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MSM Boss Beaver

MIL-SPEC MONKEY just released his latest pack design – the MSM Boss Beaver. If you liked the Adapt Pack, but wished for something a bit bigger, this one may be for you.


The MSM Boss Beaver’s layout is similar to the Adapt Pack with a few key additions. The most noticeable is the massive “beaver tail” on the front of the pack. The Monkey had two design goals with the beaver tail to correct shortcomings he has seen with other packs. First, he designed the beaver tail so that it could be held tightly to the pack when it was not in use. Second, the beaver tail doesn’t prevent access to any of the compartments.

The Boss Beaver is made in the USA by Tactical Tailor. I am really just scratching the surface of this pack’s features so I strongly suggest you check out the video below and then check out the MSM Boss Beaver at the MSM Store.


HSG Tactical Cooler Panel

I can’t explain it rationally and I’m not sure how I would use it, but when High Speed Gear announced the HSG Tactical Cooler Panel for Bison Coolers, I could barely resist. These things are just too cool.

The panel snaps directly to the front of the cooler via seven snaps. It has a massive PALS field for attaching pouches and plenty of loop Velcro for attaching patches. It available for Bison’s 50 and 70 quart coolers.

The HSG Tactical Cooler Panel is available from Bison Coolers.




DDI Offering AK-47 Barrels

AK builders take note. Destructive Devices Industries is now offering their barrels separately! These are the same 7.62x39mm chambered, Green Mountain produced, Fenocited barrels that they used in their own AKs. Look for them on dealer shelves soon with an MSRP of $149.95.

ddi ak barrel


Andro Corp Industries Adds SLR Rifleworks Hand Guard Options

Andro Corp Industries (ACI) is known for offering good quality, complete AR-15 upper receiver groups at a very budget friendly price. Many of their upper regularly cost less than $400. Don’t let the prices fool you into think these aren’t quality uppers. They use barrels from Ballistic Advantage and come with various hand guard options in that price range including free float rails.

In addition to their more budget friendly line, ACI has been introducing uppers that have more premium features but are still reasonably priced. Many of these more premium uppers include rails from SLR Rifleworks who is now providing OEM support for ACI. That means you will see more SLR Rifleworks hand guards with ACI branding on uppers going forward.

The availability of reasonably priced uppers with Ballistic Advantage barrels and SLR Rifleworks hand guards is a win for AR-15 shooters. Check out the full line of uppers in various calibers at Andro Corp Industries.



Review: Scalarworks LDM

The Scalarworks LDM is an ambitious product. It is a quick detach Aimpoint Micro Mount that features a unique locking system and a radically skeletonized design. The result is a quick detach mount that weighs within a few tenths of ounce of the lightest non-QD mounts on the market.

Scalarworks LDM 3

The LDM or Low Drag Mount is designed from the ground up to be light weight. Traditional throw lever style QD mounts are heavier due to the presence of the lever which must be large enough to be operated by hand. In order to make a truly lightweight QD mount, Scalarworks had to get away from the typical throw lever. They designed a ratcheting thumb wheel that is extremely compact and thin enough that it fits within the footprint of the mount itself yet is easier to operate than a really tight throw lever.

The thumb wheel has a deeply knurled surface that mates with a detent in the mount. This makes setting consistent tension on the mount a snap since you can witness-mark the particular groove that the detent should lock into and be sure to tighten to the mark every time you reinstall the mount. This locking system is pretty ingenious and has certainly held up just fine to my testing.

I tested the return to zero capability of the mount by firing four separate three shot groups at 50 yards, removing the mount between each group. I could detect no difference from group to group with each one stacking on top of the other. Admittedly, it would have been easier to spot a difference at a greater distance and with a more precise optic. For my purposes, the 50 yard test was sufficient for a red dot sight.

The mount itself has been machined to a bare minimum of material. Some of you are going to look at it and think it will break or bend easily. However, I dropped my carbine from chest height directly onto the optic with no ill effects other than some dings on the optic. When you have the mount in hand, you can see that the pillars that support that optic are actually more robust than you would think from the pictures. Can this mount be bent more easily than a heavier, non-skeletonized mount? Probably, but it will take some abuse to do it.

Scalarworks LDM

I should also point out that Scalarworks didn’t skimp on the clamping surface. The rail clamp runs the entire length of the side of the mount. Once the thumb wheel is turned to hand tight, the mount isn’t moving.

I have the LDM110 which is the lower third co-witness model. I use it on a carbine that I purposely built to be extremely lightweight. At 1.37 ounces, it weighs less than half of the mount that it replaced on this build! To save that much weight on such a small part is amazing. It was an integral part of my Sub 6 with a Twist Build.

The LDM seems to be extremely well made. The machine work is clean and the finish is even. The fit and finish on my example is excellent.

Wrap Up

The LDM is the lightest Aimpoint Micro QD mount on the market by a wide margin. Heck, it is lighter than most non-QD mounts. It is well made, it mounts easily, it returns to zero at least as well as is required for the precision level of the optic it mounts, and it looks pretty darn good too. This is an impressive mount and I can’t wait to see how they adapt this design to support other optics.

Disclosure: The LDM was provided to me by Scalarworks for review, free of charge.


Memorial Day 2015

Hopefully, you will take a moment from the cookouts and shopping to remember those who have died while serving this country. This county is, in no small part, beautiful because of those who have served and given their lives for it.

From America the Beautiful

O beautiful for heroes proved

In liberating strife.

Who more than self their country loved

And mercy more than life!

Thank you to those who loved country and mercy more than self and life. We are forever in your debt and you are not forgotten on this Memorial Day or any other day.


Troy Sellars Joins Destructive Devices Industries

Troy Sellars is the man behind In Range and an AK builder extraordinaire. I own two AKs that have both passed through his hands and they are excellent. He is an authority on what it takes to build an AK right and he has been building them that way longer than most. People who know AKs, know Troy. That is why I was excited to hear from the MrGunsnGear Facebook page that he has joined very promising, new AK producer Destructive Devices Industries (DDI).

It certainly bodes well for a new company who is trying to show sustained and consistent quality to add a resource who is well known because of his sustained and consistent quality. The future is bright for DDI and the American AK scene.

Check out DDIArms.com to see what they have to offer.



Prototype Drop Leg Holster at T.REX ARMS

T.REX ARMS has been developing a new drop leg holster for the last several months. It is noteworthy in that, in a way, it is like this holster has come full circle and gone back to the roots of the drop leg holster concept. It’s as if T.REX ARMS has rediscovered a lost black magic of making good drop leg holsters.

TREX Drop Leg with retention

The design harkens back to the early drop leg holsters. They were only low enough to clear body armor – not so low that they lengthened the draw stroke significantly or caused the holster swing excessively during movement. They were trimmer and lighter, lacking the large leg shrouds often found on today’s holsters. These were holsters like the venerable Safariland 3000 series with compact designs that rode close to the body and had single leg straps for simplicity.

TREX Drop Leg on belt

The upcoming, as of yet unnamed, holster from T.REX ARMS captures many of these same qualities. It rides high thanks to the use of the excellent and proven Safariland UBL belt attachment. The use of the UBL may also open up a host of other Safariland compatible mounting options. The single leg strap is attached via swivel mechanism that T.REX ARMS is keeping under wraps for now. It allows the holster to move with the user as evidenced by the picture below. The holster body itself is relatively streamlined, lacking a shroud or anything else that would add bulk.

TREX Drop Leg Swivel

I haven’t put hands on these holsters yet but I have been following its development from a distance. Sometimes the next big thing comes from looking back.


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