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Dimitri Karras Answers

Dimitri Karras has supplied JTT with a PDF document that he states was sent to Ares Armor CEO Bryce Sterlin this morning. It is Karras’ assertion that the press release sent out by Sterlin this evening regarding Karras’ release from Ares Armor contains false statements and is in retaliation for this PDF document.

In the document, Karras claims that that Sterlin and Ares Armor are falsely attributing quotes, falsely portraying veteran status, breech promises made during the sale of Ares Armor, and more. Read the PDF document HERE.


Karras Out at Ares Armor

Ares Armor LogoThere has been a shake up at Ares Armor. Current CEO Bryce Stirlen just sent out press regarding the relationship of Ares Armor with their well known founder and liberty activist, Dimitri Karas:

July 6, 2015
It is with heavy hearts in Ares Armor Inc. that we announce the forced termination of Founder Dimitri Karras for breach of duty as an employee of this firm.
Mr. Karras had been on paid administrative leave since March 2015 for highly unprofessional behavior against members of the management team, staff, and others. Most recently, he launched a series of disruptive and disrespectful public attacks against the CEO, and the company. Furthermore, the uncovering of serious financial discrepancies connected to his selling the company only served to complicate matters.
Mr. Karras repeatedly took advantage of the incredible patience and generosity of new owner and CEO, Bryce Stirlen. “We as an organization simply cannot allow him to continue this type of behavior against the company and people who supported him,” said Stirlen. “Mr. Karras has a very well-documented history. As one the of the company directors said in a management conference call, ‘sometimes to grow a bigger and better garden you just have to root out the weeds.’ Regardless, we still wish Dimitri the best of luck in his future endeavors.”

Gen 3 IR Patches from Perroz Designs

One of the common issues with laser cut IR patches is that the laser cut layer can begin to separate and peel over time. This is especially true at the corners. Perroz Designs just introduced their Gen 3 IR Patches that use a folded edge to secure the edges and corners. This new edge treatment prevents the laser cut Cordura layers from delaminating from the luminous material layer below which in turns makes for a more durable patch.

Check out the Gen 3 IR Patch Patches from Perroz Designs.

perroz gen3 edgesus-flag-patch-01-1024x881


Crowdfunding the Gadget

Pistol-Training.com has announced that The Gadget (or Gadget Striker Control Device as it is now known) will be brought to market via a crowdfunding campaign that will kick off on Friday. July 10. This will make the day of those who know what The Gadget is and understand its use. If you are scratching your head about what The Gadget is, read on.

Early prototype of The Gadget

Early prototype of The Gadget

The Gadget is a “striker control device” made for Glock pistols that is the result of collaboration between instructor Todd Green and a student of his, Tom Jones. It is a back plate for Glocks that is hinged at the top and protrudes in through the striker channel to contact the rear of the striker. Essentially, this creates a physical linkage between the shooter’s thumb and the striker that can help prevent accidental discharges of the firearm caused when a holster obstruction presses the trigger.

Why is this physical linkage important? There are two reasons. First, it allows the shooter to feel the movement of the striker. Second, it allows the shooter to block the movement of the striker. The shooter can place their thumb on the back plate and provide pressure while holstering their Glock in an effort to feel or, better yet, block accidental movement of the striker caused by an obstruction that presses the trigger as a handgun is pushed into the holster.

It works like this. The shooter places their thumb on The Gadget and provides pressure while holstering. If they feel any resistance while holstering or they feel the striker moving via The Gadget, they can withdraw the handgun and check for holster obstructions.

I can already hear people crying about additional safeties and unnecessary widgets. The Gadget is not a safety and this procedure of placing the thumb on the hammer of a handgun has been taught for decades with hammer fired handguns and handguns with protruding strikers. The Gadget simply makes the procedure viable for Glock shooters.

The Gadget is completely passive in how it functions. If you don’t provide thumb pressure, it does nothing to block striker movement. If its only moving part should happen to break off the host handgun, the Glock will continue to function as normal.

Stay tuned for additional details on the Gadget Striker Control Device crowdfunding effort.


Independence Day 2015

239 years ago,  brave patriots with ideals that were noble, fair, and good founded a nation unlike any other. The United States of America is a nation that is worth celebrating!

Happy Independence Day from Jerking the Trigger.



Sionics Weapon Systems NP3 BCG Sale

If you are looking for a great deal on a great BCG, look no further. Sionics Weapon Systems is offering their NP3 coated bolt carrier group for $139.95 on sale to celebrate Independence Day.

sionics bcg np3


July 4th Sale at S.O. Tech


Use promo code MURICA at check out to save 15% your order at S.O. Tech. The sale runs through the 5th. Now would be a great time to pick up a Go Bag!


Independence Day Sale at Geissele Automatics

Geissele Automatics is offering 15% off to celebrate Independence Day. Geissele only does this a few times a year so act fast. The sale runs from July 3rd (today), through July 5th.



Elzetta on Anodization

Have you ever wondered why some anodized surfaces seem to scratch just by looking at them while others are downright difficult to scratch? Not all anodization types are created equal. Dave from Elzetta tells you why in the latest video in their excellent flashlight education video blog series.



If you are looking for a compact and easy to carry way to keep whatever type of screw driver you could ever need in your EDC or range kit, check out the QiBit. QiBit is a keychain sized, mini bit driver that accepts common 1/4″ screw diver bits. It is machined from solid 6061-T6 aluminum, hard coat anodized, and retains the bit via an internal o-ring.


One of the most innovative features of the QiBit are its dual angle wrench flats. There are parallel flats for use with a standard 1/2″ wrench or adjustable wrench and angled flats that are perfect for gripping with a multitool.

The potential for a compact driver like this is endless. Your local hardware store probably sells a near endless array of bits. You could pack it with shorter bits for general use and tight spaces or with longer bits for when a bit of extra reach is required. While the intended use is EDC, I would love to have something like this in a compact range kit that could be used to keep a carbine up and running during a carbine course without taking up much space.

Check out QiBit on Kickstarter.

QiBit Fingers QiBit wrench QiBit Multitool


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