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Pat Rogers Has a Nicer AR Pistol Than You!

The AR pistol is enjoying unprecedented levels of acceptance among shooters of all types, including quality instructors. This was starting to happen before the release of the Sig SB15 Pistol Brace but the brace’s arrival solidified the current interest in the AR pistol.

You may recall a previous post where I broke the news of BCM’s work with AR pistols. That post mentions that Pat Rogers of EAG Tactical was working with AR pistols to see how viable they were. Well, he has recorded some of his thoughts and experiences on Lightfighter and recently he posted an image of at least one of his BCM built AR pistols. It’s a really stinkin’ nice pistol.


The pictured pistol features a ton of BCM gear which isn’t surprising. I see a KMR Rail, GUNFIGHTER Comp, GUNFIGHTER Grip, and, of course, a BCM upper/lower. The Magpul AFG is a conservative choice given the BATFE’s stance on vertical grips on a pistols with an OAL of 26″ or less (I don’t know the OAL on this pistol). Pat Rogers’ affinity for the bomb-proof Aimpoint T1 is well known so it is no surprise to see one in use here.


Latest on the BAD/Brentwood Gunsmithing OIP Carbine – a Sub 4 Pound AR-15

If you are a fan of lightweight AR-15 carbines, you likely remember the joint project between Battle Arms Development and Brentwood Gunsmithing called the OIP Carbine or Ounces is Pounds Carbine. Battle Arms Development released an image of one of the receiver sets with a very cool natural anodized finish. This is the best look at what it takes to make a sub-4 lb. AR-15 yet.

You can see that extra material has been aggressively milled away and even skeletonized in some places. The top rail has been shortened to allow just enough space for an Aimpoint Micro. The stock is a minimalist nub of aluminum. Every part was scrutinized and I suppose that is what it takes to make a carbine that is a full 2 pounds lighter than what most consider ultralight when it comes to AR-15s.

OIP lightweight battle arms


Cap Plugs for Your SB47

Echo Nine Three recently posted this image which shows a 1″ cap plug being used to close the end of an SB47 AK Pistol Brace. If you shop around, it appears that there are a number of similar products designed to close the ends of metal tubing that would work as long as their diameter is 1″.

e93 cap tube


Faxon Firearms Adds New Caliber

The ARAK-21 Upper Receiver from Faxon Firearms is currently available in 2 calibers: 5.56 and .300BLK. However, a new caliber is about to join the stable.

faxon 762x39

Faxon has been teasing the new caliber on their Facebook Page and it doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to figure out that it is 7.62×39. It seem fitting that an AR upper that draws so much inspiration from the AK-47 would be offered with a 7.62×39 chambering!

Check out Faxon Firearms.


New M4E1 Upper Option at Aero Precision

Aero Precision just introduced a new M4E1 upper receiver option. This is their first non-NFA/non-pistol M4E1 upper available. It sports a 16″ midlength barrel and their 15″ EK-15 KeyMod Handguard.


I have one of their M4E1 uppers in hand for review and I can confirm that it is a very slick system. It is more than rigid enough to properly support a 15″ handguard and assembly is a snap. Stay tuned for the full review.

This new upper is available at the introductory price of $350 which is a solid price for an upper, especially an upper with a well sorted out rail system. Check it out at Aero Precision.


High Tower Armory 10/22 Magazine Coupler


High Tower Armory’s Magazine Coupler is pretty darn slick. It allows you to attach two of Ruger’s ubiquitous BX-1 magazines together without the user of glue like man other couplers. HTA’s coupler uses a clamp that is secured with a small Allen screw. If you ever need to uncouple the magazines in the field, the Allen Key actually rides on-board, tucked away for convenience.

Check out the HTA 10/22 Magazine Coupler.


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