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Sneak Peek: Holosun to Offer Dot Sights with Green Reticles and 10 Year Runtime

As someone with color blindness (red deficient), I can get by with a typical red dot sight by turning up the brightness but I see other colors much better than red. I tend to see green very well as do most people since it is in the middle of the visible light spectrum. This is why the latest developments out of Holosun are extremely interesting to me.

Holosun has apparently devised a way to create dot sights with green reticles. If that isn’t interesting enough, the runtime should impress anyone. According to Holosun, the new sights don’t just have runtimes similar to current red dot sights, they boast 10 year runtime. That is twice the runtime found on current dot sights. That runtime, if accurate, is going to start approaching the self-discharge rate of some batteries!

Keep an eye on Holosun.com for new details.


GunfightersINC Fall Sale

Hunting season is right around the corner and GunfightersINC is holding a Fall Sale. You can save 15% off their kydex holster line including the excellent Kenai Chest Holster which we previously reviewed.



D-Rmor Gear EDK-1A

D-Rmor Gear just launched their first knife – the EDK-1A.

from D-Rmor Gear:

After nearly 6 years of development, the first D-Rmor Gear blade is here.

Embodying all the best features of an everyday carry blade, the EKD-1A was designed from the ground up to be a perfect compliment to a concealed firearm, or as a standalone personal defense tool in non-permissive environments.

At just under 7.25″ in overall length, and a blade length of 2.95″, the EDK-1A is legal in most jurisdictions (please check your own local laws before carrying). With a blade geometry optimized for both the cut and the thrust, it is well-suited to any defensive style. To enhance its utility as a defensive carry tool, it incorporates a Karambit-style finger ring, to speed deployment using gross motor skill.

Precisely CNC machined and available in either D2 or CPM-3V steels (both hardened to approximately 59-60 Rockwell-C and cryogenically tempered), these knives will stand up to extreme use. Handles are secured using stainless chain ring bolts, and are offered with multiple colorways of hand-contoured G10 and Canvas Micarta for a dependable, secure grip in all conditions.

Finally, the blades are laser engraved with the D-Rmor Gear touchmark, and individually serial numbered, then coated with black PVD, Nickel Boron, Titanium Nitride, or Melonite for several lifetimes worth of extreme use.

An optional Kydex retention sheath is available in either black or FDE.

Depending on options, the D-Rmor Gear EDK-1A will be offered for between $369-$399 but the first ten knives will be available at a special price. Please contact D-Rmor Gear today to reserve your blade, limit of one per household.

You can learn more and contact D-Rmor Gear at their website: D-Rmor Gear Website


American Defense MFG AD-Delta Scope Mount Ring Cap, With Offset Rail

The new AD-Delta Scope Mount Ring Cap, with Offset Rail is a direct replacement for the upper ring section found on American Defense MFG’s (ADM) Delta Series Mounts. It features a short offset rail for mounting a compact red dot sight.

AD-Delta Scope Mount Ring Cap, With Offset Rail


Lone Wolf Distributors Glock 17 Gen 5 Barrels

Lone Wolf Distributors already has replacement barrels for Glock 17 Gen 5 handguns. Their Alpha Wolf M/19L barrels are compatible with the newest Glock 17.

Barrel Features:

  • Fits all Glock 19 generations (including G17 GEN5)
  • Designed for lead, plated, or jacketed ammunition
  • Certified, stress relieved 416 stainless steel
  • Button rifled, three stage honed bore
  • Industry recognized SBN premium coating (SBN is Salt Bath Nitride, similar to Tennifer)
  • Heat treated to RC 40-42, then Gun Metal Grey SBN coated to increase surface hardness to RC 60
  • Exacting tolerances allow for drop in installation
  • Fluting creates path for heat and debris to escape

Alpha Wolf M/19L barrels


Unboxing: TacPack September 2017

The September 2017 TacPack has arrived at JTT HQ. I am pretty happy with this one in terms of value and usefulness. Let’s see what’s inside.

Hopefully you are familiar with the concept of TacPack by now. If not, you can read the reviews of the previous TacPacks for some background on this subscription box.

HopticUSA Picatinny Bubble Level and Scope Dope Sticker – This is the star of the show for me. I just took the time to mount an optic as level as I possibly could on an SPR-ish AR-15 and was all set to purchase a bubble level. Then TacPack smiled upon me with this one from HopticUSA. It seems nice. It’s compact, machined from aluminum, and even has various lightening cuts machined into it to reduce the weight to a minimum. The scope dope sticker is a handy addition too.

Tactical Oatmeal Pistol Mag Carrier – This kydex double stack handgun magazine carrier is solid. It won’t win any awards for fit and finish as the edges are basically just deburred but not really cleaned up beyond that. It uses a basic plastic belt clip which is a functional choice for something like this since it allows OWB or IWB carry. I don’t care for this type of clip on holsters but it works well on a mag carrier. This is a useful addition.

MGM Switch View Eagle Eye – I’ve tried a few universal “cat tails” before but this one is easily the most svelte. I’ll admit that I am a little dubious as to whether it will hold up but if it does, it will be a killer product. It should fit a wide variety of optics.

Eagle Grit Hand Cleaner – This stuff is actually pretty neat. It takes all kinds of stuff off your hands – gun oil, hydraulic oil, grease, and whatever else you weirdos manage to get into. It’s just a hand cleaner but it works and I can definitely put it to use around the JTT Compound.

If you want to try TacPack, you can check them out at TacPack.com. TacPack hints that the October box will contain something springy, something sticky, and something sharp.. So, maybe it’s some Halloween candy with razor blades hidden in it or something better.

Disclosure: I receive TacPacks, free of charge, for review.


New Scorpion EVO Mag Pouches from Crusader Gear

Crusader Gear’s new Scorpion EVO + Glock Mag Pouches let you carry magazines for the CZ Scorpion EVO in the primary pouches and either 2 or 4 double stack handguns magazines (or similarly shaped items) on the front pouches. The primary magazine pouches have an open top, bungee retention design while the handgun pouches are secured with flaps.

The Scorpion EVO + Glock Mag Pouches are constructed from 1000D Cordura Nylon. They are MOLLE compatible and ship with the MALICE clips necessary to mount them.

Scorpion EVO + Glock 2 Mag Pouches

Scorpion EVO + Glock 4 Mag Pouches


Beez Combat Systems AR Chest Rig GRID

Beez Combat Systems (BCS) continues to update their product line with their laser cut GRID material. The latest addition is the AR Chest Rig GRID.

The AR Chest Rig GRID makes use of BCS’s signature internal magazine pouch design to create a low profile and uninterrupted MOLLE compatible surface across the entire front of the chest rig. BCS offers this rig in 3, 4, 5, and 6 magazine configurations.


  • Lowest profile AR chest rig on the market.
  • Both end pockets are wider to support radio or firearm.
  • Molle pouch compatible for user configuration.
  • Unique elastic pull tabs.
  • 2″shoulder webbing with 1″ buckles on the rig.
  • Quick release shoulder and waist buckles.
  • Full length interior pocket.
  • H-harness.
  • Standard or Pull-forward Lat strap design.

Check out the new AR Chest Rig GRID at Beez Combat Systems.


Fury Carry Solutions Updates AIWB Holster

Fury Carry Solutions has updated their Appendix Series holsters. The previous version featured a single attachment point centered on the holster body. The new AIWB Gen 2 holsters feature multiple, more flexible hardware attachment points including attachment points for an E-Block or Claw to turn the handgun’s grip in toward the wearer.

Check out the Appendix Series Gen 2 holsters at Fury Carry Solutions.


AFLoader: Automated Pistol Magazine Loader

Have you ever watched a torture test video on YouTube where the person on camera keeps getting handed magazine after magazine by someone off camera. They get to shoot and have fun while the Magazine Fairy keeps loading and handing over fresh, topped off magazines. Well, that is kind of the idea behind AFLoader – you shoot, it loads… It’s like an automated Magazine Fairy.

Tacoma, WA: AFA LLC, a company specializing in advanced firearm accessories, has launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for its automated magazine loader, AFLoader.

AFLoader is the first automated pistol “speed loader” and supports nearly all double stack, single stack, and extended type magazines in 9MM, .40 and .45 calibers. The loader features removable ammunition hoppers, available in various capacities with as little as 75 rounds for a to the largest consumer version at 1000 rounds.

This final version is small at only 8.5” tall and weighs only 6.5LBS unloaded. Zero adjustment needed. Insert a magazine, select how many rounds to load and hit RUN. The loader automatically detects magazine type and length.

The built in LCD gives a real-time display of rounds remaining in the current hopper and rounds being loaded into the current magazine. The four front buttons allow the user to select how many rounds to load and saves magazines to memory for quick recall.

AFLoader will operate on both 120v/240v wall power or 12V lithium battery packs, which are user replaceable. At 1.7 rounds per second, AFLoader is faster than any handheld speed loader. The hands-free nature of the machine allows the shooter to continue training while another magazine is loading, allowing for zero down time with only two magazines.

The base model is priced at $189 with 3 user selected hopper capacities/calibers, one battery pack and charger. It carries a 3 year limited warranty covering all defects or malfunctions.

Check out the AFLoader on indiegogo.


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