WMD Guns SlingStock – Retractable AR Sling Buttstock

WMD Guns will introduce a new concept in AR-15 rifle slings – the patent pending SlingStock. This adjustable carbine stock features a built-in, retractable webbing sling that can be worn as a single point sling or quickly transitioned to a 2 point sling. That description will make a lot more sense if you watch the informational video released by WMD Guns below.

The SlingStock will not be available until early 2019. WMD Guns will exhibit the SlingStock at various upcoming trade shows including demoing it for Law Enforcement at NTOA September 16/17 in Milwaukee, WI.


One Response to WMD Guns SlingStock – Retractable AR Sling Buttstock

  1. AJ September 12, 2018 at 18:58 #

    Well that’s just plain nifty

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