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Magpul iPhone 6 Plus Field Case

iPhone 6 Plus users everywhere can stop holding their breath. The Magpul iPhone 6 Plus Field Case dropped today.

Magpul Iphone 6 Case

From Magpul:

The Magpul Field Case for the iPhone 6 Plus is a semi-rigid cover designed to provide basic protection in the field.

Made from a flexible thermoplastic, the Field Case features PMAGĀ®-style ribs for added grip, snap-on design for easy installation and removal, and slides easily in and out of pockets without snagging.

Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.!


Leitner-Wise e-Sights

The upcoming Leitner-Wise e-Sights are a product that has been missing from the market for a long time now. The e-Sights are basically a minimalist set of back up iron sights that weigh very little and take up minimal space on the rail. Their clever design allows them to fold onto themselves which, when coupled with their already compact dimensions, makes them very unobtrusive.

LW esights LW esights folded

The reliability of modern optics, especially Aimpoints, is no longer in question. In my personal experiences, I have seen more iron sights break than I have seen Aimpoints go down. In spite of that, all of my carbines have back up iron sights because, while I trust Aimpoint implicitly, I am less sure of the batteries that power them. I change my batteries regularly and have never had one die at an inopportune time but I recognize the possibility that it could happen. That is exactly why it boggles my mind that something like the e-Sights haven’t existed until now (they will be available very soon).

As optics advance, it becomes increasingly less likely that they will fail but Murphy still dictates that it is prudent to have iron sights. Given that the iron sights are a back up sighting system and the likelihood of their use is ever decreasing, it makes sense that they should be as unobtrusive as possible.

LW esights rear lw esights front


Bastion Velcro Key Tags

Bastion has a way for you to keep part of your patch collection with you wherever you go. Their new Velcro Key Tags are available in two sizes. The smaller version is perfect for smaller patches like ranger eyes/cat eyes. The longer version works with ranger eyes, tabs, or short name tapes. Both versions are available with either red or black edge binding.

While they are made to be a fun addition to your key chain, I could also see these used as gear markers/locators with glow in the dark or reflective patches. Check them out at Bastion.

bastion key tags


AXTS Weapons Freedom Bone Shirt

The Freedom Bone is a clever new shirt from AXTS Weapons Systems. It features their Raptor Charging Handle blended into a spinal column graphic running down the back of this shirt. Freedom isn’t always neat and clean so it takes a little spine to continue to stand up for and believe in the real meaning of the Second Amendment (and the rest of the Bill of Rights).

axts freedom bone


MOLLEminus Burrito

So. Much. MOLLEminus.


The new Blue Force Gear MOLLEminus Burrito was originally developed for BFG’s sales people who need to be able to display various pouches and then roll them up into a compact shape in order to travel. It is basically a massive expanse (11 columns by 25 rows) of MOLLEminus cut ULTRAcomp material that can be used to turn your MOLLE compatible pouches into a huge gear organizer or just as a way to display/organize the pouches themselves.

Check out the MOLLEminus Burrito at Blue Force Gear.

Burrito-MOLLE-Back-600x400 Burrito-MOLLE-in-use-600x400


Cynology War Labs by US Palm

US Palm’s new offshoot, Cynology War Labs (CWL), is set to offer a line of K9/Military Working Dog products. The initial line includes a collar and vests in two sizes. Check out the CWL section of the US Palm website and their Facebook page for details and purchasing.

US palm cwl


High Speed Gear SB15 IFAK Pouch

High Speed Gear gave the world a sneak peek of a new IFAK pouch that they are working on via their Instagram. The pouch is designed to hold the essentials for treating a gun shot wound in an envelope compact enough to ride in between the flaps of an SB15 Stabilizing Brace.

hsgi sb15 ifak

The initial reaction has included no shortage of internet law “experts” and BATFE tea leaf readers that have already declared it illegal and a bad idea. However, they don’t know that High Speed Gear is well aware of the potential implications of this pouch and are working through the proper channels to ensure everything is on the up and up. If everything goes well, it could be approved and ready for release by SHOT show.

I can only speculate but, if I was going to create such a pouch, I would design it to ride in the brace only during transport. If an end user were to leave the pouch in place while shooting the pistol, that would be using the pouch in a manner other than it was intended.

Kudos to High Speed Gear for at least trying. Hat tip to F3 Tactical for the tip.


JTT Edition SL1 Sight Light at Special Price

The SL-1 Sight Light from ROSCH Works is one of the best pieces of gear to ever pass through my hands (see the review here). I am impressed with it, not just because of the design or the quality, but because I believe it represents an important development in weapon lights. That is why I am excited about the JTT Edition SL1s that ROSCH Works will be offering for a limited time at an excellent price.

sl1 jtt edition

I have always considered the SL1 to be reasonably priced at it’s normal retail price of $235. That price gives you a premium weapon light with a fully potted Malkoff designed LED module, aluminum construction, Cerakote over hard anodized finish, and a front sight that is actually an improvement over the standard front sight post. It costs less than many premium light options but provides both a light and front sight. On top of all that, it is the lightest way that I am aware of to mount both a light and front sight to your carbine.

ROSCH Works is selling the JTT Special Edition SL1 for $175 which is a savings of $60. It will be just like the regular SL1 except it will sport a handsome laser-engraved JTT logo which probably adds 25 lumens of output (not really) and helps regrow hair (not really). I receive no compensation from this. I just think the product is excellent and I like the guys behind ROSCH Works. They have inventory to reduce and I am glad to help.

Go to ROSCHWorks.com and use code JTTsale at checkout to save $60. The code is only good for the purchase of the SL1. There is no limit. Orders containing other items will be canceled. The coupon is good through the end of the year.

roschworks sl1 jtt edition


Battle Arms Development BAD-EMR

Earlier today, I mentioned the new Forward Controls Design EMR and EMR-C. Those were developed in partnership with Battle Arms Development who has also released their own Enhanced Magazine Release – the BAD-EMR.

bad emr

The BAD-EMR features a shallow “V” shape (compared to the curved shape of the Forward Controls Design parts) that encourages centered finger placement and deep striations that help keep the finger from slipping up or down while not preventing the finger from sliding back to the trigger. The back of the BAD-EMR is skeletonized so that it weighs the same as a standard magazine release button in spite of its increased height. It has no through hole for a clean, finished look.

Battle Arms Development is offering the BAD-EMR in a number of colors including black, OD green, red, silver, yellow-lime, and bronze which is a good match for FDE receivers. Check out the new BAD-EMR at Battle Arms Development.

bad emr back


Forward Controls Design EMR and EMR-C

You may not know the name Forward Controls Design but you probably already know the man behind it. Roger Wang, formerly of Battle Arms Development, started the new company and is already developing a handful of AR-15 parts including the EMR and EMR-C. These AR-15 magazine releases were developed in conjunction with Battle Arms Development who will have their own similar but slightly different version of the product. I have been watching the development of these for some time and I lad I can finally talk about them.

forward control emr and emrc

The EMR is similar to the original AR-15 release in size. It has a through hole like the original and is the lower profile of the two option. The EMR-C is extended beyond the EMR. It has no through hole and sits higher than the fence on most AR-15 lowers.

The EMR and EMR-C remind me of the Vickers Tactical Gen. 3 Glock Magazine release in that it seeks to make the magazine release button easier to use without going too far outside the size constraints of the original part. Rather than having a large bolt-on paddle design, the EMR and EMR-C are only slightly extended in length, feature a shallow curve shape, and texture that locks the finger in place and provides purchase. This is adds function through better design rather than just making the mag release larger.

Check out Forward Controls Design on Facebook for updates and availability.

forward control emrc proto forward control emr proto


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