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Free Cerakote Special at Stubborn Mule Outdoor Supply

Stubborn Mule Outdoor Supply (SMOS) is offering a free Cerakote job in Coyote Tan with the purchase of one of their SM15 carbines throughout July.

SMOS arms cerakote

The SM15 is a very well appointed AR-15 carbine that features SMOS’ own SM13 M-LOK rail, a 16″ mid-length 1 in 8″ twist barrel, billet upper and lower receivers with large magazine well, and a host of other solid features like accessories from Magpul, AAC, V7 Weapons Systems. The upper, lower, and rail are all made in house.

Check out the SM15 at SMOS Arms.


OC Tactical Introduces the KGB

OC Tactical just rolled out their new KGB or Kickass Grocery Bag. The bag is overbuilt to handle anything you can cram into it. It is constructed from 1000D Cordura nylon with a layer of waterproof Vinyl Coated Polyester on the bottom. All cloth edges have been bound or covered and the handles are stitched along their entire length to handle heavy loads. The KGBs fold flat for storage but hold their shape for loading thanks to the reinforced bottom.

These bags are at home riding in your trunk for a quick trip to the store or carting your gear to the range. Check out the new KGB at OC Tactical.


KCT AK Low Mass Magazine Carriers

Kinetic Concepts Tactical just introduced a new AK magazine carrier that they say will work with any AK magazine – polymer, steel, aluminum, 7.62, or 5.45 – it doesn’t matter. That is impressive considering the wide range of shapes and dimensional differences exhibited in AK magazines from around the world. Check out the KCT AK Low Mass Magazine Carriers.

kct ak magazine carrier


Suarez International Flat and Straight Glock Trigger

I like flat triggers. I first started using them back with 1911s. Then I tried Geissele Automatic’s Super Dynamic trigger bow and fell in love. Now that generally shoot Glock handguns, I have been on the look out for a flat trigger to install in my Glocks. While they did exist, they generally cost more than I was willing to spend on them until I ran across the Suarez International Flat and Straight Glock Trigger.


The benefits of straight triggers are two-fold. First, they usually increased the trigger reach a touch which helps ensure that I am using the correct part of my finger to pull the trigger. Second, they give the trigger a more consistent feel because no matter where the pad of your finger contacts the trigger face, it feels the same. This also means that you can place your finger lower on the trigger to apply more leverage, making the trigger feel lighter.

Saurez International’s Flat and Straight Glock Trigger has a steel trigger bar like the stock part but it is polished to smooth the trigger pull. The trigger and trigger safety are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and hard anodized to a dark black color. The trigger safety is wider than the stock trigger safety to ensure positive disengagement.

The Flat and Straight Trigger is available for Gen 1-4 9mm/.40SW/.357SIG/.45ACP/10MM Glocks and for the Glock 36/42/43. It is available separately or as part of a complete and tuned trigger system. Check out the Flat and Straight Glock Trigger at Suarez International.



Vortex Optics – Contact Us

Vortex Optics released a short video called “Contact Us” and it is pretty awesome. I have never had to make use of Vortex Optics’ customer service but they have always been able to answer questions for me quickly via email and that is a rarity these days.


Gunstruction – New Parts

Gunstruction just released a piping hot batch of new parts for your virtual AR building pleasure!

gunstruction parts drop 1

The parts drop includes:

Modular BCM BCM Keymod Rail Panel 5.5inch Black
Modular Magpul M-LOK Rail Covers Type 1 – Black
Modular Magpul M-LOK Rail Covers Type 2 – Black
Modular Magpul M-LOK AFG – Black
Modular Magpul M-LOK Hand Stop Kit – Black
MountOptic LaRue Tactical LaRue CompM2 RAS II Mount LT152
MountOptic LaRue Tactical LaRue RMR Mount LT827
MuzzleDevice Next Level Armament NLX-5 Hi-Helix
MuzzleDevice Next Level Armament NLX-6 Flash Hide Hybrid
RedDot Atibal AT-MCRD Micro Red Dot
BarrelNut Strike Industries AR MegaFins-XL Barrel Nut
ChargingHandle Next Level Armament NLX223 Ambi Charging Handle
GasBlock Battle Arms Development BAD-LGB-TI-625 Titanium Gas Block
Grip Tyrant Designs Nexus Grip
Grip Tyrant Designs Titan Grip
HandGuard Strike Industries MegaFins-XL M-LOK 11inch
HandGuard Geissele 13in Super Modular Rail MK4 M-LOK – Black
HandGuard Geissele 15in Super Modular Rail MK4 M-LOK – Black
HandGuard Strike Industries Viper Handguard
HandGuard Strike Industries MegaFins-XL M-LOK 7inch
HandGuard Geissele 9.5in Super Modular Rail MK4 M-LOK – Black
HandGuard Strike Industries MegaFins-XL M-LOK 10inch
TriggerGuard BCM BCMGUNFIGHTER Mod 0 Trigger Guard


Magpul Now Shipping MOE SL Mid-Length Hand Guards

Magpul is now shipping the Mid-Length version of their MOE SL Hand Guards. Like the previously released carbine version, these extend around the A2 front sight base to provide additional gripping surface and protection from heat at the gas block. They feature M-LOK accessory slots on both sides and the bottom.

magpul MOE SL midlength


Magpul Closeout Page

I just came across the Magpul Closeout page at their website and there are some very nice deals there. They have some pretty steep markdowns on t-shirts, sweatshirts, electronics cases, various MOE Hand Guards, and various DVDs.

If you have never seen them in person, the quality of Magpul’s apparel is excellent. I just purchased a few shirts for my wife and I.



RMA Armament SRT Hard Armor Plate – Level IIIA+ and 2 Pounds

RMA Armament’s new SRT (Special Rifle Threat) Hard Armor Plates weigh just 2.05 pounds each and are rated IIIA+ (stand-alone). The single curve, 10×12″, shooters-cut plates are made from UHMWPE material which is why they are so light in weight.

To put that 2 pound weight in context, I have IIIA+ ceramic plates that weigh more than twice as much at just under 5 pounds each… and those used to be considered pretty light weight plates!

Click HERE and HERE to view PDF information sheets on these plates.

SRT Plates Front Small SRT Plate Bottom Profile Small

From RMA Armament:

Rock Island, IL – July 21, 2015 – In the midst of a breakout year RMA Armament, Inc., is proud to announce the Special Rifle Threat (SRT) stand-alone hard armor plate, its latest armor solution. Rated at IIIa+ according to the National Institute of Justice’s 0101.06 standard, this SRT plate was manufactured to bridge the gap in ballistic standard, weight requirement and price point between its IIIa hard and soft armor and level III rifle plate counterparts.

RMA’s SRT hard armor plate is designed to provide multi-hit protection against some of the most common high speed rifle rounds in the world today – the 7.62×39 (M67 Lead Core), 6.8×43 FMJ and .556×45 ball rounds.

Most impressive is that this SRT plate – comprised of UHMWPE material – can stand up to a ballistic beating of the aforementioned nature while weighing just 2.05lbs, which is just a fraction of the weight typically needed to defeat such high velocity rounds.

“We are extremely pleased with the development of this incredibly lightweight, yet world-class, life-saving armor,” CEO Blake Waldrop comments. “RMA was initially tasked by a foreign government to produce this armor product. And after the outstanding reception it received upon its design, and outstanding test results, we immediately knew that this was a product we needed to bring to the masses.

“We’re no doubt proud of our SRT plate and its life saving ability in relation to .556 and 7.62×39 caliber rounds.”

Like RMA’s Level III and IIIa hard armor plates, the SRT is also highly buoyant, making perfect sense for maritime operators who need a high level of protection.

– Special Threat, Multi-Hit Tested by an NIJ Certified Laboratory
– Special Rifle Threat Stand-Alone
– Constructed with Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene
– Single Curve
– Shooter’s Cut
– Positive Buoyant
– Waterproof
– Made in the USA


– 10″ x 12″

– 2.05 lbs (.93kg)

– Thickness: 0.56″

Located in Rock Island, Illinois, RMA Armament, Inc., was founded by former U.S. Marine and police officer Blake Waldrop in October of 2011. After the tragic loss of a Marine friend, Waldrop fully understood the need for truly reliable life-saving body armor. Since its founding, RMA has been focused on the R&D and manufacturing of body armor to bring to the men and women of the US Department of Defense, state and local law enforcement agencies as well as foreign military. RMA uses only the highest quality materials in its armor products to ensure that the men and women who protect this great nation are protected against any potential threat imaginable.

Adam Ruff: (309) 283-1054

RMA Armament, Inc.

1479 Gillespie St., Suite 303

Rock Island, IL 61201


Sionics Weapon System Testing Reduced Gas Port Barrels

Sionics Weapon Systems is testing what they are calling Reduced Gas Port Barrels. If you own a silencer, this is sure to make your day. The barrels will feature smaller than typical gas ports to help mitigate the extra back pressure created by suppressors. The smaller gas port will also reduce perceived recoil and, as you can see from the test video, they run well even without a can mounted.

The barrels are slated to be offered in 16″ mid-length and 11.5″ carbine gas configurations. Check out the test video on Sionics Weapon Systems’ YouTube channel and stay tuned for more details.



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