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Shellback Tactical Patriot Plate Carrier

Shellback Tactical’s new Patriot Plate Carrier is now available for pre-order. This new carrier is distinctive from the Banshee but built on similar dimensions so that Banshee soft armor may be used.


The Patriot PC is constructed from 500D Cordura nylon to keep the weight down. All of its MOLLE webbing is confined to the cummerbund area with full coverage on the cummerbund itself, the cummerbund flap on the front, and the cummerbund tunnel on the rear. The upper part of the front and rear plate pockets has generous loop material fields. The should straps can be pulled forward to adjust and are secured with Velcro. Shoulder pads are included. The reinforced drag handle can be secured with Velcro so it doesn’t flap in the breeze.

You can pre-order the new Patriot Plate Carrier at Shellback Tactical.

patriot3__66666.1454521732.1280.1280 patriot7_3__59335.1454612596.1280.1280



This new video from VERTX is excellent. It shows their EDC Essential Bag being put to use both on the practice range, in every day life, and then when things turn bad. The zip/bang motif used through out is clever and I find it very cool that a company actually shows someone training with their products.


Exos Defense TI-7 Stock Sale

My favorite AR-15 stock, the TI-7 from Exos Defense, is on sale for $69.99 with free shipping! I own 6 of these and I really like the combination of features. You can read my review here.

Check out the TI-7 sale at Exos Defense.



Suarez International Combat Magazine Release for Glock

The new Suarez International (SI) Combat Magazine Release for Glock has two interesting features. First, SI designed the magazine release with the serrated surface angled to the direction from which your thumb will hit it to increase leverage. Second, they tweaked the positions of the magazine release spring retention notch so that the release requires less pressure to activate. The height of the magazine release is slightly taller than the factory release and shorter than the Glock extended releases.

saurez glock magazine release


Leupold Durability Stories

Leupold recently published these photos of optics that have been subjected to severe neglect or abuse but continued to function. I love stories like these and it makes for effective marketing because I paused to read each one separately. Leupold claims to have “The Best Warranty You’ll Never Have to Use. Peroid.” While my own experiences with Leupold’s customer service have been mixed, I have only had issues with one optic out of many that I have owned and that has garnered a lot of trust with me.

These ads are very cool.

Leupold 4 Leupold 3 Leupold 2 Leupold 1


Some Rifles Never Get Old

I just spent some time shooting my old Marlin 336 (a lever-action .30-30). Every time I shoot it, I leave the range wondering why I don’t shoot it more often. It was my very first center-fire rifle, given to me by my grandfather, and it remains one of my favorites.

Almost any lever-action, regardless of the name rolled marked into the barrel, is a joy to shoot. They are light, quick, hard hitting, easy to shoot, and easy to carry. Sure, it isn’t the most flat shooting cartridge, but the zero is easy to remember and I can basically hold the sights on a 10″ target out to 200 yards.

marlin 336 JTT

A rifle like this can conjure up all kinds of day dreams in a young man as he carries it through the woods and it still does for me in spite of the fact that I am not as young as I once was. A lever-action rifle, perhaps more so than any other type of rifle, feels as though it could be taking a trophy buck in one moment and defending your homestead from marauders in the next. I have never done either with this particular rifle. Nothing even close to what could be considered a “trophy” has ever walked in front it and I am fortunate that I have never had to defend my homestead but it is comforting known that I, with it in my hands, am capable of either.

This 336 was not new when I received it but it was well cared for and I have maintained it well in turn. I seem to be getting older but this rifle never does… Neither does the freedom of owning it. It reminds me that good rifles and good men wielding them are our heritage, our birthright, and the birthright of future generations. If you give a young man a .30-30 and teach him how to use it, he might just do the same one day.

Tell me about your favorite old rifle below in the comments.


Snake Eater Tactical EDC Belt with Carbon Tactics Quicky Buckle

Remember the very cool Carbon Tactics Quicky buckle? Snake Eater Tactical (SET) is now offering their new EDC Belt with the new buckle.

The EDC Belt features 2 layers of firm weave 1.5″ nylon webbing with your choice of the stitch patterns for which SET is known. These belts also feature SET’s Velcro-less tail design that uses an elastic keeper to retain the excess belt rather than hook and loop material that rarely lasts as long as the belt itself.

Check out the new EDC Belt at Snake Eater Tactical.

Snake-Eater-Tactical-EDC-Belt-Black-backside EDC-Belt-Coyote-1-Snake-Eater-Tactical Snake-Eater-Tactical-EDC-Belt-Black


TOPS Knives – Hazen Legion 6.0

TOPS Knives just released their first new knife of 2016, the Hazen Legion 6.0. This knife has the long, slender blade shape is the unmistakable thumb print of its designer, knife maker Mark Hazen.


The Hazen Legion 6.0 is essentially a production version of Mark Hazen’s most popular knife model. This field/tactical knife design features a black micarta handle over .187″ (3/16″) thick 1095 steel. The 6.7″ blade is saber ground (like a half height flat grind) and features a nearly half length false edge. It comes with a kydex sheath. See the image below for full specs.

This knife has some extremely graceful lines and looks ready to work. Check out the Hazen Legion 6.0 at TOPS Knives.



Now Available: Atibal Velocity 1-4×24 FFP

I was first alerted to Atibal optics from following Russell Phagan’s work at SinistralRifleman.com and I have been watching the development of their Velocity 1-4x FFP which is now available. This looks like an interesting optic for a number of reasons.


Atibal didn’t try to do too much with the reticle. It seems strange, at first glance, that they would put a simple crosshair reticle in the first focal plane for a 1-4×24. It makes more sense when you take into account the large thicker heavier elements of the reticle. The heavier elements of the reticle act like a classic German #4 reticle, known for speed and low-light performance, when the scope is set at 1x. The finer, .9 MOA thick, floating cross hairs enlarge with the image as you zoom to 4X allowing for more precision.

I actually prefer a well designed crosshair reticle to just about anything for all around use and this one appears to have a lot of potential. A crosshair reticle with a fine aiming point and heavy outer elements can be both very precise and very fast while also offering solid performance in transitional light. A BDC reticle can be nice but for a basic carbine, this is all you need to shoot from muzzle distance to 300 yards without much trouble. It would also be well suited to something like a short range hunting rifle.

VelocityReticle velocity_subtensions_large

This scope has 4.8″ of eye relief which I like. It makes it easier to see around and past the optic when you are shooting with both eyes open.

Initial reports on the glass in this optic have been encouraging. Atibal touts that the optic is made in Japan and that it compares favorably with some very high glass. They also claim that it is especially rugged thanks to a patent pending magnification mechanism.

Perhaps the biggest potential fly in the ointment on this optic is its weight. At 18 ounces, it is a bit of a porker but that weight may be able to be mitigated with a lighter mount like those from Aero Precision which are offered for sale with the Velocity 1-4x.

Check out Velocity 1-4×24 FFP at Atibal.

Features and Specs:

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Front Focal Plane (FFP)
  • Red Illuminated Free Floating Crosshair
  • 7 Brightness Settings
  • Fully multi-coated lens providing over 95% light transmission
  • H lens coating UV-curable hard coat, much more scratch-resistant than most UV coatings commercially available.
  • Low profile windage and elevation adjustment
  • Water proof with or without elevation and windage caps.
  • Shock Proof
  • Fog Proof
  • Magnification: 1-4x
  • Twilight Factor: 4.9-9.8
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 24mm
  • Eye Relief: 4.8 inches
  • Field of View: 27.5-63 feet / 100 meters
  • Tube Size: 30 mm
  • Turret Style: Low Cap
  • Adjustment Per Click: 1/2 MOA
  • Max Elevation Adjustment: 120 MOA
  • Max Windage Adjustment: 120 MOA
  • Weight: 18 ounces with no mount
  • Length: 10.25 inches
  • Made of 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum

BA Barrel of the Week: 5.56 7.5″ BA Hanson Performance Series

I wrote two articles regard 7.5″ AR-15 barrels chambered in 5.56. They are among the most heavily visited posts on JTT. The first was about how, while not an ideal length for the 5.56, these types of barrels are finally viable for specific purposes thanks to advances in barrels (like the one that is the subject of this p0st), ammo, and muzzle devices. The second was in response to the internet’s over-reaction concerning the ballistics of said barrels.


If you are interested in starting your own 7.5″ AR pistol or SBR build, this barrel will be tough to beat. The BA Hanson barrel profile is well designed and Ballistic Advantage is very conservative with the gas port on these barrels. All that coupled with the fact that it comes with a pinned low-profile gas block and the Barrel of the Week sale price make this a very tempting deal.

Check out the 5.56 7.5″ BA Hanson Performance Series Barrel at Ballistic Advantage.

Length 7.5″
Material 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium
Profile Hanson
Finish QPQ Corrosion Resistant
Gas System Length Pistol
Gas Block Journal 1.03″ Gas Block Seat for .750″ Low Profile Gas Blocks Only
Twist Rate 1:7 inches
Muzzle 1/2-28 Threaded
Weight 17oz
Other Info HP and MPI Tested

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