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Crowdfund This: Uncertain Tomorrow

Uncertain Tomorrow is a web video series produced by Savannah River Armory that is based on the idea of training for the “end of the civilized world”.

Check out Uncertain Tomorrow on Indiegogo.


BA Barrel of the Week – 20″ .223 Wylde DMR Stainless Steel Rifle Length, Premium Series

It is already Thursday so obviously I am a little late in sharing this with you but Ballistic Advantage’s Barrel of the Week is a useful one if you are looking to start a precision AR-15 build. Their 20″ .223 Wylde DMR Stainless Steel Rifle Length Barrel from their Premium Series is on sale for $190. This is a heavy DMR profile barrel that, if it is anything like my 16″ Premium Series Barrel, will be an excellent shooter.

ba barrel of week 10 dmr


Simply Rugged Leather AR-15 Mag Pouch and Dump Pouch

I have been using Rob Leahy’s, the proprietor of Simply Rugged Holsters, leather goods for a long time. Simply Rugged is my go to place for leather holsters and some hard to find patterns for wheelguns like the Ruger Security Six (which reminds me that I need to get an order in for the Security Six that my grandfather gave me). The first thing I ever brought from him was an elegantly simple, super functional bit cover for a tomahawk, so he has a history of making more than just holsters. One of his latest creations certainly fits the “more than just holsters” category.

simply rugged mag pouch and dump pouch

Simply Rugged will be offering AR-15 Mag Pouches and a Dump Pouch that are crafted from leather. Both pouches are belt mounted. The dump pouch uses softer leather for of the pouch to allow the flexibility necessary to hold about a gallon of gear. The top is stiffened with a band of leather to keep it open and allow the user to easily drop in magazines.

The AR-15 magazine pouch and dump pouch are staples of the tactical nylon industry. I think it is very cool to see classic craftsmanship and materials applied like this. Leather may not work for all environments but if properly cared for, these pouches will probably outlast their first owner.

The magazine carriers are already available from Simply Rugged. The dump pouch will be available soon.


Aero Precision Daily Deal – 15% M4E1 .223 Wylde Complete Upper Receivers

Aero Precision’s Daily Deal is a doozie. They are offering 15% off their M4E1 .223 Wylde Complete Upper Receivers which are already pretty affordable. This could be a great start to a RECCE style build.



E93 CAV-15 Receiver Modifications

Echo Nine Three has added a Services section to their website. There you will find a growing number of the gunsmithing services that they offer including their CAV-15 Lower Receiver modifications. If you have been reading JTT for a long time, you have seen these services mentioned before several years ago and seen them in use on the Sub 6 with a Twist Build. Now, for the first time ever, these services are officially listed on the Echo Nine Three website which is great because I have received several inquiries about the modifications over the years.


The CAV-15 Receiver Modification package includes cutting the stock to the customer’s specified length of pull, fitting a new butt pad, undercutting the trigger guard, and stippling the grip. If you think about what it would cost to the change the stock and grip on a standard lower receiver, this package is quite reasonably priced and I can testify to the fact the work is very well executed. It completely changes the way the GWACS Armory CAV-15 MKII Receivers handle and goes a long way toward reducing the weight of an already lightweight lower.

The CAV-15 MKII tends to get lumped into the same category as all the other poorly executed polymer lowers and that is truly a shame. These lowers are bull strong, lightweight, and handle very well – especially with the E93 Modification Package. You give up some parts standardization and some ability to easily swap/adjust parts but the price is right and it would take you a few life times to wear one out or break it.

Check out the E93 CAV-15 Modification Package.


RS Regulate Developing MRO Mount for AK

RS Regulate is set to bring the new Trijicon MRO to the AK family of rifles. They are developing the AKMT, an MRO compatible upper adapter for their 300 series AK Side Mounts. The mount (both upper and lower parts) should weigh under 4 ounces which will be a great compliment to the lightweight of the MRO.

The image below is a teaser released by RS Regulate.

rs regulate MRO teaser


Chase Tactical – Warrior Wednesday – Warrior Assault Systems DCS Plate Carrier Officially Approved by LAPD

Warrior Wednesday – brought to you by Chase Tactical. Every week, we will feature a product from Warrior Assault Systems. This week’s featured product is the DCS Plate Carrier.

Warrior Assault Systems is proud to announce the DCS Plate Carrier in Black has been officially approved by the Los Angeles Police Department and added to the Official LAPD Approved gear list. By receiving the LAPD Approved certification, this now allows officers in the LAPD to individually purchase and use the DCS Plate Carrier during duty.

Warrior Assault Systems DCS LAPD

The Warrior Assault Systems DCS Plate Carrier was approved after a substantial evaluation period.

The DCS (Dynamic Combat System) is a lightweight armor carrier, with removable sides. Can hold Soft Armor Front and Back and in adjustable side pouches, is also capable of holding large ballistic plates front and back, and 6 x 8 side plates. The DCS is fully adjustable for height and width, comes with 3D Spacer mesh lining for cooling and comfort.

The Warrior Assault Systems DCS Plate Carrier is currently available in Black, MultiCam, Coyote, OD Green, Ranger Green, A-TACS-FG, and A-TACS-AU

All Warrior Assault Systems products are made from genuine U.S. Mil Spec materials and hardware.




Magpul Announces MBUS Pro Enhanced Front Sight Post and MOE SL Enhanced Butt-Pad

Magpul just announced two new products that are add-ons to some of their existing products.

The MBUS Pro Enhanced Front Sight Post is a replacement front sight post for the MBUS Pro Front Sight and Offset Front Sight. The post is specially machined with two profiles, .060” Standard width for maximum visibility and .040” Match width for increased precision. The Match width side of the post has a marking dimple for easy identification during installation. You simply turn it so that your preferred profile is presented to the shooter.

MAG553-MBUS PRO Enhanced Front Post Sight-Standard-2MAG553-MBUS PRO Enhanced Front Post Sight-Match-1

The MOE SL Enhanced Butt-Pad offers a .5″ longer length of pull and has a thicker, vented design that soaks up more recoil. It is compatible with the MOE SL, MOE AK, and Zhukov-S stocks.

MOE347-Stocks Mood


Law Tactical AR Folding Stock Adapter Gen 3-M

The AR Folding Stock Adapter Gen 3-M from Law Tactical is starting to make its way back to dealer’s shelves. I am a big fan of these, having used a Gen 3 for well over a year now on one of my most used guns. The only problem has been their lack of availability. That is about to change now that Law Tactical has brought a new producer online to improve quality and increase output.

Law Tactical Folding 3-M

The new adapters that ship will actually be referred to as Gen 3-M. This should be the best version of the adapters yet. They build on the improvements to the Gen 3 version with a new Ionbond DLC finish and easier to read instructional markings.

The Law Tactical AR Folding Stock Adapter Gen 3-M is available now at Brownells or pre-order from our friends at F3 Tactical who will have their shipment of adapters any moment now.

law tactical folder gen m3 info sheet


Apex Flat-Faced Trigger for M&P Shield

Apex Tactical Specialties has already brought flat-faced triggers to the M&P Shield and Sig P320. Now they are set to do the same for the M&P Shield. They released the teaser video below to drum up interest in the upcoming trigger. Keep an eye on Apex Tactical Specialties’ website for more details.


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