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Blade Rigs Karambite Sheath

Blade Rigs has created a new sheath for the Max Venom designed Karambite. If you are familiar with the knife, you know how small it is and that small size can present a challenge when trying to create a sheath that keeps the knife accessible. Blade Rigs solved that problem by anchoring the sheath behind the belt and positioning most of the knife up above the belt line. This design allows the belt to stabilize the sheath and the wing turns the knife in toward the wearer for concealment.

Check out the Blade Rigs Karambite sheath.



Elfmann Tactical AK Trigger

The new AK Trigger from Elfmann Tactical is now available. This single stage, cartridge style trigger features wire EDM cut A2 tool steel components, adjustable pull weight from 4-5 pounds (via spring swap), and the option for a curved or flat trigger bow. Elfmann Tactical uses what they call an exclusive “Double-Double” would hammer spring which is reassuring given the harder primers that can be found on some surplus ammo. It is also reassuring that they have designed in a full 3/8″ of sear engagement to prevent doubling as the engagement surfaces wear from use.


Be advised that due to the cartridge construction of this trigger, there may be some fitment issues with some AK receivers.

Check out the ELF AK Trigger at Elfmann Tactical.


RE Factor Tactical Essentials Target

RE Factor Tactical has added a third target to their lineup. It is called the Essentials Target and it is basically an entire range tune-up session on a single sheet of paper. You can read more about the 150 round course of fire that it takes to complete the target on the RE Factor Tactical Blog.

Of course, you don’t have to complete the entire course of fire every time you hang up the target. You can choose to complete only certain component drills or you can make up some of your own uses for a target this versatile.

Check out the new Essentials Target at RE Factor Tactical.

RE Factor Essentials Target


Daniel Defense Lets the .30 Caliber Cat Out of the Bag

Daniel Defense has announced the official name, release date, and specs of their previously teased AR308. The DD5V1 will launch October 23rd and it will be packed with quality features. It looks to be a real player in the AR308 market right out of the gate.


It should come as no surprise that the DD5V1 will feature a CHF barrel. Daniel Defense’s barrel are a known quantity at this point and this should be a solid performer. The new 15″ KeyMod rail features a 4 bolt connection system that ties it directly into the upper receiver. The rifle will come standard with Daniel Defense produced furniture and a Geissele SSA which is an excellent choice for an all-around .308 like this.


The controls look to be very well sorted out. The safety selector, magazine catch, and bolt release are all ambidextrous. The charging handle is an interesting latchless design that is ambidextrous and user configurable.


It should also be noted that it takes the SR25 pattern magazine. There is no excuse to build an AR308 that takes anything other than the SR25 magazine at this point.

The DD5V1 product page is already live so check it out at DanielDefense.com.


Now Available: BA Hanson .625 Barrels from Ballistic Advantage

We first told you about the new, lighter BA Hanson profile barrels last week. They are now available.

The original BA Hanson profile was designed to make AR-15 barrels more lightweight without some of the associated downsides of lightweight barrel profiles. However, the original BA Hanson profile barrels have a .750 diameter at the gas block and are really more of a light/medium contour. Clint Hanson, the creator of the BA Hanson profile, wanted to take what he learned from those barrels and apply it to a true lightweight barrel. The result is the new BA Hanson .625 profile.

hanson barrels 625

The original BA Hanson profile’s shoulder-less design and smoother tapers creates a barrel that has some harmonic advantages over most typical barrel profiles. That, coupled with their penchant for being conservative with their gas port specs, creates a lightweight barrel that stays very flat under recoil. Clint Hanson found that he was able to port these very same design elements over to the new lighter BA Hanson .625 barrels and achieve a true lightweight profile “without the lightweight limitations”.

The BA Hanson .625 barrels are so called because they have the traditional .625″ diameter at the gas block. Each barrel comes with a pinned, low-profile gas black already installed which makes them an excellent value. Initially, these barrels are only available in Ballistic Advantage’s Premium Wylde chamber line in lengths of 10.3″ (carbine gas), 14.5″ (mid-length), and 16″ (mid-length). The profile will eventually be available in the Premium Series as well but there is no ETA on those barrels at this time.

These barrels should be pretty exciting for those who are looking to build lightweight precision carbines. A traditional pencil barrel is already a better barrel profile than it gets credit for, at least in terms of accuracy and harmonics. These BA Hanson .625 barrels, with their improvements and quality, should be a step up.

Check out the new BA Hanson .625 Barrels at Ballistic Advantage. They are currently on sale for 10% off to celebrate their introduction.


SIONICS Weapon Systems Podcast

sionics-weapon-systems-logo-1436242613SIONICS Weapon Systems has announced that they will launch a new podcast October 19th, 2015. If you know SIONICS, you know that  there are some very knowledgeable AR-15 gurus at work there. These are guys that not only know the rifle but how to use it effectively. This podcast will be seam-splittingly stuffed with good information.

I will provide a link once the first episode is live so stay tuned.


New Site and Sale at KCT Kydex

Kinetic Concepts Tactical Kydex has launched a new webstore and they are offering 15% off their already low prices to celebrate. Check out the all new KCTKydex.com and use the coupon code shown in the image below.

kct new site sale


V Seven Weapons AR-15 GI Lower

V Seven Weapons just took the wraps off their new AR-15 GI Lower. This forged lower incorporates features that are typically only found on billet lowers and adds a bit of V7 flair.


The lower starts with a 7075-T6 forging which is then machined to final dimensions. V7 finishes the lowers with a typical hard anodizing but takes it a step further by adding a coating of KG Gun Kote. The front of the mag well is textured for those who prefer a magwell grip (these cuts also lighten the lower). The magwell opening is flared.


V7 could resist doing what V7 does by making this lower just a touch lighter. You a lightening cut on the grip tang. The lower weighs 8 ounces overall which is .5-.7 ounces less than a typical GI lower. That isn’t much of a difference but it is something. V7 has stated that they have plans for an even lighter lower to be released around Christmas time of this year.

Check out the new V Seven Weapons AR-15 GI Lower. It is currently available at special introductory pricing.



Sneak Peek: Circle 10 AK Folding Stock Adapter

Circle 10 AK will be releasing a new folding stock adapter soon that should be plenty interesting to those of us who own AK’s with side folding stock trunnions with the 4.5mm pin (there may be a 5.5mm version available at a later date). The new adapter will allow you to swap out the stock for a collapsible AR-15 style extension that will accept AR style stocks. It will retain the ability to fold though it will not use the latch when folded. The images below shows an early prototype of the adapter while folded. Expect the production units to differ slightly than what is shown.

circle 10 ak folder proto 2 circle 10 ak folder proto

I recently tried to purchase a similar adapter from an overseas source. The entire experience was a pain in the rear and took forever. When I finally did receive it, it didn’t fit either of my AKs with this style of stock and it the extension was commercial diameter so I didn’t have a stock that would fit. It will be nice to have an adapter like this available from a domestic source.

Stay tuned for release details.


UW Gear Mini Swamp Fox

UW Gear posted some updated pictures of their Mini Swamp Fox Rig. The new images are the best look we have had yet at this rig.

The Mini Swamp Fox is a non-catalog item that UW Gear is offering on a trial basis. It is a compact version of their split front chest rig design that uses their new double magazine pouch design to achieve the same magazine count as the original Swamp Fox 4 Rig with a much smaller footprint. If you want to put your grubby mitts on one of these, you need to contact UW Gear directly or order a regular Swamp Fox 4 and mention that you want the Mini version in your order notes.

uw gear mini swamp fox tropic uw gear mini swamp fox coyote uw gear mini swamp fox multicam


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