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Talon 45/90 Ambidextrous Safety from AXTS Weapons Systems

axts talon

The new Talon 45/90 Ambidextrous Safety from AXTS Weapons Systems sports several innovative features. The 7075 aluminum levers are dovetailed to the selector core and are held on with a detent (AXTS called them retention studs) which is a very clever alternative to screws. The Talon can be switched from a standard 90 degree throw to a short 45 degree throw fairly easily (see the video below). There are four lever options and the Talon will typically come with your choice of two. They will be available in hard anodized Black and FDE, Burnt Bronze and Tungsten Cerakote colors.



US Palm AKBG in Bakelite Red

US Palm just found some Bakelite Red AK Battle Grips in a corner of the warehouse. This color hasn’t been available in a while. I had one on an ARS built AK with Russian red finished laminate furniture and it was almost too pretty to shoot… almost. These probably won’t last long.



TRICON Concealed Carry Class with ROBAR

The only thing better than a new gun is a new gun and some training to go with it. ROBAR and TRICON have teamed up in the past to create the TRICON ProCarry Glock Pistol and now they are teaming up again to offer training to go with the ProCarry.


You can send your Glock 19 or 23 to ROBAR for the TRICON ProCarry Package by December 31st and it will be ready for a TRICON’s Concealed Carry Tactics class on February 6-8 in Phoenix, AZ (registration for the class is separate).

Course Details:

Phoenix, AZ
February 6-8, 2015
3 Days (24+ hours)
$599.00 Early Bird registration before 01JAN15
$699.00 regular price
Range fee not included
Course prerequisites:
Combative Pistol, Level One (CP1) or similar

Contact TRICON and ROBAR for additional details.


ROSCH Works SLM-1 in FDE and OD Green at V7 Weapon Systems

The ROSCH Works SLM-1 was previously only available in black. Now that V7 Weapon Systems is carrying them, they have expanded the color options to include Black, FDE, and OD Green.

rosch slm1 fde


Magpul Releases Highly Anticipated Products

Magpul rolled out several products today that have been very highly anticipated.

Shipping now:

Shipping January 1st:

  • M-LOK Rail Covers, Type 2

See highlights below…

MAG424 MOE M-LOK Hand Guard Carbine

MOE M-LOK Hand Guards

The MOE SL M-LOK Hand Guards have been out for some time. Now the M-LOK revisions of the original MOE Hand Guards will be on their way to dealer’s shelves.

MAG577 PMAG 25 M118 LR-SR Gen M3 W

PMAG 25 M118 LR/SR GEN M3 Window

I know several AR-10 shooters who have been waiting for these new 25 round magazines. While 25 round 7.62 magazines are considerably heavier than the more typical 20 rounds magazines when loaded, the additional length allows these magazines to be more effective when used as a monopod. Of course, 5 additional rounds of capacity is nice too.

MAG059 Grip Core Lube Bottle

Grip Core Lube Bottle

People have been asking for a lube bottle that works in the Magpul grips for as long as they have offered interchangeable cores (going all the way back to the original MIAD!). The Magpul Polymer Gurus have finally counted us worthy of one! This is a great idea and hope they sell a million of them.

M-LOK Rail Covers, Type 2

This is one of the last glaring omissions from the M-LOK line up and good news for M-LOK users.


White Sound Defense FOSSA-762

The White Sound Defense FOSSA-556 is one of my favorite muzzle devices. It completely eliminates flash on all the ammo that I have tried it with and it adds a measure of muzzle rise reduction as an added bonus. White Sound Defense is now working on a 7.62 version called the FOSSA-762. They recently released a teaser image of a prototype device mounted on an ArmaLite AR10A SuperSASS.

white sound defense fossa 762


SIONICS Weapon Systems Dissipator News

Those of you who have been waiting on SIONICS Weapon Systems to bring their Dissipator barrels to market won’t have to wait much longer. According to SIONICS the barrels are being finished and should be available shortly. SIONICS is exactly the kind of manufacturer that can help secure a niche for the Dissipator and I trust that the quality will be excellent.


Barrels are getting finished to include the Dissipator styled ones. We should have pics up soon. Our Dissipator uses a proven midlength gas system with low profile gas block and the ability to pin the FSB in the rifle length position. This will allow you to have the longer sight radius, with a proper functioning gas system and longer rail.


Magpul iPhone 6 Plus Field Case

iPhone 6 Plus users everywhere can stop holding their breath. The Magpul iPhone 6 Plus Field Case dropped today.

Magpul Iphone 6 Case

From Magpul:

The Magpul Field Case for the iPhone 6 Plus is a semi-rigid cover designed to provide basic protection in the field.

Made from a flexible thermoplastic, the Field Case features PMAG®-style ribs for added grip, snap-on design for easy installation and removal, and slides easily in and out of pockets without snagging.

Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.!


Leitner-Wise e-Sights

The upcoming Leitner-Wise e-Sights are a product that has been missing from the market for a long time now. The e-Sights are basically a minimalist set of back up iron sights that weigh very little and take up minimal space on the rail. Their clever design allows them to fold onto themselves which, when coupled with their already compact dimensions, makes them very unobtrusive.

LW esights LW esights folded

The reliability of modern optics, especially Aimpoints, is no longer in question. In my personal experiences, I have seen more iron sights break than I have seen Aimpoints go down. In spite of that, all of my carbines have back up iron sights because, while I trust Aimpoint implicitly, I am less sure of the batteries that power them. I change my batteries regularly and have never had one die at an inopportune time but I recognize the possibility that it could happen. That is exactly why it boggles my mind that something like the e-Sights haven’t existed until now (they will be available very soon).

As optics advance, it becomes increasingly less likely that they will fail but Murphy still dictates that it is prudent to have iron sights. Given that the iron sights are a back up sighting system and the likelihood of their use is ever decreasing, it makes sense that they should be as unobtrusive as possible.

LW esights rear lw esights front


Bastion Velcro Key Tags

Bastion has a way for you to keep part of your patch collection with you wherever you go. Their new Velcro Key Tags are available in two sizes. The smaller version is perfect for smaller patches like ranger eyes/cat eyes. The longer version works with ranger eyes, tabs, or short name tapes. Both versions are available with either red or black edge binding.

While they are made to be a fun addition to your key chain, I could also see these used as gear markers/locators with glow in the dark or reflective patches. Check them out at Bastion.

bastion key tags


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