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The Shottist Leather Shop for Sale

760fe7_06c50832b420f3888963749d62cd3c84If you want a chance at living the dream – making traditional leather holsters, being your own boss, working in the gun industry, working with your hands, being a real craftsman – listen up. Andy Langlois, the owner of The Shottist Leather Shop, is selling the holster and belt making his side of businesses.

According to Andy, he is a “motivated seller” and can structure the sale a number of different ways whether you want the entire shop, just the holster designs, or something in between. The business is already established and profitable.

You can read more about what is included (the list is extensive – all equipment, inventory, the website, training, and more) at the website he set up to advertise the sale: LeatherShopForSale.com



Blue Force Gear SP-1404 Sling Update – Now Shipping with 2 Free QD Swivels

Blue Force Gear heard you loud and clear. There has been a ton of interest in their small run of Special 1404 Slings but the sling is certainly not inexpensive. Unfortunately, that is the reality for a small run sling with different webbing than what they usually work with and custom hardware.


To help defray some of the expense, their SP-1404 Sling is now shipping with two free push button QD swivels. BFG’s swivels are some of the best on the market and getting two of them for free should go a long way toward improving the value of this sling.

You can read more about what makes the sling unique in our previous post and check out the SP-1404 Sling at Blue Force Gear. You don’t have to do anything special to get the swivels. They will be included with your SP-1404 order automatically.


Win an Elzetta 2016 Limited Edition Light Before You Can Buy One

Elzetta releases a limited edition light in a unique, one-time-only configuration every year. The lights usually sell out pretty quickly and are never to be seen again. Past lights have included special black chrome finishes, colored anodization, and Cerakote. The details for this year’s limited edition light have not been released yet but you can register for a chance to win one!

Entering to win is a simple two step process. First, like the Elzetta Facebook Page HERE. Finally, complete the form found HERE. The winner will be chosen randomly on Wednesday, August 3rd.

2016 le elzetta giveaway

I should also note that the promotional image for this giveaway might be a clue as to which light might be receiving the limited edition treatment this year. It appears to be an Alpha which would make sense considering it just received an output upgrade.


Armageddon Tactical CompTek Type 1

Armageddon Tactical’s new compensator, the CompTek Type 1, is now available. The CompTek Type 1 is designed for 5.56/.223 chambered AR-15s and is machined from 4140 steel. It has a Melonite QPQ finish for durability.

The muzzle device features a unique port layout. According to Armageddon Tactical:

Features include an internal gas expansion chamber and top ports that direct the expanding gasses upward to eliminate muzzle rise. Exit ports vent the remaining gasses to the sides and help reduce felt recoil. These exit ports are located below center to direct more gasses out the top. The design also insures there is no “dust signature” when shooting close to the ground.

You can check out the CompTek Type 1 at Armageddon Tactical.


Work Hawk from Wild Knife and Tool

Many of the full-tang tomahawks on the market have a decidedly tactical flavor to them. You can use a tomahawk designed to take apart cars in the forest but it might not be ideal for working with wood. This is the starting point for the Work Hawk from Park Swan at Wild Knife and Tool. He wanted to design a lightweight, full-tang tomahawk that is more at home in the woods and more like a traditional woodman’s tool.


Traditional tomahawks and trade axes are relatively light in weight and Park emulates that in Work Hawk by radically skeletonizing the haft/handle and placing a large circular cutout in the blade to create the balance he was after. The result is a chopping tool that weighs just 22.5 ounces (17 ounces if you can make due without the removable micarta handles).

The handle is clad with micarta scales that mimic the octogon polls of older trade axes and run from the base of the haft all the way up to the bit, allowing the user to place their hand just about anywhere. This allows the user to grip lower for maximum chopping leverage or choke up under the bit for fine, knife-like cutting and carving. The hooked butt of the haft allows the user to grip all the way down at the bottom of the poll without fear of the Work Hawk slipping out of the hand during the chopping stroke.


The Work Hawk is ground from 52100 steel, a classic carbon steel known for excellent edge holding and toughness. It is a full .25″ thick which makes it plenty tough and leaves enough meat to achieve a steeper, axe-like cutting geometry. The overall length is 12.75″ with a 3.75″ cutting edge. The Work Hawk features a scalloped hammer poll and comes with a kydex belt sheath.

Wild Knife and Tool does not currently have a website. The best way to contact them about a Work Hawk or one of their other creations is to visit BladeForums where Park is an authorized knifemaker. You can also email him at wildknifeandtool@gmail.com. Park tells me that he has a batch of Work Hawks in the works currently so this would be a good time to get on the list.

IbyoMHF 6cPd1gZ


Timberwolf Holsters from GunfightersINC

It can be a little difficult to find holsters for Lone Wolf Distributor’s Timberwolf frames. They usually work well enough in standard Glock holsters but the fit is rarely perfect. GunfightersINC is now offering holsters molded specifically for the Timberwolf frames and the complete Timberwolf handguns that will be available soon.

Check out GunfightersINC.

timberwolf gunfightersinc


EOC Time Lapse from Mission Spec

Mission Spec released a very cool time lapse video of one of their EOC plate carriers being created from start to finish. For those of you who appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into custom tactical gear, this will be a very intriguing video to watch. For those of you who think everything is overpriced, this video might fuel your delusion that this gear can be made in minutes and should cost whatever arbitrary dollar amount you deem as cheap.


Breaking: Smith & Wesson to Acquire Crimson Trace Corporation

From Crimson Trace:

SPRINGFIELD, Mass., July 25, 2016 — Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation (NASDAQ Global Select: SWHC), a leading manufacturer of firearms and a provider of quality accessory products for the shooting, hunting, and rugged outdoor enthusiast, today announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Crimson Trace Corporation (Crimson Trace), the industry leader in laser sighting systems and tactical lighting for firearms, for $95.0 million, subject to certain adjustments, utilizing cash on hand.

Crimson Trace has long been a key supplier of laser sighting systems for Smith & Wesson.  For more than two decades, Crimson Trace has provided consumers, military units, and law enforcement officers around the globe with the world’s largest selection of award-winning laser sight and tactical light products.  Crimson Trace offers more than 225 products and is widely recognized as the world’s leading brand of laser sights for firearms.  Its award-winning innovations include the Lasergrips®, Laserguard®, and Rail Master® platforms.  The company’s product line also includes the Defender Series®, Lightguard®, and its new LiNQ™ wireless activation system.  Based in Wilsonville, Oregon, Crimson Trace operates from a 50,000 square foot , leased facility where it engineers and manufactures its products.

Crimson Trace was founded 22 years ago and has organically generated a ten year compound annual revenue growth rate in excess of 10%.  The company maintains a product development team that has an established track record of launching high-quality, innovative laser sighting products.  As a result, its products maintain a premium position with hundreds of independent retailers as well as large sporting goods retailers, including Cabela’s, MidwayUSA, Nation’s Best Sports, and internet retailer Optics Planet, Inc.

James Debney, Smith & Wesson President and Chief Executive Officer, said, “Crimson Trace provides us with an exceptional opportunity to acquire a thriving company that is completely aligned with our strategy to become a leader in the market for shooting, hunting, and rugged outdoor enthusiasts.  As the undisputed leader in the market for laser sighting products, Crimson Trace serves as an ideal platform for our new Electro-Optics Division.  Firearms purchasers frequently buy electro-optic accessories to enhance the capabilities and performance of their firearms.  The growth that Crimson Trace has delivered is a testament to the high product quality and the robust product development capability that Lane Tobiassen, President and Chief Executive Officer of Crimson Trace, and his team have established.  That capability, combined with Crimson Trace’s leadership position in the market for laser sights, provides a solid framework for organic and inorganic growth.”

Lane Tobiassen, who joined Crimson Trace in 2005, will serve as President of the new Electro-Optics Division of Smith & Wesson, and will report directly to Debney.  The Crimson Trace management team and workforce, as well as its base of operations, will remain in Wilsonville, Oregon after the acquisition.

Tobiassen said, “It is a great honor to lead Crimson Trace into this exciting new chapter in our history by joining the Smith & Wesson team.  Since 1994, we have designed and brought to market more than 225 products, all of which reflect the passion, dedication, and spirit of innovation of our design engineers, production workforce, customer service representatives, and marketing and sales professionals.  As the new Electro-Optics Division of Smith & Wesson, we believe that our capabilities, combined with inorganic opportunities to acquire related technologies, will expand the reach of our existing market footprint.  This makes us a great fit for Smith & Wesson, a legendary company with an iconic brand, world-class products, and markets that include consumer, law enforcement, and international channels.  We look forward to offering consumers exceptional performance from two of the industry’s most trusted names.”

Smith & Wesson will purchase all of the outstanding stock of Crimson Trace for $95.0 million, using existing cash balances.  Crimson Trace is being acquired from Crimson Trace Holdings, LLC, which is owned by private equity firms Peninsula Capital Partners, LLC and VergePointe Capital, LLC; Lewis Danielson, the founder and Chairman of the Board of Crimson Trace; a small group of minority members; and certain members of management.

Jeffrey D. Buchanan, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Smith & Wesson, stated, “As a result of our strong balance sheet, we intend to complete the purchase of Crimson Trace with cash on hand and we expect the transaction to close in three to six weeks. After the closing date, we expect the acquisition to be accretive to Smith & Wesson’s earnings per share in fiscal 2017.  Due to its anticipated timing, the transaction is expected to have no impact on Smith & Wesson’s operational and financial results for the fiscal 2017 first quarter ending July 31, 2016.  As of the date of signing, Crimson Trace’s trailing 12 month revenue was approximately $44.0 million, of which approximately 25% was revenue from Smith & Wesson and would be excluded from our consolidated revenue.  The purchase price represents an estimated multiple of approximately 5.9x the trailing 12 month adjusted EBITDAS of Crimson Trace.  We look forward to providing additional details following the close of the transaction.”

Cowen and Company, LLC is acting as exclusive financial advisor and Greenberg Traurig, LLP is acting as legal advisor to Smith & Wesson and its Board of Directors.  Robert W. Baird & Co. is acting as exclusive financial advisor and K&L Gates LLP is acting as legal advisor to Crimson Trace and its owners.


Tease: New AK Hand Guards from Midwest Industries

Midwest Industries is about to drop a selection of extended AK hand guards onto the market. Extended hand guards can make a lot of sense on AKs since the standard hand guard length may leave little room for mounting items like lights and slings. The extended hand guard may also allow items like vertical grips to be mounted further forward where they will have less impact on the ability to rock a magazine into the magazine well.

midwest industries extended AK hand guard tease 2

The hand guards will be available with either KeyMod or M-LOK compatible attachment slots. They also appear to mount without having to remove the standard hand guard retainer. In keeping with previous AK hand guards, these also seem to have optic specific upper hand guard mount options.

Stay tuned for additional details.
midwest industries extended AK hand guard tease 1


The Little Things: L.A.G. Tactical Defender

How do you set yourself apart from your competition? Pay attention to the little things. I am fascinated by the small details that designers build into their products. Often, these features are so subtle that you may never notice them in an overt way but they are there none the less, improving functionality and setting apart one product from another.

L.A.G. Tactical’s Defender Holster has a small, barely noticeable feature that can go a long way toward keeping your magazine in the gun where it belongs – especially on models with ambidextrous magazine release buttons like the Sig P320. They contour the edge of the holster very subtly to cover the magazine button. If they covered it entirely, the holster could prevent a firm firing grip from being established during the draw. Instead, they cover it just enough to protect the button.

LAG Tactical Defender P320


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