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More New M-LOK Accessories from Magpul

Magpul just released 4 new M-LOK accessories.

MLOK polymer rail

M-LOK Rail Sections, Polymer: As you might have guessed from the name, these are rail sections made from polymer. They are available in 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11 slot lengths.

MLOK MOE Adapters

M-LOK to MOE Adapter Kit: This is likely the most interesting product of this release. These adapter plates are customizable for length and used to adapt the larger M-LOK holes to work with legacy MOE accessories. So, if you are sitting on a pile of parts for your old MOE Hand Guards but want to update to the new MOE SL Hand Guard, you may be able to use these to avoid buying all new accessories.

MLOK cantilever polymer

M-LOK Cantilever Rail/Light Mount, Polymer: This is just like the aluminum version but made from injection molded polymer. This one hurts a little because I just bought one of the aluminum ones last week and the less expensive polymer version would have worked just as well for my needs.


M-LOK T-Nut Replacement Set: If you break/mangle/lose/accidentally swallow your T-Nuts, you can buy replacements.

Check out all of the new M-LOK products at Magpul.


Lone Wolf Distributors Compact Timberwolf Frame

Lone Wolf Distributors’ Timberwolf Frame for Fullsize 2nd and 3rd Generation 9mm, .40S&W, and .357Sig Glocks has been out for several years now. Their Compact Timberwolf Frame just became available for pre-order recently.

The Compact version has all of the features of its full size counterpart like interchangeable back straps, an extended beaver tail, improved texture, and round magazine release. It is intended for use with Glock 19/23/32 slides. The back straps and magazine release are included. All other original frame parts will drop in without fitting.

lone wolf timberwolf compact


Snake Eater Tactical Surefire Burro Magazine Pouch

I have covered Snake Eater Tactical’s Burro Magazine Pouches before. Basically, they are open top, elastic magazine pouches that are reinforced with Kydex so they stay open. They recently added a larger version that is intended to carry Surefire’s 60 round AR-15 magazine. It can also carry a variety of other items thanks to its elastic construction. Like other Burro Pouches, these are MOLLE compatible but can also be adapted to belt use. They are available in Coyote Brown and Black.

Snake Eater Tactical is also offering $10 off any order of $60 or more throughout October.

Surefire-Burro snakeeatersale


Review: Spartan-15 Enhanced Billet Lower Receiver

Joe Bob Outfitters’ Spartan-15 Enhanced Billet Lower Receiver is one of the most affordable billet lowers on the market but is it worth even a smaller premium over a forged lower? That is the kind of question that everyone has to answer for themselves but for me, it is. Here’s why…

Joe Bob Outfitters Spartan 15


As you can probably surmise from the name, the Spartan-15 starts life as a solid billet of 7075-T6 aluminum, not a forging. It has a black hard anodized finish and a Spartan helmet/Molon Labe roll mark. The trigger guard is integrated and oversized. Other custom touches include a threaded bolt catch pin, a captured rear take-down pin detent, and an upper receiver tensioning screw.

The Spartan-15 is also marked and notched to work with Battle Arms Development’s short throw selectors.

Joe Bob Outfitters Spartan 15 Rollmark Joe Bob Outfitters Spartan 15 Pictogram

Observations from Use

The Spartan-15 accepted the White Oak Armament parts kit that I installed without issue. Magazines drop free easily without excess wobble. It appears to be dimensionally correct.

The fit and finish are excellent. The quality of the machining is quite good and the finish is a very nice, dark, even black. The finish appears different than other hard anodized finishes likely due to a different surface preparation. It has a sort of frosted (hopefully that makes sense) appearance that is very attractive. The Spartan helmet marking and Molon Labe roll mark both look nice without being over the top. The pictogram selector markings look great too.

I probably won’t use the upper receiver tensioning screw. I just prefer to avoid them and I don’t mind a little play between the upper and lower. The captured rear take-down pin detent is just neat. It makes installing the castle nut and end plate a breeze. The thread in bolt catch pin is VERY convenient. Installing the bolt catch roll pin is probably the worst part of building a normal lower but this couldn’t be easier. This is a great feature. Remember to use a bit of thread locking compound to ensure it doesn’t back out. I didn’t have an issue with the screw backing out but applying thread locker would be cheap insurance.

Joe Bob Outfitters Spartan 15 Bolt Catch Joe Bob Outfitters Spartan 15 Threaded Detent

You can tell that care was taken to round many of the edges and remove sharp corners. However, the corners around the trigger guard are left fairly intact which is a little disappointing. They aren’t going to cut you but if there is one place that a chamfered edge makes sense, it is there.

The magazine well is also a little disappointing. It is very good dimensionally and it is well finished inside but it has very little flaring at the opening. A flared magazine well is often one of the hallmarks of a billet lower but the Spartan-15 is only flared about as much as a forged lower. Yes, it works but there was room for improvement here.

I saved the best part for last. The lower is designed to accept Battle Arms Development’s Short Throw selectors without modification. There is a small notch on the selection hole to allow the pin to slip in without having to grind it down and the selector markings are designed to work with 45 and 90 degree selectors. At $129 retail, this is the most affordable lower available that accepts these excellent selectors without modification and that is a huge plus for me.

Joe Bob Outfitters Spartan 15 Magwell Joe Bob Outfitters Spartan 15 Low Shelf Joe Bob Outfitters Spartan 15 Grip Area

Wrap Up

The Spartan-15 Lower is very attractive, dimensionally correct, and offers some very convenient features. It is likely the most affordable lower on the market that will accept the Battle Arms Development Short Throw Selectors. The magazine well is flared enough but could have been flared more and I wish the edges around the trigger guard were broken just a bit more.

Obviously, the Spartan-15 Lower costs more than a forged lower but it also offers more functionality. As with anything, you will have to decide if the features are worth it to you. I find it to be a good value based almost on the short throw selector compatibility alone. Throw in solid quality, convenience features, with some good looks and I think you have a winner.

Disclosure: I received this product from the manufacturer, free of charge, for review.


New M4E1 Upper Option at Aero Precision

Aero Precision just introduced what looks to be one of their most practical M4E1 Complete Upper configurations yet. The M4E1 FDE, 16″ M4 Barrel, EQ-15 Handguard combo has a 16″ barrel with carbine gas, 15″ railed free-float hand guard, and it is built on their M4E1 upper receiver. This upper is available introductory pricing for $425 (BCG and charging handle not included).


Upper Receiver Features:

  • Platform: AR15 M4E1
  • Material: Machined from 7075-T6 forged aluminum
  • Coating: FDE / Desert Cerakote finish
  • M4 Feedramps
  • .250” takedown pin holes
  • Laser engraved T-marks
  • Accepts standard AR15/M16 components

M4E1 Specific Details:

  • Handguard mounting platform is forged into the receiver
  • Works with Aero Precision handguards but also fits most BAR-system handguards
  • Comes assembled, with dust cover and forward assist installed
  • Barrel nut and wrench are included

Barrel Features:

  • Chamber: 5.56
  • Length: 16″
  • Twist: 1 in 7
  • Threading: 1/2″x28
  • Material: Chrome Moly Vanadium
  • Finish: QPQ corrosion resistant finish both inside and out
  • Gas Block: .750
  • Gas Port: .0635
  • Gas System Length: Carbine
  • Weight: 28oz
  • M4 Barrel Extension
  • HP and MPI Tested

Handguard Features:

  • Length: 15″
  • Series: Enhanced Quad Rail (EQ)
  • Material: Machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Coating: Cerakote FDE / Desert finish (more info on Cerakote)
  • 6 built in QD sockets
  • 1pc free float design
  • Built in anti-rotation tabs
  • Scalloped rails
  • Continuous top rail
  • 1.8″ inside diameter fits most muzzle devices and 1.5″ suppressors

Specter Gear Spartan Series

Specter Gear’s new Spartan Series of tactical gear is made from same materials (double layered 1000D Cordura), in the same place (USA), and has similar designs to their regular gear. However, by removing a bell here and a whistle there, they are able to make these new pouches more affordable. The Spartan Series consists of several drop holsters and several MOLLE compatible rifle magazine pouches including single and double flap covered M4 mag pouches, single shingle style M4 mag pouches, and a single shingle style AK-47 magazine pouch.

813-2 814-2


Multimode Discrete Carry IFAK from RE Factor Tactical

The Multimode Discrete Carry IFAK (MDC) from RE Factor Tactical is concealed first aid carrier that is designed to be used and carried in a number of different ways. It can be worn around your midsection like a belly band holster, around the ankle or arm, or rolled up and placed in a larger pouch to be used like a medical insert.


In addition to it’s ability to carry aid items, the DC itself can serve as one. Its elasticity and 12 different Velcro break positions allow it to achieve a high degree of compression so that it can actually be used as a compression bandage. The 8 integral pouches keep your first aid items organized while removable tabs keep them retained. The MDC also has a red pull tab to serve as a visual indicator of the medical supplies it carries and so that it can located when carried inside another pouch or bag.

Check out the Multimode Discrete Carry IFAK at RE Factor Tactical.


Make Ready to Survive

The latest addition to Panteao Production’s Make Ready series is Make Ready to Survive. This new group of instructional videos will feature survival instructors like Paul Howe, Dave Canterbury, and others. They will be releasing more than a dozen videos with topics like Bugging Out, Building a Survival Kit, Short Term Prep & Plan, and more. The first titles will be available in December.

panteao make ready to survive


Kineti-Tech SB15 Receiver Extension

Kineti-Tech has an interesting take on the now very popular AR pistol receiver extension (buffer tube). Like many others coming onto the market now, theirs features a shoulder for adding length of the pull for the SB15 Stabilizer Brace. Unlike any other receiver extension, theirs offers custom machined spacers so you can change the look of your receiver extension.

kineti-tech sb15 buffer tube


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