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Gearmakers: Murdock M81 Woodland 1″ Webbing 1000 Yard Lots at Whiskey Two Four

Thanks to the assistance of other gearmakers and our combined purchasing power, WTF have commissioned a run of 1″ Murdock M81 woodland jacquard webbing. We’re making it available to other gearmakers in 1000 yard lots. Total cost is just under $1000.00USD per 1000 yard lot. For pricing transparency, the quote is available for your inspection upon request.
No payment due up front. A purchase order is necessary to participate. Payment will be due upon completion. Parts are offered FCA Central Falls, RI and participants must provide a valid UPS, FedEx, or DHL account number for freight. 90 day lead time. Your participation may be publicly disclosed to assist in promoting future gearmaker material group buys.
Please direct questions to buyersclub@wtfidea.com
Participants (disclosed with their respective written permission) involved with this group buy as of 19DEC2018: EssTac esstac.com, OC Tactical octactical.com, Whiskey Two Four wtfidea.com

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