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Bawidamann 2017 Titanium Utilitarian Christmas Ornaments

Surely I am not the only one who can’t eat a candy cane with turning the end down to a point and pretending its a shiv. Put me in bar fight with a handful of candy canes and I’ll stab my way out.

The mischievous Christmas Elves at Bawidamann Shenanigans gave a little sneak peek of their upcoming 2017 Titanium Utilitarian Christmas Ornaments and they are kind of like the pointy candy canes you make with your mouth except, you know… titanium. These would be perfect for shirt pocket carry to your office Christmas party in case Joe in Accounting has a bit too much Christmas “spirits” and gets handsy with your wife again this year.

These stabby ti candy canes are awesome and sure to sell out fast. If you want a shot at one, you better sign up for the Bawidamann Shenanigans newsletter and watch your inbox. UPDATE: These are available now and moving fast!



V Seven Weapons Helios Muzzle Device

Krinkov style muzzle brakes are designed to direct concussion forward and away from the shooter while also providing some muzzle rise mitigation. However, many of them also turn your carbine into a nose-heavy fence post due to their weight.

The new Helios Muzzle Device from V Seven Weapons is constructed from titanium so it weighs considerably less than what similar steel devices weigh at just 2.5 ounces. It adds 2.2 inches to the over all length of the barrel and has a 1.25″ outer diameter so it can fit under most extended handguards.

The Helios is available in black or silver finishes and 1/2×28 or 5/8×24 thread pitches. The 5/8×24 version will accommodate projectiles up to .338″ in diameter.

Helios Muzzle Device at VSevenWeaponSystems.com


Snake Eater Tactical Armor Carrier Products

Snake Eater Tactical’s (SET) Plate Carriers are available again after a short hiatus. They came back with some new options and a several supporting products.

The SET Plate Carrier is now available with two pouch attachment options: Grid and MOLLE. Grid is proprietary to SET and consists of a series of small holes that can be used with standard paracord to attach pouches in nearly endless ways. The MOLLE version has a series of laser cut slots that are compatible with MOLLE pouches.

The Plate Carrier comes with the plate pouches and shoulder straps only so the purchaser can choose their own side closure method. SET offers a basic elastic cummerbund kit or a set of webbing straps.

Finally, SET is now offering The Rack Modular Pouch. This pouch is basically a chassis to be used with their elastic magazine inserts. It allows the user to configure a rack to their liking for docking on the SET Plate Carrier or any plate carrier with the industry standard SwiftClip attachments.

Check out all the Armor Carrier Products at Snake Eater Tactical: SnakeEaterTactical.com


Chase Tactical Displays at CATO in San Diego

Chase Tactical will be displaying at the California Association of Tactical Officers (CATO) this week through December 6th.  For those attending, Chase Tactical will be located in Booth 421.  Stop by and meet the staff.


Battle Arms Development BAD-MRB

BATTLE ARMS DEVELOPMENT, INC.© (BATTLEARMSTM) Is excited to announce that it will be releasing the BAD-MRB (Magazine Release Block) – CA Compliant Fixed Magazine on December 1st, 2017.

After months of anticipation the new CA Compliant Fixed Magazine service will be available at BATTLEARMSTM website. This will be the first of services provided online via a Conversion Work Order Form right at the BATTLEARMSTM services page ( http://www.battlearmsdevelopment.com/services/ ). This page will include details with a video demonstration, options and what is and not included in the service.

BATTLEARMSDEVELOPMENT,INC.© is a recognized manufacturer of next generation firearms and firearm components through innovative engineering and functionally aesthetic designs.

If you have any questions about this announcement, or any of BATTLEARMSTM’s products, please email info@battlearmsdevelopment.com or visit http://www.battlearmsdevelopment.com.


Frontier Axe & Tool

I have a confession to make. I like axes, hatchets, and tomahawks (maybe too much) and I am fortunate to live in a place that lets me put them to good use. I even started an Instagram feed (@thedailyaxe) that shares pictures of them which is how I cope with my vice. It is also how I came across Frontier Axe & Tool.

Frontier Axe & Tool sells axes, hatchets, and tomahawks. There are tons of shops selling new axes and tons selling restored vintage axes but Frontier Axe & Tool sells both. Their site has a variety of restored vintage American axes right along side a line of quality, USA-made, newly manufactured axes.

Those new axes, hatchets, and tomahawks are pretty unique and worth a look. The heads are hand forged by H&B Forge. Then Frontier Axe & Tool hangs each one with their own handles, sharpens them, and fits them with a leather axe mask. The quality appears to be excellent. They even go so far as to coat the leather masks with multiple coats of Sno-Seal. The prices on these axes are lower than their high quality imported counterparts and you are getting some solid value for the price considering the included leather mask and hand worked hafts.

Check out Frontier Axe & Tool.


A-Zone Splatter Targets from RE Factor Tactical

Everyone likes those “shoot and see” style targets that make it extremely easy to see your hits from a distance. However, the vast majority of those products are geared toward recreational shooters. What about people who are hitting the range with purpose? Well, that’s where the new A-Zone Splatter Targets from RE Factor Tactical come in.

These adhesive backed targets are coated black but show a vivid orange ragged circle around bullet holes so that they can be seen easily from distance. They are the size of a typical A-zone scoring area of an IDPA target so they can be used on many common targets including the RE Factor Tactical Kill Zone Target or even on their own on the target backer of your choice.

The A-Zone Splatter Target comes in packs of 10. Check them out at REFactorTactical.com.


Tease: New TLR Series Light from Streamlight

Streamlight will be showing a new light in their TLR weapon light series at SHOT Show 2018. While the only image we have is a teaser, the light appears to be Streamlight’s response to the trend toward compact handgun lights made specifically for the concealed carry market.


ShelterWerks MPS-1 and MPS-2 Welded Aluminum Shovels

The ShelterWerks MPS line of shovels consists is built to be rugged and lightweight. They feature welded aluminum construction and a host of features that make them useful for all kinds of emergency situations.

The MPS-1 is their largest model. It weighs in at 3 pounds and has a welded “T” handle that can be used as a hammer. The “V” nose blade can saw, chop, and dig. It also has a slot cut into that can serve as a bottle opener. It also has an available kydex sheath option and multiple mounting options for trucks or Jeeps.

The MPS-2 is the more compact model and is available in two variations. The MPS-2T has a welded “T” handle and the MPS-2S has a straight handle with a foam grip. Both MPS-2 models are light in weight (S – 15 oz, T – 16 oz) and both are small enough to go in or on your backpack (S – 19″, T – 20″).

All of the MPS models are powder-coated and built right here in the USA. Check them out at ShelterWerks.


SIONICS Retail Pro Shop

The new SIONICS Retail Pro Shop is now open. This is the place if you want to see SIONICS rifles in person, have Cerakote work done, buy parts, or just need expert advice on getting your busted old AR-15 working again. If you are in the Tucson, Arizona area you can check out the new shop at 5112 East Pima Street.



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