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BCS Updates BALCS Carrier Cumber, Adds Multicam Black

Beez Combat Systems has been busy. They just completed an update to their BALCS Carrier Cumber and they have added Multicam Black as an option across their entire line.

BALCS Cumber Body Armor Carrier Multicam Black left side angle mags

The new BALCS Carrier Cumber accepts BALC SPEARS cut soft armor and SAPI, ESAPI, Swimmers, and rectangular cut plates. It has the hardware and mounting points necessary to be compatible with attachable chest rigs and panels like BCS’ own TLMP. The new kangaroo pouch deign allows the user to carry 2 AR-15 magazines without the need for an aftermarket insert. The elastic inner cummerbund keeps the carrier tight to the user while the outer carrier features PALS coverage inside and out for modularity. The BALCS Carrier Cumber is rounded out with loop Velcro fields for patches and ID, a reinforced drag handle, and adjustable shoulders.

Check out the Beez Combat Systems BALCS Carrier Cumber.


RE Factor Tactical and High Speed Gear NVG Counterbalance Pouch

Question: What happens when RE Factor Tactical and High Speed Gear get together? Answer: Good things if you use a helmet mounted night vision setup.

hsg re factor counterbalance

The new NVG Counterbalance Pouch is now available. This pouch was designed by RE Factor Tactical and manufactured by High Speed Gear. It is designed to carry an ANVIS battery pack along with two removable parkerized steel plates that weigh .45 lbs each. The plates are included. The ability to add and remove the plates allow the user to customize the balance of their helmet. The pouch also features space for additional small items and loop Velcro coverage for patches and ID.

Check out the NVG Counterbalance Pouch at High Speed Gear.


It’s a Conspiracy!

Put on your tin foil hats. I just uncovered a shocking conspiracy theory. It seems that Aero Precision and Ballistic Advantage are conspiring to make you build an AR308! Both companies just released their weekly deals and both are offering discounts on important AR308 parts.


Aero Precision’s weekly deal is a 20% off their .308 / 7.62 Nickel Boron BCG.


  • Carrier is machined from 8620 steel
  • Nickel Boron coated
  • Bolt is machined from 9310 steel
  • MPI
  • Forward Assist serrations
  • Weight: 17.92oz


Ballistic Advantage’s Barrel of the Week is their 18″.308 Heavy Profile Rifle Length Barrel from their Modern Series.


  • Length – 18″
  • Steel – 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium
  • Finish – QPQ
  • Gas System – Rifle
  • Twist – 1 in 10″

Will Petty Joins 88 Tactical Cadre

Will Petty has been officially announced as part of the 88 Tactical instructor cadre.


From 88 Tactical Founder, Shea Degan:

88 Tactical, a Nebraska based training organization, is proud to announce the addition of Mr. Will Petty to the ranks of its nationally recognized instructor cadre. Petty, a longtime Law Enforcement Officer, has served both in patrol and a number of specialized assignments. Petty will be conducting courses not just at 88 Tactical’s range and lodge facility but elsewhere across the country and abroad. Most will be focused on (though not limited to) the unique challenges of Vehicle Close Quarters Battle — shooting in, around or through vehicles, including low- and no-light classes and instructor development programs like the one he recently established for the NYPD.

Says 88 Tactical’s Founder and HMFIC Shea Degan, “Since Thrasher (88 Tactical COO and serving 18Z Trevor Thrasher) and I first began our program we’ve worked to ensure everything we do is reality- and behavior based. All our classes, in fact our entire instructional ethos, is predicated on adrenalized, asymmetrical scenarios. William’s emphasis on contextual reality is a perfect extension of this. Nothing Will teaches is ‘square range based.’ He despises range lore for the institutional tradition it is. We are [expletive deleted] excited to have him.”

Petty began his LE career in New Mexico, eventually moving to Texas and spent 2-years on contract with the Critical National Infrastructure Authority in Abu Dhabi as a Counter Terrorism instructor for certain specialized units of the United Arab Emirates and other places. He’s been a rangemaster, defensive tactics instructor, ERT member and departmental competition shooting team member. Petty, who remains a Texas Tactical Police Officers Association instructor and serving reserve officer, joins an all-star roster of notable and internationally experienced instructors. Among them are former SF medic, combat diver and PSC contractor Nick Nowatney, former FBI Hostage Rescue Team Leader and DoJ Counter Terror expert Mike Sackett, veteran LEO and former counter-piracy PSC contractor Tim Fullmer, USAF SERE legend and Midwest School of Bushcraft Terry Barney and many more.

You can take a look at some of what Petty will be instructing for 88 Tactical here in this video trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9Z4Tf_DgG8

About 88 Tactical
88 Tactical’s roots are in Nebraska Law Enforcement, hence the name. “Signal 88” is Nebraska’s LEO brevity radio code for Situation Secure. We are the Midwest’s premiere training facility and cadre, with instructors who remain operational in their chosen fields all over the word. With a lineup of SMEs virtually unmatched in the industry, 88 Tactical leverages its staff’s vast array of disparate experiences to teach everything from the Carmageddon 3-day survival school, Concealed Carry Licensing, several level of handgun and carbine courses (including some that are restricted to women only) and edged weapon instruction to kids anti-bullying and anti-abduction programs, tactical medicine and high threat CQB classes for LEOs, contractors and military personnel. Students include everyone from school children to responsible armed citizens and SOF personnel. Find our full list of courses and a training calendar here. Learn more about our instructors here.

Shea M. Degan
Founder & CEO

2015 Limited Edition Flashlight from Elzetta

Elzetta creates a limited edition flashlight every year. They are always unique and rarely last for very long. This year’s light is the most eye catching one yet. If you want one, don’t sit around waiting…

From Elzetta:

Elzetta Design, LLC is pleased to announce the release of our 2015 Limited Edition Modular Flashlights. For the first time, an Alpha Model has been chosen for the annual Limited Edition run.  These 315-lumen single-cell Flashlights feature Mini-CQB Bezel Rings and Click Tailcaps, all professionally finished in Electric Yellow Cerakote over Elzetta’s legendary Type III hard anodizing. Even better, these electrifying Limited Edition Lights are priced the same as standard Model A312’s.  That means professional Cerakote finishing, a unique Bezel Ring design, and the exclusivity of a Limited Edition are free! Elzetta Limited Editions always sell out quickly and are never reissued. Savvy buyers will order theirs today at www.ELZETTA.com.

Electric Yellow, Logo Side Electric Yellow, Serial Side


VCQB with William Petty – Official Trailer

We spend a lot of time in and around motor vehicles and not just when we are driving. They are never far away in just about any urban, suburban, and even many rural settings. In spite of this, many shooters will never have the opportunity to train in and around vehicles beyond dry fire practice which does not give the shooter a sense of what bullets do when confronted with the many and varied structures and materials found in vehicles.

All of the above highlights the importance of a video like the upcoming VCQB with William Petty. The video is being produced by media gurus at Firelance Media and it will teach you “the positions, ballistics, and methods needed to understand a close quarters engagement around a vehicle.”

Learn more about William Petty at 88 Tactical. Learn more about Firelance Media and stay up to date on the video at FirelanceMedia.com.


Crowdfund This: Visual AK Identification Playing Cards – First Look

There are just 3 days left to push GunWebsite’s Visual Kalashnikov Identification Playing Cards to their $10K stretch goal. The extra funding will ensure that these cards can be produced in the USA. To help make the final push, a video giving the most in-depth look yet at the cards has been released. Feast your eyes on all the Kalashnikov goodness in the video below…

Get in on the crowd funding campaign at Kickstarter.


Unity Tactical Monkey Bar Sale

The Unity Tactical Monkey Bar is on sale for $34.95 for a limited time. If you have an MBUS Pro Front Sight, this may be just what you need.

Unity Monkey Bar Sale

The Monkey Bar is a drop-in replacement for the small steel rail clamp on the MBUS Pro Front Sight. It serves two purposes: to hold the MBUS Pro to the rail and to provide a mounting interface for any of the Unity Tactical’s Fusion accessories like rails and flashlight rings. Additionally, it will accept Surefire’s M300/M600 Scout Lights without the need for an adapter. It is a very compact and very light weight way to add a light to your carbine that is equipped with an MBUS Pro Front Sight.


SLR Rifleworks Bargain Bin

If you are like me, you always have a gun project or two in various stages of completion while you wait for a deal on the last few necessary parts. Well, check out the Bargain Bin at SLR Rifleworks. The parts listed there may be blems or just sale items. They add new items weekly so there is a constantly rotating group of rails, gas blocks, muzzle devices and more at reduced prices.



LAG Tactical Competition Gear

LAG Tactical has introduced a new line of competition oriented kydex gear. The line includes the CPMC (Competition Pistol Mag Carrier), CRMC (Competition Rifle Mag Carrier), and The Super ‘Nova Holster.


In fitting with their competition roots, the CPMC and CRMC have a ton of adjustment to their mounting angles built in. This allows the user to place them on their belt in any orientation they wish.

The Super ‘Nova Holster was designed in conjunction with noted pro 3 Gunners, James Casanova and Janna Reeves. It is compatible with a number of different belt hardware options and is available in 3 different cuts based on the shooter’s preference.

Check out the new competition line at LAG Tactical.

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