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Crimson Trace Holster Resource Guide

It has been my experience that most right handed holsters will work well with the Crimson Trace Lasergrips but some of their products are more difficult to find a compatible holster for than others. If you find yourself holster shopping and you want to make sure that you end up with a holster that fits your Crimson Trace equipped handgun, check out HolsterResourceGuide.com.

The website is a massive PDF document with tons of holster compatibility information from several manufacturers. There are clickable links to all compatible holsters and the document is relatively easy to navigate.

Holster Fit Guide


The Numbers Game – Shooting Drill for New RE Factor Tactical IQ Target

RE Factor Tactical has been releasing drill videos to give shooter’s ideas for how to use their new targets. Today’s drill is called The Numbers Game and it pushes the shooter to process a lot of visual information in order to complete the drill. The shooter must scan the entire target and engage only the colored shapes that have a number printed in them with the number of rounds indicated by the number. Doing this against another shooter or on the timer should be more than sufficient to screw with your head.

See The Numbers Game in action in the video below. See the targets at RE Factor Tactical.


Review: LMT Defense DMR556 Stock

LMT’s DMR556 Stock is a precision oriented adjustable stock that has LMT’s SOPMOD finger prints all over it. While it is sure to draw comparisons to the Magpul PRS Stock, the DMR556 packs a lot of unique features that set it apart including one that puts this head and shoulders above anything else I have tried.

LMT Defense DMR556


The DMR556 is a drop-in, adjustable stock designed for AR-15 based precision rifles. It is adjustable for length of pull (LOP) and comb height, features two QD sling swivel locations on each side (total of four), and has a covered lower rail section for mounting a rear mono-pod. Best of all, the DMR556 can be mounted on any mil-spec dimension carbine receiver extension (buffer tube).

Both the LOP and comb height dials click into position as you rotate them to help keep your adjustments repeatable. The LOP can be finely adjusted at the dial or more coarsely adjusted by moving the stock’s position on the receiver extension.

This stock looks similar at first glance to the Magpul PRS because they are both descendants of the HK PSG-1 stock. The LMT differentiates itself with several features including the ability to mount on a carbine receiver extension and built in QD sling swivel mounting points as mentioned before. It also has LMT design elements throughout including a SOPMOD stock inspired cheek piece and the same buttpad as the SOPMOD stock.

LMT Defense DMR556 Top Down

Observations from Use

This stock has a lot of great features but none are greater than the way it mounts to a mil-spec carbine receiver extension. The stock simply slides on and is retained by a spring loaded pin that locks into the stops on the receiver extension. This is excellent for several reasons. First, it allows you to more easily tune your recoil spring and buffer set up with heavier buffers, extra springs, etc as there is a much wider variety of items like this for carbine receiver extensions than there are for rifle length extensions. It will even fit on Vltor’s excellent A5 receiver extensions though there will be a slight gap at the front of the stock which is not a big deal. Second, it allows the user to adjust the length of pull in a more coarse way than the dial allows by moving the stock forward or back on the receiver extension.

Finally, the stock mounting setup allows the user some impressive modularity. Let’s say you have a carbine built up to be something of a light precision or RECCE configuration with a precision barrel and low power magnification optic like a 1-4x or 1-6x. With a carbine like that, you may want a more compact, lighter adjustable stock on it at times and you may want a no-compromise precision stock on it at other times. The DMR556 allows you to accomplish that easily without the need to swap buffer tubes. You simply use the tip of a bullet or similar object to compress the retention pin and slide the stock off of or on to the receiver extension. It couldn’t be much easier.

LMT Defense DMR556 Retainer Pin

The cheek piece is excellent. It has the familiar flared SOPMOD stock shape. On the SOPMOD stock, those flares serve to house the extra battery storage and enhance cheek weld. On the DMR556, there is no battery storage and the flares are in place solely to enhance the cheek weld which they do well. The use of a SOPMOD buttpad works well here too. The rubber texture locks it into your shoulder and, as SOPMOD users already know, the rounded edges make it easy to roll the rifle up to your shoulder from a low ready position.

The stock has a covered bottom rail that is easily accessed by prying the cover off. The rail is useful for those who use a rear mono-pod. When the cover is in place, it creates a very long flat surface that settles into a rear shooting bag nicely. I don’t use a mono-pod but I do use shooting bags and I really appreciate the shape of this stock on the bag. The club foot area works well whether you are on a shooting bag or not. It is the perfect place to put your support hand when the front of your rifle is supported.

LMT Defense DMR556 Front

The four built in QD sling swivel sockets are greatly appreciated. I use mine to mount the excellent Armageddon Gear Precision Rifle Sling that I use on my precision AR. It is nice that these mounting points don’t have to be purchased separately and that they have both a low and high mounting position on both sides of the stock. If I could change one thing about the stock it would be to make the sling swivel mounts rotation limited. The free spinning sockets are a disappointment on an otherwise excellent stock.

The LOP and comb height dials are easy to turn, even with gloved hands. The detent action in each position is strong and positive. You can easily feel each click and I had no issues with my adjustments moving once they were set. I used a paint pen to witness mark my adjustments.

The DMR556 fit every mil-spec receiver extension that I tried from several different manufacturers including Colt, BCM, LMT, Vltor, Spike’s Tactical, and more. There is minimal movement and zero rattle with the stock mounted.

LMT Defense DMR556 Pad

Wrap Up

The ability to mount the DMR556 on a standard mil-spec carbine receiver extension takes this stock to another level. It is the greatest feature on a stock that is packed with great features. The added QD swivels are a big plus but I really wish they were rotation limited. The SOPMOD design elements remind the user that this is an LMT product and they aren’t just there for branding. They are also functional. This is an EXCELLENT precision stock for the AR-15.

Check out the DMR556 at LMT Defense.

Disclosure: The DMR556 was provided to me free of charge for review by LMT Defense.


Andro Corp Industries Launches New Site and Products

AR-15 builder Andro Corp Industries just upgraded their little corner of the web. The new site has easier navigation via menus at the top of the page and a ton of new products including complete rifles and new uppers. They have expanded their selection of uppers with SLR Rifleworks hand guards and have more Ballistic Advantage 18″ and 20″  Wylde chambered precision offerings too. Check out the new AndroCorpInd.com.



SKD Tactical Flash Sale – 30% Off Paraclete LVBC with BALCS Armor

If you are in the market for an armor carrier, you are going to want to be somewhere around the vicinity of SKDTAC.com at noon. That is when they are dropping the price on a size large Paraclete LVBC with BALCS Armor by 30% to get rid of some inventory. The deal will last 48 hours but I have a feeling the inventory won’t last that long so act fast.



OV Innovations Gen II Load Lifter Panel Patent Issued

I have said before that the OV Innovations Gen II Load Lifter Panel (LLP) made me fall back in love with my Mystery Ranch NICE Frame. The NICE Frame has a lot going for it but if you are tall or have long torso, you will find that it just isn’t long enough to allow the load lifters to transfer weight to your hips. That is where the Gen II LLP comes in. It acts as a frame extension to add height to the lifters. It’s easy to use, lightweight, and it works.

Congrats to OV Innovations on their recently issued patent for the LLP.

llp patent ov innovations


UW Gear APC Chest Rigs

UW Gear is venturing into new territory. All of their previous chest rig designs have featured integral pouches with a bit of MOLLE real estate for adding GP and blow out pouches. Their new APC, or Armed Prepared Citizen, pouches are their first foray into all MOLLE chest rigs.



The APC chest rigs are designed to be as slick and compact as possible so that they can be packed with a truck gun or AR pistol/PDW concept gun. Their harness is a simpler webbing version of UW Gear’s standard H harness. The APC-1 has a 6×3 PALS grid that is perfect for a 3x or 6x magazine shingle or 2 magazine pouches along with a pistol mag pouch or blowout pouch. The APC-2 has an 8×3 PALS grid that gives the user even more option while still remaining relatively compact.



Contact John at UW Gear for more details and ordering information. These are being released on a trial basis and will not be added to the website for now.


Snake Eater Tactical Quicky Buckle Belt

If read JTT regularly, you are already familiar with Snake Eater Tactical’s excellent belts and you have read about Carbon Tactics’ very cool new Quicky Buckle. The mere mention of those two in the same sentence probably has you reaching for your wallet reflexively based on the potential alone.

Feast your eyes on this prototype belt created by Snake Eater Tactical to show off the potential of the Quicky buckle!

snake eater carbon tactics quicky 2 snake eater carbon tactics quicky


August User’s Choice Build – Gunstruction

Gunstruction is a powerful tool for building virtual AR-15s and AR308s but you only get to see the front end. The back end has some pretty powerful tricks up its sleeve too like the ability to use analytics to determine the most used parts during certain periods. The folks at Gunstruction have been releasing an image of a virtual AR-15 that is a composite of all the most popular from each category during each month. The result is not only a good looking AR-15 but a fascinating window into trends in the market.

Head over to Gunstruction to play with the August User’s Choice Build or start your own.

popular august gunstruction


BCS Updates BALCS Carrier Cumber, Adds Multicam Black

Beez Combat Systems has been busy. They just completed an update to their BALCS Carrier Cumber and they have added Multicam Black as an option across their entire line.

BALCS Cumber Body Armor Carrier Multicam Black left side angle mags

The new BALCS Carrier Cumber accepts BALC SPEARS cut soft armor and SAPI, ESAPI, Swimmers, and rectangular cut plates. It has the hardware and mounting points necessary to be compatible with attachable chest rigs and panels like BCS’ own TLMP. The new kangaroo pouch deign allows the user to carry 2 AR-15 magazines without the need for an aftermarket insert. The elastic inner cummerbund keeps the carrier tight to the user while the outer carrier features PALS coverage inside and out for modularity. The BALCS Carrier Cumber is rounded out with loop Velcro fields for patches and ID, a reinforced drag handle, and adjustable shoulders.

Check out the Beez Combat Systems BALCS Carrier Cumber.


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