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TacStrike Poor Man’s Plate Racks

TacStrike has been on a mission lately to change the way you think about affordable steel targets. Their latest affordable creations are the Poor Man’s Plate Racks. It’s different than most plate racks in that the plates hang down rather than stand up and the plates react to hits by swinging rather than falling over.

TacStrike poor mans plate rack

The Poor Man’s Plate Racks consist of 3 main components: a base, a cross bar, and the target plates. The base is TacStrike’s 2 or 3 position Stake In Target Carrier which means it can also be used to hold targets. The cross bar has multiple hanging locations to accommodate the variety of steel target options that are offered with the Poor Man’s Plate Rack. It also comes with all the chain and snap links required to hang the plates but the user must provide the wood uprights.

The plates are TacStrike’s durable AR-500 steel. They’re 3/8″ thick and will last for years. The purchaser can select 1 of 4 target plate options: dropped steel swingers (roughly 5″x5″), 8″ circles, 10″ circles, or 12″ circles.

The price of the Poor Man’s Plate Racks varies based on the size of the rack (2 position or 3 position) and the size of the plates.

Check out the TacStrike Poor Man’s Plate Racks.


Helping One of Our Own

devito house fire

You may have heard by now that Matt Devito, owner of Down Range Firearm Training, and family (wife and 2 kids) lost their home to a house fire recently. The insurance on the home had not yet kicked in and they are now essentially starting from scratch. Matt is a shooter and heavily involved with the online community of firearm owners. Here are some ways that you can help him and his family (I will update the list as necessary)…



Combative Edge Rebel

The Rebel, Combative Edge’s latest production fixed blade, will start shipping next week. This knife is a 10 3/16″ long slab of S30V and textured G-10 goodness. The full height flat ground blade has a distinctive harpoon shape and the handle has enough contours to orient the blade but not lock you into any one grip.

Check out the Rebel pre-order at Combative Edge.

Combative Edge Rebel Combative Edge Rebel Sheath


Unity Tactical Glock Trigger Now Available

Unity Tactical’s new Glock Trigger is now available now and it is already in stock at Interstate Guns. It is designed to be an upgrade to the factory trigger without sacrificing reliability and durability. It comes with an improved trigger and trigger bar, Glock OEM “-” Connector, trigger return spring, and striker spring which is lighter than stock but Unity Tactical states will still ignite the hardest primers.

Check out Interstate Guns. The trigger is not available on the site yet but you can call to order. The price is $199.99.

Unity Tactical Glock Trigger Interstate Guns


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