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Magpul MBUS Pro Offset Sights

JTT readers knew about these sights first. Magpul is releasing new MBUS Pro Offset Sights and they are probably going to rock… hard.

312_1523_popup 313_1525_popup

By now you should know that the MBUS Pro Sights are really, really nice. They boast things like steel construction, Melonite finish, tool-less adjustment, solid detent lockup, and a very compact form factor. The good news is that the new MBUS Pro Offset Sights will have all the same features and they will deliver those features at the same price. That’s right. I said the new offset sights will cost the same as the original MBUS Pros which are pretty reasonably priced for what you get. It surprised me too.

I have been using offset sights for some time and they continue to grow on me. They tend to see wider acceptance on rifles with higher magnification optics where they serve as a not only a backup sighting system but a faster one for closer targets. However, I have also found them to be valuable with any optic, even red dot sights. I live in a place where it gets very cold. Moving between a heated home and the icy cold polar vortex parked over my house can fog even high quality optics. I have never had one of my Aimpoints become mechanically disabled but I have fogged them before. A fogged optic is easy to deal with if you have offset sights.

The new sights are available to order right now and they will being shipping immediately. Check out the new MBUS Pro Offset Sights at Magpul.


Scalarworks BOR/RMR

The Scalarworks BOR/RMR is a new, lightweight, low-profile optic rail for the Benelli M4 that also boasts an integrated mount for the Trijicon RMR. The integrated RMR mount allows the optic to be mounted far lower and more securely than would be possible by mounting to a rail. The BOR/RMR is so lightweight (1.15 oz) that it actually weighs less than the original rail that comes with the shotgun even though it offers additional functionality.

Check out the BOR/RMR at Scalarworks.

scalarworks borrmr



Gunstruction Rolls Out Version 1.15

Gunstruction announced that the latest patch, version 1.15, is now live on their website. A new version of the mobile app will be released later. The new version includes both new functionality and new components.

gunstruction 115

Gunstruction Version 1.15 Release Notes:

The latest update to the GUNSTRUCTION player features new part categories, functionality, vendors and of course parts!

In Explode Mode you will notice we added the much asked for new Magazine Pulls as a point of customization. Simply select a compatible magazine and chose the Magazine Pulll that fits!

We have also added 2 new Photomode rooms. “Winter Range” and “Feet” have been added so you can snap pictures of your favorite builds in new locals.

The new patch will include the entire line of Duracoat paint and camo options! Now you can chose from over 300 custom colors and camos!

We have also added Brownells to the list of dealer links, and encourage everyone to shop around and utilize these links within the program.

Version 1.15 will also feature direct connection to ARFCOM’s Gear Locker. This is an extensive database of parts information, reviews, high res pictures, and places to buy. The Gear Locker also allows you to print out or e-mail your build to yourself or others, and see your saved builds outside of GUNSTRUCTION. To access the Gear Locker simple click on the ARFCOM logo found in each part’s “Part Info” screen. From the web player you can also load up the Gear Locker via the tab on the left hand side of the window.

Behind the scenes we have made some performance upgrades, fixed some bugs, and corrected some information for parts. We have also unified saves across all platforms. Now you can share builds made on your mobile version of GUNSTRUCTION with web users and vice versa! The URL you generate is universal.

As for the new vendors we are proud to announce that Aero Precision, Bravo Company, and MultiTasker Tools are now in GUNSTRUCTION. We also are proud to announce that we now support Magpul M-LOK compatible rails and accessories!

Now for the new parts and bundles added:

ForeGrip BCM GUNFIGHTER Grip – Black
ForeGrip BCM GUNFIGHTER Grip Grip – Black
Modular BCM KeyMod GUNFIGHTER Grip Short – Black
Modular Magpul M-LOK MVG MOE Vertical Grip – Black
Modular Magpul M-LOK Bipod Mount
Modular BCM Picatinny Rail 3 Inch
Modular BCM Picatinny Rail 4 Inch
Modular BCM Picatinny Rail 5.5 Inch
Modular Magpul M-LOK 3 Slot Aluminum Rail
Modular Magpul M-LOK 5 Slot Aluminum Rail
Modular Magpul M-LOK 7 Slot Aluminum Rail
Modular Magpul M-LOK 9 Slot Aluminum Rail
Modular Magpul M-LOK 3 Slot Aluminum Cantilever Rail
MountOptic Aero Precision Cantilever 30mm Red Dot Mount
MountOptic Aero Precision Ultralight 30mm Scope Mount
MountOptic Aero Precision Ultralight 30mm Scope Mount SPR
MountOptic LaRue Tactical QD Pivot Mount Tall LT755
MuzzleDevice BCM BCMGUNFIGHTER Compensator MOD 0
MuzzleDevice BCM BCMGUNFIGHTER Compensator MOD 1
MuzzleDevice Advanced Armament Corp Cyclone
RedDot Vortex Spitfire 1x Prism Scope
Scope Vortex Spitfire 3x Prism Scope
Barrel BCM 11.5in Lightweight, Carbine Gas
Barrel BCM 14.5 SOCOM Carbine Gas
Barrel BCM 14.5 Lightweight Mid Gas
Barrel BCM 18 Inch Stainless Rifle Gas
BarrelNut BCM BCM KMR Barrel Nut
BoltCarrier BCM BCM Bolt Carrier Group (MPI) -Auto
BoltCarrier Troy Industries PDW Stock Bolt Carrier
GasBlock BCM .625 Low Profile
Grip Magpul MOE SL – Black
HandGuard BCM BCM KMR 10
HandGuard Geissele 13in Super Modular Rail MK8 M-LOK – Black
HandGuard Geissele 13in Super Modular Rail MK8 M-LOK – DDC
HandGuard BCM BCM KMR 13
HandGuard BCM BCM KMR 15
HandGuard Magpul MOE SL Hand Guard Carbine – Black
HandGuard BCM BCM KMR 9
HandGuardMono Aero Precision EK12 Keymod Handguard
HandGuardMono Aero Precision EK15 Keymod Handguard
HandGuardMono Aero Precision EK7 Keymod Handguard
HandGuardMono Aero Precision EK9 Keymod Handguard
LowerReceiver Aero Precision Forged Lower
LowerReceiver Allstar Tactical MOTUS Branded Forged Lower
LowerReceiver BCM BCM Forged Lower
LowerReceiver BCM AR15_223_LowerReceiver_BCM_JackCarbine
MagazinePull Magpul PMAG Gen M2 Ranger Plate -Black
MagazinePull Magpul PMAG Gen M3 Ranger Plate -Black
MagazinePull Magpul Ranger Plate USGI – Black
MagazinePull MagPod MagPod
MagazinePull Strike Industries Enhanced Magazine Plate -EMP -Black
ReceiverEndPlate FAB Defense TSA
ReceiverExtension LAW Tactical AR Folding Stock Adapter Gen 3 Pistol Tube
SlidingStock BCM GUNFIGHTER Mod 0 – Black
SlidingStock Magpul MOE SL Commercial-Spec -Black
SlidingStock Magpul MOE SL Mil-Spec -Black
Stock Troy Industries PDW Stock
Stock Troy Industries PDW Stock
TriggerGuard Aero Precision Billet Trigger Guard
UpperReceiver Aero Precision COP C4 Upper Receiver
UpperReceiver Aero Precision COP M4 Upper Receiver
UpperReceiver Aero Precision M4E1 Enhanced Upper Receiver
UpperReceiver Aero Precision Stripped Non-Anodized Receiver
UpperReceiver BCM BCM Forged Upper
UpperReceiver BCM Jack Carbine Upper
FullGun Aero Precision Blackhawk Complete Rifle – Black
FullGun Aero Precision Blackhawk Complete Rifle – Burnt Bronze
FullGun Aero Precision Blackhawk Complete Rifle – Tungsten
FullGun Aero Precision Apache Complete Rifle
FullGun Aero Precision Comanche Complete Rifle
FullGun BCM Recce 14 KMR
FullGun BCM Recce 16 KMR
FullGun BCM Mid16 Mod 0
FullGun BCM Precision 18
FullGun BCM E.A.G. Tactical Carbine Black
FullGun BCM Jack Carbine
Bundle_Upper BCM BCM 11.5 Carbine Upper w KMR 10 Inch
Bundle_Upper BCM BCM 14.5 Carbine Upper w KMR 10 Inch
Bundle_Upper BCM BCM 11.5 Carbine Upper w KMR 13 Inch
Bundle_Upper BCM BCM SS410 18 Rifle Upper w KMR 15 Inch
Bundle_Stock Troy Industries PDW Stock Flat Dark Earth
Bundle_Stock Troy Industries PDW Stock Black

All of the new functionality and parts are great but the real story is that now you can, well… I should probably just show you.

gunstruction feet


War Sport LVOA -SP (AR Pistol)

The War Sport LVOA will soon be available in pistol form. War Sport Industries released this image (below) to tease the release of the LVOA -SP at SHOT Show 2015.

war sport lvoa-sp


Limitless Gear OPFOR Magazine Carrier Now Available

You may remember the Limitless Gear OPFOR magazine carrier from their attempt to crowd fund it’s launch. It has now successfully entered production and is available for purchase.


The OPFOR is unique among magazine carriers in that it can be attached to and removed from standard PALS webbing with very little effort. This allows the user to rapidly reconfigure their gear to suit their needs. The OPFOR retains the magazine aggressively enough that it can actually be used upside down. Other interesting features include the ability to stack them on top of each other and a respectable 2.8 ounce weight.

Check out the Limitless Gear OPFOR.


Magpul’s State of the M-LOK Address

Magpul recently posted a rundown of all of the available M-LOK products to date. The list is fairly extensive and seems to indicate that the health of the new direct-connect specification is solid.

Magpul M-LOK MVG Sling

From Magpul Director of Product Management and Marketing, Duane Liptak Jr.:

Polymer rails 3-11 slot
Aluminum rails 3-9 slot
RVG Adapter for those who like the legacy RVG size/shape
AFG Adapter for those who like the legacy AFG and AFG2
M-LOK to MOE Adapter
M-LOK Poly Cantilever Rail/Light Mount
M-LOK Aluminum Cantilever Rail/Light Mount
M-LOK Light Mount V-Block and Rings
M-LOK Offset Light/Optic Mount
M-LOK Bipod Mount
M-LOK QD Sling Mount
Four more accessories on the way
Plus some very cool things from other manufacturers

And for platforms, in house:
Shotgun stuff is transitioned to all M-LOK
MOE legacy will be transitioning soon
Lots of M-LOK compatible products at SHOT

And over 100 manufacturers who have signed on. Not bad.

Are there any voids that haven’t been filled yet? Are you waiting for any M-LOK accessories? Which ones?


Coated Combat Optic Tools from Robar

The Combat Optic Tool’s designer, Freddie Blish, is General Manager at Robar. Did you know that if you purchase your Combat Optic Tool Optimized through Robar, you can choose to have them coat it with one of their products like NP3, Roguard, or others? That’s pretty neat.



30% Off Everything at Manticore Arms

Manticore Arms is offering 30% off all in stock items on their website! Use code ALLDAMNWEEK at checkout. The coupon is good through next Monday (11/24).

Manticore Arms Tavor ARClight XTL


New M-LOK Shotgun Forends and M-LOK AFG from Magpul

Magpul announced two new products today: M-LOK Shotgun Forends for the Remington 870 and Mossberg 500/590 and an all new M-LOK AFG.

MAG494 MOE M-LOK Forend Mossberg 590 2

M-LOK Shotgun Forends

Magpul introduced M-LOK compatible forends for both the Remington 870 and Mossberg 500 series shotguns. Their shotgun furniture is, in my opinion, already the best you can buy. The addition of the M-LOK attachment system is just the icing on the cake. It is now easier than ever to add accessories like slings and lights to your shotgun forend.

Before the introduction of Magpul’s shotgun forends, there weren’t many shotgun lights that could truly give the integrated units a run for their money. I have found that using a Magpul forend with the pistol light of your choice or Inforce WML solves many of the issues (bulk, exposed wires from tape switches, placing the switch where it can always be operated regardless of forend position, etc.) associated with shotgun mounted lights.



Several of you were unsatisfied when Magpul introduced M-LOK rail sections intended to be used with the rail mounted AFG. It seemed counter-intuitive to go through the trouble of creating a standardized direct-connect system and then use a separate rail to attach accessories. Magpul heard your cries. Here is what they have to say about the new M-LOK AFG:

The M-LOK AFG is an M-LOK compatible update of the original Magpul AFG & AFG2, the original products that changed the way shooters think about forend grips.  A new radiused curve grip area allows greater freedom in placement of the M-LOK AFG on the hand guard while still maintaining correct wrist angles and ergonomics. A streamlined, minimalist design molded of our reinforced polymer material creates a one-piece, high strength grip that weighs a mere 1.2 ounces including hardware.  The M-LOK AFG is ¾” shorter than the AFG2 while maintaining a similar gripping surface area for a smaller mounting footprint on hand guards with just as much room for the shooter’s hand.  The forward finger index, similar to the original AFG, provides additional options in gripping and hand placement, while a contoured rear surface allows placing the M-LOK AFG directly in front of an M-LOK MVG for a combination that provides even more versatility.

If you like the original AFG and AFG-2, you can keep your original AFG and AFG-2. They are remaining in production because M1913 Picatinny aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.


Magpul MBUS Pro Offset Sights!?!?!

Look closely at that last picture of the M-LOK AFG. Notice anything? Magpul seems to have dropped a little Easter Egg on us! It looks like you can expect MBUS Pro Offset sights soon.


Mean Gean Leather Shooter’s Belt

Mean Gene Leather (MGL), a new undertaking of HSGI founder Gene Higdon, recently released their very unique Barbarian Belt. If the Barbarian Belt isn’t your speed, get a load of the Shooter’s Belt.

The Shooter’s Belt is a good old fashioned leather gun belt that has been extremely well executed. It is constructed from two layers of top grain leather with nylon webbing sandwiched in between for rigidity and to resist stretching. Each layer is laminated together and then sewn so it is not going to come apart while you are still walking this earth. The leather is hand burnished to round the edges and hand rubbed with saddle butter to keep it looking good for a long, long time.

mgl shooters belt

You will have your choice of Black or Chocolate Brown leather, 1.5″ or 1.75″ width, and a Brass or Chromed Brass buckle at the time of purchase. The sizing is based off of your pants size and MGL builds in a bit of extra room for IWB carry.

Check out Mean Gene Leather’s Facebook Page for more details. These belts will be available at War Sport Ind. and G-Code. They are handmade to order so expect a lead time before delivery.


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