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TOPS Knives Brakimo Video Overview

If you want to learn more about the TOPS Knives/Bushcraft Global collaboration knife – the Brakimo – this is the video for you. TOPS Knives produced this video to be one of the most complete looks at the Joe Flowers designed Brakimo yet.


Gunstruction Store

Gunstruction lets you build virtual AR-15s to your heart’s content but sometimes your heart can’t be content with a virtual AR-15… You want a real AR-15. That’s why they have launched the new Gunstruction Store. Now you can build in the virtual world and buy the parts you want to bring your creation into the real world. Check out the image below for details on their grand opening deal!

gunstruction store grand opening


Memorial Day 2016

On this Memorial Day, I am thankful for all veterans but especially mindful of those who gave their lives in the service of this country. John 15:13 reminds us what great love of people and country it is that leads someone to make such a sacrifice.

13 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

To those who gave their lives, we thank you.


Free Trigger Guard Holster with BRC CCS Holster

I was cruising the Black Rhino Concealment website yesterday, looking for a holster, and noticed something I hadn’t noticed before. They give you a free Trigger Guard Holster with the purchase of one of their CCS Inside the Waistband holsters. I’ve written about these trigger guard holsters before and their usefulness (and safety) for certain types of carry.

This isn’t a Memorial Day sale or anything like that. This is a deal that they offer everyday. Check out the CCS Holster with free Trigger Guard Holster at Black Rhino Concealment.

holster-3 holster-4.1


Unity Tactical CLUTCH Belt – In Stock and Shipping

It’s here! The Unity Tactical CLUTCH Belt is in stock and shipping at UnityTactical.com. Black is the only color currently available but gray should be available soon.

See our previous posts for details on the CLUTCH.

unity clutch available


“Groucho” Hybrid MOLLE/ALICE War Belt System

Think a war belt/battle belt/MOLLE belt has to be expensive? Think again.

The Old Grouch’s Military Surplus is offering what they call the “Groucho” Hybrid MOLLE/ALICE War Belt System and it looks like a very functional start to a war belt – just add pouches.


The Groucho consists of a MOLLE 1 Belt that has been slightly modified and ALICE Suspenders. The MOLLE 1 Belt ensure full MOLLE compatibility so you can mount a huge variety of modern pouches. The ALICE Suspenders help support the weight. It’s a simple concept executed with proven gear at an affordable price. Your belt rig may not get the most likes on Instagram but your gear will work and your wallet will still be well padded.

Kudos to The Old Grouch’s Military Surplus for putting together functional and affordable packages like this.


Oregon Trail Defense Waffle Stippling Tip

I used a wide, brass tip from a wood burning kit and a rotary tool to create a stippling tool that laid down several points at once and I outlined my ghetto process for creating it here on JTT. That was written in 2011 and I still get emails asking to buy the tips (which were never for sale). I am grateful to Oregon Trail Defense (OTD) for finally giving me a place to send to people to find a tool like the one I made.


OTD is now offering a Waffle Stippling Tip. It is much, much nicer than the janky one I made for myself. A tip like this is very efficient because it allows the user to lay down multiple points each time they contact the frame with the stippling iron. This greatly reduces the time you must spend inhaling the acrid little wisps of smoke that roll off the polymer frame of your favorite handgun.

14556712444461771697229 1455671251151-19711145

These tips are available separately in two different versions – 12 lines per inch and 20 lines per inch. They are also available with an entire kit including the stippling iron and multiple other tips. Check out all of the stippling tools at OTD LLC.

Note: To head off the emails and to be clear – I am not saying OTD LLC ripped off my idea. People have been making and using tips like this long before I made mine. It is about time someone brought one to market.


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