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15% Off for Labor Day at Ballistic Advantage

Ballistic Advantage is offering 15% off everything on their site to celebrate Labor Day. There is no coupon necessary. Add the items to your cart to see the discount. The sale runs through Monday. This would be a great time to pick up a new barrel for your next AR-15 build.



Magpul Now Shipping PMAG 20 and PMAG10 LR/SR GEN M3 in SAND Color – SAND MOE SL Furniture Ships Soon

Magpul has announced that their PMAG 20 and PMAG10 LR/SR GEN M3 magazines in their exclusive SAND color are now shipping.

magpul sand lr

They also let slip that the SAND MOE SL Furniture will be shipping soon. This will give uses a blank canvas to start with for customizing the color of their rifle. Here is a sneak peek.

MAG539 MOE SL Grip SND Rifle


Labor Day Sale at Henry Holsters

Use code “Labor15” to save 15% off your order at Henry Holsters from now through Monday. This would be a great time to pick up one of their excellent AIWB holsters. I have been using one for a few months now and will be reviewing it soon. The short version is that it is the cleanest holster I have ever laid hands on and the attention to detail is staggering.



Vang Comp Basic Home Defense Shotgun – Magpul Limited Edition

The shotgun whisperers at Vang Comp Systems (VCS) have offered their Basic Home Defense Shotgun package built on Mossberg 500s a few times over the years. The package is a Mossberg 500 that has received a host of the well known VCS upgrades and then sold at a very affordable price. I have always regretted not picking one up when I had the chance because I actually like Mossberg 500s and the package price is very affordable for what amounts to a custom pump-action shotgun.

VCS Basic HD 500 Magpul

Now the Basic Home Defense Shotgun is available again with a Magpul twist. The new package features everything you expect from Vang Comp like a lengthened forcing cone, back boring, porting, VCS’ Big Speed Safety and Stainless Magazine Follower but it also includes Magpul’s excellent furniture. The package costs $595 which is pretty amazing considering you are going to spend around $350 just for the basic 18.5″ Mossberg 500.

The Vang Comp Basic Home Defense Shotgun – Magpul Limited Edition is only available at Freedom Firearms. Contact them to see about having one shipped to your FFL.


Whiskey Two-Four Introduces Slanted Chest Rigs

Whiskey Two-Four is not afraid to try things that are different which is why I always watch them closely. Their most recent product is a testament to that. They are introducing a line of chest rigs with a built in slant that angles gear like magazine pouches in toward the wearer’s center line. This allows the pouches to be mounted out toward the sides of the rig while still being accessible. That in turn opens up the center of the rig so it is more comfortable in the prone and it breathes better.

12008x3SlantGreenZone00__68878.1441124102.1280.1280 12008x3SlantGreenZone02__74950.1441124128.1280.1280

Currently, they are only offering an rig that has a 4×3 PALS grid on each side and an open center. There may be additional variations in the future like a split front that incorporates the slant and more compact options. These laser cut Hypalon panels are designed to be used with WTF’s Universal Chest Rig Harness system.

Check out the new slanted rigs at Whiskey Two-Four.


Diving Deep on the ALG Defense EMR Rail

I have stated here before that the ALG Defense EMR is one of my favorite rails regardless of price. It isn’t just a good rail for the price. It’s just a good rail at almost any price.

ALG Defense rolled out two videos yesterday that really drill down into these affordable rails. The first video is a product overview that goes through the variations of the EMR, design objectives, and more. It even gets into interesting stuff about why torque values don’t tell the whole story when it comes to barrel nut installation, why the EMR barrel nut is so long, and other similarly impressively minute and fascinating details.

The second video is an installation video that is like having Bill Geissele himself guide you through the included instruction sheet and adding his own details as he goes. I learned more than a few things including the fact that I haven’t been applying anti-seize everywhere that I should be during barrel nut installs.

Both videos are worth a watch but neither is short so settle in with a cup of coffee. Even if you don’t own or plan to own an EMR, you will learn things and come away impressed with the detail that went into such an affordable rail. Check out the EMR at ALG Defense.



Aero Precision Labor Day Sale

Everything at Aero Precision is on sale for 15% off from now through September 7th. The discount will automatically be applied to the items in your cart – no coupon necessary. I plan to use this time to pick up an optic mount or two and maybe a few things I need for future AR-15 builds.

Check out Aero Precision.



Crimson Trace Holster Resource Guide

It has been my experience that most right handed holsters will work well with the Crimson Trace Lasergrips but some of their products are more difficult to find a compatible holster for than others. If you find yourself holster shopping and you want to make sure that you end up with a holster that fits your Crimson Trace equipped handgun, check out HolsterResourceGuide.com.

The website is a massive PDF document with tons of holster compatibility information from several manufacturers. There are clickable links to all compatible holsters and the document is relatively easy to navigate.

Holster Fit Guide


The Numbers Game – Shooting Drill for New RE Factor Tactical IQ Target

RE Factor Tactical has been releasing drill videos to give shooter’s ideas for how to use their new targets. Today’s drill is called The Numbers Game and it pushes the shooter to process a lot of visual information in order to complete the drill. The shooter must scan the entire target and engage only the colored shapes that have a number printed in them with the number of rounds indicated by the number. Doing this against another shooter or on the timer should be more than sufficient to screw with your head.

See The Numbers Game in action in the video below. See the targets at RE Factor Tactical.


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