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Triple Stitch Tactical 10/22 4 Mag Pouch

I have said it before and I will say it again. One of the best things about dealing with small, custom gear shops is that they can take on projects that would never happen at larger manufacturers. That is the case with this really slick 10/22 4 Mag Pouch from Triple Stitch Tactical.

triple stitch tactical 10-22 pouch

The pouch features 4 cells designed to hold the Ruger BX-25 10/22 magazines. The pouches have a semi-open bottom design to allow drainage and each cell has individual bungee retention. While the thought of 100 rounds of .22LR on tap in a single pouch warms my heart, this pouch would be great in a single or double cell configuration as well.

Check out Triple Stitch Tactical and remember to support the little guys!


New Packs from Mystery Ranch

Mystery Ranch is about to drop 3 new backpacks in their Mountain line! The Rush, Swift, and Big Mountain will be available for pre-order tomorrow (4/16).

mystery ranch new packs

All three packs will feature a new internal frame design. The Big Mountain, the largest of the bunch, will boast 4000 cu. in. of capacity. The Rush and Swift will feature Mystery Ranch’s iconic 3-zip design.

Check out Mystery Ranch while you wait for the new packs to drop.


Midwest Armor VENTURE FM4

VentureFM4Midwest Armor’s new VENTURE FM4 has a spec sheet that is down right drool inducing. How does a level IV stand alone, triple curve plate that is only .55″ thick sound? What if I told you it weighs only 5.5 pounds per plate?

  • Materials: Advanced Uni-Directional UHMWPE
  • Size: SAPI/ESAPI Standards
  • Thickness: 0.55″
  • Weight: 5.5 pounds (2.5 Kg)
  • Triple-Curve
  • Liner: Plural-Component Polyurea
  • Resistant to Gasoline/JP7 and salt water

These plates tick every check box for what makes a potentially epic set of ballistic plates – thin, broad ballistic threat mitigation, and lightweight. Check out the new VENTURE FM4 at Midwest Armor.


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