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Patch Collecting: Death Blossom from DSTEIN DZIGNS

I was 3 years old when The Last Starfighter found its way into theaters. I didn’t see it until later but it become one of my favorite childhood movies. This Death Blossom Patch from DSTEIN DZIGNS had me scrambling to see if Netflix had the movie in their streaming library (they don’t)!

If you like 80’s sci-fi, this patch is for you. If you like detailed patches, this patch is for you. If you just like patches… you know.

10614238_725763407485382_8951861617648567543_n DSTEIN_BLOSSOM_FINAL


Ruger AR-556

Ruger has announced their latest AR-15 style rifle – the AR-556. The new carbine will feature direct impingement gas system (DI) instead of a gas piston and appears to be aimed squarely at the budget end of the AR-15 market. Many of the decisions were obviously made to hit a price point and that is okay. I suspect they will sell a ton of them with a street price likely to be well below $700.


I suspected that this day would come and, when it did, I hoped that Ruger would use a mid-length gas system given that their piston carbines use something like a mid-length system. However, the AR-556 uses carbine length gas.

The 16″ hammer forged, medium contour contour barrel is not chrome lined. The lack of chrome-lining is often sold as a “feature” since it makes the barrel “more accurate” but it is usually just a way to cut cost. Chrome lined barrels can be very accurate. The 1 in 8″ twist should stabilize just about projectile you can find on the shelf.

The front sight base has been machined instead of forged. There is a QD sling swivel socket integrated into the bottom and it is proper “F” height. It looks like a fairly nice unit and the barrel is .750″ beneath it so it should be easily replaceable.

The upper looks fairly standard and does have M4 feed ramps. It also has a brass deflector and forward assist which are not found on some competing budget rifles. It has an interesting (and a little strange) delta ring assembly that threads into place to retain the hand guards rather than being spring-loaded like a standard delta ring. Unfortunately, this means that the barrel nut is not standard and will have to be replaced in order to nearly every free-float hand guard on the market.

The grip and rear back up sight appear to be Ruger’s own design and the rifles will ship with a Magpul PMAG.


MI M-LOK Hand Guard for the Tavor

Midwest Industries (MI) just released a sneak peak at their upcoming M-LOK Hand Guard for the IWI Tavor. The images show a pre-production version of the hand guard so there may be some changes to the production model. It is basically very similar to their other Tavor hand guards with the exception of the M-LOK spec slots.

MI doesn’t usually keep you waiting for long after they release images of the pre-production product so these will likely be available soon.

MI pre-prod mlok tavor


UW Gear Considering Adding 500D Cordura Option

I am a fan of 500 Denier Cordura. In my experience, it is more than durable enough for my needs and it saves weight. UW Gear has been considering adding a 500D option to their line up for a long time now and I am glad to see them finally giving everyone a peek behind the curtain.


If they have enough interest to add the 500D option, the new rigs that result from the addition should be considerably lighter in weight. In addition to the weight savings that come from the lighter material, UW Gear has slimmed the harness where it meets the body of the rig for additional lightening.

If you are would like to see UW Gear add 500 Denier Cordura Nylon to their line as an option, let them know!


Seekins Precision SP10 .308

  1. Buy Seekins Precision SP10 .308
  2. Add an optic
  3. Shoot teeny-tiny groups
  4. ???
  5. PROFIT!!!


Seekins Precision just opened up pre-ordering for their upcoming SP10 .308 rifles and, on paper, they look to have a lot going for them.

The upper is built around Seekins Precision’s iRMT upper receiver which is a CNC machined upper with an integrated extension for mounting their 15″ SP3R free-float rail. It is a very rigid system. The heart of the upper is one of Seekins Precision 18″ stainless steel match barrels.

The lower is completely ambidextrous. It features a tuned trigger and a proprietary buffer setup that allows the use of a standard carbine extension. It comes with a Magpul STR stock and Ergo Deluxe Grip.

The SP10 is nearly ready to stretch its legs right out of the box. Check it out at Seekins Precision.


On Blade Bomb: The TOPS Knives EL PATRON XXX

The new EL PATRON XXX from Tops Knives represents a more utilitarian approach to the karambit. It features a drop point blade shape rather than the typical hooked shape. The drop point may give up some of the ripping/catching potential of a traditional karambit in reverse grip but makes the knife more useful in a hammer grip. The EL PATRON XXX was actually designed to sit well in the hand and be useful in a normal forward grip.


This is also the first knife to feature TOPS Knives’ new “Tactical Stone” coating. The coating is a medium brown in color with texturing that has a stone like appearance. It contrasts with deeply grooved, Black G10 handle slabs nicely.

The EL PATRON XXX is ground from 3/16″ 1095 steel. It has a 3 1/2″ blade with a 8 5/8″ overall length. It comes with a handmade Kydex sheath.

Check out the EL PATRON XXX at TOPS Knives.

Check out more knife related content on our sister site, Blade Bomb.


Fight and Flight Tactical LLAMA Aluminum Frame Stays


Fight and Flight Tactical’s LLAMA pack works well without frame stays thanks to it’s semi-rigid backing but it does have the ability to accept them. It took a while but the stays are finally available. The stays should provide an extra measure of weight-transfer to the hip belt, making the LLAMA more comfortable with heavy or off-balance loads – like when there is a rifle secured in the tailgate.

They are made from aluminum and can be bent to fit your back. They are 15″ long, 1.25″ wide, and .125″ thick and sold in pairs. Pick up some frame stays for your LLAMA at Fight and Flight Tactical.


Chinook Medical Officer Response Kit

The new Officer Response Kit is Chinook Medical’s most compact hemorrhage control kit to date. It is not much larger than the tourniquet it is designed to hold.

The heart of the kit is the Officer Response Pouch (also available separately) which can be attached to any MOLLE compatible surface and is compact enough to work well on a belt. It is designed to hold the most basic hemorrhage control items (included): a 4″ Israeli Bandage and a CAT Tourniquet. There is also room for 4 nitrile gloves (included).

The Officer Response Kit is available in Black or Coyote Brown. Check out the full kit and the separately available pouch at Chinook Medical.

chinook med officer response kit open chinook med officer response kit


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