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Wilder Tactical Minimalist Belt Pad

Wilder Tactical’s Minimalist Belt Pad makes use of a laser-cut, proprietary 1000D Cordura nylon laminate material to offer a lot of flexibility in how you route your belt. The Minimalist Belt Pad has a series of closely spaced slots laser cut so that you can skip as many or as few slots as you need to make room for your gear. You may only need to skip a few to mount a single pistol magazine pouch or you may need to skip several to mount a holster.

The Minimalist Belt Pad can fit any belt up to 1.75″ in width. The interior is lined with neoprene non-slip material that makes the belt pad comfortable and eliminates the need for a hook/loop inner belt. It is available separately for use with your belt and as a package with a provided belt. It is also available in a variety of colors including Multicam.

Wilder Tactical Minimalist Belt Pad

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