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Smith & Bradley Ambush Digital Analog Watch

Smith & Bradley make some very fine, but rugged and affordable timepieces and they are pros at crowdfunding, having fully funded 2 previous watch projects on Kickstarter. Their latest project is the Ambush, a digital/analog hybrid watch with a drool worthy feature set.

Smith Bradley Ambush

The Ambush features both digital and analog displays on the same face. This provides the obvious benefit of being able to track 2 time zones at once. The blue backlit digital display also allows more accurate readings of the time and chronograph feature along with an alarm function.

Like previous Smith & Bradley offerings, the case is machined from 316L stainless steel for corrosion resistance and durability. The case is PVD coated to a deep black color. The case is topped off with a AR (anti-reflective) coated sapphire crystal. That case and scratch resistant crystal are wrapped around a Swiss movement which is typical for Smith & Bradley watches.

Smith & Bradley is known for their lume. They use Superluminova to create a watch face that is readable in low light with long lasting glow but without the “look at me!” glow that some tritium watches generate.

The slickest feature of the Ambush is probably the electronic compass. It is adjustable for heading and declination. When the compass is activated, the minute hand shows true north, the hour hand indicates your heading, and the digital readout shows your direction and heading in degrees!

Smith & Bradley watches are not inexpensive but they are a good value. They are an even better value when you get on board early in the crowdfunding process. Check out the Smith & Bradley Ambush Digital Analog Watch Kickstarter campaign.


550 FireCord Update

550 FireCord has come a long way since I last wrote about it. Live Fire Gear smashed their crowd funding goals for the project and it is now entering the final stages of production. You can expect it to be available sometime in October.


The product itself has been refined considerably. The 550 FireCord prototypes shown during the crowdfunding effort was basically just para-cord style nylon sheathing around a thick tinder strand. The more refined version will actually have regular nylon inner strands like standard para-cord with the addition of a color coded tinder strand. This should make it more durable and useful as survival cordage.

550 FireCord will be available soon at Live Fire Gear.


0241Tactical RCO ACOG Optic Cover

0241Tactical RCO Optic Cover

I have used various neoprene covers for my ACOGs in the past but found that they didn’t always fit well and they didn’t last all that long before they started splitting at the seams. The RCO ACOG Optic Cover from o241Tactical seems like a good solution for protection from dirt, dust, and scratches.

These simple covers are adjustable and fit loosely around the body of the optic so you don’t have to worry about the seams splitting. Like most of 0241Tactical’s line, they are available in an extremely wide variety of camo options.

Check out the 0241Tactical RCO ACOG Optic Cover.


EGL Drop-in VOCR Hydrobag

The VOCR, or Variable Objective Chest Rig, from Extreme Gear Labs (EGL) is already one of the most expandable chest rigs on the market. There are a host of available accessories for it and its derivatives like the HSP D3CR. The latest addition to the line up is the Drop-in VOCR Hydrobag which adds hydration capability to any VOCR, D3CR, or Mayflower R&C chest rig harness.

Visit the EGL Facebook page for details.

EGL VOCR Hydro Bag


Crimson Trace LG-489G for S&W Shield

Crimson Trace recently announced their latest laser for the popular Smith & Wesson Shield. The LG-489G is in their Laserguard series which means it attaches to the trigger guard and sits under the dust cover for a low profile. This particular model features a green laser diode which is more visible in day light.

lg489g-ghostedCrimson Trace says that they will have holsters available for purchase at the time of release. Given the popularity of CT products, you can expect that custom holster makers will also support the LG-489G.

Like all CT lasers, the LG-489G features their Instinctive Activation button which activates the laser when the handgun is gripped. This feature, coupled with their quality, is why I use their lasers.

Check out the new LG-489G at Crimson Trace.


VEIL Solutions Rhino Lined Holster

I have used kydex holsters that have had fabric, usually Cordura, laminated to the exterior of the holster. This is usually done to apply camouflage to the holster but has the secondary benefit of quieting the holster a bit. It deadens the creaks, clicks, and various other noises that kydex holsters can make. Now, don’t run out and glue fabric to your holsters. The sounds your holster makes is probably not really worth worrying about. I only bring it up because I recently came across an interesting new finish that VEIL Solutions is experimenting with – Rhino Lining.

Veil solutions coated holster

They have Rhino Lined one of their Valkyrie model holsters and I am interested to see what, if any, benefits they uncover in their testing. I suspect that it will serve to deaden the typical kydex sounds but also wonder if it might add an additional level of durability that would come in handy during one-hand manipulation drills. Only time and testing will tell but it is great to see someone trying something new.


Bastion Samurai Patch

A friend of mine said that morale patches have become as common as business cards in this industry and that they are almost like a form tactical folk art. Patches like the new Samurai Patch from Bastion make it easy to believe he is right. The patch features a hand drawn samurai figure rendered in great detail. This is a great looking patch.

Check out the PVC Samurai Patch at Bastion.

bastion samurai patch

Image property of Bastion LLC


Oneiros Valley – Moving Sale

Oneiros Valley is moving their operations Las Vegas to Phoenix and to celebrate/lighten their load, everything on their site is discounted up to 35%. If you own a Mystery Ranch NICE Frame, this is your chance to fall back in love with it like I did when I tried the Load Lifter Panel at a great price. They also have several other great pack upgrades and gear to check out.

The sale runs through 8/03/14 or while supplies last. Visit Oneiros Valley.

oneiros sale

Oneiros Valley LLP Installed


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