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IWC Installing QD Micro Flush Sling Mounts in Magpul MOE SL and MOE M-LOK Hand Guards

Impact Weapons Components makes a ton of handy widgets and the QD Micro Flush Sling Mount is likely their handiest. I have sung their praises on these pages before.

iwc qd micro installed mlok moe SL

They are great solution for adding a sling mount to Magpul’s MOE Hand Guards and they are very easy to install. However, I realize that some of you don’t have the time, tools, or inclination to do it yourself and it is for guys like you that IWC offers MOE Hand Guards with the QD Micro Flush Sling Mounts professionally installed.

Previously, these were only available on the original MOE Hand Guards. Now IWC has expanded the service to include all in-stock MOE Hand Guards including the new MOE SL and M-LOK compatible versions. Check out all the options at IWC and don’t forget to use code “triggerjerk” at checkout to save 5%.

iwc qd micro installed mlok moe


Zulu Nylon Gear – Built Like a Tank Patch

You’re patch collection is missing one! The new Built Like a Tank Patch is now available from Zulu Nylon Gear.

zulu built like tank patch

I own several items from Zulu Nylon Gear and I have to agree. Their gear is built like a tank.


Saurez RMR Sight Package for Advantage Arms 22LR Conversions

Saurez International now offers an RMR Sight package for Advantage Arms 22LR Glock Conversions. These conversion slides have always a good solution for Glock shooters looking to practice sight alignment and trigger control at the reduced cost of 22LR but until now there hasn’t been an RMR mounting solution that approximates a carry gun.

SI rmr package

The basic package includes the necessary machining, installation of taller co-witness sights, and the adapter plate for $125. If you need an RMR or installation of an RMR that you already own, the price is adjusted accordingly.

This package makes the AA conversion a viable training option for those of you who carry an RDS equipped Glock on a regular basis. That is all well and good but we all know that this also has the potential to be the world’s raddest squirrel hunting rig.

Check out the options at Suarez International.


New from Sneaky Bags: Penguin Modular Organizer Pouches

The Penguin Modular Organizer Pouches from Sneaky Bags are the type of pouches that you will never run out of ideas for how to use them. They are a great organizer option for your Sneaky Bag or any loop Velcro lined bag. They work as a typical admin organizer, a grab-and-go type E&E/survival kit, or even a tear-off medical kit.


The Penguin Modular Organizer Pouches (PMOP) are compact pouches that can be mounted on you belt or fixed to loop Velcro. The back of each pouch features a covered strip of hook Velcro (just peel off the loop cover to use it) and a strip of webbing that is sewn so that it can be used as both a grab handle and belt loops. The back panel is stiffened with an insert so that the PMOP always keeps its shape.

The interior of the pouches feature 4 mesh slip pockets that are bellowed to provide some internal space. These pockets, coupled with the internal space of the pouch, provide a lot of organization potential and the ability to see through the mesh to see the contents. The pouches have a full clamshell opening (like a book) to allow you to view and access the contents.

The front of the pouch has a adjustable shock cord (bungee) weave (2 in the case of the double version) that can be used to affix items like a tourniquet.

The pouches are constructed from nylon and have at least 2 layers of material throughout. The seams are all bound and stress points are reinforced. The overbuilt quality is typical of Sneaky Bags.

I have one of each size in hand and they are pretty slick. Check out the new Penguin Modular Organizer Pouches at Sneaky Bags.


New Products from Snake Eater Tactical

Snake Eater Tactical has just announced two new products that will help keep you organized. The first is their Battery Organizer. This is a super, simple elastic organizer that has slots sized to hold a wide variety of commonly carried items included AA, AAA, and CR123A batteries along with items like pens, chemlights, cords, and more. It also has a grab handle made from para-cord.

SET battery organizer

The second product is their Velcro Chemlight Panel. It attaches to any 2″ x 3.5″ loop Velcro panel and has a series of 4 elastic loops for holding chemlights, markers, and similarly shaped items.

Check out the new products at Snake Eater Tactical.

chemlight panel SET


Blade Rigs Karambite Sheath

Blade Rigs has created a new sheath for the Max Venom designed Karambite. If you are familiar with the knife, you know how small it is and that small size can present a challenge when trying to create a sheath that keeps the knife accessible. Blade Rigs solved that problem by anchoring the sheath behind the belt and positioning most of the knife up above the belt line. This design allows the belt to stabilize the sheath and the wing turns the knife in toward the wearer for concealment.

Check out the Blade Rigs Karambite sheath.



Elfmann Tactical AK Trigger

The new AK Trigger from Elfmann Tactical is now available. This single stage, cartridge style trigger features wire EDM cut A2 tool steel components, adjustable pull weight from 4-5 pounds (via spring swap), and the option for a curved or flat trigger bow. Elfmann Tactical uses what they call an exclusive “Double-Double” would hammer spring which is reassuring given the harder primers that can be found on some surplus ammo. It is also reassuring that they have designed in a full 3/8″ of sear engagement to prevent doubling as the engagement surfaces wear from use.


Be advised that due to the cartridge construction of this trigger, there may be some fitment issues with some AK receivers.

Check out the ELF AK Trigger at Elfmann Tactical.


RE Factor Tactical Essentials Target

RE Factor Tactical has added a third target to their lineup. It is called the Essentials Target and it is basically an entire range tune-up session on a single sheet of paper. You can read more about the 150 round course of fire that it takes to complete the target on the RE Factor Tactical Blog.

Of course, you don’t have to complete the entire course of fire every time you hang up the target. You can choose to complete only certain component drills or you can make up some of your own uses for a target this versatile.

Check out the new Essentials Target at RE Factor Tactical.

RE Factor Essentials Target


Daniel Defense Lets the .30 Caliber Cat Out of the Bag

Daniel Defense has announced the official name, release date, and specs of their previously teased AR308. The DD5V1 will launch October 23rd and it will be packed with quality features. It looks to be a real player in the AR308 market right out of the gate.


It should come as no surprise that the DD5V1 will feature a CHF barrel. Daniel Defense’s barrel are a known quantity at this point and this should be a solid performer. The new 15″ KeyMod rail features a 4 bolt connection system that ties it directly into the upper receiver. The rifle will come standard with Daniel Defense produced furniture and a Geissele SSA which is an excellent choice for an all-around .308 like this.


The controls look to be very well sorted out. The safety selector, magazine catch, and bolt release are all ambidextrous. The charging handle is an interesting latchless design that is ambidextrous and user configurable.


It should also be noted that it takes the SR25 pattern magazine. There is no excuse to build an AR308 that takes anything other than the SR25 magazine at this point.

The DD5V1 product page is already live so check it out at DanielDefense.com.


Now Available: BA Hanson .625 Barrels from Ballistic Advantage

We first told you about the new, lighter BA Hanson profile barrels last week. They are now available.

The original BA Hanson profile was designed to make AR-15 barrels more lightweight without some of the associated downsides of lightweight barrel profiles. However, the original BA Hanson profile barrels have a .750 diameter at the gas block and are really more of a light/medium contour. Clint Hanson, the creator of the BA Hanson profile, wanted to take what he learned from those barrels and apply it to a true lightweight barrel. The result is the new BA Hanson .625 profile.

hanson barrels 625

The original BA Hanson profile’s shoulder-less design and smoother tapers creates a barrel that has some harmonic advantages over most typical barrel profiles. That, coupled with their penchant for being conservative with their gas port specs, creates a lightweight barrel that stays very flat under recoil. Clint Hanson found that he was able to port these very same design elements over to the new lighter BA Hanson .625 barrels and achieve a true lightweight profile “without the lightweight limitations”.

The BA Hanson .625 barrels are so called because they have the traditional .625″ diameter at the gas block. Each barrel comes with a pinned, low-profile gas black already installed which makes them an excellent value. Initially, these barrels are only available in Ballistic Advantage’s Premium Wylde chamber line in lengths of 10.3″ (carbine gas), 14.5″ (mid-length), and 16″ (mid-length). The profile will eventually be available in the Premium Series as well but there is no ETA on those barrels at this time.

These barrels should be pretty exciting for those who are looking to build lightweight precision carbines. A traditional pencil barrel is already a better barrel profile than it gets credit for, at least in terms of accuracy and harmonics. These BA Hanson .625 barrels, with their improvements and quality, should be a step up.

Check out the new BA Hanson .625 Barrels at Ballistic Advantage. They are currently on sale for 10% off to celebrate their introduction.


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