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Aimpoint Launches New ACRO™ Series Sight

Malmö, Sweden – June 2018 – Aimpoint, the originator and worldwide leader in red dot sighting technology, is proud to introduce their new line of red dot sights, the Aimpoint® ACRO™ (Advanced Compact Reflex Optic) Series. The unique small sight design of the Aimpoint® ACRO series electronic red-dot sight was developed for use on pistols and other weapon platforms.

For many years, end users have requested a small enclosed red dot sight to fit on handguns. Utilizing Aimpoint’s advanced sight technology, Aimpoint is proud to launch the first of its kind to the market. The Acro P-1, offers an enclosed system that is much more durable than those with open systems. It is also the only sight in its size category fully tested for shock, vibration, temperature span and other environmental stress.

The Acro P-1 optic can perform under tough conditions while adding negligible size and weight to the equipment. Tested with a minimum of 20,000 rounds on a .40 cal pistol slide, this small optic has proven itself in its size category as the leader in ruggedness and reliability.

Designed for direct integration onto pistol slides, the Aimpoint Acro P-1 sight can also be used as a backup sight for magnifying scopes, personal defense weapons, and on any system where a small red dot is applicable.

The Acro P-1 sight is a 1X (non-magnifying) parallax-free optic that features a 3.5 minute of angle (MOA) red dot for fast target acquisition. It is fully submersible to 25 meters and allows continuous operation for over 1 year on a single CR1225 battery. Dot intensity is adjusted with side push buttons.

“The development of the Acro P-1 sight sets a new standard for compact pistol mounted reflex optics,” said Aimpoint AB President Lennart Ljungfelt. “The commitment we make to our customers is to develop the highest performing red-dot sights available. The Acro P-1 optic fulfills that commitment by providing the lightest and most rugged enclosed red-dot sight in its size category on the market.”


About Aimpoint

All Aimpoint products are manufactured in Sweden, and Aimpoint AB is headquartered in Malmö, Sweden. For more information on Aimpoint or other Aimpoint products, please visit our webpage at www.aimpoint.com or contact:

PRESS CONTACT (Rest of the World)
Sabine Eriksson
Public Relations & Brand Director

PRESS CONTACT (North America)
Andrea Cerwinske
Vice President Marketing


Rhodesian Camo ALL the Things – AT Armor

We shared AT Armor’s Rhodesian Camo Paint Kit on JTT last week and it turns out, that 9 out of 10 dentists recommend it. The cavities will never see you coming.

AT Armor Rhodesian Camo Paint Kit


Black Wood USA Releases Wood PDW Stock

SEATTLE – June 12, 2018 – Black Wood USA, a company pioneering wood components for the AR-15 platform, announced today the release of a PDW stock for AR-15s that features a solid walnut butt plate. The stocks are the latest addition to Black Wood USA’s lineup of wood components for AR-15-style firearms, which also includes rail panels, trigger guards and grips.

“From the early days of our company, we knew we wanted to make a collapsible wooden stock,” commented co-founder and CEO William Mengon. “Traditionally, the only wood stocks available for AR’s are A2-style fixed stocks. Our vision was to make a stock that combined the legacy and texture of wood with modern functionality.”

To achieve the modern functionality, the company selected Strike Industries’ Viper PDW mechanism to be the stock’s foundation. The company was attracted to the Viper hardware because it doesn’t require any additional proprietary systems to function. “We wanted the stock to work with as many different rifle setups as possible,” added Mengon, “Strike’s PDW had the widest range of compatibility of all the PDW mechanism options we explored.” Despite the addition of a solid piece of the walnut, the stock weighs in at 22 oz, only a couple ounces more than Strike’s standard offering.

Like all of Black Wood USA’s components, each stock is finished and assembled by hand. The stocks are available now on the company’s website for $400.00.

For more information visit: https://www.blackwoodusa.com/products/adjustable-wood-ar-15-stock-english-walnut

About Black Wood USA:

BlackWoodUSA.com is owned and operated by U.S. Army Veterans who wanted to share their wood AR-15 components with the world. Each piece of their wood furniture is hand-finished to highlight the natural grain of the wood and all their products are 100% made in the U.S.A.


Tier 1 Citizen: The Bag Gun

Tier 1 Citizen is offering a new training course called The Bag Gun. The course details how to set up a bag to carry a SBR/pistol/PDW in a way that fits your life, how to deploy the gun from the bag, and other considerations. More and more people are adopting this sort of discreet PDW concept and this would be a good chance to shake out your set up to see if really works.

Tier 1 Citizen: The Bag Gun


Free Violent Betsy Patch at RE Factor Tactical

If you pre-order a new Violent Betsy shirt at RE Factor Tactical this weekend, you’ll also receive a free Violent Betsy patch. The offer is good through Sunday, June 10th.

Violent Betsy Shirt at RE Factor Tactical


Strike Industries Angled Quick Detach Socket

The Strike Industries Angled Quick Detach Socket is lower profile by virtue of its angled design. It also angles the QD swivel back toward the user which makes it easier to release or install the socket while maintaining a firing grip. This could be handy for those using various types of two to one point slings.

The Angled Quick Detach Socket can be mounted on either M-LOK or KeyMod. It will be available soon from StrikeIndustries.com.


MatchPoint USA A.M.P.

The new 1.75″ A.M.P. (Accessory Mountain Plate) from MatchPoint USA is now available. This flexible polymer (Tufmax 720) plate is absolutely riddled with anchor points so that it can mount a variety of sheaths, holsters, and accessory pouches at almost any angle. The belt-mounted plate is durable enough to act as a sturdy platform for attaching heavy items and flexible enough to conform to the wearer.

MatchPoint USA is selling the A.M.P. individually or with volume discounts so I would expect to see various other kydex benders incorporating these in their work. There looks to be a lot of versatility and potential built into the A.M.P.



Kit Badger Anatomy Target (KBAT) Update – New Target Pad

Kit Badger’s KBAT targets were previously only available as a free download. They are still available as a free download but they are also available in a new convenient, pre-printed, tear-off pad format.

The target pads each include 50 sheets and fit in most range bags easily. Each sheet is double sided with the head target printed on one side of the 100 pound paper and the thoracic cavity printed on the other. This allows the shooter to use either target individually or to simply use two sheets to use both targets together.

You can read more on the background of these targets in our previous post: HERE

The targets may be purchased directly from KitBadger.com or on Amazon.com (affiliate link).



B.E. Meyers & Co., Inc. will be exhibiting at the Eurosatory Defense and Security International Exhibition in Paris, France on June 11-15, 2018. They will be located in the USA Pavilion, Hall 5A, at booth C 438. Guests are invited to visit the B.E. Meyers & Co. booth to speak with a Team Member regarding their Defense Solutions and Optoelectronic Custom Laser and Sensor Systems.

B.E. Meyers and Co. will be showcasing their Advanced Photonics technology, along with their unparalleled signature reduction and HBMG mounting solutions including:

*       The MAWL(r) series of infrared and visible green weapon laser pointers/illuminators.

*       The GLARE(r) series of weapon mounted Hail/Warning/Illumination laser systems.

*       The IZLID(r) series of IR and SWIR laser pointers/illuminators for target marking and air-to-ground integration.

*       The BOARS(tm)-M2 optics and accessories rail for the M2 platform.

*       The M2A1F durable and compact flash hider for the General Dynamics M2A1 heavy machine gun platform.

To schedule a meeting with the B.E. Meyers & Co. Sales Team, please contact sales@bemeyers.com.

For more information about B.E. Meyers & Co. Defense and Optoelectronic Systems, please visit
www.bemeyers.com, and www.meyersoes.com.

Aridus Industries Zhukov Handguard Adapter for Beretta 1301 Update and Video

Prototypes shown

The Aridus Industries Zhukov Handguard Adapters will be available soon! These adapters allow the Magpul Zhukov Handguard to be fitted to the Beretta 1301 shotgun, giving the user access to M-LOK slots for accessory mounting. The adapters are currently in anodizing and should be available in the next few days.

Aridus Industries recently released a video that shows a potential configuration for the handguards. The video also relays important details about the gas/heat shield, gas venting, and accessory mounting considerations.



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