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Ballistic Advantage Teaser – Complete Uppers Soon?

Ballistic Advantage just dropped a teaser image on their Facebook page (image below). It shows an AR-15 upper receiver with Ballistic Advantage branding and it includes a bolt carrier group and charging handle. Hopefully, this means they are getting back into the complete upper receive market… maybe even complete rifles.


Ballistic Advantage certainly has the production capability to offer complete uppers and firearms. In the not too distant past, they did offer complete uppers. I own two of them and they are excellent. Now, with the manufacturing backing of Aero Precision and their child brands like VG6 Precision behind them, they should be well positioned to get back into the market.

Generally, when Ballistic Advantage releases a teaser image, we don’t have to wait long before the pay off. Stay tuned.


Ultra Light Micro Ranger Beads

Standard paracord based ranger beads (pace counters) aren’t exactly heavy, but… They are heavier than they need to be. A long time friend of mine and US Army veteran developed the Ultra Light Micro Ranger Beads that weigh in as just 2.27 grams compared to about 5 grams for a regular ranger beads.


These ranger beads makes use of smaller beads and lighter cord. They are small enough to make a difference but large enough to still be used with gloves. I have had two sets of these for almost 2 years. There have been zero issues with beads slipping or breaking. In fact, the beads grip this cord better than a lot of the full size ranger beads.


These are small and light but easy to use and durable. They are also made by a veteran right here in the USA and affordable at $5.35 shipped each. There are several bead and cordage options and there may be discounts for bulk orders. These are only sold on Ebay at the moment.

Check out the original Ultra Light Micro Ranger Beads on Ebay.


Merkwater Casting Handlines

Handline fishing has been around forever and the rigs that people use to do it mostly all have one thing in common… They are much easier to pack than a fishing rod! The new Markwater Casting Handlines are barely larger than your outstretched hand making them a lightweight and compact way to add fishing gear to your backpacking or survival kit.



The Merkwater Casting Handlines are from the same people behind the excellent Emberlit stoves. They are made from Baltic Birch plywood and then stained, sealed, and have a handle wrap applied by hand. 40 feet of 10 pound test line is supplied.

Check out the Merkwater Casting Handlines at Emberlit.com.


Berne Expands Concealed Carry Workwear Line

Berne Workwear recently expanded their line of Concealed Carry Workwear. You may remember their initial offering, the Echo One One Concealed Carry Jacket and Vest that makes use of their clever Adder System. The 2016 line includes several new items and 2017 promises even more.

The Concealed Carry Workwear (CCW) line now includes a ladies version of the Echo One One Jacket called the Lima One Three Jacket. Like the Echo Echo One, this is a durable workwear styled jacket with useful features geared specifically toward concealed carry.


The Echo Zero Eight Softshell features the Adder System as well but in a more technical or everyday appropriate softshell jacket format. Being a softshell, it’s wind and water resistant but also breathable. The Adder System keeps your gear organized and accessible. The snap sides give you fast access to your holster.


The final additions for 2016 include the Echo Zero Six Cargo Pant and Shorts. These also feature the Adder System to keep your support gear stowed and accessible. They are built like workwear with triple stitched main seams, reinforced pockets, and wide belt loops.

I used Berne Workwear long before they came out with this line and it has become my preferred brand. It is more affordable than some of the big workwear names and it has held up much better for me. Now that I know they support concealed carry and some of those behind the brand are shooter’s themselves, I am even more excited to see what is in store for Berne and their CCW line.

You can check out the growing Berne CCW line at BerneDirect.com.


Mountain Ridge Gear Launches New Website

Mountain Ridge Gear, maker of some of the most rugged backpacks and other gear I’ve ever used, has just launched a new website. The new site features their EDC gear and pouches along side their line of saddle bags, pommel bags, and panniers. If you like well organized, bomb-proof backpacks or you run donkeys in the backcountry, check out the new MountainRidgeGear.com.



Caracal USA Update

Caracal USA just posted a major update. Caracal Model F replacement handguns have cleared customs and those affected by the recall should be receiving upgraded replacements soon. Additionally, they are making strides at bringing their USA manufacturing and customer service sites online.


High Tower Armory Bullpup Conversion for the…

High Tower Armory just took the wraps off a new bullpup conversion that they will be producing for the… Hi Point Carbine. Yes, the Hi Point Carbine. Before you wander off mumbling under your breath, this might actually make some sense.


Hi Point’s pistol caliber carbines are 1) numerous, 2) affordable, 3) generally reliable, 4) generally accurate, 5) have 20 round magazines available, and 6) exceedingly ugly. This conversion would reduce the overall length without the need for a tax stamp, improve the optic and light mounting options, and go a long way toward improving the looks (which is important to some people whether you like it or not).

High Tower Armory hasn’t released pricing yet but they have stated that this conversion and the carbine itself could be put together for around $500. It may not be your cup of tea but there is likely a market for this conversion. It could be a solid improvement to a carbine that performs beyond its price point.



Gunstruction on Rail Attachment Method

As the KeyMod vs. M-LOK debate continues, it is easy to forget about good old Picatinny rails. Gunstruction mined the data from their virtual AR-15 building tools to see what attachment system their users preferred over the last month and the results are a bit surprising. It is basically a dead heat with M-LOK, KeyMod, and good ol’ 1913 rails each being used in about a quarter of the builds. The remaining quarter was taken up by rails with no attachment method or an alternate method.



TangoDown Light Portal Front Sight (FFA-02)

TangoDown’s FFA-01 Front Sight Flashlight Adapter, released in 2012, was one of the first attempts at integrating a front sight and 12 o’clock mounted weapon light. The FFA-01 was essentially a specially designed front sight tower that could mount to an extended rail and encompass the bezel of the Surefire X300. It worked well and represented an evolutionary step forward for 12 o’clock mounted weapon lights.

TangoDown is reviving the idea, albeit in a slimmed down format, with the introduction of the Light Portal Front Sight (FFA-02) for the Surefire XC-1. The original FFA-01 was made from steel but the new FFA-02 is machined from aluminum (hard anodized finish). The combination of aluminum construction and the svelte XC-1 should make for a compact, lightweight set up.


From TangoDown:

TangoDown is excited to announce a new item for the tactical community! The Light Portal Front Sight (FFA-02) is a combination weapon light mount & front sight all in one compact package. The FFA-02 was developed to give shooters the ability to place a weapon light on the 12:00 rail without obstructing the front sight. This weapon light mount accommodates the SureFire™ XC-1 Pistol Light, creating a lightweight option if you’re looking to reduce the weight on your carbine. Maintaining a hand forward shooting position makes activating the XC-1 weapon light easy and quick.

**Limited Availability

MSRP: $95.00

Please visit https://tangodown.com/shop/tangodowntm-light-portal-front-sight-ffa-02/ for more information on the FFA-02.

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