAWL-CLAD, users can now seamlessly transition between a full suite of NIR aiming and illumination modes and a SWIR laser pointer for aiming or signaling when necessary, making it compatible with all current night vision systems.

The MAWL-CLAD is part of a greater MAWL (Modular Aiming Weapon Laser) system that allows operators to shoot, move and communicate effectively. Its modular head includes a SWIR option (made possible through replacement of the standard green visible laser pointer found on the MAWL-DA and MAWL-C1+) that can be used interchangeably with any existing MAWL platform. This swap can be done while leaving the main housing attached to the weapon rail.  Like the visible green laser on other MAWL models, the SWIR pointer on the MAWL-CLAD is coaligned with the NIR pointer, allowing it to be zeroed without a SWIR sensor.

“The MAWL-CLAD allows us to take advantage of the modular design aspects of the MAWL system, and lets the end-user adjust between pre-boresighted, capability specific laser modules, as needed for special mission sets” said Matt Meyers, President of B.E. Meyers & Co. Inc.  “With the increased number of SWIR sensors being fielded to Special Operations Forces, the MAWL-CLAD lets the operator choose between SWIR and NIR capability on the move, and also allows them to revert back to the VIS and NIR capability in a matter of seconds by switching to the MAWL-DA Head without detaching the main body of the laser, or losing zero.”

The MAWL-CLAD is the third variant in the MAWL family of weapon laser systems. For more information about the MAWL-DA, MAWL-C1+, and MAWL-CLAD, including product demonstrations and purchasing options, please contact the B.E. Meyers & Co. team at sales@bemeyers.com.

For more information about the MAWL-CLAD, please visit: http://www.bemeyers-mawl.us//mawl-clad.html.

B.E. Meyers & Co., Inc. (www.bemeyers.com) is an ISO 9001:2008-certified manufacturer of optoelectronic devices used in defense and law enforcement applications.  B.E. Meyers & Co. has produced various pointers and illuminators for both JTAC and UAS applications in the SWIR and NIR wavelengths for the last eleven years. The company’s core technologies include infrared and visible lasers for weapons aiming and illumination; non-lethal visual disruption green lasers for long-range hail and warning; night-vision devices; and long-range surveillance systems. Customers include all branches of the U.S. Military; Federal, State, and local law enforcement agencies; foreign defense and security organizations; and defense contractors worldwide. Established in 1974, B.E. Meyers’ business offices, engineering, and manufacturing operations are located in Redmond, Washington.


National Stop the Bleed Day #NSTBD18

National Stop the Bleeding Day (NSTDB) is a White House campaign to bring awareness and training for treating blood loss due to traumatic injury. Blood loss from traumatic injury is the most common cause of prevalent causes of preventable death in the United States. According to the statistics sited by NSTBD, 20% of these cases could have survived with immediate bleeding control.

National Stop the Bleeding day will take place on March 31, 2018. NSTBD is coordinating with instructors around the country to offer free bleeding control training. You can get involved by visiting http://www.bleedingcontrol.org/ to find a class near you. If you are an instructor that would like to hold a class, there are instructions for contacting National Stop the Bleeding Day at their website, https://www.stopthebleedday.org/.


GunfightersINC Adds Next Camo Vista with Blaze Orange Camo Option

GunfightersINC is now offering Next Camo Vista with a Blaze Orange background as a color option for their holsters. They are the first company to offer this camo pattern on kydex and it can be a great option for those who plan to use their Kenai Chest Holster while hunting.


Bargain or Just Cheap? – Victorinox Paring Knives

Welcome to Bargain or Just Cheap? This series will review budget friendly knives for a variety of uses in a short format. All of the knives will cost less than $50 (in most cases, much less) and will be purchased out of my own pocket. I’ll buy them, carry them, and use them in an attempt to determine if the knife is a bargain or just cheap.

I’ve written about Victorinox Paring Knives before so its no secret that I love them. They are marketed as kitchen knives but these dirt cheap knives are useful for everything from everyday tasks, to hunting, and even self-defense.


Handle: Polypropylene (shape and texture varies)

Blade Length: Varies

Overall Length: Varies

Weight: .9 ounce

Sheath: Not provided

Observations from Use

I own a stack of these. At around $6-8 a piece, I don’t mind keeping a stash of them on hand. I’ve been using and abusing the same 8 or 9 for at least 5 years and I have yet to break one.

I use them in the kitchen, for processing meat animals and game up to white tail deer size, for general utility tasks, for fishing, every day carry, and just about any other way you can use a knife. Are they good for batoning fire wood? No, but that doesn’t mean they are weak. You just need to be realistic with their use. At less than an ounce a piece, you can manage to carry one with a hatchet.

They are surprisingly good hunting knives and I people are often surprised to find out we use them to dress deer. Instead of worrying about sharpening your knife in the field, you just carry a handful of them. If one gets dull part way through field dressing (it probably won’t), just grab the next one. That saves time, money, and weight in your pack because a handful of these knives still weigh less than most field knives.

The biggest snag with keeping these knives as general purpose knives is finding a sheath but that is becoming easier now with the proliferation of kydex benders. Victorinox also offers a couple of cheap options that can be purchased separately. I use their BladeSafes which are are plastic blade covers that open like a clam shell and have small rubber pads inside that grip the blade when closed. They are secure enough to allow you to carry the knives in your pack safely, very affordable, and best of all… dishwasher safe. That makes cleaning blood, fur, and animal fat out of them a breeze. I also use a KSF Pocket Sheath to carry one almost every day.

Bargain or Just Cheap?

These knives are most certainly BARGAINS. They are dirt cheap but perform far beyond the low price would lead you to believe. As far as I am concerned, everyone should have a stash of them.

I will be using Amazon as the price base line for this series. All knives were purchased by me from Amazon: Victorinox Paring Knives on Amazon

Our goal is to represent knives for a variety of uses from EDC, to outdoor, to tactical knives. Do you have a favorite affordable knife? Let us know about it in the comments!


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