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V7 Weapon Systems Hybrid 3 Gun/Sport Selectors

V7 Weapon Systems makes a wide variety of AR-15 selectors and that list is now longer by one. Their new Hybrid 3 Gun/Sport Selectors bring the same lightweight you expect from V7 but with the massive, hard to miss levers you expect for a competition gun.

The skeletonized 7075 T6 aluminum levers offer a plenty of surface area so you can manipulate the selector quickly. The selector core is machined from heat treated and hardened grade 5 titanium. The Hybrid 3 Gun/Sport Selectors are available in both a right hand (8.4 grams) and ambi style (10.5 grams).

Check out the V7 Weapon Systems Hybrid 3 Gun/Sport Selectors.



M300/M600/E-Series Tailcaps from Arisaka

It is entirely possible to build an M300/M600 weapon light without using a single Surefire part. Arisaka, who already makes an great M300/M600 body and mount, has now introduced their M300/M600/E-Series Tailcaps. These tailcaps feature a forward clickie switch with a fence to prevent inadvertent activation. Most importantly, the tailcaps are built around the proven McClicky internals.

Check out the M300/M600/E-Series Tailcaps from Arisaka.

arisaka tailcap


New Sights from Kyle Defoor and Ameriglo

Kyle Defoor and Ameriglo have rolled out a new set of sights. The new sights feature similar dimensions to Kyle Defoor’s earlier Ameriglo collaboration sights. The new sights feature a tritium vial mounted lower in the front sight than most shooters are used to. This gives a clean day time sight picture that is closer to all black sights and offers an alternate sight picture that helps compensate for sight offset at short distances.

This is an interesting concept. I like all black sights when possible so I can see the appeal.

Check out the new Defoor sights at Ameriglo. Use code “defoor” to save 20%.



Elzetta Mini-CQB Now Shipping

The Elzetta Mini-CQB weapon light is now shipping! This highly anticipated light is the result of a collaboration between Elzetta and Impact Weapons Components. You can read more about it in the review that I completed on a preproduction Mini-CQB.

Ezetta IWC Mini-CQB

From Elzetta…

Elzetta Design, LLC is pleased to announce that the new Mini-CQB Modular Weaponlights are now shipping and production models are even better than promised. The Mini-CQB delivers 375 lumens (60 more lumens than previously revealed) of neutral-tint white light from a single CR123A battery. As the name implies this new weaponlight is designed specifically for close quarters battle engagements and home defense applications. With its high-lumen/low-candela output, the Mini-CQB produces an effective wall of light to optimize threat assessment and situational awareness. The Mini-CQB is available with any of six Tailcaps (Rotary, Click, Alpha High/Low, High/Strobe, or Tape Switch with 5″ or 12″ Cable). It is also available with three ambidextrous attachment mechanisms; M-1913 Picatinny, Keymod/M-LOK™, and MOE™ handguards. The Keymod/M-LOK™ system fits both mounting systems by utilizing patent-pending reversible nuts in one direction for Keymod and flipped for M-LOK™. The Mini-CQB Weaponlights join Elzetta Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie Modular Flashlights as The Toughest Flashlights on the Planet, featuring fully-potted electronics and solid-acrylic optical lenses (no reflectors). Mini-CQB Weaponlights weigh less than 5 oz. and start at just $210 MSRP. Like all Elzetta products, Mini-CQB Weaponlights are Made in USA with a lifetime guarantee.

The light is available from Elzetta or Impact Weapons Components (IWC). You can use code “triggerjerk” to save 5% at IWC.

Ezetta IWC Mini-CQB 2elzeta iwc cqb1 rail elzetta iwc cqb1 kml



The Fortis REV II rails will now be available in an M-LOK version. The 14″ version is being released first exclusively on Revolvr.

I used a REV II (KeyMod) to save weight on my recent Sub 6 with a Twist build. It was the perfect choice due its lightweight and the fact that it mounts to the standard barrel nut.




Vickers Tactical Magazine Floor Plates for the S&W M&P

I have been using the Vickers Tactical Magazine Floor Plates for Glocks for more than a year now and I like them quite a bit. M&P shooters will be happy to know that they are now available for their pet pistol. Like the Glock versions, these are slightly oversize and have textured scallops to enhance grip in the event that you need to strip the magazine from the gun.

Check out the Vickers Tactical Magazine Floor Plates for the M&P at TangoDown.

tangodown mp vickers baseplate


TOPS Knives CUMA Tak-Ri 3.5

TOPS Knives released the latest knife in their CUMA line – the CUMA Tak-Ri 3.5. This new knife builds on previous khukri inspired Tak-Ri knives. It features a new color scheme with tan powder coating and green canvas micarta handle slabs. This version has a false edge to ensure broader compliance with knife regulations (can be sharpened by request). Additionally, TOPS knives if offering this model with a plain edge standard (serrations can be added by request).

  • O/A Length: 13 1/2”
  • Blade Length: 7″
  • Thickness: 3/16″
  • Weight: 16.3 oz
  • Steel: 1095 High Carbon
  • Handle: Green Canvas Micarta (RMT optional)
  • Blade Finish: Coyote Tan
  • Designed by: Waysun Johnny Tsai

tops knives cuma tak-ri 35


Kinetic Concepts Tactical Glock 43 Holsters

Kinetic Concepts Tactical (KCT), known for their affordable kydex gear, is churning out Glock 43 holsters. They have a number of holster options for Glock’s long overdue single stack 9mm. The best deal might be their Element II IWB Carry Kit which includes one of their Element II IWB holsters with a spare magazine carrier for $55.



Mission Spec GIBBORIM Adds Camo Options

The Mission Spec GIBBORIM Belt is now available in camo options. It was previously only available in solid colors.

Check out the GIBBORIM at Mission Spec.

mission spec gibborim camo


Magpul Shipping AK Stocks and Hand Guards

Magpul is now shipping their hotly anticipated AK stocks and hand guards! I know people who are considering buying AKs just to be able to use these products. Call it the Magpul Effect.

magpul ak products shipping


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