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Troy Sellars Joins Destructive Devices Industries

Troy Sellars is the man behind In Range and an AK builder extraordinaire. I own two AKs that have both passed through his hands and they are excellent. He is an authority on what it takes to build an AK right and he has been building them that way longer than most. People who know AKs, know Troy. That is why I was excited to hear from the MrGunsnGear Facebook page that he has joined very promising, new AK producer Destructive Devices Industries (DDI).

It certainly bodes well for a new company who is trying to show sustained and consistent quality to add a resource who is well known because of his sustained and consistent quality. The future is bright for DDI and the American AK scene.

Check out DDIArms.com to see what they have to offer.



Prototype Drop Leg Holster at T.REX ARMS

T.REX ARMS has been developing a new drop leg holster for the last several months. It is noteworthy in that, in a way, it is like this holster has come full circle and gone back to the roots of the drop leg holster concept. It’s as if T.REX ARMS has rediscovered a lost black magic of making good drop leg holsters.

TREX Drop Leg with retention

The design harkens back to the early drop leg holsters. They were only low enough to clear body armor – not so low that they lengthened the draw stroke significantly or caused the holster swing excessively during movement. They were trimmer and lighter, lacking the large leg shrouds often found on today’s holsters. These were holsters like the venerable Safariland 3000 series with compact designs that rode close to the body and had single leg straps for simplicity.

TREX Drop Leg on belt

The upcoming, as of yet unnamed, holster from T.REX ARMS captures many of these same qualities. It rides high thanks to the use of the excellent and proven Safariland UBL belt attachment. The use of the UBL may also open up a host of other Safariland compatible mounting options. The single leg strap is attached via swivel mechanism that T.REX ARMS is keeping under wraps for now. It allows the holster to move with the user as evidenced by the picture below. The holster body itself is relatively streamlined, lacking a shroud or anything else that would add bulk.

TREX Drop Leg Swivel

I haven’t put hands on these holsters yet but I have been following its development from a distance. Sometimes the next big thing comes from looking back.


Ballistic Advantage Memorial Day Sale

Ballistic Advantage is offering 15% off across their entire site through Memorial Day weekend. Use code “memorialday15″ at checkout.



Chase Tactical Launches New Site

Chase Tactical just launched their new website. It is chocked full of gear just waiting to be perused and drooled over. Head over to the ChaseTactical.com and check it out.

While you are there, you can use code NEVERFORGET15 to save 15% through Memorial Day weekend.



Limited Production 18″ AR-15 Barrels and Uppers from Sionics

Sionics Weapon Systems has released their SPR barrels for purchase separately or assembled in limited production upper receiver groups. These are the same barrels that they designed for the Matt Axelson tribute rifle project that Sionics was a part of and it shoots very well by all accounts.


These 416R stainless barrels are 18″ in length. They have a 1 in 8″ twist, .223 Wylde chamber, rifle length gas system, and M4 barrel extension. The profile is a slightly heavy, SPR type profile. The barrel ships with a gas block and is dimpled to make installation easy.

Sionics is offering three uppers featuring this barrel. The main difference between them is the hand guard. There are two Geissele SMR options and a 15″ Samson Evo option. Each upper includes their excellent NP3 coated bolt carrier group. Considering that these uppers feature a great barrel and come with a bolt carrier group, it is hard to beat their pricing.

If you have been shopping for a precision AR-15 upper, act fast.


Blue Force Gear Belt Mounted Pouches – Now Available

Blue Force Gear’s (BFG) new line of belt mounted pouches are now available. These pouches leverage BFG’s Ten-Speed design elements, Helium Whisper technology, and a new laser cut Velcro One-Wrap belt mounting system to create a line of pouches that are light, thin, durable, and versatile.


The line includes several items like multiple magazine pouches, a dump pouch, a baton pouch, cuff pouch, and pepper spray pouch. All of the pouches are extremely light in weight and add very little thickness to the objects that they are carrying which makes them very concealable.

I have had several of these pouches in hand for a few months and I’m really impressed with the laser cut One-Wrap belt loops. It allows you to place the pouches anywhere you want on your belt without having to remove the belt. It also serves to lock down their locations on Velcro lined duty belts. It is a clever system that has a lot of potential.

Check out the new Belt Mounted Pouches at Blue Force Gear.

BFG Belt Pouches


Griffin Armament Minimalist Brake – Lightest Suppressor Mount

Griffin Armament‘s upcoming 1 ounce Minimalist Brake is taper mount machined from 6AL4V Titanium. Once it is available, it will be one of the lightest, if not the lightest, suppressor mount on the market. It will be available threaded for 1/2×28 (5.56) and 5/8×24 (7.62).

griffen armament ti mount


AR15News.com’s Independence Day Shirt is Back

AR15News.com has designed some great shirts over the years but there were none better than their Independence Day design. As with all AR15News.com shirts, it was a limited run and it sold out quickly. If you purchased one, it is probably your favorite shirt. If you missed it, you are probably still kicking yourself.

Kick yourself no more. It’s back. You can pre-order your Independence Day shirt now at AR15News.com.

ar15newscom independance day shirt


Magpul at SOFIC

Magpul knows that SOFIC offers a lot of ground to cover and it can wear you out. Stop by their booth to recharge with food and drinks in the Magpul Whiskey Locker. See the image below for details.

magpul SOFIC


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