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Aimpoint Receives U.S. Army Contract for Optical Sights

Manassas, VA – March 22, 2017 – Aimpoint, the worldwide leader in reflex sight technology, has been awarded a contract for supply of 30,000 M68 Close Combat Optics (M68CCO) to the U.S. Army. The Aimpoint CompM4s sight is type-classified as the M68CCO when used by the U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force. These sights will be supplied with a killFlash® anti-reflection device, rubber lens covers, and adapters which allow the sights to be deployed on all versions of the M16 rifle, M4 Carbine, and light machineguns such as the M240 and M249.

“Aimpoint has been a trusted supplier to the U.S. Armed Forces since 1997. With the troops counting on us to build the best sights in the world, it’s a job we all take very seriously,” said Brian Lisankie, President of Aimpoint Inc. “The CompM4s is the standard by which all other reflex sights are measured. These optics are designed to function with complete reliability and accuracy under the harshest conditions, and do so with near-legendary levels of ruggedness and dependability.”

Aimpoint produces a complete line of high quality reflex sights for use by military, law enforcement, hunters, and sport shooters. The company also produces electronic fire control systems for use on crew-served weapons. For more information on Aimpoint products, please visit the company’s webpage: www.aimpoint.com.


Blue Force Gear Spring Cleaning

From time to time, I remind you about Blue Force Gear’s Last Call Page. I usually do this when there are a lot of very good deals posted. Now is one of those times.

They have MOLLEminus chest rigs and other load bearing gear marked off as much as 40%. There are also a number of pouches and handy items like UWLs at great prices.

Visit Blue Force Gear’s Last Call page.



Rifle Dynamics: 7N6 Vs. Rubber Dummy

The AK Whisperers over at Rifle Dynamics recently posted a picture that graphically illustrates what the 5.45x39mm 7N6 bullet does the moment it meets some resistance. Russian 7N6 is currently blocked from import though it was available before the ban in massive quantities and at low prices.

Here is what Rifle Dynamics had to say about the photo:

An interesting study in why Russian 7N6 ammo is very effective on fleshy targets. This 3-D rubber target (back of target pictured) is about 4″ thick, it was shot at 25 to 50 yards with 7N6 through a 74URD. As you can see the bullets tumble immediately after impact making this a very effective round at close range. Also making it a great round for home defense in urban environments. Now if we could get Trump to resend obama’s EXO blocking the import of Russian surplus and ATF’s wrong decision classifying it as AP pistol ammo we could have a nice supply of inexpensive effective ammo for our 5.45 AK’s



Tactical Works Adds iota Outdoors KREMLIN and KRUX Stocks

Tactical Works is now carrying the KREMLIN and KRUX Stocks from iota Outdoors.



The KREMLIM stock melds elements typically found on hunter and precision stocks to create stock well suited to either pursuit. The 28 ounce KRUX stock is designed to keep your rifle build slim, trim, and light. Both stocks boast features like fiberglass over carbon fiber core construction and pre-installed pillars.

These Remington 700 stocks are available in a number of colors with a lead time of about 6-8 weeks.

iota Outdoors at TacticalWorks.com


KE Arms Hard as Hell 2-Gun – 6-7 MAY 2017 St George, UT

Southern Utah Practical Shooting Range https://southernutahpracticalshootingrange.com/ and KE Arms  www.kearms.com are pleased to announce the KE Arms Hard as Hell 2-Gun Match.  The number one reason we hear people not wanting to participate in 3 Gun is the shotgun aspect.  This match eliminates the shotgun and all associated excuses; if you own an AR and a modern high cap pistol you can shoot this match and be competitive!

Brought to you by the same range and staff that have been running the Hard as Hell 3 Gun and the Red Oktober Kalashnikov match, the KE Arms Hard as Hell 2-Gun will be a 9 stage, high effort, high round count stages requiring pistol and rifle only, with dedicated ROs. Expect physical challenge, a 300 second time-out, climbing, crawling, swinging, hooting, hollering, and cow bell. Because everything needs more cowbell. For an idea of what this match about search YouTube for “Hard as Hell Mutlgun” and sit back and enjoy. We will use the KE Arms Prize Patrol to deliver fun prizes to every squad. Top 3 in competitive divisions will take home trophies and loot. Other prizes delivered randomly to who is watching the final shootoff. Oh… and we will also do the patent pending SUPS Squad Relay where all squads race as a team for prizes and pride. Sounds fun? Join us is May!

Register on PractiScore. https://practiscore.com/ke-arms-hard-as-hell-2-gun/register#

Time Plus/Points Scoring, 9 stages

Divisions: Tactical Optics, Tactical Limited, Open

Want to make the match harder compete in Trooper division and carry all your ammo and shooting supplies on foot into the range, during every stage, and hike back out at the end of the day!

Want to make it harder still? add Armored Category to your division and wear front/rear hard armor plates!

Price: $150

Round Count: 300 rifle (45 long range 200+ yards), 200 pistol

Match Rules here:


The EDC Tool Roll: Screwpop Utility Knife 2.0

The EDC Tool Roll is a feature on Jerking the Trigger in which we profile various every day carry worthy tools. The tools shown aren’t multi-tools but rather real tools, that by virtue of their compact size, light weight, usefulness, or unique functionality, can find a place in any range kit, emergency kit, or every day carry bag.

Feel free to comment on the tools that you carry so we can all learn! The discussion on these posts has been very valuable so far.

It’s thin. It’s light. It cuts and opens bottles. It’s dirt cheap and it never needs to be sharpened…

Screwpop’s makes an entire line of keychain tools but the pick of the litter is their Utility Knife. This wafer thin utility blade holder is barely larger than a stick of gum but it has more features than standard sized utility knives.

The Screwpop Utility Knife features a lever lock that retains the blade inside the holder and allows you to set the amount of blade that protrudes from the holder by locking it into the notches on the spine of standard utility blades (the use of standard blades is a huge positive for this tool). It also has a small magnet that allows you to stick the Utility Knife to a ferrous surface and serves to keep the blade from rattling a bit. This handy little widget also features a bottle opener that can be used when the blade is retracted.

I have purchased a few of these over the years. I keep one in my pocket because it works well with the “public knife” concept that we have discussed on this blog before. I also tend to keep one in my EDC tool kit. I carry a knife everyday but there are a lot things I would rather cut with a disposable blade than my favorite EDC knife. Thanks to its small and thin form factor, it fits The EDC Tool Roll easily.

Where to Buy: The Screwpop Utility Knife can sometimes be found in big box stores and you will likely save as much as a dollar by buying it locally if you can find one. The good news is that even if you can’t find them locally several online retailers have them and they are cheap. I bought my last two on Amazon because I can’t find them locally here.

Screwpop Utility Knife on Amazon

Alternatives: If you are looking for a high class alternative, the Rexford Knives RUT is an amazing little tool.

Do you have an EDC-sized Utility Knife that you prefer? Do you have another tool you think we should know about? Tell us about it below.


Video: Glock Firing Cycle Explained from Lone Wolf Distributors

Have you ever wondered why people polish the parts that they polish in the so called 25 Cent Trigger Job? Have you ever wonder how a simple geometry change to a trigger connector can make your Glock’s trigger feel so much lighter? Well, it’s easier to understand things like this when you understand the firing cycle and how all those small parts in your Glock interact with each other.

Lone Wolf Distributors knows a thing or two about Glocks and they produced an easy to follow video that shows the entire firing cycle.


St. Patrick’s Day Specials at SIONICS

SIONICS Weapon Systems has several St. Patrick’s Day Specials that will be available through the weekend. There are some great deals but I think the pick of the litter is their SIONICS CORE Bundle that includes one of their excellent barrels, their NP3 coated bolt carrier group, and one of their EMS Triggers for $369.95 and you get to pick the barrel contour!

St. Patrick’s Day Specials at SIONICS


Hill People Gear Original Kit Bag Version 2

Hill People Gear’s Original Kit Bag just learned some new tricks. The Original Kit Bag V2 now features a #10 zipper on the main cargo compartment (instead of the earlier #8). The inside back of the main cargo compartment is now lined with First Spear’s 6/12 material to allow for mounting MOLLE or hook backed pouches. Finally, the bottom of the bag has a single row of PALS webbing that makes a great place to affix a knife sheath.

The Original Kit Bag V2 available now in Black with other colors coming soon.



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