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Blue Force Gear Chamber Flags – Good for More Than You Think

Blue Force Gear’s chamber flags are good for more than you think. Sure, they can be used to visually show that a firearm is safe and clear but they also make great coffee stirrers.

I suspect they will work for mixed drinks too. Extensive testing will be required to validate the concept.


Ballistic Advantage Summer Sale

Ballistic Advantage is hosting a Ballistic Summer Savings event and several of their most popular barrels are on sale for up to 25% off. The sale includes several Hanson profile barrels and even a handful of AR308 barrels.

ballistic advantage summer sale


New and Improved 30SD 7.62mm Suppressor from Griffin Armament

Griffin Armament just announced the new and improved version of their 30SD 7.62mm QD Suppressor.

Griffin Armament 30SD

The 30SD’s tube chassis is machined from 17-4 stainless steel bar stock. The blast chamber and front mount support at integral. The tube has patent pending fluted which increases surface area for cooling and adds rigidity for durability at a lower weight penalty. The front cap has been redesigned to suppress flash.

Griffin 30SD Flash Suppressor

On the interior, the 30SD features a patent pending, high efficiency baffle system that has improved performance across all calibers. According to Griffin Armament: “The 30SD (Mod 2) retained its excellent 7.62mm sound reduction, but dropped ~4DB’s in 300BLK, and 5DB’s on 5.56mm firearms. The 30SD offers a 5.56mm 132DB sound reduction.”

Griffin Armament 30SD Mount

Griffin Armament’s SD-QD mounting system allows the 30SD to be mounted on A2 flash suppressors as well as their own full line of M4SD muzzle devices. The SD-QD mount uses a unique locking gate rather than metal on metal ratcheting action. This makes mounting the 30SD very quick and prevents metal on metal wear. The tolerances on the 30SD and M4SD mounts are tightly controlled to allow for minimal and repeatable zero shift.  A 30SD Muzzle Brake mount is included with every 30SD Suppressor.

Check out the new 30SD at Griffin Armament.


Crowdfund This: AK Identification Playing Cards

GunWebsites.com has created a deck of AK Identification Playing Cards that are reminiscent of the old aircraft ID playing cards. Each card in the deck features a silhouette of an AK variant along with information like its country of origin, arsenal mark, years of production, and materials used. GunWebsites.com has stated that if successful, this could be the first in a series of decks that would expand the countries and AK variants represented.

The AK Identification Playing Cards are currently being launched on Kickstarter. There are a number of affordable backer perks to check out, including some early bird perks that are still available.

gwebs ak ID playing cards


HSG Plate Carriers

It is good to see High Speed Gear back in the plate carrier game. There was a time when the Weesatch and its derivatives were the hot carriers on the market but that was years ago. Now, with the introduction of their new MPC and SPC carriers, they are coming back to relevance in an innovative way.


HSG’s approach to their SPC and MPC is modularity on a level that I am not sure we have seen before. Both plate carriers start with the same basic, slick, plate pocket chassis. The SPC is offered as a more slick, low-profile option and the MPC as a more modular, load-bearing option. The MPC’s MOLLE compatible cummerbund is actually HSG’s excellent Sure Grip repurposed with an adapter to work as a cummerbund! The front panel can be run slick or with the new HSG Chest Platform mounted on the front as a cummerbund flap. Both the Sure Grip Belt and Chest Platform can also be utilized as stand-alone gear when you don’t need a plate carrier.

We have certainly seen effective ways to integrate plate carriers and chest rigs before, but HSG’s new approach seems to take modularity to a whole new level. Check out the SPC and MPC at HSG.



MI 2 Chamber AK Brake

Midwest Industries has released a new brake for AK shooters. The MI AK .30 Cal Two Chamber Muzzle Brake features 2 expansion chambers and 4 large side facing ports. The brake is machined from tool steel and given a black phosphate finish. This brake fits 14x1LH threads.

2 PORT AK_zpsxtxunnow


Faxon Firearms AR-15 Pencil Barrel Sale

A Faxon Firearms lightweight profile barrel was at the heart of JTT’s recent lightweight budget build. I have used two of these barrels in builds and I am very impressed with what you get for your money.

Faxon Firearms often has a coupon code for discounts on certain barrels but that rarely includes the lightweight barrels because of their popularity. This must be our lucky week because you can save 10% off 16″ 4150 Pencil Profile and 20″ Gunner Profile barrels when you use the coupon code PENCILSALE at checkout. The coupon code is valid through 8/8/2015.

Maybe it’s time for you to start your own budget lightweight build!

1200 Lightweight


Mega Arms/Hodge Defense Wedge Lock Hand Guards

Mega Arms first announced their upcoming Wedge Lock Hand Guards in January of this year. They are finally ready and we have even more details including the involvement of a collaboration partner, Hodge Defense Systems. Both Mega and Hodge can be considered heavy hitters when it comes to manufacturing, materials, and innovation. This is one of the more interesting rails to come along in a while.

hodge mega wedge lock

From Mega Arms:

Its finally time to tell you all the good news, Wedge Lock 7075 hand guards, compatible with any Mil Spec upper, have started shipping!

A collaboration with Hodge Defense Systems, the mind set from the start was to create the finest combative modular system that was strong, lightweight, and with a positive tactile feel. We spared no expense in our material selection understanding the rigors this hand guard would potentially be faced with. For example, most manufacturers exploit the use of 6061 aluminum for ease and cost of manufacturing, though 7075 has strength properties that exceed 6000 series aluminums at or near 40%. Our barrel nut is made from Titanium to help with strength/weight, and the thermal properties one would normally see with steel or aluminum during high volume of fire. We chose a little thicker wall thickness for a solid tactile feel, more surface area, added rigidity, as well as a more positive lock-up for modular accessories.

The Wedge Lock / Hodge Defense Hand guard slip fit attachment system utilizes a simple, yet robust method via a unique patented wedge lock system. We designed the front of this hand guard to allow a gloved shooter to access their suppressor attachment point via a small angle, so not to fight for space while gloved. A steel anti rotation pin is incorporated in the 12 o’clock upper section which mates with a predrilled hole as found on Mega Arms billet and forged uppers, as well in many of our competitors uppers. The hand guard can be mounted without the anti rotation pin if your upper does not have this feature.

Please note, that due to the slim design of the The Wedge Lock, sound suppressors will not fit under the hand guard like they do with our MKM and MML uppers.

First to be shipped are the 16″ Mega Extended length version, designed for use with an 18′ or longer barrel. 14″, 12″, 9″ and 7″ version will ship in descending order, so the carbine length will ship last. M-LOK variants are shipping first, Key Mod will follow shortly.

The hand guards will be available in 5 lengths.

  • Carbine = 7 inches, weight: TBA, $249 (all prices are MSRP)
  • Mid length = 9 inches, 11.12 oz, $272
  • Rifle length = 12 inches, 13.05 oz, $295
  • Extended Rifle lenght = 14 inches, 14.33 oz, $326
  • Mega Extended = 16 inches, 15.58 oz, $357

hodge mega wedge lock installed


Sale of the Summer at ALG Defense

ALG Defense is offering 20% off every in stock item on their site just because it’s summer. The sale starts today and runs through Sunday.

Now would be a great time to pick up some triggers and a 6 Second Mount like the one we recently reviewed.

ALG Summer Sale


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